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09-23-2002, 11:17 AM
Taken from Gamespot.com
TGS 2002: Tecmo names new Dead or Alive game

Team Ninja is working on a new Dead or Alive game for the Xbox.

Tecmo has announced that Team Ninja, the group responsible for the Dead or Alive series, is working on a fourth game for the Microsoft Xbox. That game will be a new game in the Dead or Alive series, and it is currently known as Dead or Alive code: Cronus. No release date or other information is currently available at this time, but it's expected that it will be completed and released sometime after Ninja Gaiden.

By Staff, GameSpot VG [POSTED: 09/20/02]

I hadn't seen this anywhere here, I think- but if it has feel free to let me know and I'll delete it.. or just lock it.

Anyway, obviously thre really isn't much else to say other than.

"Oh, ok"

I wonder, if this whole Tecmo-MS DOA exclusives thing is set for a number of titles to be released, rather than paying Tecmo for each exclusive....

Black Ace
09-23-2002, 11:21 AM
To be honest, I'm starting to get sick of this series. DOA2 Hardcore was great. DO3, great graphics and just average gameplay.

09-23-2002, 11:28 AM
Awful name.

DOA4 will be make or break for me with this series. Either it offers something unique or I give up. I don't need a breast orientated Virtua Fighter Lite edition.

09-23-2002, 11:56 AM
Does anyone think that 3D fighters in general are losing their appeal? Tekken 4 is okay in the arcades, MK5 looks average, Kajuto looks okay, Tao Feng is interesting, but to me it seems like the genre is fading in it's impact.

09-23-2002, 11:58 AM
I'll have to wait until Soul Calibur II to give you an answer to your question..

And crazytaxinext- that title is probably just a temporary handle.. not necessarily the actual game title... I think it bites too

Black Ace
09-23-2002, 12:05 PM
Bloody Roar Primal Fury on GameCube is a brilliant figting games. Its really easy to play, the moves are easy to execute like the original Soul Calibur.

09-23-2002, 12:06 PM
VF4 is a great fighter and I'm expecting big things from SC2 but Tekken has been on the slide for ages and depsite quite liking DOA2 I don't thing DOA has ever been good enough to lose appeal.

09-23-2002, 03:23 PM
code kunai=ninja gaiden
code kunoichi=doa xbv
code cronus=doa4

the code names won't stick IMO, the game will most probably be called DOA4 when its released

i'm replying to crazitaxinext by the way


09-25-2002, 08:57 PM
Soul Calibur 2 will own you all including my self, Blood Roar Primal Fury is quite fun, fighting games are fighting games innovation in this genre is hard to maintain that's probably the reason people love soul calibur so much since it's a departure from the hand to hand combat that's usual fighting game fair, I think MK DA will be great the three style selection feature is an innovation in fighting games, it's nothing new look a lai wu long in tekken he has a vast majority of styles but he lacks the ability to easily switch between them since MK DA has going for it imagine starting a combo in one style getting 4 hits doing an air juggle switching to another style and switching back and fourth for some truely interesting combinations.

09-28-2002, 06:15 PM
I loved DOA3 thank god they are making a 4th one.

Shame Tekken 4 turned out to be pure pant's:(