View Full Version : THE CUBE in europe !!!!!

04-25-2002, 02:34 PM
ANYBODY out there in europe who is excited about the PAL version of THE CUBE ..??

Did you preorder it ??

And what do you think THE CUBE will do in europe ???
and for the non europe readers ..what do YOU think the cube will do in europe ?? (would be great to hear some outsider point of view on europe games world )..:D so give it a shot !!!

04-25-2002, 06:07 PM
I don't know a whole lot about the actual buying habits of euro gamers, but I remember something about sega doing better than nintendo there for the master system and genesis/megadrive

so maybe what is second place in USA is first place in Europe? in that case, Gamecube will dominate...

are you getting a choice of several colors? or just two? or no choice?

I remember some people bitching that the spice orange version didn't come out in the USA for launch
but my preference was for the black one, because all my other A/V entertainment equipment is that color...

not that I would've avoided the NGC if it was only purple, but it made the purchase that much more easy

04-25-2002, 07:53 PM
Well about the colours of the cube the black and blue will be available i guess ..i also heard (but i can say for 100% sure)that the pink colour like the gba will be available!!!
as for the domination thingie :Well it will dominate over x-box for sure !! why you ask?? well it's been confirmed that nintendo allready have 500.000 + preorders !! that's allready half a million only on preorders and i have a feeling people will line up infront of some store (wich didn't happend with x-box ,,wonder why ?)) and i think in a month time maybe 2, nintendo will outsell
the x-box .(won't be surprise if it does it in 2 or 3 weeks )
about the ps2 well to tell you the truth it's kinda not fair to compare the sales of the cube with ps2 cause ps2 had like a yr headstart so i think it wouldn't be fair ..!! But i think the same people here that has a ps2 will buy the cube so they won't miss a thing !!!! I know i will ..than i have all the great games !!!!One thing i noticed though is in the states 1st person shooters games like unreal tournament and doom you know those type of games are always a big hit in the states but in europe it's not that big sure some of them have broke some records but here ,they like japanese games more or in other words rpg , puzzle ,mario type of game , ect ect ect....so basicly i think you can see europe as a second japan :D !! ((only a few months behind with new games :o ))
But hey thank god for import !!!!

Burning Shingo
04-27-2002, 06:38 PM
I'm not very excited by the launch titles. The price drop to $200 before the system has even launched is also quite worrying... seems desperate for market share in the face of PS2. Good luck Nintendo, we need strong competition to PS2.

04-28-2002, 09:00 AM
So you think the cube won't do verry good in europe ??.
Well i have a feeling it will i mean they allready have 500.000+ preorders (and yes it's been confirmed ) so that's allready a pretty good start plus alot of people will buy the cube ..cause i think alot of people are realizing that this is not another sega saturn or another n64 !!they realize nintendo have a different point of view now and they learned from their mistakes in the past !!!!

04-28-2002, 04:21 PM
I think the Cube is gonna do great in the UK. It's only ?130 which is cool and when Soul Calibre 2 hits - it's gonna sell like crazy! Some kid asked an EB store guy why the GC was gonna be so cheap and the guy simply said there's a price war going on.

Black Ace
04-28-2002, 05:32 PM
Nintendo hast recieved more than 50,000 pre-ordered in the UK alone a week before the system was released. Nintendo originally thought that they will only get 50,000 pre-ordered by the launch date.

04-29-2002, 09:08 AM
Yes so in the U.K alone 50.000+ preorders not bad not bad at all .
And according to a local site here in holland they confirmed nintendo have over half a million preorders around europe so i think these "bizarre " commercials really help ..hahahaha nah kidding !I think like i said before in the previous message, people that always thought nintendo is a "kids" console are starting to realize (what took ya'll so long ?? ) that nintendo was always a serious console and the cube will rock !!!!!! :D

Black Ace
04-29-2002, 06:50 PM
50,000 is not really special if you compared that to the Japan and US market, Sony sell a daily 50,000 PS2 every week in Japan. But for the UK market, that is excellent.

05-01-2002, 12:20 PM
*BREAKING NEWS *.(well it's sort of kinda like a duuuuuuh thingie )..
Just been confirmed that alot of stores around in europe won't take any preorders anymore for the cube ..they are allready running low on stocks and there's 1 day to go for the cube ,i think the cube will break some records and will deffently outsell x-box in no time ..!! Lets see MS denying that !!!So all i can conclude from this is the cube will rock in europe ..!!! hurraaaaaaaay !!
ps2 and the cube !!!!!BEEFCAAAAAAAAAKE :D