View Full Version : Raiden V launches February 25 in Japan

11-30-2015, 08:27 PM
This game is expensive comparing to other console games.


Shoot ’em up sequel Raiden V will launch for Xbox One in Japan on February 25, developer Moss announced. It will cost 7,992 yen at retail and 7,344 yen via download.

First-print copies of the retail version will include an original soundtrack CD comprised of background music from the game.

Raiden V uses the Xbox One cloud to acquire the play data of other players in real-time. You can trace the trails of your friends to help you out of tough areas. The battlefield will also change in real-time based on you and your friends’ actions. Online, you can help other players using the one-button “Cheer System.” Additionally, the game features multiple stoies and the highest number of stages and weapons featured in a Raiden game thus far.