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05-25-2014, 10:40 PM
I've seen Nuts & Milk a long long time ago but I never found it any unusual. :lol:

A lot of time and effort goes into choosing a game title. But sometimes despite this effort, some game titles may invoke a sexual vibe quite by accident.

This is especially true of the following Japanese games. Sometimes these names were the fault of the original Japanese creators who likely didn't realize the English sexual pun they were making. Other times, the fault lies squarely on the shoulders of the localization team who should have known better. But regardless of how these titles came to be, they are definitely worth a chuckle now.

Nuts & Milk

What It Sounds Like It's About: A white bodily fluid and its points of origin.

What It's Really About: A pink blob named Milk who is trying to rescue his fiancée from a teal blob named Nuts.

6-inch My Darling

What It Sounds Like It's About: A man who is generally confident in his sexual prowess.

What It's Really About: A boy who is secretly serving as chaperone to a six inch tall fairy from another world.


What It Sounds Like It's About: The kind of “love” two people get down to that involves a lot of movement—and I don't mean dancing.

What It's Really About: A gamer who is awesome at mecha fighting games who finds his house and life invaded by the heiress to one of Japan's biggest company conglomerates.

Just Breed

What It Sounds Like It's About: Making babies and nothing but making babies.

What It's Really About: A hero who raises an army to rescue the kidnapped priestess responsible for protecting his home city.

N.U.D.E. @ Natural Ultimate Digital Experiment

What It Sounds Like It's About: The cast of Tron sans their clothing.

What It's Really About: Raising a female robot by issuing voice commands to her via your headset.

Tech Romancer

What It Sounds Like It's About: Someone who has given up on people and decided to a pursue a romantic relationship with sex toys.

What It's Really About: In the far future, when an evil alien warlord invades Earth, it's up to an unlikely group of heroes—and their own personal giant robots—to save the world.

Booby Kids

What It Sounds Like It's About: A group of children who are abnormally busty.

What It's Really About: A boy gathering treasure from across time while battling everything from dinosaurs to police officers.

S.C.A.T. Special Cybernetic Attack

What It Sounds Like It's About: The sexual fetish of playing with human feces used as a cyborg weapon.

What It's Really About: A group of cyborg soldiers in a futuristic New York City who battle alien invaders.

Touch Dic

What It Sounds Like It's About: Caressing the male genitalia.

What It's Really About: In this case, “Dic” stands for dictionary. This is actually just a dictionary program for the Nintendo DS that utilizes the touch screen.

[*I cheated on this one. It's a Korean game, not a Japanese one and was eventually renamed.]


05-26-2014, 03:31 AM
Kotaku never did there research very well. :P MuvLuv is a perverted game at least the PC version is a H-game. But even the consoles will be heavy fanservice.

<------- from Muv Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse.