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12-09-2016, 05:11 AM
Ontario is going to have a 3 year test with it, where most people will get an extra 1300ish or more dollars of tax free money a month.

But, I don't know if it's everywhere yet or just certain places. But holy crap. Never thought we would get something like this here.

A lot of people are against it cause they say people will just get lazy and not work. But I think that will be the minority, cause people want more in life than what 1300 dollars a month will give.

Cause if they work, they get this still and with their paycheck! So really, it just helps a lot of people up here, who can't afford to pay their water or electric bill, which they are really price gouging up here, add that with 13% taxes and even if you have your power off and cut off the grid....... You will probably still get charged 800 dollars a month from HydroOne. lol

But even if they do use it to not work, they will still spend it, cause well, they will have to. So like I told everyone who've I talked to about this, the money will help out a lot of businesses cause people will have more spending money and then when they buy shit, some goes back in as taxes back to the government.

This would make it simpler than their current welfare type programs cause it would be one for all of them.

Nobody will have a excuse to being homeless, they will have enough money to even just rent a room instead of staying on the streets.

This has more pros than cons, IMO. It helps too many things that are with the poor people and even people just making ends meets even if they are making lots of money, cost of living in Ontario is HUGEEEE! I was thinking about moving to somewhere else other than Ontario or British Columbia, but this will change my mind on that.

I just like this, cause it will feed my hobby habits! MWHAHAHA! My large collections of crap.... is going to be even more of a huge pile of turds! Next time on Hoarders!

But, I see this has a very good thing cause it will help out businesses the most, cause we won't have to worry about raising minimum wage and raising our prices at the same time. More people spending and more people making more money.

There have been a lot of businesses in Canada that have shutdown, even bigger businesses, like Target, just upped and ran from Canada cause nobody was buying shit from them and it's prices and stock were almost exactly like Walmarts in the Targets that I went to.

So if this works out well for Ontario, they will put it in other provinces and then the rest of Canada if that goes well.

I can actually afford now if they keep it to go on vacation when I went, instead of worrying about my money.

But, I'm too positive in this, so I'm wondering if I'm wrong about what I talked about in this and if anyone knows what it was like for other countries that have done this. Pretty sure I read that Finland does this also. Edit, yup they do, just found a article stating it.



edit, I've read on another article, why a lot of countries are starting this up is cause of computers and robots and other machines that are basically automatic at doing certain jobs, cause they will replace jobs people had, this is to help people go to school for one, or getting another job even if it doesn't pay high, it will help ease the transition of this, cause a lot of factories have closed or replaced jobs with machines in Canada or laid off millions of people.

Another article I read said that taxes would have to be put up to cover these monthly checks, not sure by how much, but we were used to paying 15% in Ontario, it just in the last few years they finally put it down to 13%. I think I could stomach an increase of 5% if I got 1300 extra a month, cause it would be basically just coming back to me anyways more or less, some months if I spend less, I might make more money and some more big spender months, I might lose all the money and not make even on it. But that is what the testing period is for, to see how it works out.

12-09-2016, 10:23 AM
Will probably spur the economy of Canada a lot at first but also cause inflation and if it doesn't stick around after 3 years that's going to fucking hurt more than if they never did anything.

Joe Redifer
12-09-2016, 07:13 PM
Who's gonna pay for it? Taxes must go up to cover this. There's no other way.

12-09-2016, 08:22 PM
Our government makes tons of money here, cause only their stores and approved stores are allowed to sell alcohol and beer up here.
https://www.thestar.com/news/queenspark/2013/06/17/lcbo_reaps_record_profits_again.html and they control all our power sources and bigger companies like Bell Canada and Rogers control almost everything communication here in Canada that is run by the government. which is why our internet and TV sucks huge donkey dick. So this money will just get recycled back into the government probably faster than before lol

But they've done this test before, which is why we have our old age pension at 65, cause they noticed with it that the homeless rate of people 65 and over, who couldn't work anymore, had a better life and the economy improved. They just didn't keep it for people who were 18-64.
This happened back in 1970s.

We already pay 13% taxes, we were used to much higher taxes before that, they just lowered it about 5 years ago to 13%. So they might upped them again to help cover for this.

But, even in the end, if prices still get inflated, which they already are up here, taxes are up, and the 1300 a month ends up not changing for the majority of people. Giving people a chance to go to school with it, get a place to live and actually have food to eat, is worth it. Even if it stops people from leading to crime to make extra money. Cause you can still work and receive it.

12-10-2016, 06:47 AM
With all the Americans leaving the country because of Trump, I imagine this city is going to get very popular.

12-10-2016, 07:31 AM
It might be for all over Ontario, not just some communities, I just keep reading different articles that keep contradicting themselves about it. I'm hoping for it to be all over.

I just laugh that the people I thought would want this to happen are actually against it and the people I thought would be against it, want it! lol

If they can give it to us without changing things too much, like too high taxes or putting up prices of other things, I see this as a good thing. It would only be stupid to put in if at the end of the month, expenses end up being way over than what you make with the basic income and I mean for basic living, like your monthly bills/expenses that you need every month. So if Minimum wage and basic income can't let the person live a pretty happy normal life, then it wouldn't be worth it.

Too many jobs are disappearing, which are normally the minimum wage jobs, so people need more education to achieve higher paying jobs.

McDonald's are basically trying to rid cash register jobs already, all of mine have computers that take your order and then give you a number for your order. More and more restaurants are doing this as well. So the waiter jobs will be obsolete one year.
So something like this might be needed everywhere, if Canada can get it to work, perhaps the USA won't be far behind.

12-15-2016, 08:37 PM
There is a basic dilemma at stake if BI is troduced anywhere in the world.

The size of the government social security and welfare and benefits departments. BI could render government welfare bureaucracy obsolete.

They would effect become the welfare claimant becuase BI cannot support a middle income or civil service public sector wage lifestyle and credit responsibilities.

So yes peopmake the case that human nature would force inflation and tax increases to cover all those fat retards wgo slob all day eatin buckets of fried chicken and cramming down tubs of green and blue ben and jerrys on widescreen tvs wat h the entire xfiles anthology on acid and cushy home depot sofas, while ten other families have kids go hungry on food stamps drinking watery lead.

So taxes in the most corrupt places would have to go up to support the real tax revenue wrlfarlottoy cheat that contribute. Nothing to the technical knowledge of society like big fat elephants made of molten lard and fatberg material.

Meanwhile states without swollen government budgets collected through force fraud and police brutality will transition and nrw job crration will pick up the slack. Taxes perhaps not rising at all.

An anti establishment revolution would lead to a civil war, a communist overthrow would lead eveyone on the same means and ruin freedlm for eveyone and end the commercial space.

There is one more option. The green new deal. You could literrally bomb a city like detroit to rubble. Put everyone in temporary accommodation and just build a brand new city that water and energy sufficient and disaster proof. Run by automated systems and a servelance free trust sharing resource based economy. All the young persons from the shit cities with brutal coo can just simply move to the new mega building projects and gain a housing guarantee. When all the rich people try to move in just great them like the police did at tbe Dakota access pipeline protests.

12-15-2016, 08:50 PM
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