View Full Version : Battery drain on iOS 8.4? Blame Apple Music

07-03-2015, 08:12 AM
Okay I am holding off upgrading to 8.4 :crazy:


The latest update to Appleís operating system may have only been available to the public for a couple of days, but complaints are already starting to emerge.

Reports are circulating that iOS 8.4 is a huge drain on the userís battery life and apparently Apple Music is to blame.

Some users of iOS 8.4 have reported losing 60 percent of battery capacity in an hour, and many others have reported similar issues when compared to iOS 8.3. Although iOS updates have been known to cause battery problems in the past, the fact that the latest issue is being attributed to the release of Apple Music will come as a blow to the firmís recently launched streaming service.

Apple Music Radio users in the UK also reported being unable to access featured stations, with an error message being displayed instead, informing listeners to "try again later". So far, Apple has not commented on the issue.

If you have already downloaded iOS 8.4, you may have to adjust your smartphone settings to prolong your battery life and itís always a good idea to check if apps are running in the background. Regarding Apple Music, streaming services can be a huge battery drain whether youíre using Wi-Fi or mobile data, so you may want to download songs and listen to them locally if possible.

Although Apple Music does seem to be experiencing some teething problems, the service has experienced some high-profile endorsements from musicians over the last week. Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke, who had pulled material from rival platform Spotify, has decided to include his solo music on the service, while Taylor Swift has also made her tracks available after resolving a dispute over royalties.