View Full Version : The PlayStation 3 is still in production in Japan, but not for long

03-18-2017, 01:37 AM
I bought two PS3s in total, one 60GB version Phat version and one Slim version. The Phat version is jailbroken and capable to run all console and arcade emulators, it really "DOES EVERYTHING" :lol:


The PlayStation 3 is still in production in Japan, but not for long

As one is born, another dies. After 11 long years, Sony has announced that they are ending the production of the PS3 in Japan. Following a "soon" tease, further efforts to locate a date hint that it will end sometime this month.

The PS3 was no PS2, I'll tell you that much, and it was hell to work with according to many developers, but it had a good run (for reference, the Xbox 360 was discontinued roughly one year ago in April 2016). I mean, Demon's Souls, the black sheep of the Souls family (and the best one) was, and still is a PS3 exclusive. While we typically only get one main Zelda game per system (with exceptions), Uncharted 1, 2, and 3 were all PS3 games. I mean, the third game wasn't very good, but I need it to illustrate my point that it had a ton of support.

Rambling aside, if you want an extra PS3 or one to replace your dead unit (two of mine died, compared to my one dead PS4), you might want to do it soon before you're at the mercy of re-sellers. It's region-free, with only two exceptions.