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Drunken Savior
01-25-2014, 11:18 PM
Every time I see it at a convention I become less and less 'cautiously optimistic' and more 'optimistic' about it. I haven't tried it yet, but I've watched videos of people who have tried it and there's a general sense of positiveness about it. Even people who say they get motion sickness say that this doesn't bother them, which was a common complaint about VR gaming in the past.

It's not really something that would fit for all games, but I'd love to try it with any games that are for first person (including sports games, space sims, horror, or even Mirror's Edge). It's kind of a hard tech to talk about because,:
a) It's not out yet (only dev kits).
b) I can't really do screenshots of it.
c) The games that run on it are limited at the moment.

Anyways, here's a general impression from someone who has a dev kit.

Oculus Rift is just the headset, not the gun and stand. That's other tech that is tentatively planned to be used in conjunction with Rift if you'd like.

Anyways, I'm not sure when they really plan on releasing it, who will support it (though John Carmack left ID for them and Valve supports it so I expect Source (and it's future iterations) will be very OR friendly), or what price this peripheral will be for. Before anyone suggests it, no one expects this to replace traditional gaming with a screen and input device.

Here's a list of people supporting it:
John D. Carmack: co-founder of id Software and lead programmer on Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, and Quake; CTO at Oculus VR
Gabe Newell: co-founder and CEO of Valve
Cliff Bleszinski: designer at Epic Games on Unreal series and Gears of War
Michael Abrash: Quake developer and author of Zen of Assembly Language
Tim Sweeney: founder of Epic Games and developer on ZZT and the Unreal engine
Chris Roberts: creator of Wing Commander series and Star Citizen
Markus "Notch" Persson: lead designer and former lead developer of Minecraft
David Helgason: CEO of Unity Technologies, developer of the Unity game engine
Shuhei Yoshida: president of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios
Masahiro Sakurai: director of the Kirby series, the Super Smash Bros.series and Kid Icarus: Uprising.
Dean Hall: Project Lead of DayZ
CCP Games: Creators of the game Eve Online.

So to those who have heard of it, what are your thoughts?

Paper exe
01-26-2014, 01:16 AM
I ahve no thought I JUST WANT ONE! GIMMI:drool:

01-26-2014, 01:28 AM
I think the dream is clouding visions on this one. Maybe its the lure of a VR world and series like .hack and SAO, but when i think about it rationally, this will be a fad at best and quite likely a failure.

Think about it. Why would you use a contraption in your head that is going to strain your neck, ruin your eyes and make you look dumb to do the same work you do with your right thumb in an analog stick.
Human beeings are lazy. By that principle this product has no chance to suceed.

Theres more issues like what would happen if you looked down to yourself. If you are holding a controller and look down and see your avatar arms doing something else, i imagine it will feel disconcerting.

Drunken Savior
01-26-2014, 06:33 AM
Actually people do say it's disconcerting to look down and see your avatar and not you. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=myah1-687uM)[Skip to 0:45]. One problem with that (admittedly anecdotal) example is that these people are just testing these things at trade shows and aren't really strapped down to the OR for an hour or so. It's hard to say if that disorienting nature fade over use or not. I wish I could try it out to see. It's not something you can really describe with words or even a video.

We'll see. I watch a lot of people who are normally very critical of things and their impressions seem very positive when they've tried it at a few trade shows.

01-26-2014, 11:29 AM
I would be interested in trying it but I wear glasses. I doubt I'm very compatible with the hardware.

Drunken Savior
01-26-2014, 07:18 PM
I think I remember saying that it's hard for people with glasses. However, if you have glasses for myopia, then I doubt you'd have much a problem.

Joe Redifer
01-27-2014, 05:00 PM
I want a super cheap version that hooks up to the 3DS. Nah, J/K.

Anyway I will say that once back in the Dreamcast era I had a pair of Sony goggles that weren't 3D but they did have an image in each eye. It was supposed to make it look like you had a giant TV floating in front of you. Eh, it was more like I was wearing goggles with screens in 'em but whatever, Sony. It can't really look that way since your eyes must focus on something that's close. Anyway playing Test Drive V Rally on the DC with those goggles made me really, REALLY motion sick. So much that I still almost get motion sick simply from looking at the game just sitting on the shelf in it's case.

Sinful Sam
01-28-2014, 04:11 AM
Farsighted people may not have a problem since the video being outputted will be near your vision. It might be a problem for nearsighted people.

Drunken Savior
01-28-2014, 05:25 AM
Farsighted people may not have a problem since the video being outputted will be near your vision. It might be a problem for nearsighted people.

You got that backwards. Nearsightedness (myopia) is when you can 'near sight' is good and your 'far sight' is bad.

Sinful Sam
01-28-2014, 11:19 PM
Ah yes. My mistake. I keep mixing them up.

Drunken Savior
01-29-2014, 03:41 AM
Same here! I just started calling it myopia and hyperopia because it's less confusing. But, in doing so, I learned to remember that 'far sighted' means you can see far and 'near sighted' means you can see near. It's like my long term memory trolled my short term memory.

01-29-2014, 02:29 PM
I think it's cool, but also seems like something you want to try before you buy it.

01-29-2014, 04:59 PM
You got that backwards. Nearsightedness (myopia) is when you can 'near sight' is good and your 'far sight' is bad.

You can always wear contact lens. :D

Drunken Savior
01-29-2014, 07:46 PM
That's true. But if someone wears glasses exclusively, getting a prescription for contacts is kind of a big change just to play a peripheral. One of the many hurdles the OR will have to overcome if it's to reach full adoption in the gaming industry as a viable alternative to gaming on a TV/monitor.

Joe Redifer
01-30-2014, 01:57 AM
The problem with be focal distance. Everything will be in focus as far as your eyeballs are concerned. There will be no focus adjustment needed from your eyeballs to focus on far or near objects like there is in real life. So that in itself will make it seem kind of weird.

Badrats Studio
01-31-2014, 10:03 AM
So basically people with myopia like me won't be using this gizmo without "adjusting" something (like wearing contact lens, maybe ? I don't want/like wearing that thing).

I wear glasses everyday in every occasion except shower and sleep :D

Drunken Savior
01-31-2014, 10:19 AM
Not sure, but if you have myopia, then you shouldn't have problem viewing things closer to you, like the screens inside the OR. It's people who need glasses for Hyperopia (they have problems seeing things up close) that are probably going to need to wear contacts unless OR figured out how to allow people to wear glasses and use their headset.

Joe Redifer
01-31-2014, 07:47 PM
I don't see why they couldn't allow glasses inside the headset.

Does this thing also wrap around for a peripheral view is it just a big floating 3D screen?

Drunken Savior
02-06-2014, 06:34 AM
It's not a 3D screen (e.g. 3DS), it just displays two images on 2 different screens, one for each eye's virtual viewpoint. I suspect the part of it that tries to isolate one eye's viewpoint from the other would make glasses difficult to wear.


There is also a modded version of Mirror's Edge out that, but it's pretty buggy with some textures missing that I saw a few months ago.

02-06-2014, 02:08 PM
Eve Valkyrie does look cool and now it is an Oculus Rift exclusive. Why does CCP do this?? First Dust 514 goes to the PS3 to die and now Valkyrie is an Oculus Rift exclusive.

Drunken Savior
02-06-2014, 08:27 PM
I think OR is financing it, ala Bayonetta 2 and Nintendo.

Drunken Savior
02-20-2014, 09:04 PM
February 18, 2014
Jamie Feltham

Oculus VR, the maker of the Oculus Rift virtual reality (VR) headset, has scheduled its presentation for the Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2014. The talk is named Working with the Latest Oculus Rift Hardware and Software, and will be taking place on Wednesday, 19th March 2014.

OculusRift_2Oculus’ Chief Software Architect, Michael Antono, and VP of Product, Nate Mitchell, will be heading up the session. According to the event’s description, it promises to “discuss everything you need to know to get started integrating the latest Oculus Rift hardware with your VR game or experience.”

The talk will be split into different sections, with a look at the latest version of the Rift, a technical breakdown, and a discussion on designing VR videogames for the Rift.

“We’ll also talk about our vision for future development hardware leading to the consumer Rift and what that path might look like,” the description teases. The talk will be located at Room 3020, West Hall of the Moscone Centre in San Francisco, running from 11:00am to 12:00pm.

Oculus VR revealed the first Rift developmen kit at GDC 2013. The company has since shown off its latest version of the hardware, Crystal Cove, which adds latency-reducing OLED screens among other updates. VRFocus will be at GDC 2014 to report on development on this session and any other VR news during the event.

I hope we'll see some design ideas on what the OR will look like for mass production, as the article hints. We can tell if this will be a problem for people with hyperopia (can't see things close to them), without contact lenses. Still, in order to really sell this thing, they'll need to have units out for the general public to try out for themselves who can't make it to trade shows and other events where they can currently try it out. Still, I can't help but feel like this will be a niche (albeit a cool niche, similar to owning a high quality driving wheel for driving games) product for gamers.

Drunken Savior
03-26-2014, 12:03 AM
Welp...a lot of people who were excited for the OR are pretty nervous about this...


Mar 25, 8:36 PM EDT

NEW YORK (AP) -- Facebook has agreed to buy Oculus for $2 billion, betting that its virtual reality technology may be a new way for people to communicate, learn or be entertained.

"This is a long-term bet on the future of computing," said Facebook Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg Tuesday on a call with analysts. "I believe Oculus can be one of the platforms of the future."

Irvine, Calif.-based Oculus VR Inc. makes the Oculus Rift, a virtual reality headset that's received a lot of attention from video game developers, though it has yet to be released for consumers. The headsets cover a user's eyes and create an immersive world that reacts to turning one's head or moving back and forth.

Beyond games, Zuckerberg said virtual reality headsets might someday be used to enjoy a courtside seat at a basketball game, study in a classroom, consult with a doctor face-to-face or shop in a virtual store. The technology also has social applications, he said.

"Imagine sharing not just moments with friends online but entire experiences and adventures," he said.

It is Facebook's second big acquisition in as many months. Last month the social network announced that it would pay $19 billion for deal messaging startup WhatsApp, a deal that hasn't closed.

"I don't think you should expect us to make multiple multibillion-dollar acquisitions within a couple months frequently," Zuckerberg said.

But he called Oculus a "unique" company with a major lead on rivals in technology, engineering talent and developer interest. Sony Corp. unveiled its own prototype virtual reality headset at a game-developers conference in San Francisco last week.

Zuckerberg said virtual reality technology is a computing platform unto itself, comparing it to personal computers, which revolutionized the world in the 1970s and 1980s, and mobile phones.

Facebook Inc. said Tuesday that the deal includes $400 million in cash and 23.1 million shares worth about $1.6 billion. Oculus employees are also eligible for an additional $300 million if the company achieves certain targets.

Facebook Chief Financial Officer David Ebersman said Oculus was valued based on the expected returns from the video game industry alone, with a higher return expected if it can expand into communications, entertainment or other fields.

Zuckerberg said Facebook intends to let Oculus continue with its roadmap of development but help out with recruiting, marketing, infrastructure and opening doors to new partnerships. He said he intends not to make a profit on hardware but instead make the product affordable and ubiquitous so Facebook can look at generating revenue from services, software, advertising, virtual goods or other areas.

Facebook says Oculus has received more than 75,000 pre-orders for second-generation development kits for the headset at $350 apiece. The kits are to ship in July.

Sales of Oculus' development kits alone are 10 times bigger than all other headsets in the history of virtual reality, said Antonio Rodriguez, general partner of venture capital fund Matrix Partners, an early investor that put $18.5 million in Oculus starting last year.

He said he decided to invest within minutes of trying on a pair of the goggles. Games he's seen being developed for the system include one where the player jumps off the side of a building and tries to avoid hitting things on the way down, and another where the player picks up and moves around blocks in constructing their own world.

Rodriguez said virtual reality could be used to enhance virtual tours of homes for potential buyers and for getting a flavor for distant locations before planning a vacation, say to Cancun.

"Short of the sunburn and the smell of the sweet Caribbean Sea, you're getting the whole experience," he said. "They're going to change the world."

Shares of Menlo Park, Calif.-based Facebook fell 53 cents to $64.36 in after-hours trading after closing up 79 cents at $64.89.

03-26-2014, 12:08 AM
Perfect timing for Sony to say that their VR headset will work on the PC!... but probably not.

03-26-2014, 12:51 AM
Goes to show why you cant trust other people with your money. First chance he got, he made himself rich and screwed over those that pushed him that far.
Now its gonna become the playstation home of facebook.

Drunken Savior
03-26-2014, 01:04 AM
What people did he screw? I never gave OR a cent until I was gonna get a product. Not much has changed on that front. When the finished product arrives, I'll see how it look and decide if it's worth my money.

03-26-2014, 03:29 PM
What people did he screw? I never gave OR a cent until I was gonna get a product. Not much has changed on that front. When the finished product arrives, I'll see how it look and decide if it's worth my money.

DS, didnt you know that Occulus Rift is cround funded? It was started with a kickstarter. A 2.5m campaign, i believe. Those people just got the shaft. They thought they were funding the next big thing in gaming and now they are gonna get stuck with Facebook home.

Drunken Savior
03-26-2014, 03:52 PM
Yeah, I knew OR was a Kickstarter project. That's pretty much common knowledge to everyone who was interested in it.

How did they get the shaft? With Kickstarter, you donate money for something. Everyone who wanted a dev kit got a dev kit in the original Kickstarter campaign. OR held up it's end of the bargain. If you wanna be an investor and actually have some command of a project, then be an investor. But don't lie to yourself and think you're an investor through Kickstarter. If they feel screwed, it's not because of OR. It's because they don't know what the fuck they were doing with their money.

03-26-2014, 06:22 PM
Well, cant argue with that conclusion. They are pissed though. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1523379957/oculus-rift-step-into-the-game/comments

Drunken Savior
03-26-2014, 06:33 PM
I still think people should take a wait and see approach. It's still going to play games. It's not like people who play Farmville were aching to play it with VR. I'll still be following the OR. The reason someone like Zuckerberg threw down 2 billion is because it convinced him that this was the real deal. His view is likely that VR isn't just for gaming, it has lots of other uses as well and this is the best product out there right now. People just don't like it because Zuckerberg will try to make a profit off it more aggressively than Oculus would.

Of course, I'm not naive enough to expect these internet 'investors' to think about long term ideas. Afterall, they are kickstarter donators.

I'm excited about a lot of projects that were Kickstarted. Oculus Rift and Star Citizen look amazing. But when we look at the history of Kickstarter projects...well...Ouya. Ouya is the first thing that comes to mind as a final outcome.

03-26-2014, 09:24 PM
Dont get me wrong, i do think that VR has more potencial outside the games industry than in. It was a good move for him and for the project.

But, it was a dick move for the backers that thought they were pushing something into the games market that would be the next big thing. I myself think they were delusional if they ever thought that way though. Not with the current tech and controls at any rate.