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03-19-2011, 10:08 AM
MCV has posted a full interview with Andrew House of SCEE about PSP 2 and PS Suite etc.

There's some clarifying statements in there that might be of interest, and some general chit-chat from another article about lessons they've taken from PSP.



Firstly, he clarifies that the data capacity of the game cards is NOT fixed, and can evolve over the lifespan of the device. In fact, this is one of the advantages he cites for flash cards over going with a optical disc.

Second, he also clarifies that all physically released games at retail will be available digitally simultaneously.

He talks about PS Suite, much of which was quoted in this thread. He seems to fancy their efforts here almost like a re-run of their approach to the PSX - approaching what they saw as a a non-ideal business environment, and making it work better for third parties. He seems to see the same opportunity to build a better environment for game makers on Android.

We had to think carefully how the positioning of PSP 2 was going to work alongside PlayStation Suite – particularly as it is something that would work across multiple devices. But we had supreme confidence in PSP 2 to attract a large core audience, because of the kind of experiences you can only get on that device. And secondly, we felt that we absolutely have to respond to the changes in consumer behaviour.

We view one of the core PlayStation strengths is our ability to manage relationships with developers and publishers in a way that makes good business for everyone involved. I think the original PlayStation and the revolution that CD brought was based around that thinking. We garnered tremendous third party support right from the start because we presented a business model that worked for a wide variety of constituencies. We are now applying the same sort of strategy into a different space.

On lessons from PSP, the big one seems to be content differentiation. Not simply making console games for handhelds, but he says, that they need to take the best of console gaming and augment in a different way for handheld.

Secondly, the integration of digital from the start, rather than as a bolt-on.

"With PSP we went on the assumption that if we took a successful home console game experience and applied it wholesale to a portable device, that that was a great route to success,” he says.

"What we learnt in the course of the PSP is that consumers want a different experience. Even if it is the same franchise. That was a huge piece of learning that really informed the design of PSP 2. Take the best of the console experience but give people something that is different that they can only get with that device, on-the-go"

OTOH he's unapologetic about packing a great screen and great graphics into the device - things he thinks they got right with PSP and that excited people, and that they're happy to continue with on PSP 2.

Anyways, the full stuff is at the links.

03-19-2011, 11:23 AM
NGP = N-Gage Portable

03-19-2011, 12:20 PM
I still dont see how the positioning is any different from the PSP's. Same core audience and now with the added bonus of having what made the PSPGo bad from the start.

Honestly, it doesnt sound like it will do too good.

03-19-2011, 12:48 PM
I still dont see how the positioning is any different from the PSP's. Same core audience and now with the added bonus of having what made the PSPGo bad from the start.

Honestly, it doesnt sound like it will do too good.

Did you actually read the interview. On no of course not. Otherwise you would not have made such a foolish statement

03-19-2011, 05:43 PM
Gosh, im sure you even know what positioning a product means. All they gave you in the interview was fluff. The product has the same positioning as the PSP.

And to answer your question yes i did read, and no my statement wasnt foolish. It was an acessment of the real positioning of the product without the PR fluff. The segment they are talking about doesnt really exist, and they are hoping the developers create it for them off the digital distribuition alone. It really isnt that simple.

Antecipating what will be a predictable enraged reply... What Sony is telling you is their view of the previous posiotining of the PSP. It doesnt mean it was the same that was perceived by the consumer. Why did people buy the PSP? Surely cause it was a powerhouse of a handheld that produces the best graphics. I dont think anyone who bought a PSP bought it cause they wanted to play their PS2 games in a smaller screen.
Now tell me, what does the NGP promise? Best graphics with digital distribution (and supposedly games more aimed at short bursts of play). What will the consumer perceive? Their core message didnt really change. Its still aiming to deliver the most cinematic experiences due to beeing a device based on specs. Look at uncharted and Killzone for example.

They could position the device like Nintendo and aim at a fun feature that makes for a different experience, but again they throw graphics your way.

Hope you can see what i mean a bit better.

03-19-2011, 08:48 PM
I think tailoring the games to a portable device, as well as selling retail and downloadable versions simultaneously, all sounds good. We just have to see if the games really do differentiate themselves from console titles now (the touch screen and back should definitely help).

Also, quit calling it NGP. You know that annoys everybody.

Dj Jimmi Zero
03-21-2011, 12:37 PM
Why did people buy the PSP?

I bought a PSP to play PSP games!

03-21-2011, 01:03 PM
I bought a PSP to play PSP games!
Pretty much

Like any console or handheld, I buy it when there are enough exclusive games for it to win me over. I really don't care if these are "tailored for the platform" or not.

Because of how handheld focused Japan has gotten, PSP just received too many awesome games for me to resist anymore.

Joe Redifer
03-21-2011, 06:28 PM
Red Hulk probably won't even be able to find this thread again since I changed the topic from NGP to PSP 2.

03-21-2011, 07:13 PM
Red Hulk probably won't even be able to find this thread again since I changed the topic from NGP to PSP 2.

Tee hee. :)

03-25-2011, 01:55 PM
Actually, I think they are marketing the NGP the exact same way as the PSP.

They are coming to market with the most powerful handheld device capable of the best graphics across all mobile platforms.

Just like the PSP.

That really is the only point of difference between it and the other mobile platforms.

Will graphics be enough to sell the device?

Imo, they are trying to hit a very narrow field of consumer next year. The consumer that does not want an Iphone, Xperia, Droid, or WP7, or 3DS, or an E-reader - but still wants a mobile entertaiment device.