View Full Version : Xbox One S does what PlayStation 4 Pronít: Play UHD 4K Blu-ray discs

09-07-2016, 11:14 PM
Yes this is a disappointment of PS4 Pro and Slim, can it be easily added with a firmware upgrade?


Sonyís new 4K gaming machine is not going to replace your Ultra HD Blu-ray player ó or be your first.

The PlayStation Pro does not support 4K-capable UHD Blu-ray discs. Instead, the optical drive can only read DVDs and standard Blu-rays, according to Sonyís official specs. That means the only way to get 4K video onto the new PS4, which is due out November 10 for $400, is to stream it. You can do that using apps like Netflix or YouTube. You could also stream 4K films from your personal digital library using the excellent Plex app. But few digital sources ó especially streaming sites ó have 4K tech that matches the quality of an UHD Blu-ray, so your new 4K machine wonít get the most from 4K content if it is from a compressed stream from a remote server.

Weíve asked Sony why it didnít include an UHD Blu-ray drive, and weíll update this post with any comment from the company. Itís possible that Sony can see that most people do not use discs to watch films on PS4 and that many consumers just want support for services like Netflix. With that in mind, Sony did announce that a new Netflix app is coming to PS4 with a focus on 4K content.

But while Sony is skipping the UHD Blu-ray drive, competitor Microsoft did not. The Xbox One S, which launched last month, supports 4K streaming video in addition to UHD Blu-ray discs. And the Xbox One S is only $300 compared to Sonyís $400 Pro.

Sony likely doesnít see this as a problem. It showed off a number of games that it claims look better thanks to the Proís 4K capabilities, and it thinks that is what most gamers care about.


Joe Redifer
09-07-2016, 11:45 PM
Yep, pretty sad. Especially since it's Sony who wants to push the UHD Blu-ray format.

Anyway from what I understand the drives are slightly different in that they would need to read the new Blu-ray discs that can hold 100 or 128 GB of information. Kind of like how regular Mini Disc players couldn't read the new Mini Disc LP stuff.

I wonder if the Scorpio will come in with it's superior specs at $400 and UHD Blu-ray support. I think they will ream Sony's ass on this one. Sony can't afford to take the hit, but MS can.

09-08-2016, 01:08 AM
Sony's helping Microsoft to get more sales in Xbox One S, it's an under table deal.

09-08-2016, 03:03 AM
I just want 4K DVDs!