View Full Version : Dynasty Warriors: Godseekers rated in Australia

10-10-2016, 01:46 AM
How was the review of Dynasty Warriors: Eiketsuden, is it any good, I only know it is a tactical RPG?

Dynasty Warriors: Godseekers rated in Australia - New title? Or Eiketsuden localization?

The Australian Classification board has rated something called Dynasty Warriors: Godseekers.

A new Dynasty Warriors game with that subtitle has yet to be announced, but Koei Tecmo did file a trademark for “Godseekers” in August 2015.

Koei Tecmo promised it would have a “big” Dynasty Warriors announcement in 2016 to commemorate the series’ 15th anniversary, but has yet to make any.

On the other hand, rather than a completely new game, this could be a localization of Dynasty Warriors: Eiketsuden, Koei Tecmo’s strategy RPG for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PS Vita launched in Japan in August.

(Pictured: Dynasty Warriors: Eiketsuden.)