View Full Version : Pokemon Go had a record $200 million first month

08-09-2016, 11:59 AM
Nintendo is now very regretted not having a bigger stake in the Pokemon Company.

Pokemon Go had a record $200 million first month

Will it continue to print money?

While Activision would come to purchase Candy Crush Developer King for about six billion dollars, King's crown jewel "only" made $25 million in its first month of release back in 2014.

Usurping Candy Crush was this year's Clash Royale (~$125 million), which Pokemon Go was only just outpacing until the app released in Japan, at which point it kicked the ass of its predecessors to the tune of a record $200 million first month of availability as Niantic works on releasing the app throughout the rest of the world.

This helpful Sensor Tower chart helps visualize the unmitigated monetary success of the Pokemon Go phenomenon.


While this represents worldwide iOS and Android revenue (not including the soft launch period), Niantic doesn't just make money through the app's microtransactions. The company also profits off of paid sponsorships with corporations like McDonald's in Japan and others that haven't been announced.

According to Apple, Pokemon Go was downloaded more in its first week than any app in history. Niantic won't confirm totals, but a third-party Pokemon radar app of sorts allegedly boasted 50 million downloads on its own. So it's huge, though neither Niantic nor Nintendo claim to be rolling in excess profits because of it. Part of this has to do with The Pokemon Company, Nintendo, and Niantic splitting revenue (we don't know how the deal is structured) after Google and Apple take their 30% of revenue generated on the respective stores (iOS is the leading platform).

Still, 200 million bones.