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03-21-2017, 11:24 PM
There's no Wii U console anywhere to be seen, it would be pointless to release for this platform instead of Switch.


Bloodstained for Wii U cancelled in favor of Switch -- 'Difficult to receive necessary Wii U support from Nintendo.'

Development on the Wii U version of Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night has been cancelled in favor of the previously confirmed Switch version, project lead Koji Igarashi said in a Kickstarter update today.

Here’s the full message from Igarashi:

Hello, this is IGA.

Thank you for always supporting us. I would like to give a message to the backers who pledged for the Wii U version of Bloodstained.

During our Kickstarter campaign, the Wii U was at the height of its popularity, but the situation has drastically changed after the release of Nintendo Switch.

This change made it difficult to receive the necessary support from the hardware maker, which has led us to drop the Wii U development and shift the development to Nintendo Switch.

We are very sorry that it has come to this after all your support, but we hope you will understand. We would like to respond by preparing options for our backers, such as moving your pledge to another version or requesting a refund if you don’t want any other version.

We hope you will continue to support us.

If you backed Bloodstained on Kickstarter and selected the Wii U version in your backer survey, you’ll automatically be moved to the Switch version.

If you selected the Wii U version and want to move to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, or PS Vita version, you can go to your backer survey and change it now via the “Change Your Survey Answers” link.

If you selected the Wii U version and don’t want any other version, you’re eligible for a cancellation and refund if you filled out your backer survey and selected the Wii U version prior to today, backed at an unlimited tier, are able to receive a refund via PayPal, and submit your request to orders@fangamer.com with the subject “Bloodstained Wii U Refund” before April 20, 2017.

In other news, a regularly scheduled Bloostained update is coming soon and will introduce three of the characters protagonist Miriam will meet during the game.


03-22-2017, 03:48 AM
good. I rather get it on the switch and play it anywhere! Bathroom is going to be busy.

Joe Redifer
03-25-2017, 06:55 PM
Yet the Vita version is still planned. How sad is that, Wii U owners?

03-26-2017, 08:56 AM
I dunno. I own them both. :P

But i am not happy about what Nintendo did to the Wii U, just to do the same crap all over again.

I'll leave that convo for when we have more sales values of the Switch.