View Full Version : Nintendo Switch Private Hands-On Event to Take Place on January 13

11-30-2016, 02:26 AM
It really depends how many games they are launching the system -- if it was like the GBA launch then they should have no issue selling the console.

Nintendo Switch Private Hands-On Event to Take Place on January 13
Share - Attendance is by invitation only.

Nintendo has issued invitations to a private hands-on event in January for its upcoming Switch console.

The press-only event will be held on January 13, 2017 in New York following the already announced Nintendo Switch presentation on January 12. IGN has been invited and will have coverage straight from the event in January.

The invitation explains that the event is intended to "further emphasize some of the details that Nintendo plans to announce the prior evening during its Nintendo Switch Presentation in Tokyo."

No additional details about what will be shown for the Switch at the event were included in the invitation, but the January 12 presentation, which is being held in Tokyo for media, analysts, and trade partners, is set to include information about the system's release date, price, and the lineup of games currently in development for the Switch. The console is currently planned for a release sometime in March 2017.

Nintendo unveiled the Switch in October of this year via a short video teaser, highlighting the system's ability to function as both a handheld tablet and placed in a dock to be played on a TV. GameStop's CEO seemingly confirmed recently that the Switch will include motion controls, a functionality Nintendo has yet to confirm or deny.


11-30-2016, 05:09 AM
I will probably end up getting one cause I do enjoy Nintendo games for the most part.

Despite the Wii and Wii U having too many stupid games that required bad controls. Looking at your Star Fox Zero!