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  1. Poll: Final Fantasy VII most wanted remake, Dragon Quest V favorite PlayStation game
  2. Need for Speed: Most Wanted, Mirror’s Edge, and PvZ: Garden Warfare free on PSN
  3. Tekken 7 unveils new character Lucky Chloe
  4. Dengeki PlayStation reports new SaGa, Drakengard, Sengoku Basara, Deception games
  5. One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 dated in Japan + new scan
  6. NIS might go out of business if Disgaea 5 doesn't sell
  7. Media Create + Famitsu software/hardware charts (12/01- 12/07) - SSM Wii U
  8. SEGA planning TV and film adaptations for Streets of Rage, Shinobi, Crazy Taxi + more
  9. Street Fighter V extended trailer teases Charlie Nash
  10. SaGa Asterism and The Blue Maiden of Arcadia trademarked in Japan
  11. DmC, Devil May Cry 4 coming to PS4/XBO, Monster Hunter 4 collaboration
  12. Final Fantasy XV TGS 2014 trailer official English voice version
  13. We're paying for broken games, and it's unacceptable
  14. Heists coming to Grand Theft Auto Online in early 2015
  15. Bandai Namco formally changes name, hints at future of company
  16. Famitsu’s most wanted games (12/14/14)
  17. Media Create + Famitsu software/hardware charts (12/08- 12/14) - Yo-kai Watch 2 top
  18. Final Fantasy XV teases new female character "Cid"?!
  19. Minecraft: Story Mode coming to all systems except Nintendo's
  20. Square Enix Working On Ways To Bring Other Final Fantasy Titles To PS4
  21. Japanese developers talk about 2015
  22. Acquire Software working on new console games
  23. Resident Evil Zero HD remaster might be happening
  24. Dragon’s Dogma Online trademarked in Japan
  25. Square Enix posts job listing for ‘Final Fantasy XV-related online game’
  26. Games you have beaten in the year 2015
  27. Tekken 7 unveils new character Shaheen from Saudi Arabia
  28. Leaked photo shows Bungie's possible plans for Destiny in 2015
  29. PlayStation 4 sales top 18.5 million worldwide
  30. Japanese hardware rankings for 2014, top ten best-selling games
  31. Yuji Horii teases 30th anniversary plans for Dragon Quest
  32. Media Create + Famitsu software/hardware charts (12/29 - 01/04) -
  33. Ninja Theory's Hellblade is coming to PC
  34. Media Create + Famitsu software/hardware charts (01/05 - 01/11) - Yokai Watch 2 rules
  35. GDC: PS4 and Xbox One Gaining Popularity With Devs, Study Shows
  36. Square Enix to announce new game at Tokaigi 2015
  37. Police Arrest UK Man In Connection With PSN and Xbox Live Hacks
  38. Most-Sold Games of 2014 Include GTA V, Call of Duty, and Super Smash Bros.
  39. Final Fantasy XV battle system featured in latest issue of Jump
  40. Famitsu’s most wanted games (1/18/15) made up of mostly RPGs
  41. Persona news live stream announced for February 4
  42. Borderlands 3 reveal teased for Sunday
  43. Final Fantasy XV director wants simultaneous worldwide release
  44. Square Enix announces new versus arcade game School of Ragnarok
  45. Bandai Namco files western trademarks for Lost Song, Eyes of Heaven, Cinderella Girls
  46. Sony Online Entertainment rebranded to Daybreak, going multiplatform
  47. Platinum Games' 8-bit Bayonetta Browser game
  48. Square Enix hiring for “new genre” Dragon Quest
  49. Wonderboy Monster World spiritual successor Monster Boy coming to PS4/PC
  50. Persona 5 gameplay revealed (PS4/PS3)
  51. Final Fantasy XV screenshots Compare: Sexy Cidney in Real-Time vs Pre-Rendered
  52. Capcom Online Games has at least 10 unannounced titles in development
  53. Resident Evil HD paid off for Capcom, producer thanks fans
  54. Capcom to announce “big” new arcade project at Japan Amusement Expo 2015
  55. Dissidia Final Fantasy announced for arcades
  56. PS4 is Best-Selling Console Once Again According to NPD
  57. Sega's Big Bet on Console Games Falls Short
  58. Media Create + Famitsu software/hardware charts (2/09 - 2/15) - Majora Mask on top
  59. Tales of Zestiria appears in Steam database
  60. Fatal Fury Final Is A Free Fan Remake Of The Original Fatal Fury
  61. tri-Ace Bought Out By Mobile Company Nepro Japan
  62. Final Fantasy XV Is 60 Percent Finished
  63. Famitsu's most wanted games - Week of Feb 22
  64. The First Time Street Fighter's Charlie Has Seen Action In A Long Time
  65. Final Fantasy XV World Map Will Be Ten Times The Size Of The Duscae Region
  66. Megadrive's Project Y (Megapolis...) new trailer
  67. 'Rock Band' is back with 'Rock Band 4' for XBO and PS4 in 2015
  68. CyberConnect2 teases news in next week’s Famitsu
  69. Media Create + Famitsu software/hardware charts (2/23 - 3/01) - PS4 beats 3DS
  70. One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 Shows More From Ivankov, Hancock, And Jinbe
  71. Police Officer Killed in GameStop Shootout
  72. Playing Final Fantasy 15 for the First Time
  73. Street Fighter V slated for spring 2016
  74. Retro freak: the new system that lets you play cartridges from 11 classic consoles
  75. Pokemon develoepr Game Freak + Sega = Tembo The Badass Elephant
  76. Level 5 Vision 2015 - Yokai Watch 3, Layton 7, Fantasy Life 2, etc
  77. February NPD proves we still love Zelda
  78. Where are all the games?
  79. Looks Like There's Going To Be A Final Fantasy Type-1
  80. Square Enix president teases JRPG surprise for fiscal 2015
  81. Hideo Kojima leaving Konami after MGSV.
  82. Media Create + Famitsu software/hardware charts (3/09 - 3/15) - Yakuza 0 week
  83. Final Fantasy XI Mobile, FF Grandmasters, Rhapsodies of Vana’diel
  84. Veteran Konami staffs Akari Uchida and Mino Taro resigned
  85. Final Fantasy XV Demo Players Are Finding Things They're Not Supposed To
  86. Konami Are Hiring Staff For A New Metal Gear Series
  87. Famitsu's Most Wanted Games - week of Mar 23, 15
  88. Devil May Cry 4: SE dated in Japan with Vergil, Lady, & Trish playable
  89. Media Create + Famitsu software/hardware charts (3/16 - 3/22) - FF Type-0 HD on top
  90. Bandai Namco teases “massive surprises” for Tales’ 20th anniversary
  91. Final Fantasy: Record Keeper Is Surprisingly Fun
  92. Konami's Official Word on Hideo Kojima
  93. 'An All-Male Party Makes Final Fantasy XV 'More Approachable', Says Director
  94. You Can Play Pac-Man On Google Maps Right Now
  95. Silent Hills/PT Website Removes Kojima Productions Logo
  96. Destiny Designer Quits Bungie to Join Bethesda
  97. Why a Tekken 7 new character Josie is Being Called a Phoney
  98. Media Create + Famitsu software/hardware charts (3/23 - 3/29) - Bloodborne on top
  99. The President Of Stella Glow Developer ImageEpoch Has Gone Missing
  100. Square Enix to host three-day interactive reveal from western studio next week
  101. Type-0 HD developer HexaDrive has been working on Final Fantasy XV
  102. Professor Layton 7, Fantasy Life 2 Move from 3DS to Smartphones
  103. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Leaked, Check Out the First Screenshots
  104. Famitsu and Bandai Namco launch mysterious new countdown
  105. New Square Enix teaser site for a possible Star Ocean game
  106. Media Create + Famitsu software/hardware charts (3/30 - 4/05) - 3rd Super Robot WarsZ
  107. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Officially Confirmed for This Year
  108. Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade developed by Team Ninja, uses PS4 as core system
  109. Famitsu’s most wanted games (4/12/15)
  110. Media Create + Famitsu software/hardware charts (4/06 - 4/12) - Dark Souls II: SOFS
  111. Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel developer completely demolished
  112. NPD Sales Results for March 2015
  113. New Seiken Densetsu / Secret of Mana may be in the work for 25th anniversary!
  114. Mass Effect 4: Details Allegedly Leaked via Online Survey
  115. The Witch and the Hundred Knight Revival officially announced
  116. Square Enix CEO Shinji Hashimoto promised more unannounced PS4 titles on the way
  117. Tencent and Sony leads 2014 Top 10 Public Companies in Game Revenues
  118. Metal Gear Solid 5 Xbox One/PS4/PC Supports 16 Players, Fewer on Last Gen
  119. Square Enix to host E3 2015 press conference
  120. Media Create software/hardware charts (4/13 - 4/19) - Style Savvy 3
  121. Silent Hills dead/cancelled
  122. Konami Voluntarily Delists Itself from New York Stock Exchange
  123. Call of Duty Gets First Playable Female Lead With Black Ops 3
  124. Final Fantasy XIV gets a 2D fighting game expansion
  125. Mega Man Creator's Mighty No. 9 Release Date Revealed
  126. Media Create & Famitsu software/hardware charts (4/20 - 4/26) - Bravely Second!
  127. Famitsu’s most wanted games (5/03/15) - Fire Emblem If at No. 3
  128. Mistwalker still has no ideas for the console version of Terra Battle
  129. SoulCalibur Dev Preparing "Something Huge," Wants to Know Your Favorite Character
  130. Xbox founder: PS4 wins the console war 'by a nose'
  131. Spark Unlimited's ironically lost its spark and shut down
  132. Sega Will Not Have Its Own Booth At E3 2015
  133. New Mirror's Edge, Plants vs. Zombies Games Coming in Early 2016
  134. Next Assassin's Creed To Be Announced Next Week; Now Called Syndicate
  135. Hideo Kojima, Silent Hills Added to Goat Simulator Credits
  136. Media Create & Famitsu software/hardware charts (4/27 - 5/02) - P&D Super Mario Ed.
  137. Castlevania Symphony of the Night Producer's New 2.5D Platformer Funded in 4 Hours
  138. Sega calls Alien: Isolation sales 'weak' at 2.1 million
  139. Imageepoch Have Begun Bankruptcy Procedures
  140. Mobile Is Konami's Future, According To President Hideki Hayakawa
  141. April NPD: Xbox One outsells PS4
  142. The Legend of Paladin 6 for PS4 and XBO
  143. Capcom adds M.Bison to Street Fighter V
  144. Retro Console Promises To Play ALL The Games
  145. Need for Speed Open-World "Full Reboot" Hitting PS4, Xbox One, and PC This Fall
  146. First look at Katamari Damacy creator’s Wattam for PS4
  147. Japanese Gay Dating Sim Fantastic Boyfriends Is Getting An English Version
  148. New Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax announced
  149. Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of The Duelist rated for PS4 and Xbox One in Germany
  150. How Kotaku Killed Shadows of Eternals.
  151. The Technomancer, the new post-apocalyptic action RPG set for E3 2015 debut
  152. Square Enix to announce several games at E3, more IP reboots & collaborations coming
  153. We Still Believe in Consoles, Says Konami
  154. Need For Speed Will Require An Online Connection
  155. the witcher 3 is the devil...
  156. Momotaro Dentetsu Creator Blames Konami For The End of His Long-Running Series
  157. The Fallout 4 Announcement Has Begun
  158. Final Fantasy XV: Stella is gone, Episode Duscae 2.0 slated for June 9
  159. The World Video Game Hall of Fame has named its first six games
  160. Wild speculation commence: Capcom hires new Mega Man producer
  161. Media Create Sales May 25 - May 31, Splatoon & Wii U on top
  162. Dark Souls III first details, screenshots leaked
  163. Capcom announces Mega Man Legacy Collection
  164. New Front Mission Game Being Developed By Square Enix Japan
  165. Street Fighter V adds V-Trigger, V-Skill, and Critical Arts mechanics
  166. Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain to have microtransactions
  167. Oculus Rift launching Q1 2016 with Xbox One & Oculus Touch controllers
  168. Street Fighter V will never appear on Xbox One, Capcom said
  169. Witcher 3, Mortal Kombat X, GTA 5 Top May 2015 NPD Sales Chart
  170. Arc System Works buys the rights to Double Dragon, River City Ransom and More
  171. Square Enix E3 hype video teases six surprises
  172. Cel-shaded Transformers Brawler Leaks Ahead of E3
  173. E3 2015 Trailers.
  174. Shenmue III
  175. Star Ocean 4 was nearly the end of the franchise
  176. Final Fantasy 7 Remake’s Story Could Deviate from the Original
  177. Fallout 4 Director: "Graphics Matter"
  178. Getting The Rights To Shenmue Was Easier Than You’d Think
  179. Street Fighter's Ridiculous New Breasts Are A Glitch, Capcom Says
  180. Deep Silver Probably Funded Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night
  181. Nomura on Why Square Enix Decided To Finally Make The Final Fantasy VII Remake
  182. Former Square Enix President Yoichi Wada Is No Longer Part Of The Company
  183. Reports of Tri-Ace's death have been greatly exaggerated
  184. Final Fantasy VII Remake: No new characters, more realistic gameplay
  185. Square Enix is nearly done with last-gen
  186. Surprise! Nomura didn't know he was directing Final Fantasy VII remake
  187. Devil May Cry's Future Isn't Tied to How Well DMC4: Special Edition Sells
  188. Kojima has seen Mad Max four times because he is right and good
  189. Media Create Jun 22 - 28: Fire Emblem Fates sold 260k in Japan
  190. PlayStation 4 dominates Europe with ’70-90%’ of console market
  191. Keiji Inafune probably making Mega Man Legends successor
  192. Guy Sneaks Into Game Studio, Finds Unannounced Game
  193. Dragon Quest XI Is Offline for Home Console
  194. Comcept Kickstarting Mega Man Legends spiritual successor Red Ash game and anime
  195. Did someone just unearth a Sony SNES-CD?
  196. Street Fighter V ‘Brazil’ stage unveiled
  197. We Betrayed Fans And Want to Be a Brand Again, Says Sega CEO
  198. Xbox's Phil Spencer: Executives should play games
  199. Ubisoft making 2.5 times more money off PS4 sales than Xbox One
  200. 'We want more female heroes and less sex objects,' say teenage boys
  201. Solid Snake Japanese voice actor: ‘Kojima Productions has disbanded’
  202. Rest in peace, SatoruIwata
  203. Assassin’s Creed producer Jade Raymond joins EA, opens Motive Studios
  204. Famitsu’s most wanted games (7/13/15)
  205. Tekken X Street Fighter Is Well Into Development, Says Harada
  206. June NPD: PS4 beats Xbox One as Batman tops the software chart
  207. Media Create + Famitsu Jul 06 - 12: Yo-Kai Watch Busters beats everything
  208. A First Look At The Fire Emblem Creator’s New Strategy RPG Project
  209. Street Fighter V Will Let You Unlock DLC Characters (And More) For Free
  210. A Ground Zeroes mission foretold the Kojima and Konami split
  211. Dragon Quest New Title Presentation announced for July 28, Heroes II subtitle reveale
  212. Rise of the Tomb Raider coming to PC in early 2016, PS4 in holiday 2016
  213. Spike Chunsoft x tri-Ace RPG countdown site launched
  214. Silent Hills' Kojima, Del Toro Still Plan to Work on New Project
  215. Dragon Quest XI: In Search of Departed Time logo leaked ahead of reveal
  216. Dragon Quest X coming to PS4 and Nintendo's NX
  217. Mafia 3 confirmed by 2K Games, to be revealed at gamescom
  218. Koei Tecmo teases new Omega Force non-Warriors title
  219. ZombiU hits PC, PS4, and Xbox One next month
  220. Final Fantasy 7 Remake's "Dramatic Changes" to Combat Discussed
  221. Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 in development
  222. Nikkei report: Bad things happening at Konami
  223. Gamescom 2015
  224. Mighty No. 9 officially delayed (again) to 'Q1 2016'
  225. Final Fantasy VII Remake won’t use Luminous Engine; Final Fantasy XV is 65% complete
  226. SNK Playmore has been acquired by China's Leyou Millenium
  227. Portable Steam Machine Gets Price and Release Window
  228. Dragon Quest XI first screenshots
  229. Resident Evil 2 Remake Confirmed
  230. Final Fantasy XV will get a simultaneous worldwide release
  231. Core console software sales are higher than ever - EEDAR
  232. July 2015 NPD: Lack of new games doesn't hurt industry or PS4
  233. Square Enix to shut down "Dive In" game streaming service
  234. Media Create + Famitsu Aug 03 - 09: Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer
  235. Final Fantasy VII reimagined as an action side-scroller
  236. Rollcage 3 aka GRIP on kickstarter for PC and PS4
  237. Kingdom Hearts III has a Big Hero 6 world
  238. KONAMI heritage games survey - what games you want to come back?
  239. Final Fantasy 14 Has Over 5 Million Registered Accounts
  240. Japanese mobile game making $4 million a day
  241. Final Fantasy 7 Lets You Cheat, Skip Battles in New Mobile Version
  242. Bandai Namco announces TGS 2015 lineup
  243. Final Fantasy VII Remake’s Battle System Development Is Going Thru some trial & error
  244. Yakuza Creator Has An Exciting New Game To Announce At Tokyo Game Show 2015
  245. MGSV: The Phanom Pain Launch Trailer
  246. Kojima Promises To Continue Being Creative on His 52th b-Day
  247. Famitsu’s most wanted games (8/23/15)
  248. Street Fighter V adds Rainbow Mika
  249. Mortal Kombat X for PS3 and Xbox 360 has been canceled
  250. Mighty No. 9 is getting a 'trial version' as an apology for the delay