View Full Version : Good morning!! 9/4

09-04-2002, 09:50 AM
Good morning to you!

Well, only one of you responded yesterday- but that's fine, as long as you all read it! :D

Today is a bright sunny day here in Tampa, with a scattering of clouds about here and there, but the sun is shining! Yesterday, ended up running and doing situps and pushups for a workout.. I can't do many yet- but I'll get there ;)

Today, me and a friend will be having lunch with our "lunch buddy" at an elementary school. Part of a once a week program designed to still some sense of trust and security in troubled kids. Today will be our first session, my boy is a little 10 year old who seems to get in trouble a lot at school. These kids, come from mostly troubled families, so we're there just to talk and listen.. a very important thing for a person to have! I urge you to go out there and do find something to help out the little guys, because it's a crazy world out there.. you got fr34ks lik3 m3!

Hope you're all doing well today, enjoy your day!

Vicviper, is your dog feeling better today? :) Nothing serious, I turst?

EDIT: Lock. You're not gonna spam the board with one of these everyday.