View Full Version : PS4 Neo Leak! GPU 2X Powerful With High Clock Speed, 5.5TF, Price $499!

06-28-2016, 11:54 AM
Maybe Sony should go back to design a third model that matches up the specs of Scorpio.

Sony is currently testing two different PS4 Neo models, out of these two only ONE will be selected for consumers. The first PlayStation 4 Neo variant offers a 4.2TF performance and has a Jaguar CPU and internally carries a price tag of $399.

The second variant of PlayStation 4 Neo offers a 5.5TF GPU and comes with a brand new CPU and carries a price tag of $499. Sony planning to release PlayStation 4 Neo either at the end of 2016 or before March 2016. If Sony decides to go with the $499 variant of PlayStation 4 Neo then it will be the first time in over a 10 Years time Sony will went with an External Power Supply.

PS4 NEO Rumor updates:
1. Sony debating on two machines internally.
A. Option A is 4.2 TF/Jaugar, $399
B. Option B is 5.5 TF/New CPU, $499

2. Nothing Sony is doing is reactionary to Scorpio. Both machines were tested from the beginning. Two different specs at seperate prices.

Nothing Sony is doing is reactionary to what MS is doing, there have always been two options. I would also like to stand by my original claim that the Scorpio will be more powerful than the Neo. (how much more is up for debate) In case it was forgotten the very first information I had for release dates was either Holiday this year or 1st quarter next year with a pin in March. (Stating it will be out before not during that month)

Talking to Diana and Bob (Hello Bob) the biggest problem is getting the price to the originally promised numbers. Sony does NOT want to revisit a $599 price point. Bob says internally they think waiting to Q1 would be best for helping them come in at the originally promised $499 and that's even if they decided to go for option B.

Also to people saying the specs are not final, they are final there are just two different specs. There are rumors that Sony is planning to release both machines I don't believe this will happen as it would be confusing as shit. Bob (Hello Bob) says one will likely be scrapped (so long blue pill) when the other goes into production. Also states that the form factor and casing could require them to use an external power brick this time around due to heating concerns.

Diana has no information at all about specifications, she also does not have anything suggesting Sony will release two separate skus outside of the OG PS4 and the Neo.


Joe Redifer
06-28-2016, 02:48 PM
What are the specs of the Scorpio?

Honestly I don't see why the Xbox brand even exists any more. They have zero exclusives. All their games show up on PC or PS4.

06-28-2016, 04:27 PM
It looks like Xbox One is slowly turning in to a Windows 10 console.