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06-07-2006, 04:03 PM
Welcome to my own review thread, which promises to kick much ass.

There are some rules to my reviews that you should keep in mind at all times:
1 - These reviews are opinion, not fact. You have every right to dis-agree with me as long as your being nice.

2 - I am a not a fanboy, only games matter to me, with that said I own mostly PSone and PS2 games, but also have Nes, Turbograph 16, Snes, Genesis, Gamecube, Dreamcast.

3 - All reviews are final..or until edited

4 - Usually all game screens and movies are captured by me actually playing the game on the real system itself. Sometimes emulators will be required (and usually provide the best results), the movies might look crappy, but thats because I took them with a Digital Camera, since I decided to get a Camera instead of a DVD recorder.

5- My rating scale ranges from the following:

10 - Perfect
9 - Excellent
8 - Generally good, with some flaws
7 - Good, but not everyone will enjoy it
6 - Rental
5- and below : Thrash

The Reviews:

Gundam Battle Assault (http://www.the-magicbox.com/forums/showthread.php?p=309097#post309097)

The Pirate Simple 2000 Series (http://www.the-magicbox.com/forums/showthread.php?p=309321#post309321)

Spectral vs Generation (http://www.the-magicbox.com/forums/showthread.php?p=310443#post310443)

06-07-2006, 04:04 PM
Gundam Battle Assault

System: PSX
Genre: Action>General
Designed By: Bandai
Number of Players: 1-2
Year released: 11/06/00

Gundam Battle Assault is a 2D sprite based fighting game, involving giant robots called Gundams from the popular anime series of the same name.

http://img472.imageshack.us/img472/9471/gundambattleassault00018su.th.jpg (http://img472.imageshack.us/my.php?image=gundambattleassault00018su.jpg)

Right of the bat, you have 12 selectable Gundam Suits, from the always popular Wing Gundam to the less known Q-Mantha, plus 9 unlockable suits. Take note though you can't choose who your pilot is in story mode, its always going to be Heero Yuy.

http://img472.imageshack.us/img472/9806/gundambattleassault00042ox.th.jpg (http://img472.imageshack.us/my.php?image=gundambattleassault00042ox.jpg)

The game doesn't offer much in gameplay modes, you only have Story mode and VS mode, Training and Arcade mode would of been a nice addition.

http://img472.imageshack.us/img472/9779/gundambattleassault00029ut.th.jpg (http://img472.imageshack.us/my.php?image=gundambattleassault00029ut.jpg)

As for the fighting engine itself, its has its flaws but overall its better than you would expect.

For one thing the action is fast, your gundams can hover all over the place, and resembles more like Marvel Vs Capcom than Street Fighter 2.

http://img473.imageshack.us/img473/7/flying5wc.th.jpg (http://img473.imageshack.us/my.php?image=flying5wc.jpg)

Each gundam has a limited amount of firepower, 500 Bullets,and 3 super moves, these run out quickly throughout the battle and cannot be replenished, so there is some strategy involved.

http://img473.imageshack.us/img473/3430/gundambattleassault00069vp.th.jpg (http://img473.imageshack.us/my.php?image=gundambattleassault00069vp.jpg)

Though one problem with the whole battle system is that each Gundam controlls the same, and have the same commands, and generally same moves. Each gundam has an Uppercut, a Hurrican Kick type move, and a super move, plus an unblocable weapon move.

The sound for this is average, with your basic action style themes, but the In-game announcer is simply horrible! At the title screen it looks like he is saying "Gundam Battle Lappel", also there are no voice overs from the anime, only text.

The graphics for this game are outstanding, the whole looks and feels like it belongs on the PS2,from the very cool looking paralax backgrounds to the actuall Gundam suits, some of which are so big they take up the whole screen! There is also no slowdowns whats-so-ever.
http://img473.imageshack.us/img473/950/giantboss9dk.th.jpg (http://img473.imageshack.us/my.php?image=giantboss9dk.jpg)

And another thing that Bandai did an excellent job on that most fighters on the PSX suffer with, is the practically non-existant loading times, which is amazing considering how the graphics look.

Overall, this is a great fighter to add to your collection, and realy is buried treasure.
Bandai also released a sequel for this game, which improves on many faults that I mentioned here, so make sure to get it, and stay tuned for my review of it.


Rating Scale:


Graphics: Absolutely Awesome - 10
Sound: Generic, and the announcer is horrible! - 4
Gameplay: Very good, too bad every gundam controlls the same - 9
Replay value: With 21 characters, you will play this for awhile, though you may get bored since everyone controls the same. - 8.5

06-07-2006, 06:21 PM
makes me want to go find this game it looks really fun.being the fighter fan that i am i really want it.

06-08-2006, 12:16 PM
Console: PS2
The Pirate
Simple 2000 Series Vol. 96: The Kaizoku - Gaikotsu Ippaire~tsu!
THE 海賊~ガイコツいっぱいれーつ!~
Genre: Action>General
Designed By: D3
Release Date: 04/06/06 JP
Official Website: http://www.d3p.co.jp/s_20/s20_096.html

The video quality is much much better this time, I fix it so that the camera doesnt focus that much.

This game is an Action beat em up, sort of along the lines of Dynasty Warriors and Devil may Cry, in which you have to beat up hordes of pirates.

The main guy looks like a cross between Dante and Jack Sparrow from Pirates of caribeean.

The basic premise requires you to find ships on your map, enter them, and fight hordes of undead pirates, skeletons, and bosses. Once you kill a couple of enemies, your soul burning meter will build up, and once you activate it, your attacks get more powerfull for a couple of moments.

Once you kill enough ships, a dungeon appears on your map, from there you do the same thing you did on the ships, except now you are on land.

Repeat * 100

The controlls are your standart fare, you have your lock on button, your 2 attack buttons,1 button to shoot with your crappy guns, and you can roll/dodge by using the right analog stick. Dodging requires some getting used to, and sometimes doesn't work when you want it to.

You can also interact with the background, in one part of the game you can swing from one side of the ship to the other.

The Graphics and the level design are kind of bland, but they do their thing, which is to make it look like you are on the High seas of the pirate era.
The Camera is horrible, but since you can manually rotate it I guess it works, but it does get in your way.

The music is very well made, the sound effects themselfs are generic, each monster screams the same, and slashes the same.

Overall, this game won't appeal to many, but if you enjoy Dynasty Warriors and old school nes games, that don't have much story line, and only focus on beating the countless enemies, you'll enjoy it.

Final Score:


Graphics: 2
Sound: 7
Gameplay : 6
Replay Value :4, this game gets old pretty quickly, and with nothing to upgrade there is no reason to play it for more than a few hours.

06-08-2006, 01:06 PM
Does that gundam game play anything like endless duel? I was wondering if they ever made another 2d fighting gundam game.

06-08-2006, 01:19 PM
Yes its like endless dual for the snes. And about the other 2D gundam games, they made Battle Assault 2, and Battle Assault 3, but the third one is in 3D and looks bland, but it plays like 2D, at least thats what I think from watching the combo video.

Paper exe
06-10-2006, 12:56 AM
I don't get it, how come the first has picture the second don't!?
It is nice to see some one who is doing somewhat like what I am doing, but don't tire your self with a lot of Pictures, 4 is more then enough for the Magic members and try to make them at lest a little pit creative, do not take random shots, like what you did with two pict of the title screen, when you could have used them for a better use like an in game or cool pics, instead.

06-10-2006, 08:47 AM
Thanks for the helpfull advice Paper Exe

Yep, I'm planning to do a better layout in the next review, I'm trying to constantly improve it, those screens look like crap simply because I didn't take it with my camera, I just ripped them from the video, but no more! You ask I do!

As for why the second review doesn't have any pictures I had lots of stuff to do, but not enough time, so I decided to just throw the video in hoping it will be enough, but don't worry Hi-rez pics in the next review.

Hopefully the next games will be:
Battle Assault 2
Jikkyou Powerfull Major League
And hopefull Seven Mansions (Nanatsu no Hikan: Senritsu no Bishou) for the dreamcast. Which is a co-op resident evil style game.

Paper exe
06-12-2006, 10:38 AM
Well.....You don't have to use Hi Rise pictures, because that would make me look kind of bad. :o

06-12-2006, 11:56 AM
Spectral vs Generation
Console: PS2
Genre: Action>Fighting>2D
Designed By: IGS
Published By: Idea Factory
Video 1: Coming soon... too big for youtube, will include the 1 minute intro, plus gameplay.
Video 2:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k07h08Qxz_4
Video 3:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p7TIxOAryc0
Last boss Video 4:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YFNbhz4P97g

Welcome to another inexperienced review by me, Kiryu!
First of all, the state of fighting games today is grim, even in Japan, where there are less and less games being made. The market is dominated with SNK and Sammy, both of which are becoming lazy and just keep on releasing same ol'games with minor additions.(For example: Guilty Gear Slash and the new Power Instinct, while a good game, its just a beefed up port of the arcade version.)

That is why it is very refreshing to see a relatively new company releasing a fighting game.
IGS also created the very awesome "Gladiator Arcade game", based on feudal japan, which was released in the arcades in 2003,but never for the console, I might review it someday(with videos of course).

When you see Spectral vs. Generation for the first time, you might find the players drawn very crudely, something along the lines of a budget title, but trust me, when you start playing the game and see the awesome special effects that come out of the characters, you'll think otherwise.

The gameplay is also very similar to Guilty Gear, in which you can slide in the air, have air moves,air counters,and huge combos.

In terms of control, everything is responsive, you can pull of fireballs, and supers just like you can in other games.

The character selection is alright, for a first in the series anyways, by default you have 10 characters, and you could possible unclock the last boss.

Also there is very little modes, you got your standard arcade, vs, and training mode.

Overall, very fun game, which I'll be playing for quite sometime.

Final Score: 9

Graphics: 9
Sound: 8
Gameplay : 9
Replay Value :7

06-12-2006, 04:45 PM
looks like a cross between darkstalkers and martial champions.

04-21-2008, 09:06 PM
Kiryu reviews today:

The Supercard for the Gameboy Advance SP:


So I bought this, not much information on this, I guess everyone threw away their GBA and bought a DS. Well not me!

First of all requirements in order to play anything:
- GBA SP, GBA, NDS, Gameboy Player for GCN

- A Mini SD card, a regular Sd card won't work, which sucks since it seems that these mini ones are pretty much extinct from your local stores and can only be found online.

- Software, this box doesn't come with the required software, unfortunately on the day I received this, the official website was down, so I had to search far and wide, until I found an attachment on some forum. The software converts .GBA files into something the supercard can recognize (which are .gba files... btw). Since this software is obviously made in china, expect to know absolutely nothing on how to use this program.

- Optional firmware update, again hard to find if the main site is down, since everyone links it there and nobody uploads it themselfs

Now onto the actual cartridge:
The cart itself is like a regular cart, the miniSD goes inside it, it has a GUI menu, where you can store 64 files per folder, so create lots of those folders!

If you didn't convert the roms properly, you won't be able to save, and of you did its still a pain to do, since you have to exit the game that youre playing and enter the Supercards menu, and find your file there, and select it. Forget to do that and it won't save, simple, just like that Sega smash pack collection for the dreamcast.

The game run from 95% to 30% their actual speed, if you've added some options to your roms like save anywhere, easy restart, codebreaker, they will run even slower or won't play at all.

My backup version Sonic Advance 1 runs pretty good at 95%, Castlevania Arial of Sorrow slows down to a crawl at about 30% at the very beginning, but catches up to 50% its actual speed, still slow.

Sonic 1 the GBA version, runs very poorly, Wario Land 4 runs at 80%, but slows down to a crawl at the end of every stage, I guess to much mode 7 effects.

Phantasy Star collection freezes at PS1, but every other game works, there is a workaround but its retarded. I'll get to that later.

As we all know the GBA SP supports GBC games, if you stick a giant GBC cart it activates a switch which turns it into GBC mode, well since the Supercard is a small GBA cart, it can't do this, so the smart pirates gave you emulation of GB/GBC.

GBC emulator:
Runs slow, Dragon Quest 1-2, are playable, but the game is slow in towns, also the screen is not stretched just like the real thing and is a tiny square, not full screen. So you might have to strain your eyes everytime you play.

Nes emulator, runs all the simple homebrew games like Mario and Skin Head City ransom without any problems, though official game images like Parodius are slow and sucky.

SMS, now since the GBA of Phantasy Star freezes, you can use this mode, its not bad... but the screen is stretched, and you can't read anything, you can remove this but everything becomes zoomed in, either way you can't read anything.

PCengine/Turbograph emu, forget about this, I tried Keith Courage, slow and crappy, even crappier than the regular game.

Final Score:

for about 50 bucks, its not recommended, its good for some stuff and the ability to play some nes games is nice, if you find it for cheap like 20 bucks go for it.

3/5 disturbed Batmans

04-21-2008, 11:56 PM
Man... The 1 GB flash cart I have sounds way better. I'm sure that thing holds more files (with a big memory card), but the crappy saving and slow game speed are big drawbacks.

04-21-2008, 11:57 PM
I thought the whole point of flash cards like that were they were supposed to use the original hardware to run the ROM, therefor it would be perfect. Are slow read times affecting it?

I might get a GBA one when Nintendo offically kills the GBA. Only for one game, Mother 3 + a translation patch. I'm even going to buy the japanese copy. It's NoA's own fault.

04-22-2008, 12:02 AM
I just use mine to carry 8-16 games around in one cartridge. I own 'em all, of course. I simply desire portable convenience.

04-22-2008, 03:02 AM
since this is a ok spot to say it I will say I love my R4

12-22-2008, 12:15 AM
I was looking for the name of that Gundam game for ages, thanks Kiryu! :)

01-20-2009, 10:11 AM

I'm about 8 hours into the original ffta gba game, so far it's getting quite boring, all you do is fight the same monsters, with little storyline, after 8 hours i expected some sort of progress in the actual plot, only to see a small bit about 1 of the main characters, Ritz who comes and goes pretty quickly.

The battles take from 10-40 minutes, since your spells and attacks miss ALOT, wasting time and potentially screwing everything up for you and making things even slower.
Magic spells seem to hit everything in their pathway, even your teammates, which is sometimes inconvenient.

The battles are not very hard themselves, you are never outnumbered, its 6 of you VS maybe 5 Monsters

The missions are quite boring, so far most of them have been only "Defeat all enemies" or "Defeat the boss", which by the time you get to him, you already killed his teammates.
There are "Dispatch missions", which suck, since you have to send away your strongest characters since weak ones always deliver failures, and again slow your progress.

The graphics are really good, alot of detail in some places, not so much in others, you can't rotate the camera, so sometimes things get crowded and a tree or an incline might block most of your view. I don't think you can zoom in or zoom out on the camera, but that would of been nice to have.

There isn't much interaction with the environment during battles, other games like Saitsu Journey to the west let you destroy rocks and find treasure chests, not so in this game, all your goals are to kill, kill, and kill.

The only reason im still playing this is because it's easy and helps pass the time when you want to play something repetitive. I have FFTA2, and hopefully it will be better.

01-20-2009, 10:53 AM
Have you played the original FFT? Alot of your complaints could be applied to that as well.

FFTA wasn't nearly as good as FFT. FFT was an outright legendary game, I've played through it 5 times and am currently on my 6th playthrough. That said, even with the addition of stupid Laws and the stupid Ability system, FFTA was a fun game. If you scratch the screen up on your iPod, its still a wonderful iPod, just not as perfect as it once was.

Alot of fans of FFT hate FFTA because the series completley shifted focus. FFT was a dark game with a heavy story and soundtrack. FFTA was a bright and poppy game with a lighthearted story and peppy soundtrack. So the crowd that the original game attracted was not the same crowd the sequel was aimed at. I kinda enjoy a bit of everything so I liked both games.

I haven't beaten FFTA2 yet, but I think its the weakest of the 3 so far. They just keep making changes to the series for the worse and in FFTA2 your characters don't gain exp untill the battle ends which really bugs me.

memory to zack
01-20-2009, 02:20 PM
Im one of those that disliked FFTA and loved FFT. And just like Alucard often says for PC developers shifting to consoles, the franchise was downgraded.

01-25-2009, 03:44 AM
FFTA may lack plot, but the gameplay is utterly sublime and great for on-the-go play. If you're sitting at home playing for 6 hours straight, the lack of plot progress might be a downer. But playing it on a GBA or DS during breaks from class and such, the short missions work very nicely. I hear FFTA2 has an even less interesting story, which is a shame though.

memory to zack
01-25-2009, 12:13 PM
Yep, not complaining about gameplay. Its an enhanced gameplay of FFT, only big problem are those judges and their laws.