View Full Version : Final Fantasy V comes to PC with divisive art style

09-10-2015, 11:13 PM
They should've used the style in FFIV for PSP, looks better than this style.


Square's marking the 23rd [not 20th, because I am dumb - Ed.] anniversary of Final Fantasy V with a re-release on PC, but it's not just a straight port.

"Veteran character designer Kazuko Shibuya has returned to recreate the characters and graphics for an enhanced experience," Square boasts. Of course, as has been shown with past remakes of sprite-based Final Fantasy games, not everyone will appreciate the change.

The release also includes, "updated controls and active-time battle system are optimized for fluid combat for PC," The Sealed Temple from the 2006 release, and "the Tetsuya Nomura-designed optional boss Enuo." Of course there are also Steam achievements and trading cards.

It'll run you $16 and releases September 24.


09-11-2015, 03:29 AM
FFV is one of the best FF's in the series (at least the Snes version) never played the remake. Hopefully they done it justice.

09-11-2015, 08:58 AM
I dont really mind the art style too much, but i would never play a game like that on the PC. Old games are portable or no go for me.
I personally woul've prefered a remake in the style of FF3.