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Dr. Bombay
07-27-2006, 02:43 PM
I was up at 4 am last night. The internet in this shithole for a dorm that I live in temporarily was down, so I just started writing. It's been a while and it hasn't be spell/grammar checked, but see if this sounds alright or if I need to return to square one.

For quick reference, Morgana = wife, cheiftan; Charles = husband, blacksmith; Simon = son.

Clean up went surprisingly smoothly. Considering the amount of pure unadulterated carnage that had taken place the night before, it was almost a shock to the system to see how calm everything within the city limits was. Stores were open, children lined up on the sideways waiting for the local transports to usher them off to school. What damage was done was minimal. One corner store now contained the smoke out remains of an assault cruiser which had somehow vaulted over the barrier the night before. Concrete was smashed in more than a few places due to Morgana?s fit of anger. Even the destruction that had caused her ire to be manifested into life wasn?t that big of a deal when daylight came. Stakes from enemy launchers dotted through rows of irises and azaleas, looking like street lamps that had become lax in their duties. But for what little damage they managed to do, Charles would always make the best of it, knocking them over with a quick rap of his fist, only to replace the crater with a small tree. Occasionally Morgana would yell at him from the window sill about how the trees were mismanaged and how her beloved flowers wouldn?t get the sunlight they needed should the tree thrive. Charles would simply smile and retort with, ?yes dear?, causing Morgana to retreat into her room with a huff. I really had little to say about it all. In all my years in the military, in all the time I spent training to be an element of destruction, that woman, in one night, had taught me more about the power of rage than any war could have. Had Simon not been a constant reminder that both she and Charles were tethered to Lakawana, I would have asked them to join me, as selfish as it would have been. Making my way towards the barrier, I was almost in awe at how well such a ring of steal and concrete could hold against such a forceful invasion. Of course, it?s not as if it had a lengthy period of time where it actually had to be a shield from enemy fire. Morgana made sure to that.

Each step I took towards the lookout tower was laden with reminders of Morgana?s fearsome strength. The telephone poles were still without fresh lines, and the small claw like markings along the palisades still remained. The drawbridge seemed far less haunting in the daylight, thought they didn?t have the flames of menos blazing brightly behind them either.

Looking off into the distance, I was swiftly reminded of what clean up truly entailed. Through Morgana?s fists, those behind Lakawana?s walls had nothing to fear from bandit invasion, as frequent as their Viking assaults may have been. But the mess she left was atrocious. The dozers on the other side spent their mornings pushing the wreckage of ruined vehicles into a pile, while the more unfortunate workers took their time collecting the bodies of their enemies, saying a short prayer, and setting them ablaze. The local wind mage did well to make sure the smell of charred flesh didn?t overtake the city and give the people within cause to worry about the outcome the explosion from the night before, or why their chieftain hadn?t gone to work yet, deciding to hide herself away beneath her sheets, occasionally rising to shout at her husband. I couldn?t help but wonder if the people within even knew they were at war with the grunts of society, one woman and a handful of soldiers being able to cleave score after score of enemy down with only her fists, a few dozen feet of telephone cable, and one spell that was thought to be dead among most magical circles. Such monsters did truly exist on this planet. I was simply pleased that the ones I had met thus far were well mannered enough and held enough devotion to their own as not to put the lives of their people in jeopardy. I was disturbed to find far more looking to achieve that kind of power for selfish gain. All in all, it lead me back to my objective. Though being Lakawana, being around Charles and Morgana, looking upon Simon trying to find his away amongst his peers, seeing how happy they all were when they weren?t at arms, It made me want to find a solution just that much faster. It made me want to take Aura and Naomi home, take them shopping, and not have to have them worry about whether or not they or I would have to battle in order to have a better life. It made me wonder if become a monster, becoming a deity in the eyes of the settlers, was worth it, as long as I could ensure that those of mine and those of theirs live in peace.