View Full Version : Nintendo Switch locks eShop games to your 'active' console

03-04-2017, 02:30 AM

Nintendo Switch locks eShop games to your 'active' console - You can only play titles from your Nintendo Account on one system at a time.

Nintendo's excellent but imperfect Switch console is hitting stores and shipping out to homes today, but there's still a few odd details sprouting up. It appears that the Nintendo Account, which replaces the Nintendo Network ID, ties itself to whichever Switch you're playing on when you sign in. If you want to play games on a different console, you'll have manually disengage your account from the first one before signing in on another machine.

It's an awkward move that's oddly out of step with how Xbox and PlayStation have operated for years, which let users designate a 'home' or 'primary' consoles, respectively, and download games onto multiple machines. But this restriction is even worse for a console like the Switch. Sure, users might not run into more issues if their new Nintendo console sits firmly nestled in their entertainment center.

But should you heed its hybrid call and pluck it from out of the cradle for a worldly adventure, danger calls. If you absentmindedly leave it on the bus seat, you're leaving all your eShop-bought games locked into the Switch with it. At this time, you can't detach your Nintendo Account from your console remotely -- you would have to contact Nintendo's help like and hope they let you in.

Xbox, PlayStation and Steam store their game permissions in the cloud, letting you download the content you own simply after signing in on a new machine. Some of these also let you migrate save data. But Nintendo doesn't currently offer cloud storage for saved games. That means, if your Switch gets stolen, you'll have to contact the company and bargain for access to your Nintendo Account, assign it to a new machine, and download your titles anew -- but you'll have to start all your games from scratch. Keep your consoles close, Switchers.


Joe Redifer
03-04-2017, 03:34 PM
This isn't a big deal. I can only play a physical copy on one system at a time. Granted that's not tied to the account. More physical games, please!

03-04-2017, 07:38 PM
Yah, that isn't a big deal for me, it was like that since the wii and I'm not going to play them on more than one TV or anything.

Plus, at least with the switch, you can just take it to a friend's house if they have a dock or you bring your own and just slap that sucker in and there, you can play digital games with your friends at their house if they don't own that one.

It would be nice if it was like the PS3 back in the day when you could put your games on any system and play them on them. But, even Sony got rid of that. But they still let you put your games on other consoles, they just won't work unless that console is part of their limited activations.