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04-26-2002, 09:57 PM
I know this may not be a proper place to ask the question, but I want to know if there are any PSX emulators out there that run on Windows XP? I bought Virtual Game Station, but after I upgraded to XP and I realized that it doesn't work anymore! Bleem won't run on XP either, it's very annoying, why XP is such a suckie platform for games! Any help would be appreciated.

04-26-2002, 10:23 PM
you'll just have to make your computer a dual boot system (i.e. have both 98 and XP on your system)...

i installed 2K on my system, and Bleem wouldn't run, so now i have a 98 partition to play games in. best solution i could come up with...

04-26-2002, 11:24 PM
emulator programmers have agreed that while winXP maybe (maybe) is more stable, windows98se is by far the FASTEST operating system for emulation related needs

anyway, also VGS is the best, especially if you have nVidia graphics card like TNT2 and better because it will use it's own power to smooth over the pixelation related to sharper resolution on monitors instead of television...
it has the best compatability of all the emulators and probably the best all around sound of them all, too
it's difficult to beat
not to mention it's almost totally 'pop in and play' just like a good console!

check out www.aldostools.com because he has patches and other nifty things to make VGS even cooler, and maybe even a patch to get it to run in XP

alternately, I believe the SECOND best PSX emulator runs in XP, and that's 'ePSXe' which is an awful emulator that constantly has random crashes on my PC, but has almost as high a compat. rate as VGS (almost) and it uses plugins, which are a major pain in the ass since you almost always need a different config for EVERY SINGLE GAME! arrgh!
but if you have a good vidcard you can usually take advantage of that with higher resolutions, sharper textures and that sort of thing..

you will want a large hard drive, and rip your game to an image like a bin/cue from CDRwin because NONE of the CD plug ins are that good and eat up tons of resources and usually skip or don't play right anyway, while an image usually runs a hell of a lot smoother in ePSXe (also, it seems if you have any problems in VGS, using the virtual CDrom called 'daemon tools' you can load up an image file and it will make your computer and programs think it's a real CDrom with a real CD inside..aldo has links to it or has it at his site...)

good luck
but I'd go to windows98se all the way
sure it might lock up when you wanna watch too much porno or run fifty conflicting programs at once, but there's a reason XP has the legacy compatability modes...and that's because the win9x series is far and away the most consumer popular operating systems and more companies are apt to go for a 9x working program than some XP exclusive program because of that much larger market

04-28-2002, 10:11 AM
Pdaimaoh, do you think VGS looks better than bleemcast? Well the two whole games it operates anyway. What video card do you have and how smooth does it run VGS?

04-28-2002, 01:01 PM
bleem is the worst one of them all, there are really bad 'free' emulators by brand new emulator programmers that are better than bleem, which was a COMMERCIALLY SOLD product!

as far as that, bleem is crushed
further, I honestly think as far as consumer 'demographics' (I hate that word) VGS is truly the only PSX emulator worth being sold or paid for (even though I got it for free cause I'm into piracy)

my specs are a P3 550 with 64 megs of RAM (upped to 128)
my card is a cheap ass TNT2 GATEWAY model (because my computer is a Gateway...please don't laugh or scoff)
16 megs of ram on the card, I think

I've used the factory drivers and some updated ones, and it's all the same

VGS looks awesome, but remember that I'm much more a fan of 2D games like Castlevania or Final Fantasy Tactics

but anyway, straight out, and always on my first run of VGS from a clean install, all the games look very 'jaggy' or 'blocky' because every pixel that makes them up is shown very sharply on my computer monitor

on a television, you see a much lower resolution than nearly any computer (mine won't even go to that low of a resolution!!??)
and since the screen is interlaced, every other horizontal line of the picture is actually not even shown!

this basically helps console games look smooth even if they really 'aren't' and the developers know it

however, after VGS has run once and is in my TEMP directory, every further running plays the games SMOOTHED
this makes everything look MUCH MUCH nicer
it's kinda like going from a 8/16 bit looking model to a 128+ model (as far as the jaggy pixelly look)

VGS also runs from discs almost flawlessly, though once in awhile if I cast too many different spells in one battle on FFtactics, it will take a second to load the graphics (I think this happens on a real PSX, too if you cast more than 20 or so different spells)

I've run Street Fighter Alpha 3, Dead or Alive, Metal Gear Solid, final fantasy 9, alundra, vandal hearts, vandal hearts 2, puzzle fighter, and several other games in VGS with only FF9 needing a patch to run correctly

all the games ran at perfect speed, near perfect sound, except that higher pitched 'midi' type sounds were often much lower or even completely muted (no death screams in FFtactics, for instance)

all the graphics were correct, all the movies played correctly (FF9 needed the patch for it's strange movie formats)

it has never corrupted a save file, and has never crashed my computer, EVER

so far, the only games that haven't run in VGS at all (though it's been months since I checked for a patch)
are Dragon Warrior 7 USA, and Hoshigami: Ruining Blue Earth

both show the title screen and play the intro screens, but when you start a game, DW7 stops as the 'blue' screen fades in' but the music continues just fine...
and in hoshigami, the first and every story portion that takes place on a 'map' level, always shows the lowest left portion of the map and will not progress (music continues just fine)

tested in ePSXe, hoshigami BATTLES and setup screens and all of that worked fine, as well as saving and loading (there are programs at aldostools.com to convert savestates of different PSX emulators)
anyway, VGS still locked up at any story portion

and one game that runs fine but has flaws all over is Tactics Ogre
in VGS, it will say that it SAVED just fine at the load/save screen, and the 'check' screen will always show a proper SAVE, but when you try to LOAD it will always FAIL

strangely enough, on all the older revisions of ePSXe before the most recent release (last month) it would always say it FAILED to SAVE, but if you had a valid save file, it would LOAD just fine (???)
and REALLY odd, is even though it would SAY it failed to save, it actually WOULD save!!!!
this made the game playable, but ePSXe was very very slow because this game is hard on the processors anyway
much changing in the plugins made it run okay, though

like I said, though, I have been utterly unable to find out what is making ePSXe crash and totally lock up my entire computer (even when VGS would lock up in a game, you could always still shut it down and try again!)
when this happens I have to unplug my computer as often, even my POWER BUTTON will not respond!?

so I say USE BOTH
I have both installed right now
I use VGS as a first option every time
if I want to play the rare unworking game, I will struggle with ePSXe

I don't have bleem
my bro had it for awhile, and it was so utterly unworthy it is sick
but if you really liked how it would upgrade your 3D graphics and stuff, if you have a good PC and graphics card, go for ePSXe, as there are many plug ins to take advantage of strange effects (smoothing always sucks in ePSXe, unlike VGS, but Pete's GPU lets you add in 'scanlines' which simulate a television's every other line not being drawn effect)

04-28-2002, 01:04 PM
while it may not be okay, VGS is no longer sold, as Sony could not win against them in court, sony just bought them out and shut them down that way...

I have an installer of the final version of VGS that clocks in at 801kb!

very tiny and much smaller than any other PSX emulator, while still being the best of them all

if you would like
just email me

but it's a .exe file, so make sure you have a good virus scanner because you can't always trust people on the net (not that I'm shady, but for your own peace of mind and safety)

04-28-2002, 02:05 PM
Thanks for responding.I bought Bleemcast MGS and Tekken more as a novelty item since I knew the company was going under. I need to get a 3D card for my computer but I mostly play games on my consoles except for Balder Gate, Starcraft ect. I have a ton of PSX games (over one hundred) and I know that eventually the CD drive is going to wear out.
I just wonder how in the hell Sony is going to make the PS3 backwards compatible.

04-29-2002, 12:10 AM
I have a similar problem with PC version of Final Fantasy VII, the game won't run at all under Windows XP, it keeps saying please insert the game disc into the CD drive, and refuses to run. The same game was running fine before I switched to XP.

I was Squaresoft or Eidos would release an update patch for the game (although the game maybe too old)...

05-02-2002, 10:34 PM
I think ePSXe is an excellent PSX emulator, with the right GPU you can make a PSone game looks like a Dreamcast game on PC!

I tried to run Dragon Warriors VII on it, the graphics look like crap on my PSX, but under ePSXe the game runs in high-res and the 3D graphics are much more colorful and detailed.

05-10-2002, 01:21 PM
Are there any working Dreamcast and Saturn emulators out there?

05-20-2002, 12:38 PM
Why don't you all just get a Psone with 50 bucks?

05-23-2002, 04:35 PM
PSX emulators give better graphics than a real PSX or Bleemcast, that's the reason I play my PSX games on PC!

Some PSX games actually look better than Dreamcast in emulators.