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08-14-2006, 08:02 AM
I thought I'd throw this up as things have been pretty hophoppoty around here of late. I'm going to totally blame it on the huge period we've had in the console scene where theres been very very few top class games out and little news as everyone is focusing on the next-gen consoles. Just a few more months till all of them are finally out so I'm getting in early here.

Before you post please stop and think for a moment on what you are posting if its in a negative light. If you are posting something that involves mocking someone because of their console preference, stop. If you see yourself getting into a conversation with someone and that turns into an argument and names start flying around, stop. You be nice. You be nice to other posters. You treat them like your rich cousins that you want to get money off in the future.

From now on any threads that derail into an argument, any heckling of another poster for their console preferences, or any name calling starts flying around, there will be bans for any involved in it who dont back away or know better. Take arguments or problems to PMs. To summarize!

-No name calling

-Be nice

-No bashing of console preference

-No drawn out arguments

-Be nice

-Use your sense of humour


Not only will I ban, I will give your home address to Nindalf. BE NICE! Take this as an -automatic- first warning.

Joe Redifer
03-03-2007, 04:51 AM
Also, although this board does not censor swear words, don't overuse them just for the sake of using them. It makes both you and our forums look bad. Also do NOT use swear words in topic titles. We'll probably let you get away with minor stuff like damn or hell.