View Full Version : IPad Sales Still Falling, But Apple Reports $11 Billion Profit

07-22-2015, 04:44 AM
iPad's life cycle is at least 3 - 5 times longer than iPhone, people usually keep the ipad for 3 - 5 years before considering another upgrade.


Apple knows how to make money, and last financial quarter was no different for the tech giant. In the company's earnings report released today, it revealed that it pulled in almost $50 billion in revenue, which amounts to almost $11 billion in profit.

The huge profit was due in part to good sales of the iPhone, which sold nearly 60 percent better during this quarter than during the same time last year. Apple moved 47.5 million iPhones in this time. The earnings were helped by the release of the Apple Watch in April, but Apple did not share how many watches it sold.

In addition, Apple broke records with revenue from its services. The June release of Apple Music, the company's streaming music app, helped increase the money made from applications and other services.

International sales made up 64 percent of Apple's revenue during this quarter.

Sales of iPads continue to decrease, marking the fourth consecutive quarter of dropping numbers. But CEO Tim Cook explained back in October that people hang onto iPads longer than they keep their phones, reducing the number of people upgrading their tablets each year.

Apple also is sitting on a massive amount of money in cash, the vast majority of which is located outside of the country. The company controls tens of billions in assets that it is holding outside of the U.S., which would be subject to significant taxes if Apple brought the money back into the country. It's unclear at the moment what Apple plans to do with the money.


Drunken Savior
07-22-2015, 11:08 PM
I'm starting to travel more, so I'm beginning to see the value of a tablet over my laptop. Kind of a pain to pull out a laptop on a plane. I'm also tired of playing Phoenix Wright on my tiny iPhone4S.

That's right, I want an iPad mostly for Phoenix Wright games. I wish they were on Android, but Capcom is stupid.

I almost got one last weekend, the 64GB wifi only one for $500 even (no tax, no shipping), but I held off since the new iPad might come out in a few months.

Badrats Studio
07-25-2015, 12:19 PM
500 bucks for 64GB sounds like a good deal but waiting a couple of months for better SKU is the wise thing to do if we're talking about Apple products.

07-25-2015, 02:26 PM
It never occurred to me that the difference between apple brand devices- which I have almost never owned- and other 'cheaper' phone brands was battery quality-

I'm just stupid. period.

Ni-Cad and Nimh batteries have %30- %50 less battery life, are heavier and bulkier, and take way longer to charge.-

Meanwhile Global Lithium reserves have skyrocketed- thanks in part to the invasion of Afghanistan-

so why do Apple product continue to be far more expensive to cheaper 'generic' rivals- that use Lithium Ion batteries? First of all- global phone and tablet adoption is crazy- billions of people around the world have access to mobile tech.

Yet the reserves of lithium can easily cover all that- especially considering infrastructurally speaking that car batteries still command over 80% of volume in battery material manufacturing and sales.

The prices are on brand adoption alone.

It never occurred to me that sub- lithium quality portable devices (which are superior in lieu of which would be obvious without ever reading a spec report) have serious portability issues- length of battery time- hardware and software standards that outpace battery performance, length of time for charging, costs of replacement power parts for crap performance etc etc etc.

Not buying Apple were like suicide in the early portable convergence tech stakes.

Basically Apple is only made for 'the' 'or an' elite- who incidentally control global commodity prices and pricing.

We buy tech for its primary value of always being able to be connected to socio-cultural capital.

Its a scam of epic proportions IMO- unless you are in that cultural and economic elite your basically fucked.

Data and Energy density storage and retrieval basically determines economic value and worth of individuals. The next revolution will come the the next generation of battery technologies- which are already hidden deep in industry safes- whoever controls the future of batteries basically controls the world. Because the world as such only exists in a virtual data retentive space. Anyone outside it would be non people.

Joe Redifer
07-26-2015, 03:58 AM
Apple is made primarily for the Lizard People who control the Shadow Government which resides in the hidden city built beneath Denver International Airport.

07-26-2015, 10:33 AM
Apple is made primarily for the Lizard People who control the Shadow Government which resides in the hidden city built beneath Denver International Airport.

Stop trolling

No, its just the spirit of capitalism.
Is there a hidden city beneath Denver?
And yes they are 'Lizard people' while America crumbles around them.

One of my older mates who is a materials scientist and engineer invented a battery 10 times more powerful than the lithium sulfur battery about 3 years ago and has a CIGS plasma screen and optics manufacturing company. and has a partnership company with the patents for the new battery with another friend of mine. He suffers with bouts of mental illness- he was pushed over the edge by competing demands by Japanese and American groups who have stakes in his factory capital investments- alot of it went sour over the capital finance over who gets the control of the investment streams and ultimately the share and what percentage of shares of profits and the type of profit model- Its a very critical technology to release on the world- lots of industrial espionage over it. The current major industry controller over battery tech is so powerful and influential in industry that technology magnates just simply refer to him as GOD- tongue in cheek but semi-serious. The world is a virtual simulacranomicon all made possible by storage transmission and transcription technologies- improvements in battery power and storage is the only barrier to total technological domination assimilation and reach of culture and the effective control over the manipulation of fabric of reality.

The old days of children s lemonade stands, poking dead raccoons with sticks on the abandoned railway tracks and playing outdoors, camping vacation in the wilderness in total isolation, etc etc is all over- you are and will be your virtual self- how much access you have to yourself well depend on your level and sophistication of technology adoption.