View Full Version : Get Animal Crossing For Free!

09-16-2002, 12:23 AM
Sort of, let me explain.

First, buy yourself a copy of animal crossing (available Tues.) Then go about the game like normal. finally, when you have collected a crap load (that's the technical term for whole bunch) of stuff simply list that stuff on ebay!

Ok, people are crazy, right? of course they are!! So, I am willing to bet that SOMEONE will pay a reasonable fee for the more rare items, OR lots of money. The transaction would go down like this: you make a listing on ebay describing what it is you have for sale. Ex: money, furniture, fruit, nes games etc... then just set a price and wait! If you are wrong and no one buys your goods you only have to pay 55 cents for the listing fee! BUT, if you're right and someone DOES want your stuff, you'll be getting money for nothing!! Technically, you could pay for the game with the money you make selling crap from it! how cool is that?!


09-16-2002, 09:33 AM
Yeah- that's not a bad idea. People in Diablo II and other games make money this way too.

Doesn't it seem ridiculous, though? I maean- paying for an item ina game? Real money for things that aren't real? That will probably be outdated, forgotten, or deleted later on!?!? What is wrong with those people!?

If they have money to burn- SEND IT TO ME!!