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09-03-2002, 02:19 PM
9/3/02 Ed.
I noticed I've been lapse in wishing you all a good day! Why didn't someone remind, me!? :D

How are you today? Anything to look forward to today?

My day has been so-so thus far. I've not been able to get much work done, but then again I finished all my previous work so quickly that I have time to spare. I'm just having a lazy spell. Better get out of it, though.. those things can lead to trouble...

Anyway, today I'll see if maybe I can two others to play raquetball with me... else I'll have to get my workout some other way. I've decided that I'm tired of looking a toothpick, and so wish to enlist the help of some of the experts in the field of weight training. Do any of you perhaps, know of a good beginner's workout? I've never done weight training, preferring to run like the wind instead... even a link would suffice..

\|/ell, looks like I had a lot to say t0day, hope this l3tter finds you well!

09-03-2002, 02:55 PM
Good day to you, sir!

This has been a rough morning for me so far. As I was making my lunch this morning I hear my dog.........ACK.............ACK........and turn around to see him heaving. I try my damdest to get him outside before he tosses his groceries but it was to late. All over the carpet and the linoleum. It looked like scrambled eggs before they are cooked but surprisingly it didn't smell. If anyone has stains on there carpet I recommend a product called Natures Miracle. This shit really works. It cleaned up the barf in no time and left a fresh smell. Anyways this little ordeal made me late for work! Oh well I still love my dog and feel sorry for him and his weak stomach.

Thanks for the greeting Kid Icarus! Much needed.

09-04-2002, 11:37 AM
9/4/02 Ed.
Good morning to you!

Well, only one of you responded yesterday- but that's fine, as long as you all read it!

Today is a bright sunny day here in Tampa, with a scattering of clouds about here and there, but the sun is shining! Yesterday, ended up running and doing situps and pushups for a workout.. I can't do many yet- but I'll get there

Today, me and a friend will be having lunch with our "lunch buddy" at an elementary school. Part of a once a week program designed to still some sense of trust and security in troubled kids. Today will be our first session, my boy is a little 10 year old who seems to get in trouble a lot at school. These kids, come from mostly troubled families, so we're there just to talk and listen.. a very important thing for a person to have! I urge you to go out there and do find something to help out the little guys, because it's a crazy world out there.. you got fr34ks lik3 m3!

Hope you're all doing well today, enjoy your day!

Vicviper, is your dog feeling better today? Nothing serious, I trust?
EDIT: Well, today's thread got locked, and since this is still a small forum- with good reason. So if an admin or someone could change the title of this thread to 'Have a Good Day ... for all time' I'd appreciate it!

09-04-2002, 12:01 PM
i'm doing well, thanks for asking. sorry you got reprimanded. i'm just at work right now preparing to fill up 8 hours until my time off begins. i'm heading for alaska on friday for a week. i'm taking tomorrow off to get packed and clean my house.

09-04-2002, 12:16 PM
im doing fine
Thank you for asking!

09-04-2002, 12:48 PM
Kid Icarus,

Yeah my dog seems to be fine now. He ate a bunch of rawhide the day before and I think that might have been the cause. No more rawhide for him!

Good luck with your "lunch buddy" program. I think that's great that you are voluntering your time to do this. I believe that if you can do that with troubled young kids, elementary level, you have a good chance of changing there outlook on life and they can chose to believe in themselves and that it's not right to mess around all day and that they have to get daily duties accomplished. Just showing them that you care might click something inside them.
Good job!!!:cool guy:

09-04-2002, 01:48 PM
Yeah, I just back from lunch with my buddy. Last week he'd gotten in trouble for burping in class. He's been pretty good this week, though- only got in trouble for spilling some water. It was so much fun too! Kids at this age, still look up to you so much- any little thing you do they pick up on, they remember. We sat outside on a multicolored bench, it was nice and bright- not too hot. His friends came over at sat with us, a little girl and another little boy. They're all fourth graders, and we just talked. I asked about their school day, what plans they had for the day.

I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Vicviper, I'm glad your dog is doing well, maybe he just ate too much rawhide, or the rawhide he ate wasn't very good.

Cachiangel, enjoy Alaska! I bet your looking forward to that! What is it you're doing there? Do you often go there? Mebbe you can take a digital camera with you and post some pictures when you get back :D

NiN, good to know you're doing fine ;)

09-04-2002, 02:05 PM
my girlfriend is from anchorage and we're going up to visit her family & friends. i only have a regular camera so i probably won't have any pics online. sorry. glad you had fun.

09-05-2002, 02:16 PM
Good afternoon everyone, I hope you're having a grand day today. Feel free to post here and tell us about it!

I'm in fine form today, early this morning a friendly game volleyball started things off- and while our team won the first set, we lost badly when we allowed them a rematch.. doh! (Players from both teams had left for the second set... I guess it was the good players from our side!) later today, the gang her at work wil lget together to draft our players for our little Fantasy Football pool we have going here, along with ice cold beverages!

09-08-2002, 01:20 PM
Hey ya'll how's it going? Damn i sure miss the magicbox forum!

How's everybody's gaming life going? Man i can't believe it's almost 9/11 the day that the world changed perhaps for ever! Well sh*ts happend i guess (sorry i'm alittle high right now :haha: )
I've sold my gamecube PAL version because of that hell freeloader thingy that freeloader gets delayed everytime and i'm like anti-PAL system so i sold my Cube and ofcourse i'v allready ordered my US or NTSC/US CUBE with Mario sunshine ..and in about 3 weeks STARFOX this game is to die for I'm REALLY REALLY looking foward for this game!! Well anyways i'm gonna stop borring ya'll with my lifestories (feeling to relaxed right now :spinface: !)
Nice thread Kid_icarus!!

Greetings from holland

ps: *Mental note never ever write in the magicbox forum after smoking some magical grass*!!

09-08-2002, 06:55 PM
cr8zy ATMA *sigh* :D

Anyways, how is everyone? Hope you're all doing well. I was thinking, maybe for 9/11 we could get people to post here what their day is like, if they feel anything at all on the day the towers fell?

I happened to see a picture of New York's skyline.. and it now looks just like any other place.. sure you have the Empire State building.. but that's not the same. Lousy towers had to fall.. I hope they rebuild them or put up something similar/as tall..

Anyway, today's going by pretty slow.. worked hard on some of my courses, still have a long way to go to get any sort of degree... played some Mario Sunshine- I'm up to 77 shines now.. :happy:

Enjoy your day!

Black Ace
09-08-2002, 11:11 PM
Well right now its Sunday night, and you know what that means, its dull. Sunday night's are always boring and people are tired, work tomorrow as well.

09-09-2002, 09:06 PM
Hey everyone, how goes?

I got really high this weekend, highest ever I reckon. That was on Friday, here's a little funny/stupid story I thought I'd share: I was with a couple of friends in Shopper's Drugmart buying lighters, tape (for some "arts & crafts" we were planning on doing later), and eye cleansing solution. We were all pretty dopey eyed at this point. If that wasnt incriminating enough, my buddy asked me if he could borrow some money for the stuff we were buying since he wouldnt have enough. Anyway, I reach in my pocket and pull out the contents. The three of us are standing in line, in the middle of the store, and in my hand I have a ten dollar bill, lint, and a bag filled with weed. Keep in mind we're all stoned at this point. So we're all staring at the baggie for a good ten seconds until common sense returns to me and I stuff it back in my pocket. We all burst out giggling like school girls and for some reason huddle together as if some magnetic force was drawing us closer to each other. We stayed in this football-like huddle for a good minute until it was our turn at the counter.

On Saturday I had to get up early since I was going to Canada's Paramount Wonderland! Wooo! I've been there a few times before already, and it's one of those parks that gets boring after the first visit or so. The lines were terrible, we went on a few rides, played in the arcade and called it a day. We got home at around 10, and went to a giant birthday party. Two of my friends were celebrating their birthdays and planned on outdoing everyone else's party. It was decent, probably a bit too huge though. I fell into a marijuana-induced sleep fairly early, and didnt get up until my friend drove me home at around 2.

On Sunday I stayed home all day, bored. I did my homework, which was a monumental task since I've got some tough classes (calculus, chemistry, biology, english), and all the teachers were feeling very generous. It's my last year in high school, the marks actually matter, so I'm putting in mucho effort.

Today, Monday, I went to school, home, made food, ate it, did some homework, and I'm ready to call it a night at a very reasonable hour of 9pm.

09-10-2002, 09:01 AM

Um wow, you know- I've never met so many people so willing to discuss their prevalent use of drugs as I have on the internet. I guess I just hang out with the wrong crowd...

Anyway, on another note- how is eveyone today? I hope you all enjoyed your weekend- and came back to tell us about it. Tomorrow is that ateful day- again, I'd like to know if the towers' falling has had any impact on your life at all. Did you care? Do you care now? Discuss that tomorrow, if you would.

Tommorrow, I'm actually going to do my part by waving a US flag, along with hundreds of others down Bayshore St. (The longest strech of sidewalk.. in the WORLD!! :yikes:) Later on, I'm going to attend, and take part in, a ceremony downtown on 911.

Should be fun. Remember- never stop learning.. because when you do.. you stop living.

09-10-2002, 09:23 AM
Becareful Kid we are very dangerous!:haha:

Nice story Gabriel i bet you guys laugh your A .. out that day !

Who put that "Work from home"ad? It's annoying!

Man tomorrow is that day indeed i hope nothing happends, These last few days they cought some people that were planning to do some harm ..like in Germany they cought this guy with a Turkish nationality and his AMERCIAN wife they were planning to do some damage at a U.S building in Germany! I got a bad feeling for tomorrow! But lets hope for the best !

Anyways back to gaming news tomorrow or the day after i'll get my U.S gamecube with Mario sunshine (better now than October ) and i still can't wait for Star Fox i can't believe i'll be playing it soon! I've been waiting for this game for a time now can't wait any longer ! So how's everybody's day going?

09-10-2002, 06:43 PM
I didnt really care about the whole 9/11 thing. I mean, I sympathize with the people who lost loved ones but the event didnt affect me personally. I didnt like how the media made the US seem like a saint, not that the people who were killed deserved to die, but the US has taken it's fair share of innocent lives too. A lot of people seemed phony to me, pretending to act a certain way because it was expected of them, but that could be just cynisism talking, for all I know they were being sincere. It was sad how it took a terrorist attack to make everyone realize they love their country. I think this little picture from Something Awful sums it up nicely:

09-13-2002, 08:46 AM


How are you all today! Good, I hope! Thinks are pretty good here too, the skies are dark and overcast and there is a chilly breeze blowing by- all thanks to tropical storm Hannah! For me, it's paradise.. to see the palm trees swaying in the gale.. *sigh* kinda brings a tear to your eye!

Anyway, yesterday I went and visited my lunch buddy and once again that made my day- so I'm doing it again today! Only this time, I'm bringing a friend to try and recruit him into our program! (I get 10% off the bake sale if I do this! w00t! :rolleyes:)

I also found out, I'm getting put in for some kind of award, I hope I win. So I can laugh in the face of all the losers! "haha! suckas! Take this, and this, and that! I won you didn't! Nyah nyah!" Is what I'd say to them.

Today's friday- so go out and celebrate! Find a club, meet up with a hot chick and dance so hot and close that they kick you out of the club and make you get a room! ;) Lousy bouncers... Real life story- ask me about it sometime.

Remember- don't drink and drive.

In other news...

1000 posts! w00t! this calls for b33r! PM to ask me where to send the money for this, the greatest of mankind's accomplishments! Millions of years of evolution has led up to this- this great heart-warming blissful moment! Get your kodak cameras out, and smile into the mirror- because I couldn't have done it without you! I also want to thank my momma and Elvis- in whatever galaxy he is currently on tour in!

Gabriel - Haha, that's funny. The sad thing is, therre's some truth to you cold harsh words.

09-18-2002, 05:33 PM

I'm doing pretty good. School's letting up on the homework, so I have more free time. I'm quite proud of myself for completely understanding everything in my "Advanced Functions and Intro to Calculus" (or "math" as I call it) class. Just got back a test the other day, and got 93% on it :D

Last weekend was a great one for substance use too :) A friend's cousin was out of town so she let us use her vacant house for all of our misdeeds. It was just a townhouse, and wasnt really fit for 8 people, but we made due. One of my friends decided it'd be fun to set my leg hair on fire, so now I have a bit of a bald patch on my shin :irked" I didnt really care/notice at the time though ;) With 8 people it was inevitable that a lot of us would have to sleep on the floor. However, I somehow ended up in the master bedroom with the best bed in the house :) There was a bit of an uproar the following morning since I had a huge bed with two big pillows, and two comfy blankets, while some of the other guys had nothing but the cold, hard carpet :P Cant wait till next weekend :)

Today is my 4 month anniversery with my girlfriend, woooh! Well, 4 months isnt actually that long and we didnt really do anything special. We did however go grocery shopping together, which we've never done before.

PS. Let's hear that bouncer story, Icarus :)