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04-16-2002, 10:27 PM
To start off the discussion, will you buy Square's PS2 online RPG Final Fantasy XI? The requirement of the game seems rather high, you have to purchase the PS2 Broadband unit, you have to have an Internet Provide (which most of you already have), and you also need to get a USB keyboard if you want to chat with other users. In addition, you also need to pay a subscription fee to play the game. I wonder how well the game can sell?

04-17-2002, 03:40 AM
I would imagine that the game would sell well just because it's Square. If people were willing to spend $300-$500 just to get their PS2 home in the first place, they may spend $100 to play FFXI. PC gamers don't seem to have a problem paying for inferior games like Everquest so that shouldn't be an issue either.

Myself..I had a hard time stomaching the pay to play aspect of Phantasy Star Online Ver. 2 after hundreds of hours of (sketchy) broadband gameplay of PSOv1. That and FFXI looks kinda ugly for Final Fantasy.

Overall, yes I'll fork out the cash for it. What's the point of excess money if you aren't going to enjoy it?

04-17-2002, 06:39 AM

Just as Foundation said -- why pay for something that you can't enjoy fully? I'm still irked by people paying to use a pretty looking chatroom. If you even call it that.

It'd be great if I was still in college and skipping classes to play :p . But now that I'm working (too much), a quick game of Quake3/Half Life/Halo is all I can afford to play at the moment.


04-17-2002, 01:04 PM
FFXI might be the first FF game that I don't buy. I've been a huge fan since as far back as I can remember, but I can't say that I like what they've done to the series with XI. Seems too much like a PC rpg. I'll have to try it out before i make my final decision tho.

Oh well....


04-17-2002, 02:22 PM
I will buy this game (pc version) ( this will be one of the best online-rpg . for shure)

04-17-2002, 06:21 PM
I believe that FFXI will be compatible with narrowband, at least in the US.

04-17-2002, 07:07 PM
Considering you probably have to have broadband to have an enjoyable gaming experience, I don't know. I well get it. Maybe not at launch but eventually. I'm pumped about FFXII though. Knowing that the director of Vagrant Story and Final Fnatasy Tactics is at the helm gets me all giddy and stuff. I just hope they can get the same composers as they did for the said games.

04-17-2002, 07:26 PM
I'm kind of torn... The final fantasy name is a important but it not my main consideration... I'm really drawn by the MMORPG asspect of it. I enjoyed months of fun on PSO but the problems and lack of broadband support on DC drove me away. But then again square is totally new to the whole online thing so I wondering if they can get it right.

Well to answer the question, I will be getting the game.

04-17-2002, 09:24 PM
I always liked the Final Fantasy Series and RPGS are my favorite genre.

But I'm not sure if I'm willing to dish out the cash for this MMORPG.

If I do get this game, I'll probably get the PC version, since it will be some what cheaper...

Square already promised over 100 hours of gameplay, plus sidequests, and downloadable quests.

And the usual MMORPG stuff.

04-17-2002, 10:00 PM
I will most likely miss this game. Trust me, I think this game will be 100 times better than Phantasy Star Online. However, I 1) am not a big online RPG fan 2) Dont' like the idea of FF being online 3) Don't have extra money.

04-17-2002, 10:41 PM
I'm definitely excited about this game, looks to be positive change to the crappy games released recently (7,8,10)

04-18-2002, 01:33 AM

I only pay for a game once.

04-18-2002, 04:10 AM
I was going to import but I'm going to wait and see if it's even supported outside of Japan (heard rumors that you need japanese address, cc info, stuff like that that I obviously don't have, in order to play). I'm also pretty stoaked for FFXII as I absolutatly loved Vagrant Story (I will say it's the best game for PSX) and adding FFT style will be mad sweet yo! I'm starting to shy away from importing this system as it would be really expencive (probably 500$+ maybe) and I just don't think that MMORPG would be that fun on a TV. Perhaps the PC version, but probably not.

04-18-2002, 05:14 AM
i doubt it...seems like mmorpg's all turn into killing things and talking to people...i can do that without spending the money...but if ai have some friends who get it and love it i may pick it up, but at this point i doubt it

04-18-2002, 06:18 AM
Well I intend to get FF11 (PC Version) and I'm trying to keep my expectations at a reasonable level. The Final Fantasy name has always got a lot to live up to and I'm hoping they won't falter

I was contemplating the Japanese version but it would be easier for me to play it on the PC online. I've never been a big fan of MMORPGs but I am open to new experiences. :D

04-18-2002, 09:30 AM
If Squaresoft can confirm to the public that Final Fantasy XI does not require the PS2 HDD to play, the game will have a MUCH bigger chance to succeed. It's not realistic to me to have everybody to buy the PS2 HDD to play these online games.

However I do hear conflicting reports about the issue, some say the game works fine with just a 56K modem, some say you have to get a PS2 HDD to play the game.

04-18-2002, 10:00 AM
The FF name itself draw crowds but i'm less and less sure of it's succes with all the MMORPG that are being announce, FFXI, Everquest, Star wars galaxie (not yet announce for PS2 but obvious it will) and now Nobunaga's Ambition Online...

specially since players have to pay a monthly fee, i don't think that a lot of gamers are gonna have an account on several games even if FF players could like EQ and vice versa

I wonder how long before they stop asking for a fee since in a near future a lot of games will a internet play... imagine paying for Gran turismo online, Everquest, Resident evil online and more!! that's one big monthly bill!!!

they need to release upgrade pack/maps/quest or something or the players will lose interest

EQ for PC is a good exemple of monthly fee and expansion pack done right, but the market is not overcrowded yet and on the PS2 the network is not even started that i already sence overcrowd coming...


Project NuFu
04-18-2002, 12:05 PM
Final Fantasy XI is going to be the Best Online Game to date.
Final Fantasy XI is going to be the Worse Final Fantasy Game to date.

And No, I'm not going to buy it

04-18-2002, 05:30 PM
I have no plans for buying FFXI due to the expense what I have to invest for: an HD 170 ?, the game 70 ? and monthly fees which is now undetermined. TOO expensive me, besides I?m not into online RPGs;)

FFXI will be released in Europe around 2004, I guess;)

04-18-2002, 05:45 PM
I would consider getting the PC version but by the time it's released over here both Neverwinter Nights & Star Wars Galaxies will probably be out & I won't have the time to play FF11.

04-18-2002, 06:30 PM
of course!

04-18-2002, 06:56 PM
I may buy it for the PC. there is no way im gonna buy all those add-ons for the PS2. online gaming was so simple on the DC, what happened?

04-19-2002, 10:18 AM
well, i'm definitely buying the harddisk... it should only be about 3 or 4 times the price of a memory card, but the capacity is so many times more... $30 for an 8 mb mem card, or about $100 for a 40 gig "memory card"... my mind's made up :D

and i'm definitely buying the bba too.. you guys seem to be forgetting that you are not paying for these 2 accessories simply for ff11.. it's also for all the future online ps2 games, many of which will not be ported to the pc...

so the answer is yes, i'll buy ff11 for the ps2...

04-20-2002, 02:02 PM
You don't really need the hard disk to play FFXI, all you need is just an Internet provider to hook up to your PS2. (Of course, you still need to get the broadband adapter or the 56K modem).

Chief Gutti
04-20-2002, 09:46 PM
Hmmm, I sure hope I'm able to play FFXI from over here in Norway like you could do with your dreamcast etc. I have already preordered FFXI together with the enterbrain keyboard at the playstation.com page (www.jp.playstation.com), so I surely hope I'm able to use my own IP provider when connecting. Already have the extrenal HDD unit, so I'm pretty much sorted out. Don't you have to register your PS2 machine like you had to with your japanese dreamcast? So you get a username and password registered to your machine and allowing you to use your own internet provider?

I'm actually looking mighty forward to this game. I know it will probably be different from other FF games, but I guess that's a little cool since you don't have to worry if you don't like it since they will still continue to make the regular FF games throughout.

Shin Egg Robo X
04-21-2002, 10:39 AM
If it has a decent single player mode, then maybe when it gets cheap. I don't like playing too many games online.

04-22-2002, 04:50 PM
I will not be buying FFXI. This is because i feel that Sony are being greedy in making us pay for the Network Connector and a fee to pay the game. On a more specific note, not being able to fight each other in the game does seem a bit restricted and confusing. it is confusing in the sense that a player belongs to a part of the world (Van Deel). The player can gain more land for their faction. Normally when land is involved, you woudl think there would be battles but oh no no, not in this game. You gain land and thats it...the end of it. This to me is a pointless idea which would naturally be good if there was battling involved.

04-22-2002, 05:18 PM
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04-23-2002, 06:17 PM
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?? The homepage of USEN
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04-23-2002, 06:21 PM
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just make sure you click the second radial...

Lone Dragon
04-28-2002, 04:08 AM
Talk about negative.

Well I'll be getting it (the PS2 ver. no less) and I'm confident that it will be a successful game.
Square's Big Risk will bear fruit.

Edit: And whoever says "I'm not negative, I'm positive it will fail." has just been out-done because I beat you to it. :cool:

11-08-2005, 10:34 PM
For Final Fantasy XI Cheats, Exploits, and Hacks (http://www.exploitsrus.com/ffxi_f.html)

11-08-2005, 10:39 PM
:lol: One of these days somebody has to invent a noob filter for forums.

Although thanks to this spammer, i learned something!!! The Admin actually started a thread that wasnt official buisness.

11-08-2005, 11:52 PM
woo the first thread ever created at the magic box!

11-09-2005, 12:56 AM
wow lots of diferent members back in the day. Wish admin would share his opinions with us more :sweat:

So... :D yea i bought the wretched FFXI. Played a total of 2 months so far. Have a lv 25 whm/10 blm. My PC went to fixing and i had extra expenses so dunno when im going back again...

Anyways, what they dont tell you about cheats is that you get your account revoked. Not really worth it, is it?
Oh... and in the particular case of FFXI they threaten to sue you. :donno:

11-09-2005, 03:59 AM
I just deactivated my account (not enough time to play) but ill be back soon...i have a lvl 71 sam - 62bst - 45rng - 37nin - 30 war -32thf -..and over 10 mil in gear....i miss this game very much...

11-09-2005, 06:08 AM
I just deactivated my account (not enough time to play) but ill be back soon...i have a lvl 71 sam - 62bst - 45rng - 37nin - 30 war -32thf -..and over 10 mil in gear....i miss this game very much...

Yea, it's pretty good. I like FFXI quite much.

What server are you on and what's ur character's name?

11-09-2005, 01:10 PM
I bought the HDD/FF-XI bundle, and sold FF-XI thinking the HDD would be at least as useful as it was in Japan for other games as well as the BB browser.

Man was I a dumb-ass who got robbed. :lol:

11-14-2005, 05:08 AM
I played it on my computer, didn't care for it much. It just got boring after a while. =/ It didn't relate to the game in any way, so that disappointed me... it just reminded me of another company trying to cash out on an MMO.

11-14-2005, 05:45 AM

spider legs

11-14-2005, 05:55 AM
MMORPGS are Teh Ghey.

11-14-2005, 08:07 AM
MMORPGS are Teh Ghey.

Agreed. Now lets go into the forest and kill random woodland creatures for 5 hours in order to level up to level 5 so we can do a quest about killing more random creatures for another 2 hours! Hooray!

11-14-2005, 08:41 AM
That reminds me, I gotta finish Shadow Hearts - thanks.

11-17-2005, 02:43 AM
Agreed. Now lets go into the forest and kill random woodland creatures for 5 hours in order to level up to level 5 so we can do a quest about killing more random creatures for another 2 hours! Hooray!

lol pretty funnny...sadly its true....but your wrong....much more than that ...and if anyone plays this game ..the first few levels are the most boring after lvl 10 or so...it picks up greatly

my name is daunte - server midguardsmr
i have a bro who still plays khrist is his name same server he should be around lvl 73 or so