View Full Version : Xbox One first week sales after price drop

06-24-2014, 02:11 AM
So it outsold PS4 in US the first week of price drop, Wii U is still trailing behind both PS4 and XBone, lets see what next week is like. :D

Weekly Hardware Chart 14th June 2014
Platform N. America Europe Japan Global
3DS 34,441 32,075 27,716 103,121
PS4 42,572 37,750 7,747 99,162
WiiU 28,332 22,906 11,351 68,499
XOne 43,596 15,127 N/A 64,525
PS3 9,796 23,827 6,695 50,100
X360 18,903 13,048 183 36,480
PSV 4,261 7,252 14,273 31,257
PSP 624 5,483 3,442 12,084
Wii 2,820 2,278 116 5,751


06-24-2014, 07:11 AM
Still got outsold by both worldwide though. Not looking good for X1.

Really, the problem is the thing is too geared up for the US market. It does ok there, but the rest of the world needs a bit more than just a gazillion shooters.

06-24-2014, 08:26 AM
So how many shooters are actually on the X1 then compared to other genres?

06-24-2014, 01:06 PM
The Xbox brand was geared up towards beeing a Shooter console. The controller was made with that in mind on the 360 (wich is obvious by the fact they completely disregarded the D-pad).

But yeah, Titanfall and Halo come to mind, but i think the problem is not only that they have plenty of shooters but that they lack much of all else on the exclusive side.
I mean even their RPG series Fable, can hardly be considered an RPG anymore. Halo and Forza. Thats what i think of when i think of Microsoft.

Its just not good enough.