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04-28-2002, 04:42 PM
Another debate based on the GBA and Cube link up. Surely if you wanted to play a GBA game on an emulator you'd want to play USING the GBA has a handset - So... do you think it would be possible for a player to buy an official GBA game, hook it up to the cube and have it 'magnify' the GBA image on a tv screen? Surely that can't be a hard thing to do for a 128bit machine.

ALTHOUGH how would the cube know what to display on your TV? - It's not like your simply sending a projection of what the GBA is displaying down the link cable, you can only send a few bytes at best. So I suppose there's two ways of getting around this problem, one would involve selling a copy of the GBA game on a cube disc packaged with the cart, although this would rack up the costs of every GBA game. Another would be similar idea only it's a collection of GBA games on one cube disc that you would buy after purchasing the original GBA game. Either way the cube software would have to detect that the GBA had an official copy of the game plugged in - or would it? - When there's no game in the GBA switching it on does nothing.

You might think there'd be a piracy issue what with selling GBA compilation discs, but if they were special official cube versions of the GBA games made totally useless (by the developer) on the GBA there'd be no issues at all. Because you would STILL need to buy the original GBA game.


04-30-2002, 07:41 AM
if you want the GBA on your television, for between 100 and 200 american bucks, you can get a cable attached to your GBA that will allow such a connection
sadly, it's soldered in so it kinda sorta ruins the PORTABILITY of the GBA

on the other hand, GBA emulators for the PC have many graphics options available, and if you have a vidcard with TV outs, you can just use that to put GBA on your television (as well as any movies you download!)

04-30-2002, 10:49 AM
The whole idea of this emulator would be that you're still using the GBA handset. I suppose someone could just invent an empty GBA gamepad? Would look a bit weird though!