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02-19-2006, 01:47 AM
These wont be standard reviews but rather short atmospheric insights,impressions and personal memories..etc of the games during that era. Feel free to express your own insights about them.

Sega Genesis

Shadow of the Beast 1 & 2

02-19-2006, 01:48 AM
Shadow of the Beast 1

My first experience with Beast 1 was on sega genesis after borrowing this 8mb "ultra compressed" wonder from a friend. I was amazed at how crisp and clear the graphics were, no jaggy lines, smooth shadow tones and the parallax scrolling looked surreal. The Overal look of the game had an odd mysterious quality to it which inspired a sense of curiosity and "otherworldly" feel. i could listen to the eerie title soundtrack for quite some time and still enjoy it to this day.

I was rather dissapointed with the change in multiple scrolling layers going from a vast wide open distant view down to just a simplified background/foreground view and looking quite the standard 2d side scroller when entering the "tree/castle"..etc levels. During the "tree" level i noticed an interesting detail i never saw before and thats the huge skeletal remains of a monster that gave the sense that this beast once guarded the key thats now freely obtained here and has since died long ago. Outdoors you could see in between some leaves of the trees, the occasional blimp sailing by through the clouds, i suspect this part of the game is what took at least half of the 8mb's worth of memory. The game was rediculously challenging but had an enormous assorment of "monsters" to battle (if i recall correctly it was around 300 different enemies) and an overall straightforward "run/dodge/kill" type game. My biggest gripe is that the genesis version seemed to have a rather huge bug in that after defeating the dragon in the "castle" level the character could not continue on but was forever stuck in this area.I later found that this bug is also in all the rom images i've tried and apparantly the character should be free to continue on according to the walkthrough so i guess it wasnt a fluke. I never got to play the Amiga version.

Shadow of the Beast 2

The sequal to me felt completely different and had alot less detail in the graphics, i loved the haunting music and while it was quite larger of a game by comparison, the graphics left much to be desired and i felt confused sometimes as to which way i was suppose to go or what to do exactly. Its a shame they didnt port part 3 over to the genesis as i never got to play that supposedly "best" version.


This overly difficult side scrolling 8mb shooter was simply one of the best available for its time. The attention to detail was amazing like for instance the crevices in stones and meteors. It looked to me like they used all the graphical effects found in all other sc shooters found on any system including arcades. The companion pod was also interesting in that you could sent it out to absorb an enemies energy and then use its weapons. All the bosses were huge and very imaginitive but the difficulty was extremely aggrevating and makes it hard for me to believe that anyone out there actually beat this game without using any kind of cheats, if so then they must've played it daily for months. Overall it played just like Thunder force 3&4 with the only exeption of it having more detailed graphics, a cinematic storyline and an intent on causing people to pull the fillings out of thier teeth with a set of plyers.