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02-13-2006, 07:00 AM
Blizzard apologises to founder of gay-friendly Warcraft guild
Ellie Gibson 09:32 13/02/2006

GMs to undergo sensitivity training

Blizzard has apologised to a World of Warcraft player who was given an official warning for attempting to set up an in-game guild which welcomed lesbian, gay and bisexual members.

WOW fan Sara Andrews was told by a Blizzard customer service representative that she was in breach of the game's terms of service by inviting players to join her "LGB friendly" guild.

Andrews contested the decision, but was told: "While some language in and of itself may not be offensive, it may incite certain responses in other players that will allow for discussion that we feel has no place in our game."

Now, however, Blizzard appears to have had a rethink. In an email to Andrews published by US website InNewsWeekly, Thor Biafore, Blizzard's worldwide head of customer service, said that the company sends "Aplogies for any inconvenience this has caused you or your guild."

"The action that was taken by our customer service representative was an unfortunate interpretation of our current policies, which are currently under review... I have had the warning removed from your account. Please accept our apologies for the way our staff characterised your conduct, and rest assured that your account will not be penalised in any way."

According to INW, Blizzard COO Paul Sams has confirmed that a new guild recruitment channel will be set up, "Providing players with a designated area where they can advertise their guilds in an appropriate fashion." Blizzard is also set to provide"sensitivity training" for 1000 WOW Game Masters in North America, Europe and Asia to ensure there is no repeat of the incident.

Andrews told In News Weekly that she was glad Blizzard had made the apology, but added that she is "curious to see what they mean by their current policy being 'under review.'"

02-13-2006, 07:51 AM
Stupid WoW :kill: WoW (go down to hell so no one can play you!!!)

Yay to the heap of new MMORPGs comming out :D :D :D (DDO, RF, w/e else there is)

02-13-2006, 10:40 AM
this is what happens when the bulk other bulk of society discovers something.

its like why reality TV when it first appered had more quality shows and people- but now its just a bunch of retards who want to be on TV,

and most are gays, chavs, preps, wiggas etc etc
its like a case of monkey see monkey do... connectivity for retards.

they always follow suit sooner or later and saturate everything with turdiness.expect most pop idol contestant on the next diablo 3.


02-13-2006, 01:03 PM
The only person to blame here is that stupid sarah whore. Obviously the purpose of her guild is so she can find other girls she likes to cyber with, or even meet up with. There is stuff all purpose to that sort of guild, and certainly does nothing for the game. She's just being a stupid attention seeking cow and blizzard should of banned her for trying to start trouble. Go play a game. Dont bring fucking politics into it.

And Blizzard are right in saying others might hassle guild members. I mean the amount of 16 year olds that play that is sick. Like they care about being nice.

da missinlink
02-13-2006, 02:01 PM
so true, but half the fun is fuckin wit people... i mean sure itd be better if you know the person an they realize you mean nothin by it, but still by now people should have come to the realization that very lil of what is said onlin means jack an is sincere... i can honestly say that most of the time i spent talkin to people in guilds or w/e is spent trash talkin or pickin on someone for fun, kinda like hazin but since people know its all in fun an not meant to hurt them it doesnt screw them up like throwin fresh(meat)men into a hole an chuckin stuff at them... oh the good ol days :evilsmile

02-13-2006, 03:01 PM
What are the odds that Sarah is a guy??

02-13-2006, 03:25 PM
its been like 10 years and my mom and sisters only just discovered MSN.

and they only just discovered ares, i have no internet time anymore,

and what **** do they talk about?? well certainly more retarded stuff than i do online. its just an extention of the crusty glossy mag culture like such greats as, NOW, HELLO, JISM, OK, but now with added retard chat, and weight watchers pop-ups that send viruses, crappy retard content like what you used to see in the old ,y little pony annuals of the 1980's, and then to top it off when they **** something up- they want ME to fix it- no bloody way.

gaming and education i think are valid reasons for using the internet- not just more of the everyday crappola we are bombarded with- expect the internet to be the new reality TV along with all the people and all the people that watch it.

and its the habits that are worse, they will leave the internet running for an hour then come back to it, chatting about crap stuff on the phone while it sits there (what do they say- "i'm still using it") or i need to do reserach.- i only get to use it until after 12.00 when they are all asleep- then my eyes are dead by the morning for college.

aol chat retards are going mainstream folks- the 15-16 year old generation.

i say it will be another 4 years until they discover bittorrent. (leechs of death)
i pray they dont discover messege boards.

da missinlink
02-13-2006, 05:49 PM
lol so true... but your wrong they have discovered message boards, just maybe not the kinda less popular ones... i mean they go towards the tv.com an imdb.com style boards where its a topic that is more mainstream.... this is a great place but its kinda not in the area that interests the less knowledgeable people when it comes to games, tech, an anime... or thats how i see it

02-13-2006, 10:21 PM
It's hilarious to hear all the idiots at school talking about how hax* they are for using Limewire. :lol:

*And yes, they say it like that.

da missinlink
02-13-2006, 11:27 PM
wow thats sad... an anyway frostwire is betta than limewire now, or so i hear.... exeem was pretty good till it basically ceased to exist, unless thats changed recently...

02-14-2006, 12:56 AM
wow thats sad... an anyway frostwire is betta than limewire now, or so i hear.... exeem was pretty good till it basically ceased to exist, unless thats changed recently...

limewire was never good-

it was only filled with the most preppy wigga tunes, the ones i was seriously seaching out- none of them i found on limewire accpt the crappy mainstream ones, none of those cool obscure and welldone remixes that can actually make crappy tunes sound good.

but nobody goes around saying, have you heard the the check brothers remixes-

nope its only ever reggaeton or equivalent- (not saying reggaeton is bad in the least) but many other cult remixers go unnoticed, just becuause people's brain cant recognise more than a few becuase they are only listening to the cool aid-

and for the record i hate nicky-S garage of any kind.

imdb- has gone sucky, and the reviewers look like they just want to score kudos points on their literacy skills rather then giving a basic to the point review.

TV.com has seriously started to drop too.

plus ive noticed when seraching for like top ten best movies, that every list is composed of exactly the same films, like its artificially influenced by the imdb top 50.

theres some amazing films i would have missed if i couldnt distiguish between crappy preppy reviews and good niche cultured ones, and i'm talking film culture not movie culture.

to this day the best pre 80's has to be "ran" by "Akira Kurosawa"
but such genius will never be recognised when you have films like se7en which are usually slung in the replicator machiene.

i hate films that try to be tooo clever. but become the fodder of arthouse intellectual coffee shop dipshits.