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05-18-2016, 08:39 PM
It's too cumbersome, with that awkward thing sticking out of the cart slot.


It’s official, the Cobra Black-Fin (Vita piracy dongle) is real, and it’s back… soon (c)

It seems the latest rumors about the blackfin resurfacing may have been more than rumors. The Cobra Blackfin team have updated their website today, announcing that the Cobra Blackfin is ready (both on the hardware and software front), and currently being sent to some websites for reviews.

I have emailed the Cobra Blackfin team to get a sample and will let you know if they send me one (Hey, we’re the biggest Vita underground community, it would be weird if I don’t get one, right? Right?)

The new announce on the Cobra Blackfin comes with documentation and the necessary software to run the device.

As explained before, the Blackfin is a game “sharing” device that lets you share games you own with your “friends”. Technically, you insert up to 6 legit games in your Cobra device, plug that to your internet-connected PC, and the games are ready to be shared for anyone who wants it.

The documentation hints at a possibility to have the games shared on your own local network, which might allow you to actually share games with only a circle of close friends (something that might be more legally acceptable than sharing it on the Cobra public server).

The Cobra Blackfin manual basically confirms everything we thought about the device and how it will work. You will be sharing your original games online and those will be used at the “authentication” process by other gamers who will only need a “backup” of the game. The Blackfin also ships with all the hardware and software required to dump the cartridges.

Cobra Black fin not compatible with firmware 3.60

Perhaps the most surprising thing of today’s announce is that Cobra Blackfin is not currently compatible with firmware 3.60. The Blackfin team advises people to stay on 3.57 or lower for now, but promise they are working on 3.60 compatibility.

A veteran hardware console hacker, whose name I’ll keep anonymous at this point, has confirmed to me the Blackfin is 100% real, but also told me he’d expect Sony to block it within a week of launch. Ouch.



05-19-2016, 01:13 AM
That thing is probably more expensive than buying the games. Vita games are dirty cheap.