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05-11-2002, 11:46 PM
It?s impossible to lick your elbows.

On average, people spend more than five years of their lives dreaming.

Men get hiccups more often than women do.

Men can read smaller print than women; women can hear better.

On average, people will eat 9 spiders while sleeping, through out their life.

Women blink nearly twice as much as men.

Only one person in two billion will live to be 116 or older.

Right handed people live, on average, nine years longer than left handed people do.

A toothpick is the object most often choked on by Americans!

There are more collect calls on father's Day than any other day of the year.

The 3 most valuable brand names on earth: Marlboro, Coca-Cola, and Budweiser, in that order.

There is now an ATM at McMurdo Station in Antarctica, which has a winter population of 200.

A man named Charles Osborne had the hiccups for 69 years! Wow!

The worlds oldest piece of chewing gum is over 9000 years old!

Married women could not view the Olympic Games in ancient Greece under penalty of death.

The world's longest-named lake has 45 letters (Lake Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg).

"Rhythm" is the longest English word without a vowel.

The very first dictionary "The American" took Noah Webster 20 years to put together.

The only 15 letter word that can be spelled without repeating a letter is "uncopyrightable".

There are no words in the dictionary that rhyme with: orange, purple, and month!

Floccinaucinihilipilification, the declaration of an item being useless, is the longest non-medical term in the English language.

The sentence "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog." uses every letter of the alphabet!
-The above also applies to the sentence "Pack my box with five dozen liquor jugs" and uses three less letters to do so!

Check this out, look at your keyboard, the only ten letter word that you can spell with the top row of letters is "typewriter".

The Bible is the most shoplifted book in the United States.

Donald Duck's middle name is Fauntleroy.

The first TV couple to sleep in the same bed was Fred and Wilma Flintstone.

When Heinz ketchup leaves the bottle, it travels at a rate of 25 miles per year.

Smelling bananas and/or green apples (smelling, not eating) can help you lose weight!

More Monopoly money is printed in a year, than real money printed throughout the world!

In Bangladesh, people as young as 15 can be jailed for cheating on their finals.

Thats some interestings facts to think about. If you have anymore, post them here.

Your thoughts?

05-11-2002, 11:53 PM
over lord u def got to much time on ur hands
tho im def sure u copy and pasted that from some site

05-11-2002, 11:59 PM
I got most of my info from The Dumb (thedumb.com). Couple of them, like the elbow thing was from a long time ago.

...I spent about half an hour trying to lick my elbows. I was so close to ripping my arms off!

05-12-2002, 11:51 AM
LOL ...wow ..this list is funny !!!
And my shoulder started to hurt when i tried that elbow thingy !!!!:D

05-12-2002, 01:40 PM
It?s impossible to lick your elbows.

Did you know after you said that approximately 63% of the people who read it actually attempted it?

05-12-2002, 02:50 PM
And did you know that all those 63% failed to lick their elbows ???:D
Do not try this at home !!! LOL..:p

Black Ace
05-12-2002, 03:45 PM
Originally posted by ATMA
And did you know that all those 63% failed to lick their elbows ???:D
Do not try this at home !!! LOL..:p

lol :D

05-12-2002, 05:07 PM
Did you know after you said that approximately 63% of the people who read it actually attempted it?

I know, thats why I put first on the list. It is possible lick your elbows though. Only if your double-jointed. Sadly I'm not. So I went through everything you guys went through.

05-12-2002, 10:00 PM
lol, interesting facts

Sadly, I'm not double jointed either :(

05-13-2002, 11:52 AM
Hey how about that guy in that rock group KISS
that guy got a freaking long tongue !!
Maybe he's the only one who can lick his own elbow !!.:p

05-13-2002, 05:33 PM
Heh, maybe people with long tongues can accomplish this great feat. And maybe people with long necks can also.

05-15-2002, 01:41 PM
Interesting brain food there, my thanks!

THX 1138
05-15-2002, 03:18 PM
My dog can lick his elbows......

05-15-2002, 06:13 PM
This proves that you really do learn something new every day. For me any way.

05-26-2002, 12:29 AM

1. 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated.

2. In 37% of Americans, the thirst mechanism is so weak that it is often mistaken for hunger.

3. Even MILD dehydration will slow down one's metabolism as much as 3%.

4. One glass of water will shut down midnight hunger pangs for almost 100% of the dieters studied in a University of
Washington study.

5. Lack of water, the #1 trigger of daytime fatigue.

6. Preliminary research indicates that 8-10 glasses of water a day could significantly ease back and joint pain for up to 80% of sufferers.

7. A mere 2% drop in body water can trigger fuzzy short-term memory,trouble with basic math, and difficulty focusing on the
computer screen or on a printed page.

8. Drinking 5 glasses of water daily decreases the risk of colon cancer by 45%, plus it can slash the risk of breast cancer by 79%, and one is 50% less likely to develop bladder cancer.


1. In many states (in the USA) the highway patrol carries two gallons of Coke in the truck to remove blood from the highway
after a car accident.

2. You can put a T-bone steak in a bowl of coke and it will be gone in two days.

3. To clean a toilet: Pour a can of Coca-Cola into the toilet bowl and let the "real thing" sit for one hour, then flush clean. The citric acid in Coke removes stains from vitreous china.

4. To remove rust spots from chrome car bumpers: Rub the bumper with a rumpled-up piece of Reynolds Wrap aluminum foil dipped in Coca-Cola.

5. To clean corrosion from car battery terminals: Pour a can of Coca-Cola over the terminals to bubble away the corrosion.

6. To loosen a rusted bolt: Applying a cloth soaked in Coca-Cola to the rusted bolt for several minutes.

7. To bake a moist ham: Empty a can of Coca-Cola into the baking pan, wrap the ham in aluminum foil, and bake. Thirty minutes
before the ham is finished, remove the foil, allowing the drippings to mix with the Coke for sumptuous brown gravy.

8. To remove grease from clothes: Empty a can of coke into a load of greasy clothes, add detergent, and run through a regular
cycle. The Coca-Cola will help loosen grease stains. It will also clean road haze from your windshield.

Interesting brain food there, my thanks!

Your Welcome.


So, What will you have? Coke or Water?

Black Ace
05-26-2002, 12:58 AM
Intersting Overlord, keep more of these niche thing coming.

05-26-2002, 04:05 PM
Intersting Overlord, keep more of these niche thing coming.

Will do. If you guy's have any of your own. Feel free to post them here.

05-26-2002, 08:58 PM
Eat that Pepsi! lol

05-28-2002, 02:46 AM
really really interesting..thanks for the list Overlord..haha i cant believe i tried to lick my elbow right after i read the first line..haha...=)


05-28-2002, 06:46 PM
-that SquareSoft made a reference to a game that they never made in Final Fantasy? This reference was to Erdrick who was the hero of the original Dragon Warrior game!

-that SquareSoft and Nintendo had a great relationship when Final Fantasy was released? 6
games later,the relationship turned sour.

-that Final Fantasy started a series of games that are viewed as the 'standard' to RPG gamers everywhere ?

-that Final Fantasy's only competition at the time was Dragon Warrior and Legend of Zelda?
Final Fantasy took to the extreme by adding class changes and the time loop concept.

-that Final Fantasy 2 was the first FF where each member of your party had his/her own personality and lines?

-that Final Fantasy 2 was the first game with a rotating 3D world map?

-that moogles made their first appearance in Final Fantasy 3?

-that Summon Magic was first introduced in Final Fantasy 3?

-that you go through 4 airships in Final Fantasy 3? The most airships in any FF game!

-that Final Fantasy 3 is the last game in the series to use levels of magic (where each level has seperate MP)?

-that chocobos made thier first appearance in Final Fantasy 3?

-that not one but two of your airships get blown up in Final Fantasy 3?

-that Final Fantasy 3 was never released in the U.S. because the SNES was about to be released, so Final Fantasy 4 was used in the U.S. as Final Fantasy 2 instead?

-that the English version of Final Fantasy 4, Final Fantasy 2, had a lot of abilities stripped from the characters? Visit our abilities section for more details!

-that Final Fantasy 4 was remade and re-released in Japan?

-that Final Fantasy 4 is the first FF to have a main character die?

-that Final Fantasy 4 was the first FF to let you explore more than one world?

-that originally, Final Fantasy 5 was announced as Final Fantasy 3 for the US?

-that Final Fantasy 5 was supposed to have been released as Final Fantasy Extreme in 1995 but
the project never went through?

-that Eidos was going to make Final Fantasy 5 for the PC in 1997 but mysteriously shut down
the project?

-that Final Fantasy 5 was the first FF to have side bosses more powerful than the final boss?

-that Final Fantasy 5 set the pace for psychotic final bosses making their appearances into FFs?

-that Final Fantasy 6 was the last game released for Nintendo? This was due to Nintendo's
inability to keep up with the demand of a more robust data storage system.

-that there were numerous other special items in the Japanese version of Final Fantasy 6 compared to the American version?

-that many items and character names in the Japanese version were way different from those in
the American version?

-that Final Fantasy 6 was the first FF to start turning toward the technological time periods?

-that Final Fantasy 6 was the first FF to mention teen pregnancy?

-that Final Fantasy 6 was the first FF to mention suicide?

-that Final Fantasy 6 was the first FF to introduce morphing?

-that FF7 was the very first Final Fantasy game released on the Personal Computer?

-that FF7 set the record straight with Final Fantasy game numbering? It should have been called
Final Fantasy 4 in the US but SquareSoft decided to just 'even the score' so to speak.

-that FF7 was the first Final Fantasy game to introduce Chocobo breeding and racing?

-that the there is more than one way to get a Gold Chocobo? It's either to breed a "wonderful"
and Black Chocobo using a Zeio nut, or to win the Desert Rose and giving it to the traveller in

-that FF7 is the first Final Fantasy game to show a character smoking a cigarette?

-that Barret is the first FF character to use a gun?

-that FF7 is the very first Final Fantasy game to have a male character dress up as a girl?

-that Cloud and Aeris' old boyfriend look almost identical?

-that Knights of the Round, to this date, is the most damaging single 'magical' attack in any FF
game? ((ATMA says not anymore it's ANIMA with her multi hit OBLIVION attack in FINAL FANTASY INTERNATIONAL))

-that you can discard magic by pressing the square button in the Magic Menu in Final Fantasy 8?

-that the name of the type of weapon used by Selphie was changed to 'shinobou' in the
European version of Final Fantasy 8?

-that some monsters do not level up as you do in Final Fantasy 8?

-that Final Fantasy 9 went back to basics as its the last FF game for the PSX?

-that Final Fantasy 9 has references to ALL the previous FF games within the storyline?


I had to edit the one of Knights of the round!!

05-28-2002, 06:53 PM
I knew most of them, but I never heard the Eidos thing.

Did you know that every FF has a Masamune?

In FF1, there's a tombstone which says "Here lies Link". It was a character from Dragon Warrior in Japan, or maybe it's the other way around. I think thats the same thing as your first one, ATMA.

05-28-2002, 07:00 PM
wow..hehe thats a long list of did you know..alot of interesting infor there..hehe...=)


06-10-2002, 12:32 AM
The Top 12 Things Uttered by Yoda While Making Love!


12. Ahhh! Yoda's little friend you seek!

11. Urm. Put a shield on my saber I must.

10. Feel the force!

9. Foreplay, cuddling. A Jedi craves not these things.

8. Down here I am. Find a ladder I must!

7. Do me or do me not, there is no try.

6. Early must I rise. Leave now you must!

5. You know, this would be a lot more fun without Frank Oz's hand up my ass.

4. Happens to every guy sometimes this does.

3. When 900 years old you get, Viagra you need too, hmmmm?

2. Ow, ow, OW! On my ear you are!

1. Who's your Jedi Master? Who's your Jedi Master?

Black Ace
06-12-2002, 10:07 PM
7. Do me or do me not, there is no try.

I can't stop laughing at the one.

06-13-2002, 10:03 AM
I knew all that. (See sig)

'cuz knowledge is power!

\/ \/ \/

06-14-2002, 05:00 AM

Pronounced: "PEee-see-bae!"

You can find out what I just said, here (http://www.pixelscapes.com/twoflower/albhed.html).

06-22-2002, 01:53 PM
Wow somepeople got nothing to do i guess!!! LOL..nice site Overlord how did you found this one ???

06-22-2002, 02:04 PM
It was all over gamefaqs at one time. They had some threads that was only Al Bhad.

...Bahyhla femm pa fyedehk!

06-23-2002, 04:54 AM
Originally posted by ATMA

-that Cloud and Aeris' old boyfriend look almost identical?

No, they don't! Where the heck did ffaddicts get that idea?

Granted, you don't see Zaks' face much through the game, only seen clearly in the picture, but there's no way anyone can claim that Zaks and Cloud look almost identical.

06-24-2002, 02:47 PM
If for some reason, a hockey masked demon guy is chasing you with a machete. You will know how to avoid him if you follow these easy to remember steps:

1. He's Not Dead, though he may look dead, he isn't don't check, just light his body on fire or bomb it. Don't try to check and see if he's dead i.e. Take a pulse or kick him.

2. Stay out in the open, this is the best thing avoid running into anywhere that might lead to a corner or alley or dead end. If you are in the middle of Times Square, and you see Jason, don't run in the alley, that never works out. And that ladder may look tempting, but just go another way

3. Jason is a master of speedwalking, He also knows Instant Transmission (Teleportation) Don't run too far ahead of him so that he is out of your site, that is a n0-n0. Just run ahead enough so that you can still see him, but he can't catch you with his superior Speed Walking skills. And make sure he doesn't get ahold of anything he can throw at you

4. Don't Rest, even if Jason has fallen off a building, it doesn't mean he won't utilize his Horror film teleportation (You know, when Jason falls off a building, you sigh, you take a second look and he's gone)

5. If you're black, stay as close to the white people as possible, if you can't get as far away as possible immediately, before you become part of the story. As a black person, you have a slim chance of living but listening to these rules and sticking to the white people. Hell, if you're not white you may want to try a kamikaze attack, strap a couple of grenades to your chest and take you and Jason out at the same time to save you Caucasian Comrades, they'll remember you for it, and you'll be the hero of the movie, that is if you can pull it off. On the other sick twisted and evil hand. If you are white and you have a black person in your group, try to somehow get him seperated from the group, Jason has now targeted the black guy, this is your chance to get away, and you'll feel it was a needed sacrifice.

6. Don't follow the cop, leave them out of it, if you ask a cop for help, Congratulations you have just doomed his life, and are responsible for the death of an innocent person. Don't drive the car because somehow you will crash it and possibly lose a member of your party. More than likely the innocent cop who just wanted to help. Matter fact, don't talk to anyone, anyone you interact with during the Jason chase will now die. You don't want to bring innocent people into the mix, just leave them the hell alone.

7. Don't telephone or call for help, the only thing you may get to say is, "Help there is a madman chasing us" by that time Jason has found you and will proceed to beat the $#!@ out of you. The operator will ask if you are alright, when you don't reply the operator will get annoyed and hang up and won't send out for any help.

8. You cannot Beat Jason's Ass, Don't try, not only can he not get hurt by bullets, your fist won't make any difference, plus Jason will get bored with your antics and choke you or knock your head off.

9. If you are a civilian, and you see a masked demon walking along with a machete in his hand and he happens to bump into you (or shove you) Let it slide, take this as a sign of god he isn't chasing you or that he didn't kill you, Don't call him a freak or say the F word, or hit him with a bat. You have just needlessly given up your life.

10. Don't Have Sex, well not while Jason is chasing you, Though it may look safe, and there are a couple of hot girls around, don't do it, keep your Jimmy in your pants for a day or two because if you have sex, Jason will watch..... Then murder you in the buff, at least you died happy though right?

11. Don't knock Sh** over, If for some reason Jason doesn't detect your prescence, do your best not to lean over too far and knock that vase over, cause it won't be pretty when he hears it.

12. Stay away from flammable objects, They will explode or catch on fire in whatever building you are in, then you will be cornered and we all know that is a n0-n0.

13. Don't Fall, Damn, Wear cleats or Grip shoes, make sure you aren't running barefoot, If you fall there is a 9 in 10 chance that your have twisted your ankle beyond repair. Jason will be right behind you waiting for a struggle free kill. Good Job making Jason's job easy.

14. Don't Swim, Jason will find a way to make you drown, maybe strangle you under water or release a shark or something, It aint worth it, drowning is one of the worse ways to die

15. Don't try to save the dog or cat or parrot, the animal's life is not worth it, More than likely Jason doesn't give a damn about the pet, unless maybe if it tries to bite him.

16. Learn to Juke, Jason isn't good with responsive movements, if you can juke like Randy Moss, then you should be good with dodging the dagger.

17. Don't Try an all out attack, If you try to kill Jason, make sure you have him trapped somehow, make sure your are at least 30 feet away, then bomb, crush or burn his ass.

18. If you have to shoot something, Stay at least a good 20 feet away, it may slow him down, but don't expect to kill him

19. Don't try and be a Bad-Ass, Be nice to people, the nice people usually live, if you're cruel to your own party, don't expect to live more than an hour. Be Nice Good conquers evil.

Follow these few rules, and you should fine when battling Jason. Maybe, this post will save a lot of people. Use your Big head not the little, Stick with White People, Be Nice, and Wear Cleats. Good Luck, and God Speed.

06-24-2002, 03:12 PM
LOL..nice one!!I'll keep them in mind just in case ..........you never know !!!:D

06-24-2002, 03:36 PM
Well, you don't have to remember all of them. Just enough to keep you safe.

06-28-2002, 05:21 PM
Originally posted by Overlord
In FF1, there's a tombstone which says "Here lies Link". It was a character from Dragon Warrior in Japan, or maybe it's the other way around.

i personally think it was a bash to link from the legend of zelda series, basically saying that their game would "overthrow" links game, and a FF game would be considered the greatest game of all time, but it has yet to happen.

08-16-2002, 02:44 PM
Did you know...?

That the maximum speed at which erotic sensations travel from skin to brain has been clocked at 156 miles per hour?

...I'll add more stuff later.

xXx Beaver xXx
08-18-2002, 12:25 AM
Edit - You won't destroy this thread Beaver! I'll leave the second part as it is. ~Overlord

I think my orgasms went 300m/hr last night! ;)

- Triple X Beaver :spin smil

08-18-2002, 09:48 PM
Little know facts about Nintendo!

Nintendo Funny Facts

What does the word Nintendo really mean?
The word Nintendo is composed of 3 Japanese Kanji characters, Nin-ten-do. These characters can be translated into a sentence like: "Heaven blesses hard work" but it can also be taken the mean of something like: "Leave luck to heaven", "we do all that we can, as best we can, and await the results" or "Work hard but in the end it?s in the hands of the heaven". Other suggestions are: "Deep in the mind we have to do whatever we have to do" and some people believe that it stands for: "The house where you leave everything to the heaven/fortune" (A Casino).


The Hanafunda cards

Did you know that Nintendo started it's enterprise more than a century ago?! It was back in 1889 when the great grandfather of the current Nintendo president, Fusajiro Yamauchi, founded "Nintendo Koppai". Of course they weren?t making videogames back in 1889, they started out making special playing cards called Hanafunda ("flower cards"). The special thing about these cards were that they had different symbols on them instead of numbers. Later in 1959 they signed an agreement with Disney to make playing cards featuring Disney?s characters. Nintendo is however still producing playing-cards but only in a small scale to private customers.
You want to read more about the History of Nintendo?

3 or 4 years late
Seta?s SNES game Nosferatu must be the most delayed Nintendo game ever. It was originally announced to be released in 91 - 92, but the game didn?t come out until 95!!

Color Game Boy
In 93 - 94 it was rumored that Nintendo was developing a Color Game Boy, but it turned out to be a GB converter for the SNES, the Super Game Boy. I took a while longer but now the Color Game Boy is a reality!

Mario's voice
The guy who did the voice for Mario in Mario 64 is Charles Martinet (if you wanted to know it).

The Burglar videogame-freak
In USA a burglar broke into a house and started to steal things like VCR:s, TV:s and stuff. A neighbour saw him and called the police and when the police came there the burglar was still there, sitting and playing Street Fighter II! He said that he was getting a new record!!! I knew that Street Fighter II is pretty addictive but this is just too much!

The Sony PlayStation was a SNES CD-Rom add-on
Did you know that Nintendo themselves was in a way responsible for the creation of the PlayStation, the N64?s worst competitor.

During the years 91-94 Nintendo had many plans for different SNES-CD add-ons. One with Sony and one with Philips. After a while they abandoned both projects and Sony continued with their PlayStation for the SNES. They developed the project further and some years later they released it as a stand-alone console, first under the name PlayStation X or PSX but after a while they changed it into just PlayStation.
Sorry for Nintendo! Read more about it here.

Centaur Mario
In the beginning of the development of Super Mario Bros 3 there were plans for a "Centaur Mario" ability for Mario!

SNES arcade
When the SNES was released Nintendo released a arcade-machine consisting of a SNES and the games Super Tennis, F-Zero and Super Mario World.

1000 Mbit Memory
In 1994 a rumor was circulating in the videogame magazines that Nintendo was developing a new cheaper 1000 Mbit Rom memory! That?s 30 times bigger than the biggest SNES games. Sadly it was just rumor.

Atari drops their prices, bigtime
In 95 you could buy the Atari Jaguar 64 bit (it was not a real 64-bit machine) for only 49 dollars! That?s not more than a normal SNES game!

Weren't they archenemies?
Believe it or not, Bowser has joined up with Mario in one game and battled on the same side as him. Do you know in which game it was? Yes, Super Mario RPG!

Pocket Monsters
Pocket Monsters, the mega hit in Japan, has sold twice as much as the newest Final Fantasy game Final Fantasy VII for the PlayStation and was more popular than Zelda 4 Links Awakening and was the reason why the Game Boy outsold the N64 in Japan last year (1997)! Pocket Monsters 2 was shown on Space World in 1997. On the same exhibition the hugely awaited new Zelda game Zelda: the Ocarina of Time was also previewed, but Pocket Monsters 2 was the main attraction for the Japanese reporters! For all of you who have missed it (there must be someone....) The plot of the game is to catch and train small baby monsters and watch them grow up to be big scary monsters that beats the crap out of all the other monsters. The great thing with Pocket Monsters is that you can link up two Game Boys and let your Monster battle your mates.

Two Pocket Monster games will be released in Japan for the N64. Pocket Monsters Arena where you can import your monsters and let them do battles with other monsters on your N64 and Pocket Monsters Snap where you can take photos of the monsters when they are out playing in a landscape. Pocket Monsters is more than just a Game Boy game, it?s a whole industry with posters, stickers, trading cards, TV series and so on. New figures states that the Pok?mon sales has been measured to 40 billion, and now 3 years after the release of the first game the pok?mon phenomenon isn't showing any signs of fading in popularity.
Pikachu, which is the name of the most popular of all the Pocket Monsters, has got an N64 game of his own; Pikachu Ganki De Chu is a bizarre game where you can communicate with Pikachu by using a special headset. Those Japanese people are crazy!!

Star Fox - Just a testing program
Star Fox, or Star Wing as we Europeans know it, was just an testing program to test the FX-chip capabilities, but the designers continued working on it and finally Nintendo released it and it became a big success.

Metroid - not that good?
All the Metroid games has been huge bestsellers in the US and Europe, but they have never been to excited about them in Japan. Metroid wasn?t popular at all in Japan but Nintendo tried to market it in the US and it became a real smash hit!

R.O.B. = sh*t?
Before the NES was about to be released in the US, Minoru Arakawa (the NOA president at that time), showed of the ROB (A strange robot for the NES) for the buyers at the CES exhibit but they didn?t like it so Minoru decided to do a "test" to prove that the kids would love the ROB. From behind a one-way mirror he watched a selection of kids play with the ROB utility and heard how the kids said things like "This is shit" and "It sucks"! But Minoru was stubborn and released it anyway and as you might guess it wasn?t any success at all!

SNES Launch problem
When Nintendo was to distribute the SNES they did it with ships late at night to avoid a gang of mobsters who planned to steal all the Super Famicoms and sell it on the black market!

SNES Lottery
The Japanese launch of the Super Famicom was filled with all sorts of problems. Some of the shops got so many orders that they ran lotteries to see which would be the happy ones to get a Super Famicom!

The Nintendo 64, preferred by many
Some burglars broke into a Radio and TV store and stole all their Nintendo 64s, but they didn?t even touch the PlayStations! At least the burglars had good taste!!

Man tries to steal Star Fox 2
When Nintendo on the WCES exhibition in 1995 previewed their new SFX 2 game Star Fox 2, a man named Mr. Shawn J. Freeman from Arizona tried to steal a pre-release copy of the game but didn?t succeed and was arrested!

Power Loppi
Available now in Japan, is a game vending machine called "Nintendo Power Loppi", where you can buy old and new Super Famicom games direct or even pre-purchased in the form of a flash ROM cartridge.

Good lord it's the bible but what?s it doing in my Game Boy?
The company All Wisdom Tree has released the whole Bible in King James? version plus two extra word games on one Game Boy cart!

"Who knows how Mario will look in the future. Maybe he'll wear metallic clothes!"

-Shigeru Miyamoto, c1991
(and, as we all know, in SM64 he did!)

Super Mario 64 a Super FX game?
Did you know that Nintendo planned to release a 3D Mario game for the SNES using their S-FX chip, but it didn't work out so the advent of a 3D Mario game had to wait yet a couple of years?!

The birth of Jumpman the carpenter (Mario)
In 1981 Shigeru Miyamoto guided by Gunpei Yokoi made the first game for Nintendo starring our dear Mario. It was the arcade game Donkey Kong. By then Mario didn?t even had a proper name! He was just called "Jumpman" and was a carpenter (When Donkey Kong came to the US and Europe Jumpman had been renamed to Mario)! Yes its true, Mario was first a carpenter before he became a plumber! Shigeru once described his character in Donkey Kong as "a funny hang-loose king of guy" and designed his character to be goofy and awkward! He also starred in the sequel to Donkey Kong: Donkey Kong Jr. In Dk jr. Mario had gotten his real name: Mario (read more about how below.). Then Mario Bros came out and his brother Luigi was born.
Read more about the birth of Mario here.

How did Mario get his name?
As you can read in the fact above Mario wasn't named Mario from the beginning, but "Jumpman". How did Mario get his real name then? Well, when Minoru Arakawa, the president of Nintendo of America in New York, first saw "Jumpman" he thought "Hey! He looks just like the landlord of our office!" and the landlord?s name was Mario Segali and he came from Italy, so that?s it!!!
Read more about the birth of Mario here.

My name is Mario... Mario, Mario!
Have you ever wondered what Mario's surname is?
Both Mario and Luigi have the surname Mario.
Therefore their full names are Mario Mario and Luigi Mario.
Read more about the birth of Mario here.

08-18-2002, 09:49 PM
He didn't become the president of Nintendo for nothing...
When Hiroshi Yamauchi (the Nintendo president) was in military school during the second world war he came up with a rather brilliant idea to get away from the school on the afternoons...
During the war food was scarce and people often had to eat potatoes, but Hiroshi got a lunch box full of rise every day from his grandmother Tei. Hiroshi cleverly took advantage of this to get away from much of the work at the military school. One day when he was eating he noticed how his supervisor was looking at his rice and he asked the supervisor to share it with him and in reward Hiroshi got the afternoon off. From that day on Hiroshi always carried 2 boxes of rice to work and every day he got the afternoon off!

Hiroshi Yamauchi (the Nintendo president) = The Motherbrain?
Click the heading to read about why one Nintendo employee went so far that he compared Hiroshi with the big evil boss the Motherbrain from Metroid and called Hiroshi's office for "the realm of the Motherbrain"!

Project Atlantis = Game Boy Advance
Because of the failure of the Virtual Boy, it was rumored in 95 that Nintendo started work on another handheld. It was called Project Atlantis and it was to be a 32-bit handheld with a color screen, and be backwards compatible with Game Boy games. Now Nintendo has announced that such a console is on it's way, and the new name is; Game Boy Advance. It will feature a 32 bit CPU but that's about all that they've told...

Zelda: Ocarina of Time breaks new records and outsells Hollywood blockbuster movie A bug's life!
Zelda : Ocarina of Time is the fastest selling video game of all time.
During it's first month of release it earned $150 million dollars with 2.5 million units sold.
The game also generated more retail revenue during the last six weeks of 1998 than any Hollywood movie did during the same period of time. The top grossing movie during that time period was A Bug's Life, but that movie didn't earn more than $114 million. The new Zelda game also became the most sold videogame of all in 1998, despite the fact that the game only was available the last 39 days of the year.

New wacky Zelda ad campaign from Nintendo!

Click the picture for a picture of the full ad.

In January '99, this portrait of of a group of people with pointy ears (just like the people of Hyrule) appeared in several Japanese newspapers... The Japanese text in white says "Zelda population 6,000,000" meaning that Zelda . Ocarina of Time has been shipped in 6,000,000 copies worldwide.

Final Fantasy fact: Biggs and Wedges

The two characters Biggs and Wedges, sometimes rendered "Vicks and Wedge" by Translators, have appeared in many Final Fantasy games (FF VI-VIII to be exact). What few people know is that their names is taken from two of the wingmen in Luke Skywalker's Red Squadron from Star Wars.

Final Fantasy fact: Cid
In all Final Fantasy games except for Final Fantasy 1 the mysterious character Cid has appeared doing small cameo-roles, sidekicks. The Producer of the Final Fantasy games, Hironobu Sakaguchi, once described this mysterious character as "the Yoda of the Final Fantasy series". One interesting fact to note is that almost always Cid is an engineer or mechanic.

Excalibur and Masamune
Found in: Final Fantasy I-VIII
Have you noticed that in all the Final Fantasy games the best and the second best swords are named Excalibur and Masamune.
You may recognize the name Excalibur from the classical King Arthur story and the Masamune is named after an ancient Japanese wordsmith. Those of you that have played Chrono Trigger may also recognize the Masamune sword. The Excalibur is nowhere to be seen in that game, though.

A 3D Final Fantasy for the Nintendo 64?

Locke, Terra and Shadow ready to fight!

After Final Fantasy VII for the SNES was complete Square began experimenting with using 3D characters and in 1995 they proudly introduced to the press, a CGI demo featuring: Locke, Terra and Shadow battling some kind of a stone enemy.
This little playable demo that could be controlled using a mousepointer, was assumed by everyone to prove that Square's next Final Fantasy game would be for the Nintendo 64.
Unfortunately that wasn't the case.

Doesn't this just look awesome?

Nintendo deliberately programmed SNES games to crash when used with a Game Genie!
When Nintendo lost their trial against Galoob and Galoob was free to distribute their Game Genie freely, Nintendo started programming their games and SNES systems with a chip that made the games screw up if the Game Genie was present. That's why there is about 3 or 4 versions or Final Fantasy 3 and Chrono Trigger...
You want to read more about the History of Nintendo?
Special thanks to Unycs A.K.A. "CrashOverride", and Jordan for this rumor.

Why was Star Fox 2 never released?
A rumor says that the main reason that StarFox 2 (SNES) never came out, was that it was delayed. After a while Miyamoto's team started to work on StarFox64 for the N64 as well. When they were done with StarFox2, they thought it would make a bad impact on StarFox64, so they didn't sell it. Nintendo even sent our billboards and stuff saying that StarFox 2 was coming out, before they canceled it.
Special thanks to Unycs A.K.A. "CrashOverride", and Jordan for this rumor.

10 million Super Mario 64
The most sold 32 and 64 bit game today is Super Mario 64. It has sold in over 10 million copies. This may sound much but if you compare it with Super Mario Bros 1 that has sold in 40 million copies, and Super Mario Bros 3 that has sold in 18 million copies, it fades in comparison. The second most sold game for the 32 and 64 bit consoles is no other than Mario Kart 64, sold in 8 million copies. On third place we find Zelda : Ocarina of Time.

Pok?mon amusement park
Pok?mon is still very popular in Japan so Nintendo is planning to open a new amusement park purely based on the Pok?mon games.

Sega makes Game Boy games
I never thought that I would say this, but Sega is planning on developing several titles for a Nintendo console, more precisely for the Game Boy. Several popular Sega titles is to be released including one Sonic game. This must be a historical event. Never before have Sega, Nintendo or Sony developed any game for a competitor's machine. (Sony made some games for the SNES and Sega CD, but it was before they had entered the console scene...)

Mario gets his own street.
In Sweden a street has been given the name "Marios gata" which is Swedish for Mario's street. It is "Bergsala"; the distributor of Nintendo games in Sweden that has renamed the street outside their office.

The "Mario award"
On this year's E3 (1999) Nintendo handed out a special "Mario award" to companies that has sold most Nintendo products or helped Nintendo in any other way.

Too much for Pikachu.
On E3 1999 Nintendo had hired a person to walk around in a big Pikachu suit all day long. It looked like the big fluffy animal was going to faint several times and when a couple of visitors tried to hug him he lost his foothold and fell

Link voice acting.
The person who did the voice acting for adult link was a Japanese guy named Nobuyuki Hiyama who also did the voice acting for Link in Super Smash Bros. What few people know is that Fujiko Takimoto ho did the voice acting for Link as child is a woman! That explains Link's extremely light voice.
Thanks to BlueYoshi for this piece of info.

Metroid translation mistake.
On the box and the manual of the original Metroid, it states that the game takes place on the planet Zebes. However, the text inside the game itself calls the planet *Zebeth*. This is because there is no basic 's' sound in Japanese--words that end in 'th' are sometimes translated as 's'. The 'Zebes' spelling is the one that caught on, and is used in every subsequent title..
Thanks to Chris Stevenson for this piece of info.

Concerned parents
A bunch of "concerned parents" complained to Nintendo and tried to form a lawsuit against them for "painful blisters" on the children's thumbs who play the system... to me that's just a wee bit stupid! Considering anyone who plays any Nintendo game for too long is bound to get the beloved "Nintendo Blisters" It's just part of the fun of Nintendo... I'm sure any fellow Nintendo Enthusiast will agree with me that the parents have something a little loose upstairs...
Thanks to Zerb for this piece of info.

Concerned parents
A bunch of "concerned parents" complained to Nintendo and tried to form a lawsuit against them for "painful blisters" on the children's thumbs who play the system... to me that's just a wee bit stupid! Considering anyone who plays any Nintendo game for too long is bound to get the beloved "Nintendo Blisters" It's just part of the fun of Nintendo... I'm sure any fellow Nintendo Enthusiast will agree with me that the parents have something a little loose upstairs...
Thanks to Zerb for this piece of info.

08-18-2002, 09:50 PM
The origin of Zelda
Miyamomto has openly admitted that "The Legend of Zelda" game series was based on both the fantasy of young children to explore those woods out beyond your house (ala Narnia), and the movie "Legend". The movie "Legend" was released just before "The Legend of Zelda" was made, back in 1986. "Legend" was directed by Ridley Scott (Alien, Bladerunner, Gladiator), and starred Tom Cruise. I encourage all Zelda fans to watch the movie. Besides the title being similar, the story is also: Young scrawny elf like boy is sent out by various dwarves and pixies to delve into the dark dungeons and rescue the princess captured by the evil Gannon like demon. In his way are many smaller demons and the such. It also has the exact same mythological and medival fantasy feel to it. But, don't get all upset, it's not like he copied it. Let's just call it "inspiration". Kind of how "Alice in Wonderland" was an inspiration for Super Mario Bros. (and the movie, along with combining already existing characters and themes). The best is inspired by the best.
Thanks to Ed "ible" Price for this piece of info.

Signs in Mario Kart 64
In Mario Kart 64 in the Japanese version lots of the signs are take offs of brands, the only one apparent in the western version is the Koopa Air (Nike Air), but one interesting one is a sign that says MarioBro which was changed to Mario Bros. This of course was originally a takeoff of Marlboro cigarettes.


Did you know that Mario got named after the landlord in Nintendo of America?s office in New York! The landlord?s name was Mario Segali and he came from Italy so that?s it. If you want to know more, just follow this link to our "The birth of a star" page where you can read all about how Mario was born.

The name Toad is simply short for 'toadstool'.

The name Wario derives from the Japanese word 'warui' which means 'bad'.

Donkey Kong
A rumour says that it was meant that Donkey Kong?s name would be Monkey Kong but due to a bad phone connection someone heard wrong and thought that it was Donkey Kong.
A not so fun (but much more true) theory is that Shigeru Miyamoto looked in various dictionaries for a word for dumb because he wanted Donkey Kong to be a rather stubborn/wily figure and found the word "Donkey". The other part of the word, Kong came from the famous King Kong.

Tanooki Suit
'Tanooki' is not Japanese for 'raccoon' as we thought at first, but a japanese mythical raccoon-like creature that can turn itself into stone. Thanks to Adam Magus for pointing this out to us.

The marshmallow like figure in Super Mario RPG?s name is just an abbreviation for Marshmallow!

Klepto the Condor
The bird in the Shifting Sand Land course in Super Mario 64 that tries to steal Mario's cap.
'Klepto' is an prefix of 'kleptomania,' which is an "irresistible impulse to steal."

The japanese word 'Kame' means Turtle in Japanese.
Kamek is easily derived from that.

Remember the guys draped in big sheets wearing big masks to hide their faces?
Obviously they have masks to hide their faces because they are shy guys...

Dorrie the Sea Dragon
The big friendly sea monster in Hazy Maze Cave
The word 'dory' is in fact the name of a special species of marine fishes that eats small fishes and other invertebrates.

Unagi the Eel
This big eel lives in the Jolly Roger Bay in Super Mario 64 and is a really dangerous beast!
This fellow has really silly name if you know what the Japanese word 'Unagi' really means.
'Unagi' means 'eel' in English so the enemy's English name is really "Eel the Eel"...!

MIPS the Rabbit
Anyone who are interested in computers should know that MIPS is an acronym for Million of Instructions Per Second and is a way to measure how fast a CPU is.
What fewer people know is that 'MIPS' is also the division of Silicon Graphics that made the N64 processor.

Boo Diddley
The small irritating ghosts from Super Mario Bros 3 are probably named after the 1950's rock & roll singer Bo Diddley.

Mack the Knife
This Super Mario RPG villain is probably named after the 1960-70's song "Mack the Knife."

Note: there is also a character in Capcom's game Captain Commando that's named Mack the Knife.

This wise frog that can be found in Super Mario RPG is named after the Chinese philosopher Confucious.

Axem Rangers
These Super Mario RPG enemies are obvious parody of The Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers.

If you reverse the last 4 letters of this big water enemy from Super Mario World 2's name you will get Neptune, the ancient Roman god of the sea.

Hootie the Blue Fish
This Super Mario World 2 enemy is obviously named after the band "Hootie and the Blowfish."

This little bird riding on his flying mat is probably a Pidgeon and if you mix pidgeon with "git" you get Pidgit.

The small Goomba like enemies in Super Mario Land's name might have been derived from the Japanese word Chibi, meaing small.

This Super Mario RPG villians is a smith of some kind, and forges his minions with a big hammer.

The Jellyfishes/squids in Super Mario RPG is a bit bland (in color) and the word Leuko means Having little or no color...

Terra Cottas
These enemies from Super Mario RPG might have been named after the ancient Terra Cotta Warriors.

Gorgon is a hideous beast from the Greek mythologhy.

The name Geno probably originates from the prefix 'geno' which means race or genus.

The name Geno probably originates from the prefix 'geno' which means race or genus.
Amanita - Guerrilla - a person who engages in irregular warfare esp. as a member of an independent unit carrying out harassment and sabotage Punchinello - 1 capitalized: a fat short humpbacked clown or buffoon in Italian puppet shows 2 plural -los : a squat grotesque person

A person who makes shooting bows.
Thanks to Dr. cheese for this name origin

any of a genus of white-spored fungi that includes some deadly poisonous forms.
Thanks to Dr. cheese for this name origin

a person who engages in irregular warfare esp. as a member of an independent unit carrying out harassment and sabotage.
Thanks to Dr. cheese for this name origin

1.) capitalized: a fat short humpbacked clown or buffoon in Italian puppet shows.
2.) in plural -los : a squat grotesque person.
Thanks to Dr. cheese for this name origin

named after the vegetable, Artichoke.
Thanks to Elizabeth Wilbanks for this name origin

(that thing that looks like a gorgon, but is
found elsewhere) means a mystery.
Thanks to Elizabeth Wilbanks for this name origin

Pandorite came from the fable of Pandora's Box.
Thanks to Elizabeth Wilbanks for this name origin

Mad Adder
From Alice in Wonderland's Mad Hatter.
Thanks to Elizabeth Wilbanks for this name origin

Is actually the name of a type of cake.
Thanks to Elizabeth Wilbanks for this name origin

Jugem's Cloud
This item can be found in Super Mario Bros 3, and helps Mario to skip over one level. The name might seam cryptical, but is really quite simple. That is, if you know your Japanese. 'Jugem' is the Japanese word for Lakitu. So what Mario really finds is Lakitu's Cloud.

Kuribo's Shoe
Another one of those weird things in Super Mario Bros 3. On one of the courses a Goomba in a big green boot attacks Mario. Mario can then steal the Goomba's shoe and use it himself. The logical name for this item would be Goomba's shoe, don't you think? Well as a matter of fact, it is. The Japanese name for a Goomba is a 'Kuribo'...

Zelda Game Characters

These ghosts from Zelda : Ocarina of Time, whose soul you can catch in a bottle and then sell, has obiously got their name from the eraly 18:th century horror writer Edgar Allan Poe...

Kakariko Village
Why is the chciken filled village in Zelda : Ocarin of Time named Kakariko"?
Well the answer would be animal noises. Chickens go "Cucco!" hence the name of the chickens. Just like dogs go "Woof" and cats go "Meow"
However, in other countries, animals make different sounds. In France, they don't say that chickens go "Cucco", instead they say they go "Kakiriko".
Thanks to Bateau for this piece of information

Characters from other Nintendo games

Pac Man
Pac Man got his name from the japanese word "pacu", meaning "to munch". Since "pacu" is pronounced the same as "f--- you" is (only with a 'p' sound), his name was changed to "Pac Man".

Miyamoto named him from the Kirby brand vacuum cleaner.

Ness and Nester
Ness the pleiosaur from Super Mario 64, Ness the boy from the Earthbound (Mother) series, and Nester from the Nintendo Power comics, Nester's Funky Bowling (VB), and Pilotwings 64 (under the nickname Lark), were all named after the ancronym, NES, short for Nintendo Entertainment System.

Falco Lambardi
Miyamoto named this Star Fox wingman after French actor Carlo Lombardi.

ROB 64
The Robot in Star Fox 64 that flew the Great Fox is named after the robot ROB, which originally came packaged in with the NES in 1985. ROB stands for the Robotic Operating Buddy. The "64" was added in to announce the ROB's Nintendo 64 incarnation.

The snake Pokemon Arbok got its name from the spelling of "Cobra" backwards. It was changed from Arboc to Arbok for pronunciation clarification..

The Pokemon Ekans got its name from the spelling of "Snake" backwards.

This Pokemon was named after both a kangeroo and Genghis Khan, the Mongolian who invaded China (and starred in Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure).

This Pokemon is a kicker and was named after Bruce Lee.

08-18-2002, 09:51 PM
This Pokemon is a puncher and was named after Jackie Chan.

"Pika" is Japanese for "to electrify".
'Chuu' is how Japanese describe the sound a mouse makes.
(Pika, in the English dictionary, actually means "A small rodent found in the northern parts of North America.")

Misty is the water badge holder in Pokemon. Mist is a form of water.

The earth badge holder in Pokemon, Brock is "rock" with a "b" added.

Lt. Surge
The word "Surge" means a large influx of electrical power, with a army-type prefix.

Charmander, Charmeleon, and Charizard
Charmander, Charmeleon, and Charizard come from "Char" which is when something is burnt to a crisp. The suffixes however are taken from different lizard animals. CharMANDER is after SalaMANDER, CharMELEON is after CheMELEON (the lizard how can change colors according to the thing its on) and ChariZARD is after LiZARD.

Ivysaur comes from Ivy, a type of plant vine.

Venusaur probably comes from the famous fly-eating plant the Venus fly-trap.

This name obviously comes from the fact that the pok?mon is an Oyster.

The hero of the time travelling RPG 'Chrono Trigger' is abviously short for Chronology i.e. the study of time.

The time travelling vehicle from above mentioned game is named 'Epoch' which means "A period of time".


Misprints, mistakes & bugs

Embarrasing typo in Mario 64
In Super Mario 64 if you after having collected all the game's 120 stars go to the roof of the castle and talk to Yoshi he says:
Mario!!! It that really you It has been so long since our last adventure.
Shouldn?t it be "Mario!!! Is that really you"

Legend Of Zelda DX4
In Legend Of Zelda DX, if you talk to "Crazy Tracie" she says "My secret will activate when you lose all heart." doesn't she mean "When you lose all hearts"?

Zelda 64 box misprint
The first shipment of Zelda 64 game boxes misspelled environments. According to Nintendo the word is "enivironments".

Game changes & Censorship

Games Redesigns More or less redeveloped games.

Dream Factory : Doki Doki Panic / Super Mario Bros 2
Have you ever wondered why SMB2 isn?t like other Mario games ? Well that?s because it wasn?t an ordinary Mario game from the beginning! SMB2 was at first a Japanese game called Dream Factory: Doki Doki Panic that Nintendo made some changes to and released in the US and Europe!

Contra Spirits / Contra / Probotector / Gryzor
When Konami released their first Contra game in Japan (for the NES) it was called Contra Spirits, but when released in the US they renamed it Contra. The Japanese version on the contrary had both a smaller intro, animated sequences between the levels, moving background and a map screen which neither the US or European version had. This was just the beginning of this story - when it was released in Europe they thought the idea of two brute men running around and slaughter other humans and aliens was just to violent so they replaced the two heroes with two robots! Also some human enemies were redesigned. The name of the games was also changed to Probotector.
Note: This game has also been released on the MSX titled Gryzor and was a little bit redesigned to fit the MSX.

The Japanese Contra game for the Game Boy was named Operation C in the rest of the world and the stage select option was removed.

The SNES Contra game Contra Spirits was renamed Contra III - The Alien Wars when released in the USA. In Europe it was renamed Super Probotector - Alien Rebels and the humans were replaced by robots again. In the Japanese version there was also a sound test and a level select and if you finished the game on the normal difficulty you still got the best ending!

Later Konami released another NES game called Super C which was very much like the Contra 3 for the SNES but with duller graphics.

I hate to say this, but one of the best Contra games was released for the Mega Drive! It was named Contra: Hard Corps and was one violent blaster with (it hurts when I write it!) even more and bigger bosses and explosions than the SNES version! One strange thing happened with this game when it was released outside Japan though... Instead of that the heroes could take 3 hits before dying as in the Japanese version, they changed the game so that you died instantly when hit! This made the game much harder! In Europe the game was renamed to something like Probotector and the humans were replaced by robots with names like CX-1, CX-2 etc and all the dialog with "curse words" like "damn" was changed. Also some other in-game changes were made.

Also a Contra game called Contra Force for the NES has been released (In Japan and USA I think.) which had nothing to do with aliens at all. Although that the game was a platform shooter it wasn't designed at all like the other Contra games. I don't think that this game was ever released in Europe.
Personally I think that the robots are much cooler than their human counterparts but that may be because I have "grown up" playing as the the robots.

Secret of Mana
Did you know that Secret of Mana was from the beginning designed for the Nintendo Disk (The SNES CD-ROM add-on) but since it was never released Square converted it into a normal SNES cartridge instead.

Super Mario Kart R
While in development, Mario Kart 64 was named Super Mario Kart R and Koopa Troopa and Magi Koopa were there instead of Wario and Donkey Kong.

Final Fantasy 4 (2)
When Final Fantasy 4 was converted into Final Fantasy 2 they didn?t just change the text. They also had to make some other changes: All the "techniques" (The ability to use monsters etches or attacks etc.) was not included in FF.. They also censured a lot of things like for example some "strippers" that was included in the japanese version, but was changed into dancers in FF2. This simpler version of FF4 was referred as "FF4 easy version" in Japan!

Final Fantasy 6 (3)
So you thought that Square only changed FF4 when they made it into FF2 over here...? We'll did you know that FF6 was also changed in MANY ways before it was released in the US and Europe... In the Japanese version the characters are cursing a lot and there is even one scene where Celes's underwear fall off... What are you waiting for? Click the link above to read more.

Mother 2 / Earthbound
Some of you might have played the SNES RPG Earthbound, but did you know that it's original name was Mother 2 and that changes were made when the game were converted for the US?.
Thanks to: Vince { The Mother 2-aholic} for the info and pictures for this feature.

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Masturbation synonyms for both sexes


3 Point Shot
A night in with the girls
Airing the orchid
Applying lip gloss
Applying nail polish remover
Auditioning the finger puppets
Automatic pilot
Banging the box
Bashing the gash
Basting the tuna
Basting your turkey
Bathing the kitty
Beating around the bush
Beating the Beaver
Brushing the beaver
Brushing your afro
Buffing the bead
Buffing the Weasel
Burying the knuckle
Butterin' the muffin
Buttering your bagel
Carpet bumping
Cat got tongue
Checking for depth
Checking for squirrels
Checking for the jackpot
Checking my oil
Checking the foxhole
Checking the muffler
Checking the oil
Checking the pulse
Checking the status of the I/O port
Circling the knoll
Clam bake for one
Cleaning between the camel's toes
Cleaning my fur coat
Cleaning the kitchen
Cleaning your fingers
Coaxing the genie out of the magic lamp
Coaxing the turtle out of her shell
Coming into your own
Copping a clam
Creamin' the pie
Cunt cuddling
Cunt rubbing
Defrosting the freezer
Dialing the rotary phone
Diggin' the stench trench
Digging a trench
Digging for gold
Digging for my keys
Digging in
Digging the cream
Dipping for ice cream
Diving for pearls
Diving for pennies
Doing my nails
Doing something for my chapped lips
Doing the sweet slide
Doing the two-finger slot rumba
Doing the two-finger ballet
Doing the two-finger salute
Doing your nails
Doodling the noodle
Double knuckling
Double-clicking your mouse
Dousing the digits
Draining your tuna
Drilling for fish
Drilling for oil
Drinking from the fountain of youth (for us contortionists)
Drinking from the furry cup
Driving Ms. Daisy
Dunking your doughnut
Dusting the endtable
Engaging in safe sex
Entering the forest
Entering the ring of fire
Erasing the problem
Excavating the Tunnel of Love
Exploring the bush
Fanning the fur
Feeding the bearded clam
Feeding the cat
Feeding the pony
Feeding your slot
Feeling your funnel
Fiddling the bean
Filling the pink taco
Filling your niche
Finding yourself
Finger bang
Finger blasting
Finger dipping
Finger f*cking
Finger pie
Finger-pole the hole
Fingering something out
Finishing the job
Fishing for cumpliments
Fishing for mackerel
Flash flood
Flickin' the bean
Flicking the switch
Flicking the tic tac
Flipping the light switch repeatedly
Flitting your clit
Flossing the cat
Fluffing the kitty
Fluffing the muff
F*cking without complications
Gagging my meat hole
Gagging the clam
Gagging the lips of love
Genital manipulation
Genital stimulation via phalangetic motion
Getting a date with slick mittens
Getting a lube job
Getting a stain out of my carpet
Getting a stinky pinky
Getting mud for my turtle
Getting the last pickle out of the jar
Getting the little man in the boat to go fishing
Getting to know Sticky Fingers the mobster
Getting to know yourself
Gilding the lily
Going around the corner
Going deep sea diving
Going fishing
Going mining
Going solo
Going to and from the Batcave
Greasing your hips
Gristle rub
Groping the grotto
Gusset typing
Hand tossing the tuna salad
Harpooning your tang
Having a date with Martin Five-Fingers
Having ladyfingers and cream
Having sex with someone you love
Hee-Haw with wrinkled Mee-Maw
Hitchhiking South
Hitchhiking to heaven
Hitchhiking under the Big Top
Hitting the slit
Hitting the spot
Honing the stone
Indoor fishing
Itching the ditch
Jennying off
Jiggling your jenny
Jilling off
Jostling the Elder
Juicing it up
Juicing Lucy
Killing off
Letting your fingers do the walking
Levy break limbo
Licking my lips (for us contortionists)
"Looking for Waldo & his dog (gee, spot, there you are!)"
Makin' waves for the man-in-the-boat
Making a mini Eiffel Tower
Making kitty purr
Making my lips swell
Making soup
Making the little man sing
Making your own gravy
Manual override
Menage a moi
Muffin buffin'
Nail polish remover
Nulling the void
Nursing a hatchet wound
Opening the bottom drawer
Paddling the finger canoe
Paddling the pink canoe
Pampering the pussy
Parting my meat curtain
Parting the Red Sea
Patting the panky
Pearl fishing
Peeling the peach
Perusing the Yellow Pages
Petting Snoopy
Petting the kitty
Petting the little man in the canoe
Petting the petunia
Petting the pussy
Petting the pussy cat
Petting your bunny
Petting your kitty
Playing couch hockey for one
Playing on the cricket green
Playing poker
Playing solitaire
Playing the banjo
Playing the beaver
Playing the box
Playing the clitar
Playing the hairy guitar
Playing the little Dutch boy
Playing the silent trombone
Playing the slots
Playing with the man in the boat
Playing with your pineapple
Pluggin the leak
Plunging the drain
Plunging the happy hole
Pokin' the pucker
Poking the pudding
Polishing the nugget
Polishing the peanut
Polishing the wedding ring
Polishing your pearl
Preheating the oven
Priming the pump
"Producing whore moans (hormones, get it? ;^)"
Pushing the button
Pussy poking
Pussy soccer
Putting out the fire
Putting the dot in .org
Reading braille
Reading the map of Tazmania
Ride the glide until the tide
Riding the bed post
Riding the cotton pony
Riding the unicycle
Riding the waterslide
Riding your own mule down Grand Canyon
Ringing your bell
Rocking the boat
Rollin the ol' bean
Rolling the dough
Rolling the marble
Romancing thy own
Rubbin Hood
Rubbin' the nubbin
Rubbing the donut
Rubbing the red pussycat
Rubbing the stub
Salting the beef curtains
Scoring the hoop
Scraping the cheese off the taco
Scratching the patch
Scratching where it itches
"Searching for Ms. ""G"""
Seasoning your fish
Secret vice
Sending Muffin Morse Code
Shaking hands with Mr. Paul
Shaking the dew off the lily
Shining the diamond
Shooting hoops
Shooting the rapids
Shucking the fresh water clam
Shucking the oyster
Slappin' the crack
Slapping slit
Slapping Susie
Slapping the flap
Slapping the mackerel
Slapping the meat curtain
Slapping the skunk guts
Slicing pie
Sliding down the chute
Sliding into home
Slob the knob
Soaking in Palmolive
Soaking the whisker biscuit
Softening the peach
Spanking the spot
Spanking your puppy on the nose
Spearing the bearded clam
Spelunking in the hairy caves
Spelunking in the mystery cave
Splashing in the sea
Squeezing the peach
Steaming the oyster
Sticking my fingers into my own genitalia to the extent of an orgasm
Stiffening my upper lip
Stinky pinky
Stirring it up
Stirring the honey pot
Stirring the pudding
Stirring the sauce
Stirring the soup
Stoking the furnace
Stroking the box
Strumming the banjo
Strumming the big open C
Surfing the channel
Surfing the Slippery Sea
Surfing the web
Sweeping the chimney
Swimming in the crimson lake
Swimming in the Pu-Tang River
Swimming in the Red Sea
Takin' it to tuna town
Taking a dip
Taking a dip in the lake
Taking advantage of yourself
Taking the German u-boat into port
Tapping the tuna
Teasing the kitty
Teasing the little man in the canoe
Teasing the tuna
Teasing the tuna taco
Tending your own garden
Testing the plumbing
Testing your waters
The disappearing finger trick
The girly gusher
The magical disappearing finger trick
The ole feel n' squeal
The other monthly visitor
The two-fingered tango
The virgin's release
Tickling the kitty
Tickling the pearl
Tickling the taco
Tickling your fancy
Tiptoe through the TwoLips
Toggling the bit
Tossing the pink salad
Touching your tigeress
Touching your tuna
Touring Tasmania (triangular shaped Australian island)
Tracing the vertical smile
Trolling the Bermuda Triangle
Twiddling your twat
Twinkling the little star
Twirlin' the pearl
Two-finger taco tango
Two-finger typing
Unclogging the drain
Visiting Niagra Falls
Visiting with Father Thumb and his four sons
Visiting your safety deposit box
Wading in the Bermuda Triangle
Walking Downtown
Washing my hands
Washing your fingers
Waxing the canoe
Waxing the milk duds
Weaving the carpet
Whipping your cream
Whipping your nest
White knuckling
Working in the garden
Working out at the Y
Wrinkling fingers

08-23-2002, 02:48 PM

A big date with Rosy Palms
A date with Mrs. Palmer and her 5 slut daughters
Adjusting the antenna
Adjusting your set
Answering the Bone-A-Phone
Applying the hand brake
Arguing with Henry Longfellow
Arm-wrestling the purple-headed stormtrooper
Asking for a second opinion (your second head)
Assault on a friendly weapon
Attacking the one-eyed purple-headed warrior
Attending to the throb knob needs
Auditioning the hand puppet
Backstroke roulette
Badgering the witness
Baiting your hook
Ball slappin' fun
Bangin' your bacon
Banging one out
Banging the Cyclops
Bashing the Bishop
Bashing the candle
Bashing the pear
Basting the ham
Batting practice
Battling the purple-headed yogurt slinger
Beatin' Bobby
Beating Bob and the twins
Beating Jack
Beating off
Beating the bait
Beating the balloon
Beating the balogna
Beating the beagle
Beating the bed flute
Beating the Bishop
Beating the dummy
Beating the fuck out of your best friend
Beating the goat
Beating the old man
Beating the pud
Beating the shit out of your incapacitated midget
Beating the snake
Beating the snot outta Rotney
Beating the snotty end of my fuck stick
Beating the stick
Beating your meat
Being a virtuoso of the skin flute
Being rough with the sex stick
Being your own best friend
Belaboring the obvious
Biffing off
Bleeding the weed
Blowing your load
Blowing your own horn
Bludgeoning the beefsteak
Blue-ball buster
Blueball baseball
Bobbing your boloney
Bonging your shlong
Booting up the hard drive
Boppin' your bologna
Bopping Richard
Bopping the baloney
Bopping the bishop
Bopping the Bonzo
Bouncing the bunny
Boxing Oscar
Boxing Oscar in the closet
Boxing the bald champ
Boxing the clown
Boxing the Jesuit
Boxing the Jesuit and getting cockroaches
Boxing the one-eyed clown
Boxing the trouser mouse
Boxing with Richard
Breaking the fish tank
Buckin' it
Buffin' the bishop
Buffing my wand
Buffing the banana
Buffing the rifle
Buffing the wood
Buffing your nuts
Buggering your hand
Bunning your hot dog
Burning off a few calories
Burping the baby
Burping the worm
Busting a nut
Buttering your corn
Calling all cum
Calling down for more Mayo
Calling in the National Guard to assist you in a strategic crisis
Caning the vandal
Caping the crusader
Capturing the bishop
Carrying weight
Casting off
Changing your oil
Charming the cobra
Charming the one-eyed trouser snake
Charming the snake
Cheap date
Cheating on your other hand
Checking for testicular cancer
Checking the plumbing
Cheesing off
Chilling the dill
Choking Charlie 'till he throws up
Choking Kojak
Choking the bald guy until he pukes
Choking the chicken
Choking the hog
Choking the pirate
Choking the sheriff and waiting for the posse to come
Choking your chicken
Choking yourself into emission
Chopping down
Chucking one in the sink
Chucking the yogurt
Churning your butter
Civil War
Clamping the pipe
Cleaning out your rope
Cleaning the pipes
Cleaning the walls after an accident involving the Milk Man and the Cyclops
Cleaning your rifle
Clearing the snorkel
Climbin' the tree
Climbing Mount Baldy
Climbing Mt. Barbell (for guys with pierced dicks)
Climbing the corporate ladder
Clobbering the bad guy
Clobbering the Kleenex
Closet Frisbee
Clubbing Eddy
Clubbing the baby seal
Clubbing the clam
Clubbing the dummy
Coating Prince William Sound with love oil
Cocking the rifle
Collecting a specimen
Coming into your own
Coming to grips with the situation
Coming to grips with yourself
Committing mass spermicide
Cooking the cream of cock
Cooking with Wong
Corralling the tadpoles
Couch hockey for one
Cracking one off
Cracking the fat
Crank yanking
Cranking for cum
Cranking one off
Cranking the love pump
Cranking the monkey
Cranking the shank
Crimping the wire
Crowning the king
Cuddlin' the Kielbasa
Cuffing the carrot
Cuffing the dummy
Cuffing the puppy
Custer's Last Stand
Dancing round the maypole
Dancing the two-fisted tango
Dancing with Johnnie One-Eye
Dating Miss Michigan (think geography)
Dating Mother Palm and her five daughters
Dating Rosie Palm and her five sisters
Debugging the hard drive
Decongesting the weasel
Devil's Handshake (Catholic School)
Dick whacking
Diddle whacking
Digging for change
Digitally oscillating one's penis
Discharging the heat-seeking moisture missile
Disciplining the primate
Do the Dew
Dogger Bank
Doin' a loner with your boner
Doin' the solitary rhumba
Doing a hand job
Doing an impression of Goofy
Doing battle with the Purple-Helmeted Warrior of Love
Doing handiwork
Doing it your way
Doing the five-knuckle shuffle
Doing the hand jive
Doing the hand-cooter
Doing the human version of AUTOEXEC.BAT
Doing the janitor thing
Doing the knuckle shuffle on the ol' piss pump
Doing the plotkin
Doing the pork sword jiggle
Doing the sin of Onan
Doing the White Knuckler
Doing your own thing
Doodling your noodle
Downing at the club (for members only)
Downing the pitcher
Draining the dragon
Draining the lizard
Draining the main vein
Draining the monster
Draining the one-eyed monster
Draining the poisons from the building
Draining the vats
Draining the vein
Dripping white-hot coconuts from the veiny palm tree of lust
Driving the skin bus
Droppin' a wad of hot wax
Dropping a line
Dropping stomach pancakes
Dropping the kids off at the pool
Dry humping the ottoman
Duking the Bishop
Dundering the devil-dolphin
Electing the president
Emptying your sex pistol
Engaging in safe sex
Erupting Ol' Faithful
Escorting the one-eyed postal worker out of his denim cell
Evicting the testicular squatters
Falling in love with your right hand
Faxing Jimmy Dean
Faxing the Pope
Feeding the chooks
Feeding the ducks
Fetching milk
Filling Charlie's magic sock
Finding yourself
Firing the flesh musket
Firing the love rifle
Firing the presidential staff
Firing the Surgeon General
Firming your worm
Fishing for the two-toned trouser trout
Fishing for zipper trout
Fist fucking
Fisting your mister
Five against one
Five knuckle Olympics
Five on one
Five-Digit Shuffle
Five-finger discount
Five-finger solo
Five-knuckle chuckle
Five-knuckle-shuffle on the old piss pump
Fixing the toilet
Flapping Takkie (South African)
Flaying the Emperor
Flick on over the thumb
Flicking the bic
Flipping the Bishop
Floggin' the log
Flogging the Bishop
Flogging the dog
Flogging the dolphin
Flogging the dong
Flogging the frog
Flogging the General
Flogging the hog
Flogging the log
Flogging the mule
Flogging the salami
Flogging your dong
Flogging your dumber brother
Flogging your log
Flogging your stob
Fluffing the pillow
Flute solo
Fly fishing
Flying a kite
Fondling the fig
Fondling the fisherman
Fondling the fountain
Fooling with your tool
Foreplay with Fistina
Four-knuckle shuffle (for those who lost a finger in 'Nam)
Freeing the hostages
Freeing the Willies
Freeing Willy
Freeing your dick fish into the gene pool
Frigging the love muscle (British)
Frosting the pastries
Fucking a pillow
Fucking Mrs. Fist, the five-fingered widow
Fun with friction
Galloping the antelope
Galloping the old lizard
Ganging the plank
Getting' your oil checked
Gettin' jizzy with it
Getting a date with Slick Mittens
Getting a grip on things
Getting a load off my mind
Getting a milk mustache
Getting a stiffy
Getting busy
Getting chafed
Getting in touch with your manhood
Getting in touch with yourself
Getting off
Getting tennis elbow
Getting the dirty water off your chest
Getting the German soldier marching
Getting the glue stick
Getting to know Miss Michigan
Getting to know yourself
Getting to know yourself personally in the "biblical sense"
Getting your caps peeled
Getting your exercise
Getting your palm read by Mister Softee
Getting your palm red
Getting your pole varnished
Givin' the one-eyed field mouse with the purple turtle-neck sweater a hot-butter nuggie
Giving it a good once over
Giving it a tug
Giving Ms. Palm and and her five sisters a ride on the meat train
Giving the John Hancock
Giving the pink Mustang a lube job
Giving the pink Mustang a spit shine
Giving the seamen shore leave
Giving your employee a raise
Giving yourself a dishonorable discharge
Giving yourself a hand
Giving yourself a happy ending
Giving yourself a helping hand
Giving yourself a low five
Glazing the donut
Gluing the lady's eye's shut
Going a couple of rounds with ol' Josh
Going blind
Going for the gold
Going into battle with the purple-helmeted warrior
Going on a date with Handrea and Palmela
Going on a date with Rosey Palm and the five daughters
Going on Peewee's little adventure
Going steady with my bouncing Betty
Going the blow
Going to the basement
Grappling the gorilla
Greasin' up my love monkey
Greasing the axle
Greasing the flagpole
Greasing the monkey
Greasing the pipe
Greasing your bone
Gripping the pencil
Hacking the hog
Han Solo
Hand job
Hand Shandy
Hand Solo
Hand-starting the one-eyed yogurt thrower
Hand work
Hand-to-gland combat
Handling heavy equipment
Handling the hound
Hands-on training
Handy work
Hanging out with Peter Tork

08-23-2002, 02:50 PM
Hanging the old man
Hard labor
Harping on Happy Harry Hard-on
Hatchin' a batch
Having a ball
Having a Barclays Bank
Having a bat
Having a chuff
Having a conversation with the one-eyed trouser snake
Having a date with Fisty Palmer
Having a date with Mrs. Thumb and her 4 daughters
Having a date with Rosie Palm and her five sisters
Having a ham shank
Having a J. Arthur (British special, after J. Arthur Rank, it's rhyming slang)
Having a one-night-stand with yourself
Having a play date with your little friend
Having a puppet show in your pants
Having a Roy (Australian)
Having a Sherman (British)
Having a staff meeting
Having a tommy tank
Having a tug
Having a tug-of-war with the cyclops
Having an arm-wrestle with your one-eyed vessel
Having dinner
Having group sex with five friends
Having it off
Having one off the wrist
Having sex with someone you love
Heaving the heathen handhold
Helping Mr. Happy
Hitchhiking to heaven
Hitchhiking under the Big Top
Hitching to heaven
Hitting the ham
Hitting the sack
Hitting the speedbump
Hoisting the flag
Holding all the cards
Holding my own
Holding the sausage hostage
Honing the cone
Honing your bone
Honking the bobo
Huffing on the hoagie
Hugging the hog
Hugging the sausage
Humpin' air
Humping your fist
Humping your hose
In the hand
Irking the dude
Ironing some wrinkles
J. Arthur Rank (British rhyming slang - wank)
Jack hammering
Jackin' the Beanstalk
Jackin' your meat
Jacking off
Jacking up the hot rod
Jag off
Jammin' your jimmy
Jazzing yourself
Jelly roll
Jenny Mccarthy Jaunt
Jerkin' the gherkin
Jerkin' the joystick
Jerkin' your beef
Jerking Jamby
Jerking off
Jerking the Johnson
Jerking the turkey
Jerking yanking daisy-chaining
Jiggling the jewelry
Jiggling your Johnson
Jimmying your Joey
Jogging the lizard
Joining the Navy
Joshing it
Juice the Moose
Juicing the jizz monster
Jumping the jock
Just combing my hair
Just jerkin' it
Keeping the Optometrists in business
Kicking seamen
Kicking your roommate out for five to ten minutes to "call your parents"
Killing it
Killing the Beast
Killing the bird on punches
Kneading my knockwurst
Kneeding the bread
Knockin' over the weeble
Knocking one off
Knocking the top off
Knuckle nobbing
Knuckle Shuffle on the ol' piss pump
Knuckling the bone
Launching the hand shuttle
Launching the morning missile
Launching the rocket
Laying the smack down on yourself
Leakin' the main drain
Letting out the bulimic one-eyed monster
Lighting the lava lamp
Living it up
Looking for ticks
Loping the mule
Love's labors lost
Loving the lizard
Loving the muppet
Lubing the tube
Make like Hans Solo and stroke your wookie
Makin' moonshine
Making a fist sandwich
Making a foreskin cone
Making a knuckle hot dog
Making free hand lotion
Making friends with Big Ed
Making instant pudding
Making nut butter
Making soup for one
Making special sauce with frank and beans
Making the bald guy puke
Making the Cyclops cry
Making the cyclops do chin-ups 'til he throws up
Making the llama spit
Making the piggy squeal
Making the scene with the magazine
Making vanilla jism shakes
Making with the tadpoles
Making yogurt
Making yourself at home
Mangling the midget
Manhandling the manhood
Manhandling your man-handle
Manipulating the mango
Manning the cockpit
Manual labor
Manual override
Masonic secret self handshake
Massaging Mr. Ho-Ho
Massaging the mink
Massaging your muscle
Massaging your purple-headed warrior
Master bacon
Measuring for condoms
Medical wankorama
Medieval folk dancing
Meeting Mary Palm and her five sisters
Meeting Rosie Hancock
Meeting with Mother Thumb and her four daughters
Meeting with Palmala Handerson
Meeting your kids
Milking one's self
Milking the bull
Milking the cow
Milking the lizard
Milking the monkey
Milking the moose
Milking the mule
Milking the muscle
Milking the weasel
Milking your wood
Million sperm march
Minding my own business
Moisturizing your hands with your beauty bar
Molesting the mole
Moulding hot plastic
Mounting a corporal and four
Much goo about nothing
My sex life!
Nerking your throbber
Oiling the baseball bat
Oiling the glove
Oiling the mighty dick hinge
Oiling the pogo stick
Onan's Olympics
One gun salute
One hand clapping
One handed shim sham
One man show
One off the wrist
One stop shopping
One-armed skiing
One-handed workout
One-man orgy
One-man ring toss
One-man show
One-man tug-o-war
Opening up a bottle of Squirt
Organ solo
Packing your palm
Paddling the pickle
Painting the ceiling
Painting the pickle
Painting the walls
Painting your pants
Palming the calm
Pam Anderson Polka
Pasting pages
Pat the Robertson
Pattin' the puppy
Pedal and crank
Pee Wee pleaser
Peeing children
Peeling some chilis
Peeling the banana
Peeling the carrot
Performing a self-test
Performing diagnostics on your ManTool
Perling the oyster
Petting the lizard
Petting the puppy
Petting the python
Petting your animal
Petting your dog
Phoning the czar
Pipping the pumpkin
Playin' the bone-a-thon
Playin' with hardballs
Playin' with yourself
Playing a little five-on-one
Playing a one-stringed guitar
Playing Billy Squier on the skin flute
Playing five card draw with a handful of jacks
Playing five card stud
Playing in a one-man show
Playing miniature golf
Playing paintball with white paint
Playing Peek-A-Boo with Mr. Johnson
Playing peekaboo
Playing peekaboo with Darth Vader
Playing ping pong with your ding dong
Playing pocket pinball
Playing pocket polo with Agent Johnson
Playing pocket pool
Playing tag with the pink torpedo
Playing the crotch trombone
Playing the flesh flute
Playing the male organ
Playing the one-handed air guitar
Playing the one-stringed melody
Playing the organ
Playing the piss pipe
Playing the pisser
Playing the skin flute
Playing the solo symphony
Playing the stand-up organ
Playing tug-o-war with the cyclops
Playing tug-o-war with the staked vampire 'til he flames up
Playing Uno
Playing with dick
Playing with my little brother Peter
Playing with Susi Palmer and her five friends
Playing with the pogo stick
Playing with the snake
Playing with the spitting llama
Playing with Yoosef
Playing with your bird
Playing with your noodle
Playing with your turtle (for uncircumcised guys?)
Playing with yourself
Playing Yahtzee
Playing your instrument
Pleasing your pisser
Pleasure pumping
Plunking your twanger
Poaching the salmon
Pocket billiards
Pocket pinball
Pocket pool
Poking palm
Pole vaulting
Polishing Percy in your palm
Polishing the bayonet
Polishing the beak
Polishing the cane
Polishing the chrome dome
Polishing the family jewels
Polishing the fire pole
Polishing the helmet
Polishing the hot rod
Polishing the knob
Polishing the Lighthouse
Polishing the pink Mustang
Polishing the Pope
Polishing the purple people pleaser
Polishing the rocket
Polishing the rocking horse
Polishing the rod
Polishing the sword
Polishing your bayonet
Polishing your helmet
Polishing your piece
Popping a nut
Popping the blister
Popping the bone
Popping the cork
Popping the porpoise
Popping the purple pimple
Popping your top
Pounding off
Pounding the bald-headed moose
Pounding the pud
Pounding your flounder
Pounding your piss pump
Pounding your pud
Pouring off the potatoes
Practicing for the big game
Praising God
Preparing the carrot
Priming the pump
Pud wrestling
Pullin' a few rounds
Pulling off
Pulling pud
Pulling rank
Pulling the blue-veined custard chucker
Pulling the blue-veined junket pumper
Pulling the bologna pony
Pulling the carrot
Pulling the Colonel Sanders Heimleich Manuever
Pulling the cord
Pulling the five-knuckle shuffle
Pulling the goalie
Pulling the handbrake
Pulling the piss pump
Pulling the pole
Pulling the Pope
Pulling the pork stick
Pulling the root
Pulling the rope
Pulling the single serving soup dispenser
Pulling the weed
Pulling the wire
Pulling your goalie
Pulling your love muscle
Pulling your own leg
Pulling your plonker
Pulling your power cord
Pulling your prick
Pulling your pud
Pulling your taffy
Pulling your wire
Pummeling the priest
Pumpin' the poodle
Pumping cream
Pumping for pleasure
Pumping for power
Pumping gas at the self-service island
Pumping iron
Pumping the electric goo gun
Pumping the porpoise
Pumping the python
Pumping the soft soap dispenser
Pumping the stump
Punchin' the clown
Punchin' the midget
Punchin' the munchkin
Punching the clown
Punching the munchkin
Punching the possum
Punching the stepson
Punching yourself in the crotch
Punishing Percy
Punishing Percy with the palm
Punishing the Bishop
Punishing the Pope
Puttin' the tie on
Qualifying in the testicular time trial
Raising Stonehenge
Raising the flag pole
Raising the mainsail
Raising your sail
Ramming the ham
Rapid delivery
Rapid one arm pull-ups
Raping your hand
Reading poetry
Releasing the Olympic Doves
Relieving tension
Reverse osmosis
Riding the Great White Knuckler
Riding the lightning
Ringing the rag
Rippin' the rocket
Rocket piloting
Rockin' the rooster
Rolling the fleshy blunt
Rolling your own
Roman helmet rhumba
Romancing the bone
Romeo and Himself
Rootin' for the Yankees
Ropin' the long horn
Roping the pony
Roping the Pope
Roughing the passer
Roughing up the suspect
Rounding up the tadpoles

08-23-2002, 02:52 PM
Rubbing off
Rubbing one out
Rubbing the Buddha for good luck
Rubbing the magic one-eyed wonder weasel
Rubbing the pink eraser
Rubbing the rod
Rubbing the unicorn's horn
Running in single-user mode
Running off a batch by hand
Running the cheeta
Sacrificing sperm to the god of lonely nights
Safest sex
Salting your nuts in the shell
Sanding the obelisk
Sanding wood
Saying a private prayer in the Church of the First Holy Monkey
Saying hello to Mr. Winkie
Scalpin' the injun
Schnauzer Shuffleboard
Scouring the tower of power
Scraping your carrot
Scraping your horn
Scratchin' the itch
Scratching the cat pole
Screwing your girlfriend Handgella
Scromping the camper
Seamen reporting for duty on the skin boat
Seasonin' your meat
Secret handshake
Seeding the carpet
Self abuse
Self catering
Self love
Self-induced penile regurgitation
Self-inflicted intercourse
Sending a boy to the Academy
Sending out the troops
Sending yourself a hand-job-o-gram
Sex with someone you really love
Shakin' hands with Little Richard
Shakin' the snot off your frog
Shaking coconuts from the love tree
Shaking hands with Abe Lincoln
Shaking hands with beef
Shaking hands with Jack McNasty
Shaking hands with Johnson
Shaking hands with Mr. Happy
Shaking Hands with Mr. President
Shaking hands with Shorty
Shaking hands with the boss
Shaking hands with the general
Shaking hands with the goblin of love
Shaking hands with the Governor
Shaking hands with the midget
Shaking hands with the one-eyed trouser trout
Shaking hands with the President
Shaking hands with the unemployed
Shaking hands with your John Thomas
Shaking hands with your wife's best friend
Shaking hands with Yul Brenner
Shaking the bottle
Shaking the coconut milk of love from the leafless palm trunk
Shaking the dice
Shaking the hand of the self-employed
Shaking the sauce
Shaking the sausage
Shaking the snake
Shaking the sugar tree
Shaking the white-out pen
Sharpening your pencil
Shavin' the carrot
Shellacking the shellaleigh
Shemping the hog
Shifting gears
Shifting to fifth gear with the pork spear
Shining the helmet
Shining the pork sword
Shining the shaft
Shining the shank
Shining your pole
Shootin' your splouge
Shooting Cupid's arrow
Shooting enemies
Shooting flies
Shooting for the moon
Shooting for the stars
Shooting putty at the moon
Shooting Sherman
Shooting skeet (pull...shoot)
Shooting tadpoles at the moon
Shooting the pump action porridge gun
Shooting the sherbert
Shooting to score
Shooting your wad
Shuckin' Bubba
Shucking the corn
Simple infanticide
Singing with Donny Osmond
Skipping rope
Slaking the bacon
Slammin' the salami
Slamming the ham
Slamming the hammer
Slamming the salmon
Slamming the spam
Slamming the sump-pump
Slap-Boxing the One-Eyed Champ
Slappin' the purple-headed yogurt pistol
Slappin' Pappy
Slapping high fives with Yul Brynner
Slapping it
Slapping my happy sacks
Slapping the big-nosed Rasta man
Slapping the carrot
Slapping the clown
Slapping the Cyclops
Slapping the donkey
Slapping the FleshGopher
Slapping the meat
Slapping the pud
Slapping the salami
Slapping your chub
Slaying the beast
Slaying the dragon
Slicking the stick
Slinging jelly
Slinging the jelly
Sloppy Joe's last stand
Sloppy sign language
Smackin' Isaiah
Smacking Bob around
Smacking the monkey
Smacking the oompa loompa
Smacking the salami
Smacking the weasel
Smacking the yak 'til it spits back
Smacking your sister
Smoking the bratworst
Snappin' off a batch
Snapping one off
Snapping the carrot
Snapping the monkey
Snapping the radish
Snapping the rubber
Snapping the whip
Snapping your carrot
Solo flight
Solo marathon
Solo sex
Solo spurting
Soup of the day
Spackling the ceiling
Spanking Cheetah
Spanking Elvis
Spanking Frank
Spanking the bishop
Spanking the frank
Spanking the monkey
Spanking the plank
Spanking the salami
Spanking the wank
Spanking up a batch
Speaking into the microphone
Spear chucking
Spearing the Spartans
Spending some quality time with yourself
Spermin' Herman the one-eyed German
Spewing your load
Spilling my children on my belly
Spit-polishing the purple helmet
Spitting up
Splashing one out
Spreading the mayo
Spunking the Monk
Spurtin' Bert
Squashing the sea monkey
Squeezing the burrito
Squeezing the Charmin
Squeezing the cheese
Squeezing the cream from the flesh Twinkie
Squeezing the glue
Squeezing the juice
Squeezing the lemon
Squeezing the snake with the turtleneck sweater
Squeezing the tube of toothpaste
Squeezing the weasel
Squeezing your cheese-dog
Squirting off your load in the school bathroom
Squishing the fish
Staff meeting
Stall clapping
Starting the day off right
Stirring the batter
Stirring the soup
Stirring the yogurt
Stoking the fire
Strainin' the main vein
Strangling Kojak
Strangling the hog
Strangling the one-eyed trouser snake
Strangling the Serpent
Stress relief for a personal appendage
Stretching the limo
Stretching the turtle neck
Striking the pink match
Striking your match
Stripping the bark off your wood
Stroke 'til you spew
Strokin' the mule
Strokin' the sausage
Stroking it
Stroking off
Stroking the balony pony
Stroking the dog
Stroking the lizard
Stroking the mole
Stroking the one-eyed burping gecko
Stroking the salami
Stroking the satin-headed serpent
Stroking the snake
Stroking the squirmin' German
Stroking the stallion
Stroking the wiener
Stroking your goat
Stroking your poker
Stroking your pud
Stroking your twinkie
Stromming the Thurmond
Strummin' my six inch
Studying for a math test
Sucker-punching the blind webster
Swickin' it
Swinging the jump rope
Swinging the light saber
Swinging the purple-veined kidney stabber
Swinging the royal red reproduction rod
Tagging off
Takin' the bunt sign
Taking a five minute vacation south of the border
Taking a nap
Taking a shake break
Taking Captain Picard to Warp-Speed
Taking care of business
Taking control of yourself
Taking Herman to the circus
Taking little Elvis to Graceland
Taking matters into your own hands
Taking ol' one eye through the fly
Taking ol' one eye to the Knuckle Shuffle
Taking part in population control
Taking some time off
Taking the dog for a walk
Taking the Jocelyn Elders Midterm
Taking the monster for a one-armed ride
Taking the sperm whale for a walk
Taking your turn at the self-serve pump
Talking quietly to yourself
Talking turkey
Taming the shrew
Taming the wild hog
Tamping your tater
Tapping the turkey
Target practice
Target practice with the yogurt gun
Target practicing with white ammo
Taunting the one-eyed weasel
Teaching a one-eyed Chinaman how to dance
Teaching him a lesson
Teaching your kids to swim
Teasing the purple-headed custard chucker
Teasing the python
Teasing the Viking
Teasing the weasel
Teasing the weenie
Teeing off
Tenderizing the tube steak
Tenderizing your meat
Test-firing the meat missle
Testicular tensile strength test
Testing the hand cream dispenser
Testing the testicles
Testing your batteries
That crazy hand jive
The art of Unisex
The Colonel Sanders Heimleich Maneuver
The five digit disco
The five-knuckle shuffle on the old piss pipe
The five-finger hustle with Russel the one-eyed love muscle
The serta solo
The sticky page rhumba
Thrashing the weasel
Threading a needle
Throbbing the knob
Throwin' down
Throwing a shower
Throwing off a batch
Throwing one
Throwing the hamster against the wall
Throwing up mayo
Throwing your hand on the bed and raping it
Thumping the pump
Thumping your pud
Thwackin' the sack
Tickle the Elmo
Tickling my fancy
Tickling the dragon's tail
Tickling the ivory
Tickling the one-eyed weasel
Tickling the pickle
Tickling the Polish salmon
Toilet sailing
Torkin' the fork
Torqueing the turtle
Torturing the tentacle
Tossing off
Tossing the boss
Tossing the salad
Tossing the sauce
Tossing the snag
Tossing the spam javelin
Tossing the turkey
Tossing the white ball
Tossing yogurt
Touching the penis
Treating yourself right
Trolling for the one-eyed walleye
Trolling for trouser trout
Trouser snake CPR
Trouser trout dancing lesson
Tube sock tango
Tug of war with Cyclops
Tuggin' the timber
Tugging Mount Love
Tugging old beater
Tugging the rope
Tugging the slug
Tugging the tapioca tube
Tugging the tossle
Tugging the turkey
Tugging your tubesteak
Tuning my horn
Tuning the antenna
Tuning your organ
Turning Japanese (UK - one step beyond wanking)
Turning on your fire hose
Tussle with your muscle
Tussling the Muscle
Twanging the wire
Tweaking your twinkie
Twisting your crank
Twisting your tool
Typing with one hand

08-23-2002, 02:53 PM
Uncorking the bottle
Underarm javelin in the meat olympics
Unloading the gun
Unmasking Darth Vader
Unsheathing the pork sword
Unwrapping the pepperoni
Using the Force on Darth Vader
Using the force on your meat saber
Using the ol' 1 wood
Varnishing the cane
Varnishing the flagpole
Vibrating the viper and making him spit poison
Violating the hedge-hog
Visiting Old Faithful
Visiting Rosy Palm and her five daughters
Visiting the five-fingered widow
Wacking a lap
Wacking off
Wacking the one-eyed worm
Wacking the paddle
Wacking the weasel
Wacking the weiner
Wacking the willie
Wagging the dog
Wakey wakey hands off snakey
Waking the dead
Waking Wee Willie Winkle
Walking the dog
Walking the plank
Walking the snake
Walking Wally the one-eyed wonder worm
Waltzing with Willy
Wanking off
Wanking with the one-eyed wonder weasel
Warming up the altar boy's dinner
Washing the elephant's trunk
Washing the meat
Washing the wolverine
Wasting your wad
Watching the geyser
Waving the Magic Wand
Waxing pedro
Waxing the beanpole
Waxing the car
Waxing the carrot
Waxing the dolphin
Waxing the flipper
Waxing the old goal post
Waxing the rocket
Waxing your Jackson
Waxing your surfboard
Waxing your weasel
Waxing your Willy
Whackin' the weasel
Whacking it
Whacking off
Whacking the axe
Whacking Willy
Whacking your tack
Whippin' the whopper
Whipping off
Whipping skippy
Whipping the balls
Whipping the bishop
Whipping the dummy
Whipping the one-eyed trouser snake
Whipping the one-eyed wonder weasel
Whipping the pony
Whipping the rat
Whipping the stiff
Whipping the walrus
Whipping the window washer
Whipping the wire
Whipping up a batch
Whipping up some sour cream
Whipping Willy the one-eyed wonder-worm
Whipping your dripper
White-water wristing
Whittling the stick
Whizzin' jism
Whomping the walrus
Wiggling your worm
Winding my watch
Winding the Jack in the Box
Windsurfing on Mount Baldy
Wonking your conker
Wonking your donk
Workin' out a stiff joint
Working a cramp out of your muscle
Working off
Working off a batch
Working overtime at the meat factory
Working up a batch
Working your Willy
Wrapping my hand around my cock and blowing a load all over my mother
Wrestling the alligator
Wrestling the eel
Wrestling the gator
Wrestling the one-eyed monster
Wrestling the purple-headed warrior
Wrestling with Jimmy
Wrestling with the bald champ
Wrestling with the one-eyed superhero
Wringing out your rope
Wringing the weasel
Wringing your thing
Wringing your weasel
Wrist aerobics
Yank my Doodle (It's a Dandy)
Yankin' it
Yankin' your chain
Yankin' your Franklin
Yanking off
Yanking the crank
Yanking the doodle
Yanking the yoyo
Yanking your chain
Yanking your crank
Yanking your plank
Yanking your Yoda
Yogurt slinging
Zipper Olympics
Zygote spraying


Your Thoughts?

08-23-2002, 05:16 PM
I hope that was a copy and paste job. If not how long did it take?
and where is your source?

Pretty funny though, I was laughing at more than a few of them

08-23-2002, 05:48 PM
Yeah, it was a copy and paste job. It's also over 40,000 characters with all the posts. Hence 5 pages for it. Why would want a source for "Masturbation synonyms for both sexes"...? I guess I can go back and look for it.

xXx Beaver xXx
08-24-2002, 07:23 AM
Wow, lots of information there. All thanks to our pal, Mr.Lord!!!

Thank you so much Mr.Lord, for your kindness. I always wanted to know the different words for masturbating!

- Triple X Beaver :spinface:

08-24-2002, 10:54 AM
xXx Beaver xXx, what does that thing in your sig mean? Do you fingure fish's or something? And how come you were just a member before, and now you're the President?


08-26-2002, 01:48 PM
The average body contains enough: Iron to make a 3 inch nail, Sulphur to kill all fleas on an average dog, Carbon to make 900 pencils, Potassium to fire a toy cannon, Fat to make 7 bars of soap, Phosphorus to make 2,200 match heads, Water to fill a ten gallon tank.

Picture! (http://kindergartenclass.netfirms.com/body.h8.gif)

08-26-2002, 02:09 PM
d00d, some things are better left unknown ;D

08-27-2002, 11:56 AM
I love the detail on that drawing. All my questions about the human body can be answered by looking at that drawing.

09-07-2002, 01:25 AM
A sneeze is one-tenth of an orgasm? True.

09-08-2002, 02:04 AM

*10 Times*


09-11-2002, 01:53 AM
Devil May Cry:

Devil May Cry was supossed to be Resident Evil 4 on the PS2, but becuase the developers decided to take a different route during the middle of production, it ultimatly became Devil May Cry. (note: that doesnt mean Resident Evil 4 is scrapped, it is in production right now) We could have had Resident Evil 4 in production as of this moment becuase the scenario of the game was written well over a year ago!
The original title was Devil May Care, after the well known phrase or title. It was changed to Devil May Cry becuase a movie already had that title.(Hideki)
The producer Shinji Mikami said to us (Hideki the director + team): "Make me a revolutionary Biohazard game". so, after mikami's words, the idea for a new game developed.

Barouque style music was one of the inspirations for the game music. (this or periods of classical music). But hard rock (japanese style j-rock) was used during sequences where Dante must kick ass.

Hideki gets much of his inspiration for games from what else? movies. This is the reason why a guy like Dante can come in and defeat evil with the crudess of weapons.

Dante's twin guns are named "ebony and ivory", probably a reference to the song of the same name, becuase they go together in perfect harmony, blah, blah, blah, blah, why don't we...

The marionette demons were originally "cyborgs", but becuase they were boring, they became the happy little clowns we know of today.

Shinji wanted realism, this ment Hideki and the team went to Spain and England trying to get inspiration for the many castle settings within the game.

What does Shinji actually do then? This, we'll never know.

Black Ace
09-26-2002, 05:43 PM
Did you know that there is an average of 11.27 posts for every thread on Magic Box forums!

09-27-2002, 07:07 PM
Native Americans never actually ate turkey; killing such a timid bird was thought to indicate laziness.

Pic. (http://www.state.tn.us/twra/turkey.jpg)

11-13-2002, 12:53 AM
Bump for Healin. I might be adding some new stuff soon. It's been a while.

11-13-2002, 02:05 AM
A million thanks!! :cool guy:

The how to avoid slasher stuff is darn funny. Sharing it with my friends.