View Full Version : Square Enix announces Dive-In, a streaming service to play console games on mobile

09-09-2014, 02:51 AM
Wonder if that would set a price scheme example for Sony's Playstation Now?


Square Enix is launching a new service in Japan on October 9 that will let you stream games like Final Fantasy XIII, The Last Remnant, and Murdered: Soul Suspect using cloud technology to your smartphone or tablet.

The service will be delivered through a new app called Dive In. At launch, the following games will be available:

Final Fantasy XIII
- Three Days – 250 yen (plus tax)
- 10 Days – 510 yen (plus tax)
- 30 Days – 1,250 yen (plus tax)
- One Year – 1,800 yen (plus tax)
Final Fantasy VII International
- Three Days – 200 yen (plus tax)
- 10 Days – 400 yen (plus tax)
- 30 Days – 1,000 yen (plus tax)
- One Year – 1,429 yen (plus tax)
Season of Mystery: The Cherry Blossom Murders
- Three Days – 150 yen (plus tax)
- 10 Days – 300 yen (plus tax)
- 30 Days – 800 yen (plus tax)
- One Year – 1,185 yen (plus tax)

Each game comes with a free 30-minute trial.

In November, the service will introduce Final Fantasy VIII and The Last Remnant, followed by Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Murdered: Soul Suspect in December, and Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII in 2015.

The app will work on both iOS and Android-supported mobile devices. You’ll need a Square Enix account and a Wi-Fi connection of at least 3mbps.