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03-08-2005, 06:23 PM
Well, after spending so much time reading the reviews of Joe, Icarus, Messanic, and Paper; I thought it was about time that I started my own reviews. Through these reviews, I hope to stand apart, like the others, and express my own personal opinions concerning videogames. The only difference between my review section and those of my fellow forum members is that my reviews will not only be limited to videogames. Being a english major, I am being expossed to awesome works of literature (poetry, essays, novels, epics) and I will do essays that explore individual works of art I have read. My intent is to encourage everyone in this forum to go out and read more, but do not think I will ignore our generations literature: videogames. So hopefully you guys will enjoy my reviews and if not, this topic will bomb oh so horribly. So expect my first two review within the next week, they will cover:

Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete (PS1)
Ceremony of Innocence by Anthony Hecht
Road to Damascus by Anthony Hecht

03-08-2005, 10:37 PM
The release of this game in the days of Playstation came after many delays that would make those who waited for Gran Turismo 4 or Fable cringe at the length it took for this game to come out. The developer, Working Design, is horrendous for not sticking to their release dates and pushing games back months, if not years. Personally, I remember asking for this game for my birthday and not finally getting until a year later. Even though this game suffered from many delays it finally hit the store shelves after much anticipation on my part. Only knowing what I knew about the game from my uncle who played it on the Sega Saturn, I picked this one up and stuck it into my Playstation unaware of the journey was about to endure upon.

Obsessed? Yes!
This game opens with you the player taking the part of Alex who dreams of becoming the Dragon Master. Awaken by your buddy Nall, the flying cat, you travel through town to finally find your friend Luna. After some good old fashion RPG dialogue, Alex, Nall, and Luna finally set off to explore the nearby cave. While exploring the cave they come upon an Ancient White Dragon and from there, the adventure begins. Purposely not wanting to spoil the game, I will refrain from going into much detail from there because I personally believe it is beneficial for every gamer to experience this jewel. The story line is very basic, but nonetheless it is good. Each event in the game, major and minor, is progressed through very nicely drawn animations. Also, the voice acting is very well done, but personally I found some of the voices rather irritating and at the top of that list was Nall. The battle comprise of you and your comrades attacking one after another while your flying cat hovers above occasionally attacking or using items to help you out. Each character can only bring in a certain amount of items into the battle, so this requires a large amount of strategy on the part of the player, so pick your items well. Now, how long is this game? Well, this is where the obsession comes in on my part. When I first purchased this game, it took me upwards of twenty plus hours to finally complete it, but within this game are bromides (pictures) of each of the female characters (and some male, but lets not discuss that travesty) which is a bit of a side quest. To get these bromides you must complete certain tasks and you will be rewarded with one. Unfortunately, certain ?flags? must be raised to get certain ones. For example, to get the last three bromides you must pay off a five dollar loan in the first five minutes of the game. If you fail to do this, then you will not get the bromides. Can you see my frustration? On my quest to get the bromides, I found myself obsessed to collect them all. It got to the point to where I was spending an entire day to find them. At one point I was going through the game from beginning to end twice in one day! Talk about not having a life. Luckily for the casual gamer, you do not have to collect these bromides to complete the game, or enjoy it for that matter. If it could be found, I would recommend it for all who call themselves gamers or even those who want a good spot to venture into the world of role playing games.

Score: 10/10

well, this is my first review and I hope you enjoyed it. Please have mercy since this is my first review, but I am open for criticism. This is my first time writing on games, so any input on how to improve would be awesome.

03-09-2005, 02:02 AM
He was taken from his cell, stripped, blindfolded, 1
And marched to a noisy room that smeeled of sweat.
Someone stamped on his toes; his scream was stopped
By a lemon violently pushed between his teeth
And sealed with friction tape behind his head. 5
His arms were tied, the blindfold was removed
So he could see his tormentors, and they could see
The so-much-longed-for terror in his eyes.
And one of them said, "The best part of it all
Is that you won't even be able to pray." 10
When they were done with him, two hours later,
They learned that they had murdered the wrong man.
And this made one of them thoughtful. Some years
He quietly severed connections with the others, 15
Moved to a different city, took holy orders,
And devoted himself to serving God and the poor,
While the intended victim continued to live
On a walled estate, sentried around the clock
By a youthful, cell phone-linked praetorian guard. 20

Anthony Hecht is one of the greatest modern poets of our time and lived during our lifetime. He just recently died about two months ago and much of his poetry is destined to live on through many generations. In this poem Ceremony of Innocence, we are given a picture of a horrific scence. From lines one to five all we as readers are given is that of images that reflect our senses. No visual imagery is given, but just that of smell, sound and taste. In line six when the blind fold is removed the person is finally able to see where he is at. In line seven the use of the word "tormentors" is interesting because when somebody is being tortured it is usually for something that they are undeserving of, hence the title. In lines nine and ten, the torturers take something from him that hurts us more than anything, our faith. Having his mouth covered, the victim is unable to pray for salvation, therefore not being able to get into heaven. By doing this they have not only broken this persons body, but also his heart and spirit. After learning that they had murdered the wrong man, it took some years for just one of them to fill any form of remorse for what had happened. By using the word "severed" in line fifteen, Hecht relates the way the man removes himself from his peers to that of somebody cutting something off. The word "severed" is usually reserved for people when they speak of cutting off a body part. By joining a convent, the torturer attempts to make right for his crimes, but finds salvation even after preventing the wrongly murdered man from recieving it himself. In lines ninteen to twenty, the intended victim is living his life peacefully, unaware of what had just transpired.

poem taken from:
Hecht, Anthony. "Collected Later Poems," New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 2003. P. 220

03-09-2005, 02:20 AM
don't forget that lunar was develped by game arts!

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So far, so good. :cool guy: Are you going to incorporate an index in the first post?

03-09-2005, 04:33 PM
i will when this thread gets long and i start building up a data base. I might do an index within my next three reviews.

Sinful Sam
03-09-2005, 08:01 PM
Hay I never expected you doing a personal review topic.

So, what other games are you planning to review later?

03-09-2005, 09:14 PM
This weekend I hope to have reviewed:
Mark of Kri
Parasite Eve 2
Ys: Ark of Naphistim
Indian Emperor by John Dryden
Do not get your hopes up though seeing as i have to big papers do next week. I will get at least two of them done though.

03-10-2005, 02:00 AM
What happened? At first there were strange, confused accounts.
This man, said one, who had long for righteousness? sake
Delivered unto the death both men and women
In his zeal for the Lord, had tumbled from his mount,
Felled by an unheard Word and worded omen.
Another claimed his horse shied at a snake.

Yet a third, that he was convulsed by the onslaught
Of the falling sickness, whose victims we were urged
To spit upon as protection and in disgust.
Rigid in body now as in doctrine, caught
In a seizure known but to few, he lay in the dust,
Of all his fiercest resolves stunningly purged.

We are told by certain learned doctors that those
Thus stricken are granted an inkling of that state
Where There Shall Be No More Time, as it is said;
As though from a pail, spilled water were to repose
Midair in pebbles of clarity, all its weight
Turned light, in a glittering, loose, buy stopped cascade.

The Damascene culprits now could rest untroubled,
Their delinquencies no longer the concern
Of this fallen, converted Pharisee. He rather
From sighted blindness to blind sight went hobbled
And was led forth to a house where he would turn
His wrath from one recusancy to another.

The poem opens with one man asking another ?What happened?? (1), and in response, the second man answers him with the accounts he heard from people who were witnesses to the event on the road to Damascus. In lines two through six, we are given a description of a man, who in his love for God would kill men and women. While this man was riding his horse, he fell from it because of a voice who heard. The person who was there said that he fell from an ?unheard word? (5) which meant that nobody heard the voice speaking to Saul, except for Saul. Another person who was there said that the reason this man fell was because ?his horse shied at a snake? (6). The beginning stanza is alluding to the events that are recorded in the New Testament of the Bible in the book of Acts, chapter nine, verses one thru nineteen. This chapter gives the account of Saul of Tarsus who was on his way to Damascus when a loud voice caused him to fall from his horse. The voice revealed Himself as Jesus Christ and asked Saul why he was killing Christians. Saul, the only one who could hear the voice, was caused to be blinded by Christ and had to be led the rest of the way to Damascus. As the poem continues into the second stanza, a third account is given by the third witness who says that Saul had actually suffered from the ?falling sickness? (8) (epilepsy), which caused him to fall off of his horse. In this stanza, a simile is present where the man giving his account of the events, says that Saul now lies on the ground where is rigid body is said to be like his rigid doctrine. As the third persons account continues into the third stanzas, he begins to describe what he heard from a doctor about what a person who is experiencing a seizure brought on by epilepsy experiences. He compares an epileptic seizure to a pail of water being thrown into the air and being stopped in time which means that the person experiencing the seizure is in a state as if time has frozen. In the fourth and final stanza, the second speaker?s no longer gives a second-hand account of the event. Instead, he gives his version of the event. He says that the Christians in Damascus do not need to fear Saul anymore because their activities are no longer his concern. The poet uses the word ?recusancy? in line twenty four which refers to a person who would not submit to an established authority. The speaker is saying now that Saul is blinded his zeal will be turned to another group that refuses to submit to the ruling government.

Note: I just completed this assignment for a poetry class I am taking. You must ask for permission if you wish to duplicate for anything. Please do not plagerize me because I will hunt you down and break you in half.

poem taken from:
Hecht, Anthony. "Collected Later Poems," New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 2003. P. 221

03-10-2005, 09:42 AM
SavedFromSin ~ "Note: I just completed this assignment for a poetry class I am taking. You must ask for permission if you wish to duplicate for anything. Please do not plagerize me because I will hunt you down and break you in half."

:lol: Somehow, I doubt that would happen. If anything, people would be more prone to plagarizing famous writers and such. Please don't take offense at what I said as I'm just stating my thoughts.

Anyway, I'll be waiting for your Ys VI review.

03-10-2005, 07:32 PM
:lol: Somehow, I doubt that would happen. If anything, people would be more prone to plagarizing famous writers and such. Please don't take offense at what I said as I'm just stating my thoughts.
What are you saying, I am not some famous writer! I am insulted :irked: ! Screw You!.......Nah j/k :D . I just put that as a joke, sorta. My Ys review will be up this weekend so look for it.

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Dude, it's all good. Just give it time and you'll be amazed at how soon you can fill up a thread with good content.

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Got some free time this week. So I will post some new reviews by Friday, hopefully.

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Damascus is a dagger from Ragnarok online, yay