View Full Version : Words of Wisdom from Australia's ex-Prime Minister

09-18-2002, 07:24 AM
To acompany Overlords post, I have decided to slap up my own of the beloved ex leader of Australia, Paul Keating. Below are a few choice statements, with a link to the site with all of them. He was a complete legend. They were all done during the debates the two main parties of the nation get into everyday in parliament.

"The Leader of the Opposition is more to be pitied than despised, the poor old thing." "The Liberal Party ought to put him down like a faithful dog because he is of no use to it and of no use to the nation."

"Shut up! Sit down and shut up, you pig!"

"...the brain-damaged Leader of the Opposition..."

"Shut up for a moment. If you ask questions and want to hear answers, shut up."

To a Uni student protesting about fees: - "Go and get a job!"


Enjoy. He made us all proud during the time he was leading our nation. How the heck he didn't win a second time is beyond me. Rigged I tell you. Absolutely rigged.