View Full Version : A new Pikmin title is coming to the 3DS

09-01-2016, 12:53 PM
These are the subpar releases before the 3DS's fading away.


A new Pikmin title is coming to the 3DS - A sidescrolling adventure

A new Pikmin title was announced during today's Nintendo Direct, but it's not quite the same as its predecessors. Eschewing the traditional view, the 3DS adventure is a sidescrolling game, but retains the core ideas. The video shows Olimar using his whistle to draw out nearby Pikmin, throwing them up ledges to gather resources, and even throwing them at enemies to attack them.

Seems like it would be an incredibly linear affair without a wide area to move around in, but they specifically mention that this game is designed "with action in mind," so it seems like they know it won't be the same type of experience.