View Full Version : Keurig goes beyond beverages to make you a cup of soup

09-10-2015, 11:20 PM
Brewing both in the same machine can make coffee smells like soup and soup smells like coffee. :lol:


We all know what happens when you try to make ramen in the coffee pot (hint: it breaks everything) but making soup in a Keurig is now possible. Thanks to a partnership with Campbell's, the popular coffee-machine company has developed "Fresh-Brewed Soup" kits, which can be made in any Keurig Hot brewer that accepts K-Cup pods.

The kits contain a noodle packet and broth pod; noodles are emptied into a 12-ounce cup while the Keurig machine brews the liquid. Combine the two, let the mixture sit for two to three minutes (to allow the noodles to soften) and it's lunch time. Fresh-Brewed Soup kits are available for sale on Keurig's site, on Amazon, and soon in grocery and club stores. Currently there are only two flavors: a chicken broth and noodle mix and a southwest style chicken broth and noodle mix. (Sorry, vegetarians.)

Each kit contains 70 calories or less, is made in the US without artificial colors or flavors and comes in an eight pack for about $12. Keurig does recommend running a "hot water brew cycle without a K-Cup pod before and after making a soup" which makes the process a bit more onerous than, say, microwaving a Cup-a-Soup. The soup pods took more than two years to develop; the original partnership between the companies was announced back in September 2013. No word yet on if the soup pods are as environmentally unfriendly as the coffee pods, which won't be fully recyclable until 2020.