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11-27-2005, 12:01 AM
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OK, I have recently reviewed:
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Rave (9/10 [4/5])
The King of Fighters NeoWave (7.5/10)
Samurai Spirits: Asura Zanmaden OVA (3.5/5)
Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children (4/5)
Street Fighter III 3rd Strike (9/10)
Fatal Fury the Motion Picture (3/5)

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Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (9/10)
Street Fighter Alpha Generations (4/5)

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Episodes: 51
Time (Approx.): 20-25 mins per episode
Other related stuff: Just the manga the anime is based on
Type: Fantasy & Adventure

Rave is on of the best animes I've seen yet. It's got a good mix of drama, romance, adventure, humor & action as well as a cool cast of characters. Though I have been noticing that a lot of people have not heard or perhaps never seen this anime. If you've seen a lot of anime (of those included are Naruto), then you may find the first episodes to be something you've already seen. However if you remain patient as the anime progress, you'll be hooked to it & want to know what's going to happen next!

Oh and one more thing: I'm reviewing the Jap version; I never saw the English version, but if anyone knows where I can download Subbed eps, plz tell me- the sub in my DVD's ****.

I hope with this review that I may enlighten some people to this nice anime & encourage them to watch it! So on with the review!
(Oh and the Blond Demon OWNS ya'all.)

The story of this anime takes place in a world where magic, science & mystical creatures are merged together.

50 years ago, a great war had ended. All were dead; both armies obliterated. The only one left standing was a young man & a strange white creature wearing 4 spheres as a necklace (the creature is more like a cross between a worm, a snowman & a dog) called Plue. The young man was Shiba- The Rave Master. After a long fight he & Plue were left alone to destroy the source of all evil- The Mother Dark Bring, Sinclair. This 'Dark Bring' is a BIG purple gem stone decorated with gold decorations. Shiba slashes at Sinclair with a mighty blow leaving a giant crack in it & Sinclair stopped glowing. He thought it was over, but Sinclair would not go down that easily. In a blinding flash a giant explosion occurs & destroys 1/10 of the world! This explosion was from then known as 'Overdrive'.

...and now 50 years later in the streets of Hip Hop Town, on the 66th Symphonian year- a teenager is walking around the streets of the city calling out for Plue. Somewhere else, a teenage girl is playing at a casino. In an akward mishap they meet & together they shall embark on a quest that will change their lives forever-literally...for their meeting was not by chance or a mere twist of fate, but more of an act of destiny.
(Oh and just for your info, that's the start of the first episode :D)

The characters:-
Here are some of the main characters of the anime. There are other main ones, but writing about them is gonna give out spoilers. Also I'll try to keep a 'low profile' on these characters as not to spoil some stuff about them.

Haru Glory:
The hero of our story. Haru was born & raised on Garage Island by his sister Cattleya after thier mother, Sakura, died some 15 years ago. He travels the world in search of the Rave stones to destroy what's left of the Dark Brings & bring down the evil organization Demon Card. He weilds a giant sword called The Ten Commandments & carries a Rave stone himself. When he puts this Rave on the sword, it turns into a golden sword called X-Plosion (Explosion) which can cause explosions as he swings it here & there or if he makes contact with his enemies.

Haru is a kind-hearted fellow who won't hesitate to help people no matter what thier problems are. He learned almost everything from his sister Cattleya, even when to know if a person is a good guy or a bad guy! Haru can be very stubborn sometimes & not give up. He travels with Plue to find the Rave stones & bring peace to the world. He meets up with Elie while she was at a casino.

Oh, and Haru's my favourite character in the anime, he's just cool with that silver hair & personality of his.

A beautiful young girl with amnesia. She can't remember anything from one year ago, only images of thunder striking her.

Elie uses 2 tonfa guns as wepaons & usually takes 'em out when she's pissed or going to help Haru. Speaking of which firing a few bullets from them can really relive her stress.

Elie's not very smart by the way, & she can come up with some crazy & silly ideas sometimes, but deep down inside she's a very kind girl with good intentions for all. After a short ordeal with the Demon Card, Haru promises to help her get her memory back, even if he has to go the far end of the world for that!...but the most noticable thing about her is that she's sort of addicted to casinos! That's right wherever they go, she hopes to find a casino, but hey she ain't like Tsunade! She's got the luck of the Gods by her side & can win almost anything in a casino!

It may not show up at first, but Haru & Elie love each other, even though this appears somewhat late in the episodes.

Musica is the leader of a group of thieves called the 'Silver Rythem'. You first meet him & his band stealing cash from a group of Demon Cards, but don't worry he doesn't seem to get his ass powned for it! Note that his first appearance has him with a dull hair-cut, but it later becomes somewhat spikey & more cooler.

Musica uses a very special type of weapon- a silver alchemic material that can transform to anything he wants it to be. He usaully has it transform into a spear when he fights. When he isn't fighting with it, he keeps it around his neck. This weapon of his always dawns a skull whenever it materializes. In battle he can prove to be a very worthy advesary.

Musica's a very smart & wise person, but he can be rough & mean at times, specially at a few of Haru's ideas.
He may not be a favourite character of mine, but he sure is a cool dude.
Musica joins Haru & co. on thier quest for the Rave stones later in the anime.

Ah yes, the mysterious Plue. What he is is unknown (but I might have a theory on what he is though), all that is known is:
1- He is addicted to candy, specially lollipops.
2- He finds Pudding to be Satan's food & will destroy it no matter what!
3- His nose is very hard & sharp.
4- He is the only one to seem to have the ability to find the Rave stones & Haru relies on him to find them.
5- He's got the IQ of a 2 year-old...what am I saying he BEHAVES like a 2 year old! I mean he can't even talk let alone yell out some cute voices.
6- Ain't he cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute?
7- He's more than 50 yerars old, but still acts like he's a 2-year old....
8- Is it me or does he remind you of Snoopy?
9- He's ALWAYS shivering, like he's in the antarctic or something.

Oh and Plue has been used as a living spear more than twice in this anime by Elie (she's got good aim or something like that), though the Organiztion for Quadrupeds Rights have not said anything about this yet :).

Hey wait did I give too much info on the little fella?

Hebi is Musica's right hand man, and treats Musica like he's his big brother. When Musica leaves the Silver Rythem to help Haru find the Rave stones, he gets very emotional.
Hebi is very smart too & later on you find out that he's more of an encyclopedia on a certian topic.
Nothing too special about, but I thought I'd just list him even though he is a supporting character. He does seem however, like a likeable fellow.

Griffon (English name is Griff):
This blue guy looks like some sort of deep sea jelly-fish. He first appears as a guide for Haru & Elie, but later becomes thier companion in thier quest to destroy the Demon Card. Griffon is just full of surprises, but I won't spoil them for you....except the fact that he's a pervert ^_^; (Oh believe me I think he & Ero Sennin would make a great team XD).
Also introduced with Griffon is the freaky Tanchimo.

NOTE: The spoiler is from the 2nd episode.
Shuda is one of the Oracion 6, the highest ranking generals of the Demon Card. He is the first of the 6 to meet and battle Haru. The strongest Dark Brings are usually given to the Oracion 6.
When Haru first meets Shuda, Shuda fights with the B. Flame Dark Bring which engulfs his enemies with a swirl of flames that won't let it's prey go until he/she is dead. ...but Haru comes out triumphant, still Shuda doesn't always need a Dark Bring to defeat his enemies- he's physically strong, but let's Haru go for one reason- he is the son of Gale Glory...

Shuda owns a giant high-tech airship & is a calm man & quite self-confident, but when he loses he doesn't get angry or pissed off or such, instead he just accepts his defeat gracefully.

Shuda is one of my favourite characters in the anime and a cool design as well.

King is the leader of the Demon Card & one of it's founders. At first it may seem that his main goal is to have the Demon Cards rule the world, but he instead has a more foul & dark purpose for the Demon Card. He wields the giant dark sword Decalogus.

Haru's older sister, she usually vists her mother's grave & has looked after Haru ever since he was a toddler. She currently lives on Garage Island with a big green talking sun to keep her company (oddly though I dunno what this green guy's name is, but he sure is funny sometimes :)) along with a forgotten old man.

Demon Card:
Ah yes the main villians. This organization has been causing hell all over the world for as long as can be remembered, although they started out small they quickly grew & became feared world-over. The Demon Card use Dark Brings to maintain control over the areas they have control of & to eliminate all those who stand in thier way. The Demon Card have a lot of soldiers, but they don't seem to use Dark Brings, so Dark Brings are mostly given to high rank officials.

Oracion 6:
As explained previously, these are the highest ranking 'generals' in the Demon Card. They're very powerful, but not as powerful as King.

Big Butt Bandits:
You thought Team Rocket were embarrassing? You definately haven't seen thse guys yet! In the US version they're made a lot more sillier, while in the Jap version they're aiming to be great thieves/bandits, and boy do they try to do it in some ways you wouldn't believe they are even capable of pulling off! So far the only one that seemed to cause trouble to thier plans would be Plue, who, the boss of the Bandits, seems to be very affected to. ...and who wouldn't to such a cute little fella? I ain't gonna spoil a lot about them, it's best if you see them to -_-; them!

The character designs are really good & some of them are cool, while there are a few which don't seem very interesting & the special effects are good too. By anime standards, I'd say they're pretty good. Oh and I've got to say that the expersions when they freak out is really funny!
If ya ask me, 5-year old Elie's soooooooooooooooo cute!

OK let me just say that the music is OK, even though there aren't a lot that I like. The one I really like in it is a theme that sounds somewhat 'knighthood'-ish if ya know what I mean.
As for the voice-acting, I'd like to remind you that I'm talking about the Jap version, so don't ask why I don't say anything about the English voice-overs.
Anyway, the jap voice-overs ROCK! I mean each character's voice-over just suits them, although some might give you a headache (Big Butt Bandits is an example). Haru's voice might sound a bit odd, but you'll get over it (I didn't complain). So overall no complaints about the voice-overs.

Action & Comedy, etc.:
Well the fights aren't as long as Naruto, but they may seem long the first time you watch them, but then you'll think 'Hey that was shorter than I thought', though they might seem like the type where 'Evil>Good at the start then it's Good>Evil and then lathe, rinse, repeat until Good wins', the Good & the Bad seem very equal even if the bad guys get the upper hand at first, still I quite enjoyed the fights. Oh and I know this is gonna sound whack, but there are episodes in which the character's blood is black! ...and no that IS in the Jap version!

Oh and the anime is filled with laughs, and if Naruto's '1000 years of pain' on Gaara didn't crack you up, you'll find a clip or 2 that'll make you laugh (For some reason I laugh at almost EVERY scene that's funny in an anime).

Oh and there are also some sad & romantic moments, TBH this anime has the most sadest scene I've ever seen, sob...oh and there's the 'love' between Elie & Haru which you find out later.

If you're patient through the first episodes, you'll start to like the anime, more after half the episodes have passed. This anime's got that thing you mostly see in RPGs- it's one story, but then it gets thicker & more darker. Hey, you never thought Naruto was about a ninja kid who just did missions & hopes to be the leader of his Hidden Village did you? ...and believe me when I say that there ARE episodes that'll make you go O_O or WTF (There's STILL that one scene that makes me go WTF everytime I see it)?!
Finally, whether you watch the dubbed or subbed version, there isn't much difference between them except the fact that the dubbed version has some of the main words changed & is censored. So it's up to you to whether watch the anime dubbed or subbed (I personally recommend watching the dubbed first, then watching the Jap episodes subbed).

Final Rating: 9/10

11-27-2005, 12:05 AM
3.... 2.... 1.... GO!!

11-27-2005, 12:07 AM
I'm not really a big fan of SNK's Dream-match KoFs, but this one sort of got me interested in it a lot & I like it more than KoF 2002, even though this game is based off it. Still this being a 'test-run' for the AtomisWave isn't that bad of a game and I find it more enjoyable than KoF 2002. BTW pleasae do excuse the lack of images.

Graphics: 3/5
The game's intro is as dull as Capcom Fighting thingy's where all the characters are shown along with some music. The main menu is like any other SNK port for consoles, there it is a window with the available modes & one mode for online play (lucky Japs).. If you enter the Options mode, there are 2 modes that might catch your interest- 1 is the Colour Edit Mode & the other is the 'Graphics' mode. In the Graphics mode, you can 'smoothen' the sprites like one would do using Photoshop & make them look 'nicer'........in a way, as well as switch between the Original Arcade backgrounds and the 3D backgrounds.

For the sprites, let me say that they don't seem to match with the backgrounds, even the original ones, even after smoothing them. Heck even the special effects of the moves are Neo Geo like, with a few exceptions

The backgrounds are life-less LITERALLY, though I must admit that they are very well done, however do not seem fit for a fighting game. There's a lot of animation & things going on in some of the stages/backgrounds, but that still doesn't sway from the fact that the backgrounds don't match with the sprites.

I find the artwork for the game very nice, even though some of the facials are weird IMO. The Character Select screen is pretty dull in my opinion & so is the order select screen. Then again it's just my opinion.

As for the Colour Edit mode, I haven't played with it much since I'm not good with such stuff, but I think it only allows for you to create only one custom palette (if does allow you for more, lucky you). I should note that there are more colours selectable by holding the Heat button and pressing any of the 4 attack buttons.

A final note- when you perform an HSDM the background turns black and bolts of green lightning appear while the HSDM is active. IMO that's one SFX that looks cool.

Game play: 4/5
All characters in this game play like their KoF 2002 versions, with Jhun playing somewhat like his KoF 2000 version & Saisyu playing like his KoF 98 version. However, some attributes for some characters have been altered, though I was unable to notice most of them, but I was told that there are some minor changes.

Even though the characters haven't changed (much), it's the game's mode of play that makes it interesting. Before selecting your characters, you are asked for which mode of play or 'Groove' you want to use. The 3 modes are: Super Cancel mode, Guard Break mode & MAX2 mode. Each mode his it's own attributes & vary with how the character wishes to play a match.

For those that are used to KoF 2002's system, they should use the first mode, as it allows for Super Cancelling into DMs & SDMs, as well as cancelling Special moves into one another. You can't use the HSDM in this mode, BTW & the Power Gauge behaves just like KoF 2003's. Finally there is no 'advantage' like in 2002 or 98.

Guard Break mode is an interesting mode at that. In it, you can Just Defend, but you won't recover life & can guard cancel into other moves after JDing, so think of it like SFIII's Parry system (anyone seen someone JD Ralf's Super Vulcan Punch SDM?). You can't for some ridiculous reason, Just Defend in the air. You can also do a Guard Break attack done as QCF+(HP+HK), which is like SF EX 2's Guard Crush attack, and costs one stock. You can still do DMs & SDMs, but cannot do the HSDM.

The final mode, MAX2, is for aggressive players, as in it the attack power of your characters are greater than normal, even more while in Heat Mode! The power Gauge fills up automatically, and you can do HSDMs & SDMs only when the life bar is in the red. Whenever I play against my bros or friends, they seem to use this mode A LOT.

The other addition to this game is Heat Mode, which is activated, by default controls, by pressing the L1 button. While in Heat Mode, your character's attack power increases, but their life gradually reduces. Once their life reaches the red area, Heat Mode ends and can't be used again. So as you can see this addition is like a double-edged, though fotrunately you can stop Heat Mode after it is activated. I personally should start setting the Heat button & using it while varying one of the shoulder buttons between LP+LK and HP+HK (for Guard Cancel mode) & telling my bros & friends about it (yeah I haven't told them of it yet, guilty!:P).

All of the above is the reason which makes this game FAR more interesting than 2002, even though a few characters aren't in it...............or is it just K9999 that didn't make it? Poor guy.......................

One of my gripes is the lack of unlockables, as completing Survival Mode unlocks the character artworks, by the artist that did them (what's his/her name again?) & playing through Arcade mode a couple of times unlocks the 5 hidden characters- Angel, Omega Rugal (>_< I was hoping normal Rugal), Seth, Kyo Klone & May Lee. This leads to a total of around 48 characters in all. My other gripes is the inputs for the HSDMs, I was really hoping that THAT would be the only LEAST thing SNK would change in this game. Finally, the damn game only loads from Memory Card Slot 1 & even ASKS you if you want to load the game data when the game starts-up...*sigh*

...and of course, what is a KoF Arcade Mode, without an over-powered cheap boss? Fortunately, his human player version is nerfed in many ways, but seems OK to be in tourneys...though I'd say his nerfing seems somewhat SFIII 3S Sean-ish.

As a final note, the hidden characters are selected by holding the R1 button over the specific characters (and I won't bother telling who :P).

Sound: 3/5
No say on the VAs or hit SFX as they are all pre-KoF 2003. The BGMs however, are hit and miss, TBH I like the music, but they don't seem like fighting-game type music. I'd say you're better off listening to them on an I-Pod, MP3 Player, etc. I'm not sure what determines which theme will be played, but I think the themes are stage-based & the themes don't cut into another theme like in 2002, but are just one complete theme.

There are 2 versions for the audio in this game, one is the OST & the AST. I personally like the OST over the AST (or is it the other way around? Damn SNK Engrish) 7 my fav. theme is the character selection one, which sounds somewhat SFIII 3S-ish.

The announcer, is a Japanese guy with a deep voice....................when will SNK ever use a REAL English announcer like in Garou? *Sigh*

Lifespan: 4/5
Not much to unlock, but Vs. mode is infinite. Also with the new 'Grooves', you may need to re-think your combos & how you play your matches giving you more time to practice your skills with this one, even though the characters play like 2002 (in which case you might just stick with the first mode).

Final Score: 7.5/10
I was at a lost between giving it an 8 or a 7, so I went with the average. I'd say the above pretty much sums up what I think of this game. Had SNK changed the some of the inputs & considered using a better OST I would've given it a better score. In fact for a test-run, I'd say SNK didn't even need to do it! I mean just take a look at NGBC & Samurai Showdown Tenkaichi! Whatever SNK were thinking with NeoWave, is beyond me, as they could've made it better. Still this game is the only KoF dream match that I like, even though there aren't a lot of characters I enjoy playing with (I mostly use K', Maxima, Vanessa, Ramon & Geese [yes Geese]).

It's a long shot, but I assume that this game will be bundled with KoF XI for a December 2006 release for you American gamers.

Until my next review...............read, sleep, enjoy, have sex, become my slaves, whatever.

11-27-2005, 12:09 AM
Gonna post another review later...........yeah definatly later.
BTW my current line-up of reviews include:
Fatal Fury the Motion Picture
Garou: Mark of the Wolves
The Big O Season 1
Street Fighter III 3rd Strike
Naruto the movie (MAYBE)

11-27-2005, 12:55 AM
Man, I want that new Samurai Spirits for PS2 import sooooo bad! When's that out?

11-27-2005, 01:21 AM
Ah... Groove adventure Rave. It was fun while it lasted. Hated the cliffhanger ending though. Im still hoping they make a second season.

I had some hope for KOF Neowave... guess im gonna wait for KOFXI :sweat:

11-29-2005, 02:17 AM
@Icarus, if you can import Jap PS2 games, then you can get the new Samurai Spirits Tenkaichi for the PS2.
@Nem KoF XI is magnificent, I know of some sites that have matches in them, though I ain't sure if they are still active :P. iF YOU want my advice rent KoF NeoWave, it's great for multiplayer, and if you like it buy it.
OK here are some more reviews comin' at ya!

11-29-2005, 02:18 AM
Info on this OVA:-
Title: Samurai Spirits Asura Zanmaden OVA
Length: 2 episodes each around 30 minutes long
Release date: December 1999 in Japan
Type: Original Video Animation (OVA)
Audio: Japanese
Subtitles: English
The cover

Well for starters, I am not a SamSho fan, but decided to get this OVA as I am big SNK fan, and that Asura was in it, so I was hoping to get some insight on him. In my opinion this OVA could've been longer as there were some fights that would've been good to be seen, still I was satisfied with the OVA, although there was too much talking/conversations between the characters, and with only 5 or so fights in the OVA.
In this review I will try to give an insight on this OVA and do so with fewer spoilers as possible.

Now even though I'm not a SamSho fan, I did do my research before hand on the games & their stories (the FAQ at GameFAQs) waaay before even finding this OVA.The events of this OVA take place after Yuga was defeated. Asura was a being that existed in the world of Makai (the demon world where Yuga comes from) of ages past. Asura was a walking death machine spreading chaos & rampaging through Makai, that is until Yuga sealed him. However, after Yuga was, the seal on Asura weakened and Asura was set free from his prison...and now he is PISSED! It seems in this OVA, he is looking for Yuga & wishes to destroy her & anyone related to her, which would explain why he's after Shiki as seen in this OVA.
That's the story in a nut-shell or how I understood it.

There's nothing like a good chug of sake after a midnight massacre

The characters:

Haohmaru: Haohmaru is one of the main characters in this OVA. I feel that in this OVA he was shown as his 'true self'; a lazyass, sake drinking, cocky, strong-opponent-seeking samurai. We also get to see some of his trademark moves in this OVA, such as his Senpu RetsuZan (Secret Cyclone Slash).

Nakoruru: She plays a REALLY major big role in this OVA. In this OVA, we see her torn between using violence to solve problems & not using violence, and is teased a lot by a young girl who I think is either Rera or her 'Dark' self that encourages violence to solve problems. Like Hoah, we get to see some of her trademark moves which include Mamahaha striking her opponents & Kamui Mitsube (cloak attack).

Nako dodging Asura's attack

Rimururu: Rimu's role in this movie is to baby-sit Haohmaru, and even though it's easier than Buttons' (Anaminiacs anyone?), it's as tough as hell. When Rimu is in danger, her spirit friend, Konril, steps up to protect her.

Galford: Galford doesn't play a major role in the OVA & I think he's in it just for cameo purposes. At any rate, all he does is pep talk Nako & warn Haohmaru about Yuga coming to claim his body again. There IS one scene where he goes off to fight a group of Deku's (Yuga's zombie lackeys), but you don't see him fight :(, sucks yeah I know.

Genjyuro: This badass mofo only shows himself at the first part of the OVA, at the beginning, where we see him after killing some bandits (or a gang) & complaining about how it wasn't worth the 300 Ryos he would be rewarded for. Unfortunately, he becomes the first to witness the murderous powers of Asura.

Shiki: Shiki seems to be on the run from Asura, but it seems that she is till under Yuga's control, as she seeks to bring a host for Yuga (or so it seems in the OVA). She doesn't do much fighting sadly.

Asura: The main character that this OVA seems to be about, he's really the bad guy of the OVA & everyone is trying to stop him from killing Shiki. IMO he's SO badass in this OVA & we get to see almost all 7 forms of his weapon.....even....

You know the next attack is gonna be a deadly one, if it has the devil's name in it....

Dark Nakoruru/Rera? (http://i35.photobucket.com/albums/d165/Urahara-sama/9.jpg): I'm not sure who she is but she appears with Shikuru (the wolf) & keeps teasing Nako about being weak. (click her name to see an image of her) It would seem that she wants to be the Guardian of Nature instead of Nakoruru since she sees her weak for not fighting & willing to spill blood for protecting Nature.

Dekus & Gandara: The Dekus are sort of like zombie soldiers while the Gandara is a Titan of Destruction. I believe they are fought in the SamSho games, but in here they don't do much nor do you see them fight, which sucks IMO.

...which is something Nako should make note of in future fights

The artwork:
The artwork doesn't seem 'movie' like, but is very good in my opinion and each character has been drawn & looks very similar to their game versions. The one good thing about this OVA is that there isn't an over-excessive amount of blood gushing from the injured characters, there is a lot of blood, but not as over-exaggerated as in the Jojo's Bizarre Adventure OVA (for those who have seen it.......I wonder if I've still got it?).

No comment :cool:

The action & stuff:
For comical relief, there's Haohmaru. As for drama, well there's a lot of it, but mostly concentres on Nako's thoughts of violence as a means to solve things (which include killing). As for action scenes, there are only around 5 of them, but they are REALLY good, even though they seem short, and I really enjoyed those fights. All in all the OVA seemed alright in all categories, though on a second or later watch, you'd mostly skip the long conversations.

The audio:
The Seiyus (Voice actors) that did the characters voices were really good and matched with the characters respectively Nothing to say about the music except that it's very dramatic. Though I hate Rera's voice as I find it a bit annoying.

Asura materializes the axe form of his weapon & damn does he look cool in that stance!

The intro for the OVA shows all the main characters for this OVA, we see Haohmaru walking while Cherry leaves are carried by the wind (think Byakuya's Bahn Kai), Genjyuro sitting & drinking some sake.......with the last character, Asura, sitting on a rock & then 2 giant black wings form on his back! That has to be THE COOLEST part of the intro.
Also regarding the subtitles, whoever worked on it did a really good job, but since this OVA was only released in Japan (and maybe Asia), the subtitles looked they could've used better words (an exmaple is how Rimu calls Haohmaru a parasite, I'm sure there's an english word for it, but I don't know what it is myself :P)

Final Score: 3.5/5
Too much long conversations is the main problem I have with this OVA, other than that I'm fine with it- Haohamru's comical scenes & the cool fights are what I watch whenever I re-watch this OVA. I strongly advice getting to see this OVA as it is one of the best SNK animes I've seen yet. Artwork was good like I said, though some of you might not like that much. Too bad Genjyuro only lasted 5 or so minutes in this OVA...*sigh*.
Like I said the OVA was short & could've been longer not to mention that the 2nd episode seemed rushed & didn't have a lot of stuff in it, but still it is a nice one.

Memorable quotes:
Asura: "I have no quarrel with you."

Genjyuro: "You dare turn your back on me!?"

Haohmaru: "That's my breakfast, lunch and dinner you senseless mutt!"

Rimururu: "Get him Konril! Beat up that ugly, gluttonous, barbaric, insensitive & useless parasite!"
Haohmaru: "Wait, did you say 'beat up'?!?!"

Asura: "Be-gone....or die!"

11-29-2005, 02:23 AM
NOTE: This review contains no (or very very few) spoilers, so don't worry about me spoiling the fun for you.

Title: Final Fantasy VII- Advent Children
Genre: Action/CGI
Release date: September 2005 in Japan
My Rating: PG for Strong violence & Mild language
Reasons to watch the movie:
Funniest scene in CG movie history
The fights
The motorcycle fights
Reno and Rude

Reasons NOT to watch the movie:
You don't like Cloud
You don't like over-exagerated fights
You hate Final Fantasy to your guts (or just FF7 alone)

Description: A great movie from SquarEnix and will make you think that 'Spirits within' never existed, even though it was an OK drama movie.

2 years have passed since Cloud destroyed Sephiroth at the Northern Crater. Since then life went back to normal, people went back to live their lives again, while the rest of the gang set off to help repair the world in their own way. For Cloud & Tifa, they started the Strife Delivery Service; ask for a delivery and Cloud'll do it.

However, there is an illness spreading among the children now, it is called the 'Geostigma Syndrome'. This 'Geostigma' causes pain to the children & no one knows what the cure for it is. Little do they know that the tragedy coming soon will reveal the healing elixir to this dreadful illness.

The above is the main movie's story-line, however this movie has to do mostly about Cloud, in fact this whole movie revolves around him. He still feels guilty for not saving Aerith/Aeris from her shocking death & how he had given Sephiroth the Black Materia which allowed him to summon Meteor to destroy the planet. As the movie progress he learns to let go of the past & create hope for the future, along the way finding the cure for the Geostigma.


Cloud Strife: The main character of the movie & the one the whole movie's plot is about. I won't spoil anything for you, so just read the paragraph under the movie's story to get some insight on him.
Cell phones are the method Cloud uses to 'stay in touch' with his friends

Tifa Lockhart: Tifa re-opened the 7th Heaven bar & know cares for the orphans who are infected with Geostigma. I'm sure you've all seen the trailers and were awed at her short fight scene, well the full version of her fight is even better, to heck with Loz, TIFA OWNS!
Tifa gets ready to beat the living crap outa Loz

Kadaj: He's the leader of the three stoog- I mean Silver Haired Men (or so they have been called somewhere on the net). He seeks to re-unite with 'Mother' & destroy the planet just as Sephiroth has been planning in the original game.

Yazoo: This long haired member of Kadaj's team uses a gun for battle & is very calm.

Loz: This guy's the team's brawler and is the one Tifa gets to beat up in the movie. This guy can get very emotional to the point that he'd cry at anything to do with 'Mother'.

Marlene: Wow, never thought she'd get a big role in this movie! She looks after her friend Denzel who is infected with Geostigma & she really misses Cloud since he hasn't been with them in a long time (no problem with Barret it seems for some reason).

Denzel: ...and here you thought this kid would have a major role in the movie. He's just one of the kids that are infected with Geostigma & gets healed of it by the end of the movie.

Cloaked man: For one thing, he is NOT Sephiroth.....nor was he the one who I bet $10 on being back when me and my bro saw the trailers (thank god he forgot about it). I'm not going to spoil anything about this guy, but you'll be awed when you find out who he is (or not).

Reno: The kickass Turk from FF7 who might've given you hard times when fighting him gets a good role in this movie. Let me inform you now that he wields the DEADLIEST weapon in the movie!

Rude: Reno's best buddy in the world also gets as much attention as Reno in this movie. I gotta say that he & Reno are my favourite characters in this movie. In fact Rude has been 'animated' so well in this movie you'd think Wesley Snipes was playing his role (Speaking of which he's gotta do his VA for the English version if you ask me)! Oh and Rude is friggin' PIMP & badass in this movie.
No comment

Vincent Valentine: The mysterious man found at the deepest rooms of the ShinRa Mansion in Nifelheim gets a small role in this movie. He seems to know a lot of things that are going on, but there is no reference to his past in this movie. Vincent fights with a gun & doesn't transform into monsters, either because he doesn't want to, or it was just an idea for the game back then, who knows. I'll admit he's pretty cool in this movie, this makes me excited more to play Dirge of Cerberus.

Cid, Barret, Yuffie, Nananki & Cait Sith: These guys have no major role WHAT-SO-EVER in this movie! That's right, they just come in to save Midgard from the monsters that Kadaj & his buddies unleash upon the helpless citizens. Just to note that Cid doesn't smoke in this movie ("WTF?!?!?!?!" is right people).

It's at this point that I want to state something which is the thing I disliked the most about the movie and that is that it doesn't tell you what everyone's been up to after Sephiroth was defeated, sucks no? Like I said this movie's all about Cloud.....

The Visuals:-

Wow splendid 3D graphics just as you'd expect from SqaurEnix. Most likely they'd use this for the cut-scenes in future games for the PS3, etc. The fights really bring out the greatness of the graphics in how the environments & physiques blend together. Honestly, the trailers were enough to let one know just exactly what they'd expect in the movie. I must also note that the CGI used in this movie have the characters 'animate' as if they were really live people.

Another neat thing in the movie is when Cloud is in a white area & then the next second a wooden floor appears beneath him. That was really good use of 3D CGI and isn't something that you might see in a lot of games (maybe it was present in MGS2 & 3?).

I have nothing to complain about the characters looks in this movie, everyone looks very similar to their 2D artworks or even better.

The action/comedy/tears, etc.

Hands down this has got to be the best action movie I've seen yet (well until I see Transporter 2 TBH). Even if you don't like the story or don't get it, the fights are enough to keep you at the edge of your seat, they are SO cool....to me at least, of course. The fights are sort of like some Chinese martial arts movie where people are flying everywhere & ****, but in this movie it's just so badass you'd want to see the fights over & over again, specially Tifa's.
The drama in this movie is mostly about Cloud getting over his feelings of guilt no more.

As for comedy then leave it to good old Reno, who deserves an award for the most hilarious scene in CG movie history to date....or the funniest scene of 2005. Honestly people, if you don't :rofl2: when you see that scene I believe you need to be locked up in an asylum (no offence though).
Reno: "Is it after us?!"
Rude: "I don't wanna know"

Not much sadness in this movie, except if you were expecting to see more of the other characters lives & trials.

The audio:

2 words: Nobu Uematsu. If you don't know who this guy is, then you obviously haven't been giving any notice to the credits of when you finished a Final Fantasy game (or at the start of some of them), or you've never played an FF game to even have heard of him. This guy worked on the music of almost every Final Fantasy game, and in this movie he uses music from the FF7 game itself, but in here they are re-mixed & sound really cool.

I dunno **** about Seiyus or Japanese VAs, but the VAs were excellent & they all suited their characters well....of course we might not hold much hope for the US version, mainly cuz Mr. T wasn't confirmed to do Barret's voice. ...and is it me or does Cait Sith sound like Kon from Bleach?

Final Verdict: 4/5
Well if this movie hadn't concentrated on Cloud a lot I would've given it a full 5/5. However, the fights, Tifa's ownage (even if by a little) & most importantly the funniest scene in CG movie history make up for that.
Like I said this movie is the best action movie I've seen yet, in addition to it's beautiful music, great fights & nicec story/plot.
I needn't remind you again that this movie concentrates more on Cloud than anyone else, so if you think this is a reason that you won't like or enjoy the movie don't bother to watch it, or just rent it & if you liked it buy it.
As for me I think I'll buy the DVD when it is available or wait until it gets cheaper & then buy it.

11-29-2005, 02:28 AM
Manufacturer: Capcom
System(s): Arcade, Dreamcast, PS2 & X-Box
Released: 1999 in Arcades & Dreamcast (?), 2004 for PS2 & X-Box
Genre: Fighting game
Players: 2 Players

I can remember the very first time I played Street Fighter III. It was years ago in an arcade & it was Double Impact. I picked Ryu & selected his Denjin Haduken, I was pretty much awed that he can charge his super just like Kyo did in KoF (course back then I was a kid). I then played SFIII New Generation at another arcade, I remember picking Sean & Dudley & I REALLY liked playing with them.

I was pretty much shocked when I played 3rd Strike, Sean's horrific nerfing was too much! It displeased me how Capcom had scaled down such a cool character to the point that even 12 can beat him (not that 12 sucks or anything, mind you I like that badass G-Mutant)!

At any rate, here is my review of this great game, the one I declare as my favourite & best fighting game I've played to date. I doubt I could find any other fighting game that could match it's uniqnuness, which is something you will find out more in my review, though with KoF XI, NGBC, Samurai Showdown Tenkaichi & KOF MI2, that might change (though I still doubt it :P).

So without further ado, on with the review! (Oh and I got the images off combo vids so credits to those that made them [Drunken Master, SlimX, RX, Powerstrike, etc. God bless thou souls]). Please do excuses blurring in any of the images and know this: ALL THESE IMAGES ARE FROM VIDS THAT CAN BE FOUND ON THE NET!!!

Graphics: 4/5
The game's intro isn really good, where some neat artwork of the characters is shown while a rap song is being played. The main menu is as dull as SNK's main menu, though at least there's some hip-hop being played which gives the main menu a more interesting feel.

I have a hard time getting Alex on the damn thing & they got him trapped in it!

The character select screen made me go WTF when I first saw it. I personally liked Double Impact's character select, for some reason the 'chain' style in which the characters are aligned in didn't appeal to me at first, but then I got used to it. However, the screen's orange background sort of feels dull, as I remember DI's & NG's character select screen had a nicer background.

The artworks are really nice and seem to capture the characters' feel, though some character's faces seem dull (mostly Elena's :(). The ending artwork is drawn in the same fashion as you know. My biggest disappointment was how there weren't any victory artwork. Man I miss the victory artwork for DI & NG's, seeing your beaten up opponent lying there in shame......man that gave such a kickass feel!

The backgrounds are somewhat of a disappointment. Most of the backgrounds feel like they're desktop wallpapers or something. Elena's stage really sucked, I miss her bridge one from DI, and Alex & Ken's stage is dull too. Despite this, the backgrounds have some good detail & colour work in them, so I should give credit that they are a work of art. Still, I am disappointed at how the stages turned out. I do have some favourites of course, mine happen to be Remy & Hugo's stages.

The characters' animation is SO fluid and beautiful. I doubt ANY fighter could match the sprites of SFIII. I really like some of the expressions on characters when they get hit (Hugo & Chun-Li come in mind) and their 'hit' animation (when they get hit) looks really good (OK, I'm actually referring to Necro & 12, heehee). The game's special effects are magnificent and can only be rivalled by Garou's & Guilty Gear's.

That's just what I got to say about the graphics. It greatly sadness me that Capcom had to kill off the CPS3 system, I know it wasn't the best arcade board, but it's graphical presentation seemed unmatched even by Guilty Gear X2's.

There a few tutorial vids on the net that'll help you learn the game

Game play: 4.5/5
After selecting your character, you are asked to choose which Super Art (SA) you wish to battle with. The SA you select can GREATLY affect the way you play. The best example for such would be Dudley- most players will recommend selection SA I (Rocket Uppercut) or SA III (Corkscrew Blow), and would rarely use Rolling Thunder. The reason for this being the fact that SA I & III allow for more stocks for performing the Super Art and the ability to perform more EX moves. I, for one, vary between SA I & III for Dudley & choose SA II if I want to go easy on someone or just for a change. This does not mean that you shouldn't use Dudley's SA II a lot, heck if someone can win more fights using Dudley's SA II, I'd take my hat off for them.

Let me now say a somewhat 'biased' opinion- **** all of Ryu's pervious incarnations/versions in any game he appeared in (except SFII & I :P). SFIII Ryu is the BEST Ryu I've ever played. All his other incarnations felt the same & dull, but his SFIII version takes the cake! I can't understand why Capcom REFUSES to use his SFIII version, seriously, I mean what harm would it to do to AT LEAST add his Joudan S. Geri (HCF+K) to his move lists in later games other than SFIII, IS IT?!?! *Sigh* main reason why I rarely pick Ryu in games other than SFIII. (BTW if Ryu still had 2 Denjins in 3S like in DI he would be God Tier).

Ryu & Akuma/Gouki have some good damagin combos in this game

There are A LOT of things that make me consider this game the best one I've played yet. One of them has to be the Juggle Limit system. I don't recall ever playing a game that gave a limit for how many hits a juggle combo can have, seriously SNK should at least learn this from Capcom and use it in their games! In this game, a juggle combo ends when the hit counter reaches 6 or so hits. There are some moves that look like they juggle an opponent, but the game won't register it as such, maybe due to damage scaling (which is why Q has a 5 hit combo juggle ending with SA II, but you can't combo after). There are a few exceptions to this BTW (SA III Oro anyone?).

Another thing I find good in this game is damage scaling. If you start a long combo & then finish off with an SA, the SA will cause nearly SQUAT damage! (try doing a long combo with Dudley & finishing with SA I). One thing I find somewhat 'unfair' about the damage scaling is when you Super Cancel special moves into an SA. An example of such is cancelling Ryu's Haduken into his Shinku Haduken where you're better off doing a Crouching MK into the Shinku as it does more damage. I recall once seeing a combo where Chun-Li did her Lighting Kick (Tap K rapidly) and then comboed (I don't think it was a super cancel) into SA II and it did pathetic damage! Still I find this damage scaling a good thing in the game. There are of course some simple damaging combos, though the one I find a little bit 'overpowered' in a way would be Urien's unblockable with SA III (Aegis Reflector, a.k.a Satanic Plates of Torture and Doom).

Under each characters life bar is another bar called the Stun Gauge, if this gauge fills up, your opponent is dizzied/stun and you can get an extra hit or combo in. I've seen a couple of combo vids where some character's kept juggling their opponent while they are dizzied, although some are possible, others are down right impossible.

I also like this about the game- combos that can ONLY be done on specific or an individual character only. I know some other games have it, but SFIII's a lot more interesting. An example of such would be doing a neutral throw with 12 on Hugo (LP+LK only) then doing SA I or SA II & Hugo gets hit off the ground! A good advantage for the G-Mutant. Another example would be Dudley juggling Elena with 3 or so Crouching HKs & Makoto's Forward, Down, Down-Forward+P juggling Elena while she's standing. There are other 'character specific' attacks and combos, and it's one of the things that I like the most about the game.

My final favourite addition to this game is the Grading/Ranking system- after each battle you are ranked on how you played that match. The highest I ever got was SS Gold & the highest rank is MSF (Master Street Fighter?). The basic premise from what I've seen, in order to get a high score is- vary between being defensive and offensive, poke, use your moves wisely,punish when possible & use Super Arts & EX moves whenever you can. Oh and don't forget to parry. I have to this date gained but one SS Gold in a match: Alex SA III vs. Ryu. When I got SS Gold, I went WTF?!?!, man it's gotta feel real good getting a really good ranking for playing really good. :cool:

Parrying is one of the basics in the game which allow you to negate or nullify your opponent's attack and counter accordingly, however not EVERY parried move can be punished. Red Parrying is a new addition that wasn't available in DI or NG and it's basically to block then immediately parry the next attack that comes after the first blocked hit. I haven't seen many uses for Red Parrying, except that Remy can use it get his SA III to connect.

Another basic that should be remembered and done when possible is Personal Actions (or as some lazy asses call them 'Taunts', which I find is somewhat 'dissing' to the game). P.A.s are performed by pressing HP+HK and affect the character you are playing with. For example, Akuma/Gouki's P.A. will cause his next attack/combo to cause more damage & stun, Chun-Li's P.A. (if I recall) speeds the recovery of her Stun Gauge & adds some more bonuses to her as well sometimes, while Q's P.A. turns him into Superman after 3 simple ones. Some P.A.s are slow and may not have enough time to finish to gain the bonus for use if, say, you knocked them down and then did it (like Remy's P.A.). One fun thing is that P.A.s can actually K.O. a character! Of such are Yang's, Sean's & Urien's. It is advised to know what each character's P.A. does and perform then when possible as they may sometimes turn the tide of battle. (BTW for Oro's P.A., you need to HOLD HP+HK so that his Stun Gauge starts emptying. Also for the Poison Taunt for Hugo, it's Up+HP+HK for the PS2 & X-Box as well ).

The game also has Jump Cancels for some (if not all) characters, they are performed by Pressing Down then Up quickly when that attack hits the opponent, examples of such are the last hit of Makoto & Chun-Li's SA II (both), Chun-Li's close Standing HK & the Twins close Standing MK. For those having a hard time pulling off Jump Cancels, wiggle the D-Pad/Joystick (between Down-Back and Up-Forward or something like that).

Another addition to the game is Kara Cancels. Karas are somewhat difficult to learn and master and may take to up to 3 months to learn! Even I have difficulties with them to the point that no matter what I try I can't seem to perform a Kara! Karas are performed by doing a normal and QUICKLY perform a throw or a special move. What will happen is that the normal will be omitted and the special move or throw you inputted will 'override' it & come out instead. The main advantage to it, is that it'll 'extend' the range of some special moves (a popular one is Kara Canceling into Makoto's Forward, Down, Down-Forward+P/2P) & 'move' your character forward to attempt that throw (an example of such is Kara Canceling Hugo's Standing MK into LP+LK). I may not bother learning this ATM or in the future, but I might get lucky, who knows.

Each character has their own way of playing as them. Dudley, Akuma/Gouki & Ryu seem like rush-down type characters in this game, while 12 & Remy are more of defensive type characters who are played in a somewhat 'keep-away' style. In addition I've noticed that some characters specialize in Stun like Ryu, Alex, Makoto & Yang.

Beating the game gives you the character's ending of course, but completing the game a few times unlocks some more pages in the System Direction, and beating the game with all the characters unlocks the forbidden Gill (forbidden in 'GILL SHALL NEVAH BE USED IN MATCHES OR TOURNEYS!'), whom in the PS2 version seems more balanced then his DC or Arcade version (from what I've read), heck try this combo: [I]Jumping HP-->Crouching HP-->QCB+LP-->QCB+LP and you might see what I mean (yeah I know the damage is big, but wasn't this an infinite in the DC version?).

Speaking of System Direction, though it is a nice addition, I barely use it, as I prefer playing the game the way most people play it (or in arcades). Since I've got the Japanese version of 3rd Strike I did a little search and played the game with System Direction, although the alterations I made looked interesting I felt that they broke the game in a way (one option allowed normal attacks to combo into attacks that they would normally NEVER combo into, like Urien's Standing HP-->Tackle/SA I [this was only possible in DI if I recall]). I won't say Capcom wasted their time in adding such a feature, but it would feel nice to mess with the game at times (notice I didn't type 'sometimes').

Finally, Arcade Mode has 2 Bonus Stages, one is the classic 'Crush the Car' from the days of Final Fight & the 'Parry the ball' training with Sean. If you do REALLY good in them, your chances of getting a high grade by the end of the game increases! Another '3rd, hidden Bonus Game' is a fight against CPU Q, which is achived by doing certain stuff first.

Well I think you can see what my opinions on the game play is from the above paragraphs. The reason I didn't give this a full score is due to Sean & Ibuki's nerfing, which pretty much sucked IMO, still they can put up a fight (yes even Sean you bastards/bitches!), among other things.

Sean & Ibuki can still put a fight and have some good combos into their SAs

Sound: 5/5
Hmm wonder if Daisuke got the idea of using Heavy Metal music for GG X & later games seeing how SFIII 3S used Hip-Hop/Rap & that mix worked with it? Might be wrong since I've never played the original Guilty Gear to be sure (then again the PSX [i]wasn't[/] THE............WTF am I blabbing about?!?!).

Now Hip-Hop/Rap maybe not be the type of music to use with fighting game, but somehow it managed to work with this game! I mean the themes have the feel of the stages in them, with a few having the feel of the characters (OK maybe Beats in my Head might be an exception) & there a lot that sort of invigorate you to play while listening to them (Crazy Chilli Dog, The Circuit).

I personally like the music for the game, and the SFX aren't bad, though they seem to remind me of KoF 2003's hit effects.

Also, is it me or does Q's theme sound somewhat 'Techno/70-80s-ish'? Cuz it's funky & totally suits Q (Heck it's even called 'The theme of Q' if I recall)!

Remy is pondering on how such a condition is reached

Lifespan: 5/5
Vs. Mode is infinite, Arcade mode has the cheap-ass, overpowered muthah fugger Gill, which if beaten (if ever heehee), nets you the ending and your final score and grade. ATM my highest grade is SS Gold...with Sean. Also beating the game with every character unlocks 9 additional colours for them! 1 is selected by pressing LP+MK+HP, while the other 8 are selected by holding Start and pressing any button (I think this is the same for the X-Box version too).
So gather some friends & play this gem till midnight & ORGY TILL DAWN!!!!!!

The Aegis Reflector knows neither God nor Bottom-fo-the-pit Tier, only torment & pain (hence, Torture and Doom). The above is but a fraction of the horror they can cause!

Final Score: 9/10
I think I'll summarize what I don't like the most in the game- The raping of Sean & Ibuki, Ken being SO FUCKING OVERPOWERED & the backgrounds. Other than that, this game is gold. If you don't have this baby among your fighting game collections (even Neo Geo ones), you deserve to lose against a grade MSF Twelve, move yo ass and get this baby for the PS2 or X-Box, biatch!!!

Some SFIII vids can be found here (there are a few links above it for some more vids) (http://page.freett.com/3rdpage01/)

This is yours truly beaming up back to God knows where, and remember:

11-29-2005, 02:29 AM
Released: 1994
Type: Anime, Action, Drama
Age rating: 15+

Description: Joe could've kicked so much ass in this movie. ...and Hwa Jai ROCKS!

The person who worked on the animation & script for this movie is a bisexual person as you will find out in my review (J/K couldn't think of an intro so I stuck with this silly line :P).

SNK's engrish or intentional for Mai fans, your call

It's been nearly a year since Terry defeated Krauser, while everyone was living their normal lives, Joe was getting ready to regain his title as the Muai Thai champ. After doing so, he holds a party & invites the gang, but an attack from an unexpected guest reveals that a man is after the Armor of Mars, that when gathered together will unleash chaos & terror upon the world. Sulia, a young girl who wishes to prevent Armageddon, seeks the help of "the man that defeated Wolfgang Krauser", known as Terry Bogard, to aid her in her quest.

So Terry, Sulia, Joe, Andy & Mai set off to stop the one collecting the remaining pieces of the Armor of Mars, searching between Europe and Asia!

A historical landmark makes it way to the movie :cool guy:

The characters:
I'm going to split them into 2 categories:-

The Main Characters:

Terry Bogard: The main hero of the movie. Still haunted by the death of Lilly from the first Fatal Fury movie (no not Billy's sister, this is another Lilly), he fears the same fate for Sulia and sort of being over-protective on her. He gets the most fights in the movie & we get to see some of his trademark moves which don't look bad in this movie. He also got one WAY over-rated Powah Geyza!

Andy Bogard:
Andy joins Terry to help Sulia prevent the Armor of Mars from being gathered. Mai keeps sticking to him in this movie like glue & for some reason he just doesn't fall for Mai at all, though that changes by the end of the movie (w00t!). Like Terry we get to see some of his trademark moves including the Super Sonic Swirl (Chou ReppaDan).

Joe Higashi:
Joe doesn't fight much in this movie for some reason! This totally sucks as I was hoping to see some kickass Muai Thai action, but all you get to see him do is slow down the final bad guy so Terry can finish him off. He sure does do a lot of talking in this movie & feels the same as his game version. Speaking of which how the HELL can someone get hospitalized from a Blitz Ball?!?! I mean REALLY now!

Mai Shiranui:
Her main role in this movie is fan service. 'Nuff said. Of her moves you see in this movie are Butterfly Fan (Kacho Sen) & RyuEnBu (Dragon Flame Dance). ...and I repeat her role in this movie is for fan service purposes.

Sulia G.: OK, so I can't remember her last name, sue me! This little angel requests Terry's help in stopping her brother Laocron from gathering the Armor of Mars. Though she knows squat about fighting, she has the ability to heal. She's one of my favourite characters in the movie & for some reason she reminds me a lot of Hotaru. Wish she made it in later SNK stuff. *Sigh*

Laocron G.: Sulia's brother who is obsessed in gathering the Armor of Mars. He has 3 cronies working for him, though his fighting abilities seem to surpass theirs all together. A nice design I must say & would fit to be in a fighting game, given some OK moves.

Panni, Hauer & Jamin: Laocron's henchmen, each having their own style of fighting. Hauer looks SO gay (his mask is gay, he puts on lipstick, what more would you want as evidence?!), Jamin looks fine & Panni is hot.

What's this Mai? Showing off your jitsus in public?! That is SO not Shinobi-like! :naruto:

The Secondary Characters/Cameos:

Kim Kaphwan: He pops up at Joe's victory party & beats the 'living' **** out of Zombie Cheng. We get to see him perform the Phoenix Flattener (Hou'ou Kyaku) in this movie & damn does it look lethal!
Moreover, we get the VERY first glimpse of his wife & two sons, Dong Hwan & Jae Hoon! ...and boy is Dong different than his grown-up version!

Cheng SinZan: OK, why the heck did he move his fat ass over to Alexandria only so he can get a one way ticket to the hospital some 10-20 minutes later in the movie? Plus I could SWEAR he's lost some weight! Really!

Big Bear/Raiden: He only appears as a cameo in the movie, whatever it is he's doing at Joe's party is beyond me, but I'm glad he was put in. I wish he'd make an appearance in future SNK fighters (KoF XII anyone?).

Lilly: She's from the 1st Fatal Fury movie & was Terry's girlfriend back then, who gets killed by Geese's men. Terry is haunted by that memory in this movie & her spirit is trying to get him to get over it. Again I remind you, this is NOT Billy's sister!

Duck King: Duck King runs a night club in China (IIRC), and damn is it HOT! He may not play much of a role, but his short role was enough to my satisfaction.

Billy Kane: He is seen in Duck's night club & then reports to Geese about Hauer, not much of a role. You also see Ripper & Hopper with him.

Jubei Yamada: He holds some information regarding a piece of the Armor of Mars, but would rather spend his time in Duck's sexy night club. I don't think making him a perverted old geezer suits him, though his comment on Mai when she's dancing cracked me up. We get to see one of his moves in this movie- Senbe Shuriken/Cookie Cutter. One last note: Jubei is such a pimp in this movie :cool:

Laurence Blood: He's looking over the House of Strolheim with the absence of Krauser & gets his ass handed to him by Panni. I must admit his Bloody Spin looks real cool in the anime!

Geese Howard: We see Geese practicing the Raging Strom & trying to make it more powerful & damaging. His scene IS THE BEST SCENE IN THE MOVIE IMO. Damn that Raging Storm looks deadly!

Hwa Jai: He is Joe's opponent & gives him a beating which doesn't affect Joe in any way. He gets KOed by a knee to the face (damn that had to hurt) & loses the title of Muai Thai champ. Wish he had a bigger role in this movie.

Nakoruru: Woah now don't get the whole Timeline thing in here people! It's just Mai disguised as Nako, nice cameo.

This is what Terry's Crack Shoot would look like 'in real life' it seems. Not bad, though the art is a little in this part of the movie

The art:
Okaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy, the art, well it's hit and miss. First of all most of the guys faces look like women for some reason, which is really weird, and is somewhat hard to get over (specifically the Bogard bros). The gals are well, let me just say that if you're looking for fan service galore, this is one movie for you.

There aren't many fights in this movie, but the art for them isn't bad, though Terry's first fight wasn't drawn too well & looks scribbley even though it was animated pretty good.

There is blood in this movie, and fortunately it's not overrated. One thing I want to comment on is the locations, in that some of them don't look very detailed & are just plain colouring and seem dull or lifeless.

So maybe this movie ISN'T the best drawn/animated fighting game based anime movie, but it's still passable.

Take your eyes off of Mai's sexy ass for a second and explain to me why Joe's wearing underwear & not shorts?

The action & stuff:
The movie starts off with a view of the planet earth from space and then you are shown Cheng (who I could SWEAR had lost some weight!) excavating for some ancient relic, but then he and his associates (how'd he pay for them anyway, I thought he usually runs out of cash?) are attacked and the relic is stolen. It is then that the villains show themselves. The way Hauer & Laocron debuted is really BORING & somewhat clich? I must say.

Though there's a lot of conversations & dialogue in this movie, I don't find them dull or meaningless. The fights are short but OK and as I said Terry's Power Geyser in this movie is WAY over-rated! For comical relief there's Joe & Mai's attempts at Andy falling for her, with Jubei's scenes winning the prize.
Speaking of the action scenes, is it me or do the characters fight somewhat Dragonball Z-ish where they fly in the air and ****? Cuz that's something Andy did in this movie- WEIRD! Still the fight scenes are nice, but they could've been longer and could've gone with some punches and kicks if you ask me.
Speaking of which the way Andy beat Hauer was ridiculous! ...and hilarious if I may add
Oh and this movie has A LOT of fan-service in it & not just by Mai.

Jubei is such a pimp :cool guy:

The sound:
The music isn't that great since it's very dramatic & somewhat generic, but the Japanese VAs for the characters are fine, though Jubei's voice sounds somewhat weak when he first appears. Joe's 'Yosha!' sounds very similar to his fighting game version & Duck's English lines should not be made fun off, at least they're better than SNK engrish by a million time (and it rocks).
I should note that I DID NOT listen to the English dub of the movie, only the Jap one with English subtitles. Not that I fear horrid American VAs or anything, it's just that I've become more accustomed to Japanese VAs for animes now (Damn you Naruto!).

It seems no matter WHAT Mai wears those things have to stick out

The left-overs:
I just want to say that my favourite scene in this movie was Geese performing the Raging Storm, which was SO BADASS! I gotta find a way to make a GIF av of that! Oh and this movie's got a lot of fan service, specially Mai.

Final Score: 3/5
I still find Street Fighter II The Animated Movie, the best Fighting game based anime movie I've seen yet. This one is OK, but had Joe had more fights (or the fights were a bit longer), I would've enjoyed it more. Still you should get a chance at watching this movie, it's nice.

Here's something for all you Andy & Mai fans out there (http://i12.photobucket.com/albums/a236/Byakuya-sama/FF9.jpg)

11-29-2005, 06:01 PM
Thanks for the wicked Third Strike review! I'm one of the poor fu**ers that hasn't played this yet, but after reading your review and watching a few of them videos, I'm sold - I particularly like the fact that it's a fighting game with a hip-hop sound track. BTW which is the better version the DC one or the X-box one?

11-29-2005, 07:18 PM
Nice reviews. A few things....

Freeman ~ "Also, is it me or does Q's theme sound somewhat 'Techno/70-80s-ish'? Cuz it's funky & totally suits Q (Heck it's even called 'The theme of Q' if I recall)!"

Yes, that does have an early 80's-ish Capcom vibe to it. Good song; one of the best themes in the game.

Freeman ~ "The highest I ever got was SS Gold & the highest rank is MSF (Master Street Fighter?)."

Did you get it on Lv.8 difficulty? That's the only difficulty I'll ever use. And also, have you ever gotten S or SS (+'s optional) in Versus? When I fight against people I usually have to use the handicap feature (down to 4, 3, even 2 stars in order for people to stand a chance).

11-29-2005, 11:31 PM
@Temujin- The X-Box version is the updated version of the DC, so get the X-Box version. SFIII 3S is bundeled with SF II (Street Fighter Anniversary Collection). Be careful if you're on X-Box Live, if you ever see any Urien players with Aegis Reflector, you will discover the true pain it brings.

@Icarus- Nah I use Lvl. 3 but might boost to Lvl. 5 or higher soon, thing is I rarely enter the Options Mode LOL! When playing Vs. Mode I don't the Handicap.

11-30-2005, 01:28 AM
I've got next week off from college. I'll see if I can review these:
Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (SEGA Genesis)
Sonic the Hedgehog 3 (I'll merge it with S&K- SEGA Genesis)
SFA Generations (the anime)
Jojo's Bizzare Adventure (If i can get over the blood)
Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland (GBA)
Megaman.exe (GBA)
Sonic the Hedgehog (NGPC)
Like I said I'll try ^_^;

12-05-2005, 10:57 AM
Title: Sonic the Hedgehog 2
Genre: Platform
Console: SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive
Players: 2 Players
Released: 1992

The game's intro was one of the best I've ever seen

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 was, to me, the game that introduced me into the world of gaming. I originally had Super Mario Bros. for the NES (I.e. I owned an NES), however that game didn't appeal to me as much as this game did (though I did enjoy Super Mario Bros.). In fact Sonic 2 was like the first game me & bros spent the MOST time trying to beat, even though we were not successful at defeating the final boss of the Death Egg (that sorry excuse for an Eggrandizer), but we had enjoyed that game A LOT. So here is my review for this wonderful game & I hope you'll enjoy it like my other reviews :).

The review:
I found it pretty hard to give a score for each category, so I decided to add them all up into one section:-

After the heavenly glorious word 'SEGA' is pronounced, you are shown the game's 'intro' and main menu. As a kid I just liked how Sonic & Tails came out & each striking a pose, now that I look at it, I would wonder how I would've felt had I played A LOT of games back then (for NES, SNES & SEGA Genesis, etc.).

There are only 3 selections from the main menu: 1 Player, 2 Player (Vs. mode) & the options mode. In options, you can listen to the game's music, choose to play as Sonic & Tails or just Sonic or Tails. You can also set the items to be used in Vs. mode.

In Vs. mode you go up against your friends are Sonic or Tails & race to the end of 3 zones & 1 special stage. The one who beats the stages first wins. There are only 4 places to play in: Emerald Hill, Casino Night, Emerald Special Stage & Mystic Cave. Each have a different theme than if you'd play them in 1 Player mode. The stages seem the same as the normal ones, but the power-ups (shoes & ProtectoBubbles) are replaced with boxes with a '?' in them, indicating a random power-up.
The only problem with this Vs. mode would be the lack of stages & that the screen is split horizontally killing off the game's beautiful graphics. Still this is a nice addition if you're bored with completing the game so many times.

In 1 Player mode, you go through 10 Zones, the first zones are divided into 2 acts. At the end of the 2nd act you will face Eggman/Robotnik in one of his so-called 'brilliant-0.0000001%-chance-of-failure Egg-machines' or whatever they're officially called.

Chemical Plant is one of my fav. stages belive it or not! In the past I used to hate it cuz I lost a lot in it, but now...heh

For most of the stages, you can just run through them collecting some rings along the way & dodging or destroying some of the Badniks & picking power-ups until you complete an act. TBH that's what I do whenever I play the game. If you wish to take an alternate approach at completing the game, you could always try to collect the 8 Chaos Emeralds (7 normal ones & 1 Master?), which when all are gained, allow Sonic to transform into Super Sonic after collecting 50 rings & jumping!

To get a Chaos Emerald, you must have 50 or so rings, pass a check-point and then jump into the circle formed around the check-point's tip. This will take you to a Special Stage where you must collect a set number of rings & dodge some explosives until you are qualified to getting an Emerald. The difficulty of the Special Stages increase as you collect more Emeralds. Later stages are so hard that you may re-enter the same Special Stage a couple of times before you can get the damn gem. Heh, as a kid I always thought that Sonic 2's Special Stages were easier than Sonic 3's, but back then, I never reached the 4th or 5th Special Stage :P.

Achieving Super Sonic, isn't something I would recommend as, unlike Sonic 3, you turn into him after collecting 50 rings and JUST jumping. I've had a few troubles in Wing Fortress (Airship zone) when playing as Super Sonic, add to that the difficulty of colleting later Emeralds that I usually ignore them and just get on with the zones.

The special stage

I really like how you can just run across a stage at high-speed until you reach the end of the stage. I know this game isn't about 'run as fast as you can till the end of the stage', since not all stages are like that, but the feel of running at high speed sort of gives me a fun feel.

Like I stated, this isn't about 'run as fast as you can till the end of the stage'. There can be a lot of obstacles in your way that might slow you down, but if you're careful enough, you can get by them pretty easily & still make it to the end with enough rings & time for some big numbers (score). Some stages of such include Chemical Plant 2, Aquatic Ruins (For some reason I don't hate this stage much), Mystic Cave & Metropolis (God I hate that zone!!!).

If you've thought that Eggman/Dr. Robotnik was a tough mo-fo back in the old days, try him now. I mean SERIOUSLY, he's FAR more easier than I thought he was! Heck for most of his fights, you can just time a right jump & Sonic (or Tails) will keep juggling on him damaging him while he grins thinking his toys are indestructible! Heck even the FINAL boss of the Death Egg turned out easier than I thought he was!

Time your jump & Sonic'll juggling on Buttnik till he goes boom! Don't forgot to jump away, cuz this trick could be hazardous!

There doesn't to seem to be any difference when playing as Sonic or Tails (alone), though I think since Tails is shorter than Sonic, it's possible for him to dodge some attacks. Plus Tails' is so cute.

I really like the game's graphics, the backgrounds & the stages all mix pretty well with each other and use a great mix of colour. Sonic's arms look so thin in this game BTW. Also I'd like to comment on how it really cracks me up how Eggman/Robotnik laughs whenever you hit him. I mean how over-confident could one get?!

The game's music is great & unforgettable (IMO at least)! The stage's themes are just beautiful & are all my favourites with Mystic Cave's being my personal favourite (No really!).

Beating the game just gives a slide show of images & then Sonic jumps at you with congratulate you for beating the game. The same thing applies if you beat it with all Emeralds IIRC.

Ah...and before I forget- Playing as Knuckles in Sonic 2. Of course, for the SEGA Genesis, you'll need Sonic & the Sonic & Knuckles game to play as the red dude in this gem. He has all his abilities from Sonic 3 in here, which could make beating the stages a little less tougher. Speaking of which, I don't remember what happens if you beat the game with him :P.

Rating: 9/10
All in all this classic is one hell of a fantastic game. Some of my old memories are still engraved in my mind. If you still don't have the Sonic Mega Collection, then move your ass and get one to play this great game, with it's colourful stages, catchy music & fun & simple game play!


12-05-2005, 10:58 AM
There has been much talk about this anime. The majority of the fans were displeased by it, though I do not recall what was the cause, though for that I might blame the trailer that was shown in Evo 2005.

So the question that's going in your mind as you are reading this review is: "Is this thing even worth renting?" as I may assume (Oi I'm no psychic!). Well response to that, you will find as you read this review.

I have decided to add spoilers for those that are still not interested in checking this anime out (fags >P).

So without further ado-

Akuma/Gouki gets ready to fire a Haduken & damn does he look freaky in this image!

The Story:
This anime's story concentrates on both Ryu & Akuma/Gouki. The first quarter of the movie shows how Gouki/Akuma became what he is known to us today. While the rest of the movie is about Ryu wanting to fight Akuma/Gouki to avenge for his master's death.

That's the story, spoiler free.

The Characters:

Akuma/Gouki: OK, wow....don't let the images you've seen in the past months fool you, that's just Akuma/Gouki AFTER being possessed by the Satsu no Hadu! In reality Akuma/Gouki was a normal martial artist, training under the watching eyes of Master Gotetsu, however he was obsessed on becoming a powerful martial artist, or should I say 'Master of the Fists'. For that he worked hard on awakening Satsu no Hadu within him, despite the many warnings by his master, and it, alas became the demise of Master Gotetsu.
OK, yes Akuma/Gouki IS Ryu's father as is shown by the end of the movie

This is Akuma/Gouki BEFORE accepting the Satsu no Hadu...and after a beating from Gouken

Ryu: OK, another wow! I just like how Ryu is portrayed in this anime! Not only that, HE ACTUALLY WEARS NORMAL CLOTHES! Thank god, and all this time I thought that he was cheap to the point he wouldn't even buy clothes!

In this anime he goes to his old dojo where he trained with Ken & Master Gouken, so that he can get ready top avenge his master's death. To cover up for that, he's using the fact that he and Ken are gonna meet at the dojo because it was the day their master died at. Guess he doesn't want people to stop him from fighting Akuma/Gouki.
Is it me or does he have the hots for Fuka?

...and here I thought he had a horrible fashion sense!

Retsu: This old man meets Ryu at the dojo, and does a little sparring with him, in which after he let's him, stay at his place & train so that he may fight Akuma/Gouki. Strangely enough, you don't see the training, looks like it got cut off in the final cut.

Gouken: I could swear he looks like Ryu. The other student of Gotetsu & the brother of Gouki/Akuma. He looks after and watches over Ryu & Ken's training when they were young, until he met his end at the hands of Akuma/Gouki.
In this anime, it shows that Ryu witnessed his death, while it was actually Ken & Gouken's (forgotten) daughter that witnessed it. No complain here though

Sayaka: She is Gotetsu's daughter & sort of looks after Gouken & Gouki.
Looks like Akuma/Gouki had some fun with her before he went Satsu no Hadu heehee.

...and if you still don't get it, she's Ryu's biological mother, w00t.

Fuka: This beautiful young lady lives with her grandfather. Not much I can say.
I believe she is the forgotten daughter of Gouken. IMO I like her design more than what was described by Capcom. ...and is it me or does Ryu have the hots for her?

Gotetsu: The master of Akuma/Gouki & Gouken. Having knowledge in the forbidden arts of Ansatsuken, it seems he can even perform the Shun Goku Satsu! He meets his demise at the hands of his own student, Akuma/Gouki.

Akuma/Gouki gets a beating from his master

Sakura Kasugano: She came aaaaaaaaaaaaaall the way from Tokyo for a lil' one-on-one with Ryu. Her fight wasn't bad IMO.

Ken Masters: Poor Masters does NOTHING in this anime, though his design in this anime is horrible.

The artwork:
OK, hit & miss. The animation is VERY nice and fluid, however some of the facials are a bit annoying, while some facials look ugly. I personally like how Akuma/Gouki looks like in this anime, even though he looks like a pig, LOL. The one thing that pissed me off though was how the Hadukens were portrayed in this anime, as they don't have the feel of the game's Haduken in them (I liked SFII's Hadukens). However, the special effects for the Hadukens look cool.

a) Brain damage
b) Heart failiure
c) A new keyboard
d) All of the above

The poster of this link, however, has no responsibilty if any of the above happened (http://i12.photobucket.com/albums/a236/Byakuya-sama/SFAG4.jpg)

The action & stuff:
Not much comedy, though Retsu pulled off a semi-perv around 20 or so minutes into the anime, though I personally don't think he's a perv, maybe he did that cuz he wanted to make the girls laugh. The fights are REALLY good, and better than I expected, but like I said the Hadukens weren't that good. Still...this animes fights might actually be THE BEST fights I've seen yet in a fighting game based off anime! I won't spoil them for you, you gotta seem them to know what I mean (or not).

This anime is more about drama as it concentrates on what Ryu wants to become & the true reason on why he wants to fight Akuma/Gouki.

I should note that the anime feels short as there could've been more scenes in it (assuming so it would at least be 1 hour), but I was really satisfied with it.

Oh and BTW....the final fight in the anime will make you go 'WTF?!'...and for those that still don't have a clue on what the heck it's about:
Those are the souls whose lives were affected by the Satsu no Hadu

Ryu gets a taste of geezer fu

The audio:
Music was fine, since I dled this anime, I only got the Jap VAs which were really good, though I could swear the Retsu's voice sounded very similar to that bastard Mayuri's voice from the Bleach anime. Personally I liked his voice.

The left-overs:
Hmmm we get to see a false Shun Goku Satsu in this anime, which is weird. Also the Satsu no Hadu is only referred to by the end of the anime it seems. A couple of mix-ups on official stuff. ...and Ryu actually wearing normal clothes for once.

I swear Ryu looks like Batsu/Daigo in this image! The haduken sucks though :P

Final Score: 4/5
Needed some more scenes. Art was hit & miss. Really good fights & we FINALLY get to know the origins of Ryu. Seriously people, at least try to rent this thing, you may need to change your keyboard due to the art (puking), but you will be satisfied with the fights & the climax to this whole thing.

I need to remind you that this movie is ALL about Ryu & Akuma/Gouki, so don't expect Dan or R. Mika to pop up as cameos or anything.
...and I remind you, Akuma/Gouki & Sayaka ARE Ryu's parents

12-10-2005, 02:38 AM
Updated my first post.
OK, I'm gonna see if I can bust my lazy ass to review:
Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman
Full Metal Alchemist (the 51 anime series)
Sonic the Hedgehog (NGPC)
Sonic the Hedgehog 3 (merging it with S&K)
The King of Fighters 97
Garou: Mark of the Wolves
Transformers the movie
The King of Fighters 98 :crazy:

12-24-2005, 05:01 AM
Title: Transformers the movie
Age Rating: PG for violence & some mild language
Released: 1986 in USA, 1990 in Japan
Desricpion: Best animated movie evah!

Here we see Darth, err Megatron undergoing a scan

I do not recall how I found the movie, but all I know is that it was magnificent. I could not recall any other movie (well maybe other than Disney's) that impressed as much as Transformers the movie did. The art, the fights, the music, the cool looking robots- everything about it awed me and entertained me for the length of the movie. ...and to this day it still does.

Here I am with another review, one that might give you an idea on what this year's X-Mas present will be for little ones, and to express my opinion in this great movie.

If you've never seen the Transformers movie as a kid before- LOOK FOR IT NOW! Oh and for the record, I'll try show as less spoilers as possible ^_^v. Oh and excuse my spelling :P.

I wonder what the Decepticons would be without Laserbeak & Ratbat?

It is the year 2005 (no, seriously that's what the narrator says), the Decepticons still have complete control over Cybertron, however the Autobots have gathered enough force to one day re-take their home planet. To counter such a threat, Megatron, mighty leader of the Decepticons launches an attack on Autobot City on Earth to crumble the Autobots forces. Meanwhile, some light-years away from Cybertron, a devastating being beckons.....

OK- WOW! Even though I've seen the movie BEFORE seeing the Transformers G1 TV show, the art is fantastic! When comparing the art of the movie to the episode, you will notice how the art is the same, but with far more better quality! Now if only they've done that with Season 3 :/. All the Transformers & robots look cool & the worlds are very colourful & give you a feel of what the Transformers universe would look like.

I must note on how some of the main Autobots' designs look rather 'ahead of their time' like Blur & Wheelie, while other are a bit strange (like Magnus & the Sweeps)

Another good thing in this movie is that the transformations are really well drawn and detailed. There are a few episodes which show the Autobots transforming 'fluidly', but the movie does it best.

Despite that, this movie is one of the best animated movie of it's era & very well drawn.

Autobot City's, later to be known as Metraplex, transformation to War mode is one of the coolest scenes in the movie!

The Characters-
NOTE: I've decided to not spoil too much to you in this section even though I think some of you will remember events from the movie by reading this ;).

Optimus Prime: Leader of the Autobots, who meets his doom at the foul hands of Megatron. TBH, the scene in Autobot City when he fires at the Decepticons with gun is BADASS & TOTAL OWNAGE! Plus his fight against Megatron's one of the best in the movie!

Hot Rod: One of the survivors of the assault on Autobot City & the main hero of the movie. However, unlike some movies where the main characters gets all the attention, all the other characters get their share as well.

Ultra Magnus: He leads the Autobots to Cybertron to find out WTFs going there.

Kup: One of the oldest Autbots, maybe not as old as Optimus, but he had his share of adventures in the past. i quote- "Ba weep grana weepp ninny-bar"...or something like that...

The Junkeons: Robots who can transform and live on the Planet of Junk & are led by a transformer that goes by the name of 'Junk-gar'. (I would like to mention how I like the words he says which seem to be lines from TV shows).

The Dinobots: Five Autobots that Transform into dinosaurs. Despite their brute strength, there wasn't enough components to make them smart, but who needs brains when you can bash them?! The Dinobots are: Grimlock (T-Rex), Snarl (Stegosaurus), Slag (Triceratops), Sludge (Brachiosaurus and the dumbest of them all, even Grimlock!) & Swoop (Pterodactyl).

Megatron: Leader of the Decepticons, after Soundwave turns a 180 (I'm just being sarcastic here BTW) on him to save himself, he gains some 'new powers'.

Soundwave: My fav. Transformer and the Decepticons most useful & powerful asset, I ask you to consider how the Decepticons would've fared against the Autobots had he never been with them?

Starscream: What words can describe Starscream? Perhaps maybe calling him a 'true Decepticon' would pretty much sum it up. For eons he has been plotting to out-throw Megatron, and in this movie, he finds out the consequences of doing so.

Unicron: The main villian of the movie. Unicron is a being that consumes other planets to either satiate his hunger or to become stronger. He has a weakness, one which forces him to use the aid of unlikely ally.

If Kickback had known he'd be run over by Kup, he would've considered falling, transforming and going back up for more carnage, but then again Bombshell's the brains of the Insectacons

The Action & stuff-
The movie's fights are really good and entertaining, though near the end it sorta cuts it short and has the main villain go boom after a few failed, but interesting attempts. The most obvious fight, of course, would have to be Optimus vs. Megatron, I doubt I'd see a movie with a fight as good as that. Also Unicron crushing Cybertron was like :br: BADASS!

One thing that may seem strange is....Autobots dieing, which is REALLY weird considering if they got shot like that in the normal show, they'd come back kicking in action after a while- weird.

For comedy, well there are some comical lines, but nothing beats Grimlock & the Dinobots.

I must say that this movie has THE BEST LINES EVER! Seriously, now that I listen to them, I feel like giving the script writers a pat on the back for a job excellently done!

Here are some that I remember:
Megatron: "Prime!"
Optimus: "One shall stand, one shall fall."
Megatron: "Why throw away your life so recklessly?"
Optimus: "That's a question you should ask yourself, Megatorn."

Quinteson Judge: "Silence or you shall be held in contempt to this court!"
Hot Rod: "I have nothing BUT contempt to this court."

Unicron: "I have summoned you here for a purpose."
Megatron: "Nobody summons Megatron."
Unicron: "Then it pleases me to be the first."

Starscream: "Who disrupts my coronation?!"
Galvatron: "'Coronation', Starscream? This is bad comedy."
Starscream: "Megatron? Is that you?!"
Galvatron: "Here's a hint-" *Transforms into a cannon and disintegrates Starscream*

Soundwave: "Soundwave superior, Constructacons inferior."<<My fav. line the movie :cool:

Grimlock: "Me, Grimlock, not 'nice dino', me bash brains!"

Galvatron: "I, Galvatron, will crush you just as Megatron crushed Prime"
Ultra Magnus: "...and you'll die trying just like Megatron!"

One final thing I should mention- for SOME reason this movie seems to be based off Season 1, since you don't get to see many of the other Transformers from Season 2 like the Stuntacons or the Aerialbots & Omega Supreme- ODD!

The Constructacons are merging...this could only mean one thing- GET MORE POPCORN CUZ THE GOOD STUFF GONNA GET BETTER!

The Audio-
Nice music & great voice-acting that gives life to the Transformers. You will notice some songs put in the movie at some scenes and they're all really good. I'm not sure if it's cuz I DLed the movie, but there are times when you need to increase the volume when some of the characters are speaking (mostly Unicron).

Oh and one last note- there are curse words in this movie.

Megatron vs. Optimus is one of the best fights I've seen yet in animated movie...maybe other than FF7 AC

Final Score: 4.5/5
What can I say, I love the movie <3. Try finding this beauty and watching it with your family this X-Mas. I believe this movie was true to the fans, despite some noticeable errors which I've added, not that I don't dislike the movie for, but wonder how they could've been overlooked.

The Errors (some)-
1- Where's Snarl? Sometimes you see him sometimes you don't.
2- Why didn't Blaster go with the Autobots to Cybertron and stayed in the remains of Autobot City for? He can't be able to repair it by himself.
3- How the heck did the Decepticons catch up to Ironhide's space craft? ..and how come their sensors didn't indicate this?
4- How the HECK did all those Decepticons fit into Astrotrain?! The Contructacons even transform into Devastator in him! ...and Astrotrain's the size of any normal Transformer!
5- When Unicron re-models' the discarded Decepticons along with Megatron, you see 3 Sweeps & 2 Cyclonus, then when they transform you see 4 Sweeps. Then when they board their space ship you only see 1 Cyclonus & 4 Sweeps O_o. (Note- THE LAST one is the correct number of Galvatron's new henchmen).
6- The Decepticons that were re-modelled are: Thudner*******, Sky Warp (both are 'swap palettes' of Starscream) & the Insectacons. This would mean that their old versions no longer exist, however use see the Insectacons striving for Energon in Season 3! On the other hand, sadly, Thunder******* & Sky Warp are never heard of since- *sigh*

12-24-2005, 11:41 PM
While I don't agree with it being the "Best animated movie evah," it was cool for its time. When I saw it again somewhat recently, it wasn't as good as I had remembered it being. I also have the soundtrack on record somewhere in my basement....