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05-02-2002, 01:58 AM

i think this game is going to be tight..i cant wait..what bout you guys? what do you think?..=)


05-02-2002, 08:35 PM
About 4 pages of preview, and 3 pages of it are on the unique, patented combat system. First off, they use the R3 button and stick!!!! Finally this year developers are using all buttons on the standard PS2 controller. One thing though is that one will have a hard time pressing the Sqr-Tri-Cir-X while highlighting enemies. I notice this too while playing Halo (Xbox): the face buttons are useless if you are busy aiming. But heck I'll try it.

No jumping huh. At least no dumb jumping puzzles. Well okay, sometimes jumping puzzles are fun, like in Jax & Daxter (PS2).

Gory as heck the reviewers proclaimed. I don't mind gory games. Immediately I thought that this could be as gory as Berserk (Dreamcast). Or how about Dynasty Warriors 3 (PS2) with the gibblets?

Stealth in a console game? (piyo hasn't played Metal Gear-type games on the PS2, sorry) Oh yeah. Maybe something like Thief (PC). Using a pig on a bow to distract the enemy? That's new to me!

It sounds pretty good, and I am proud it was made in San Diego (woohoo! my home town! go sony!) But what is this crack about internal teams at Sony doing a lousy job? Do they mean in U.S.? And I thought Naughty Dog was in England. For example, I heard Polyphony Digital, makers of Gran Turismo are an internal, if autonomous, Sony software development team.

And finally, when is this coming to Japan? ^_^;

piyo quips, "Dynasty Warriors 3 with internal organs showered, and no green blood. Bring it!"