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03-06-2017, 05:31 PM
That tells me the hardware is too weak to handle 1080p gameplay :(

Also makes me wonder how's the Wii U version? Is it on 1080p and no slow down?


... half way down the review page it said...

Breath of the Wild looks and performs noticeably worse when plugged into the dock than it does in handheld mode, a potentially worrying indicator of how the Switch’s graphics processing hardware will hold up over time. When I play on the TV, I notice frequent dips below the game’s 30fps frame rate, sometimes to the point that it’s genuinely distracting and makes it harder to play. Any time I’m running in tree-shade on a sunny day in Hyrule, zooming in for a closer view, or moving quickly through the rain, it feels like things drop into at least the 20-25fps zone.

If I pop the console out of the dock and start playing in tablet mode, everything immediately runs more smoothly. The frame rate is solid in the same places (with a few exceptions), and the overall image is crisper. The disparity is likely because the Switch runs at 720p resolution in handheld mode and bumps up to a more demanding higher resolution (1080p in general, 900p in the case of Zelda) when plugged into the TV.

Breath of the Wild is a massive open-world adventure with numerous complicated simulations running on top of one another. It’s the most technically ambitious Nintendo game I’ve ever played. I understand why it would be a challenge to get it running smoothly, but it’s still a shame that it suffers when played on a TV. Furthermore, it’s worrisome that Nintendo’s own developers have been unable to get their top-billed game running equally well on TV and in handheld mode. Hopefully it’ll be less of an issue as the people making Switch games become more familiar with the hardware. It’s not a reassuring start.

On the whole, though, playing Breath of the Wild on the Switch has been a treat. The game is also available on the Wii U, and while I haven’t tried that version, my colleague who’s played and the other more technical comparisons I’ve seen indicate that the Wii U version offers slightly lower fidelity than the Switch version but is basically fine. Something people should keep in mind when weighing it as a reason to take the Switch plunge.


03-07-2017, 03:19 AM
How is it posible that it play's worse than in portable mode? and in portable mode seems that those big games will tear apart the battery consumption it's almost like they want to trap you into buying an external battery.

Hopefuly they'll release soon an update that will handle that problem and this marks another hint that it was rushed.

03-07-2017, 03:54 AM
yah, I have noticed that as well, the frame rate drops when it's docked and I've been playing it both ways.

The game does show a lot more on screen than I thought it would, the field of visual is quite huge.
But, I never noticed it in the dungeon and shrine parts. Probably cause then the game turns into a normal level based instead of a massive world that it constantly has to load.

03-07-2017, 01:28 PM
Hagane, the article speculated that it was because in dock mode it's running 1080p and hand-held mode it's only 720p.