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  2. Valve Hardware Plans, PC in living rooms
  3. Sega Suing Level-5 For $11 Million, Says Inazuma Eleven Infringes Two Patents
  4. Project Versus J is for PS3 and VITA
  5. Grasshopper Manufacture & Digital Reality presents: Black Knight Sword (PSN/XBLA)
  6. Happy 25th Birthday, Final Fantasy. It’s Time To Get Your Act Together
  7. Amusing Metal Gear Solid Bento
  8. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII trailer is out
  9. THQ files for Bankruptcy
  10. Games that can be played on the PC vs Android phone.
  11. Games you have beaten in the year 2013
  12. The meaning of Triple A status in videogames
  13. Your personal GOTY?
  14. Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3
  15. Steam Box to be shown in 2013.
  16. Nvidia handheld gaming system
  17. Indie Games of 2012
  18. When will the PS2 be overtaken for most selling console?
  19. Cyberpunk 2077
  20. Witcher 3
  21. The Game Stick. Answer to Steambox **KingOfS I'm talking to you**
  22. The Best of CES 2013 **Oculus Rift Best in gaming
  23. Famitsu Most Wanted Top 30
  24. Bohemia Interactive Developers Free on Bail (128 days in Greece Prison)
  25. Lightning Returns - new character Lumina
  26. Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes to be a next-gen title?
  27. Sega buy Relic, Deep Silver...
  28. Mamoru Has Been Cursed (XB360/PS3)
  29. Let’s Rank The Final Fantasy Games, Best to Worst
  30. Grasshopper Manufacture acquired by
  31. Pre- E3 2013 thread. Let's do it now Magicbox
  32. Dead Space needs “around five million” fans to survive, according to EA
  33. Legacy of Kain soul reaver reboot?
  34. Bye bye Steambox? Ruh-Roh
  35. Will you evolve?
  36. Bethesda helps grieving fan
  37. Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag (XB360, PS3, PC, WiiU)
  38. Deadfall Adventures (XB360, PC)
  39. Bound By Flame (XB360, PS3, PC)
  40. Mars: War Logs
  41. Thief (reboot)
  42. Lost Planet 3 gameplay
  43. Updates on Final Fantasy LR, Versus XIII, XIV, X HD
  44. Kotaku: Proof That American Gamers Really Do Want Japanese RPGs
  45. Pitfall is a blnd rip off Super Mario
  46. Bleszinski: If Video Games Are Going to Grow Up, Then the Bullying Needs to Stop
  47. Vita finally gets its number one spot
  48. Japan's favorite game in 2012 is Super Dangan-Ronpa 2??
  49. Saint's Row IV (PC, XB360, PS3)
  50. Transistor (From the makers of Bastion)
  51. Final Fantasy V heading to iOS and Android on Mar 28
  52. Entitled Gamers, Corrupt Press, and Greedy Publishers
  53. Life is like a hurricane...here in Duckburg!
  54. Square Enix Forces All Staff to Play Super Mario RPG
  55. Kickstarter for the "new" Ecco the dolphin: The big blue.
  56. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
  57. New GHM project... No More Heroes 3???
  58. Assassin's Creed Brotherhood compiled into a 2.5 hour movie
  59. Polygon: EA to buy Sega for $36MM, Satomi to step down
  60. EA Makes Worst Company In America
  61. Batman: Arkham Origins announced! Out Oct. 25!
  62. How many of these can you explain as a gamer?
  63. Monster Hunter Online
  64. Capcom changing dev strategies, canned some titles
  65. Sega's last unreleased console Sega Pluto unveiled
  66. Shinji Mikami's The Evil Within
  67. THQ IP's auction.
  68. Far Cry 3: BLOOD DRAGON!!!1!
  69. Wolfenstein: The New Order (PS3/XB360/PC)
  70. Hellraid (PS3/XB360/PC)
  71. ShopTo refuses to sell upcoming Activision games
  72. Telltale's Fables
  73. Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures (PS3, XB360, WiiU)
  74. Operation Original Generation!
  75. Resident Evil 7 for E3?
  76. Videogame crash incoming?
  77. Polygon: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy HD hits iOS May 30
  78. E3 2013: Expectations
  79. Deus Ex: The Fall
  80. Murdered Soul Suspect
  81. Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow 2 (XB360/PS3)
  82. Dying Light (XB360/XBOne, PS3/PS4)
  83. My podcast's E3 coverage
  84. The E3 2013 thread
  85. Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III confirmed for PS4
  86. Deus Ex: HR Director's Cut (XB360, PS3, PC)
  87. Index/Atlus investigated for fraud.
  88. Mirror's Edge 2 (XBONE, PS4)
  89. Sickening: UBISoft's Rainbow 6 Patriots is government propaganda
  90. Playstation 4 v XBox One... v Wii U
  91. Amazon: Xbox1 or Ps4?
  92. Mass Effect 1 and 2 writer discusses dropped ideas for Mass Effect trilogy ending
  93. [Amazon] Far Cry 3 (PS3/Xbox 360) $20
  94. [CVGWorld] Witcher 3 received 49 awards at E3, including “Best Game of E3."
  95. Bethesda comfortable in traditional markets
  96. Ouya out yesterday (June 25)
  97. [Xbox Live On Demand] Ultimate Sale Day!
  98. UBIsoft got hacked!
  99. Bruce Lee II! (Sequel to the C64 game!!!!!)
  100. Open World vs Strict Linear Storytelling
  101. new Strider game!
  102. Activision and Vivendi Games unmerging.
  103. First Kickstarter project I've ever been interested in.
  104. Japanese brings adult game to new level with JU-C controller
  105. Fianl Fantasy X-0 was very envisaged
  106. Breath of Fire 6
  107. Payday 2 becomes profitable before launch, Covered by Pre-orders
  108. Layton 7
  109. Tales of Link
  110. Level-5's Wonder Flick
  111. Must have titles from 7th generation consoles
  112. Viewtiful Joe......Mobile!
  113. Japanese game developers and Youtube
  114. Holy christ, The Force Unleashed is horrendous
  115. Dragon Age 3 gameplay
  116. Legend Of Heroes: Trails Of The Sky 2 (PC/PSV)
  117. [Polygon] Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes eyes-on: Snake has changed
  118. Deep Down gameplay
  119. Game of Thrones 8-bit game
  120. Final Fantasy Agito
  121. Help! Need Jap video games box dimension plz.
  122. Shantae: Half-Genie Hero
  123. Sega Sammy is buying Atlus
  124. New Dark Souls 2 trailer and collector's edition announced.
  125. Duck Tales is getting a disc release
  126. Yasumi Matsuno's Unsung Story
  127. Aerith is back in Lightning Returns: FFXIII
  128. Dragon Quest 1-8 for iOS and Android
  129. Tales of Hearts R now available on iOS
  130. Castlevania Lords of Shadow collection coming next month!
  131. Final Fantasy VI for iOS! Maybe FFVII too...
  132. Chinese students allegedly forced to build PS4s at Foxconn for school credit
  133. Resident Evil 7 is in development
  134. Best monitor for console games?
  135. Square Enix forms Final Fantasy Committee To preserve quality of FF Games
  136. What would you like to see in a crossover game between FF, DQ and Tales?
  137. Newer stuff for retro consoles
  138. Why do games cost so much?
  139. Trade any game for Assassin's Creed 4 / BF4 / CoD: Gosts at Future Shop CANADA
  140. Your games of this generation?
  141. [Amazon] Bioshock Infinite (PS3 comes with first Bioshock, 360) $19.99
  142. What is immersion to you?
  143. Which console are you getting for Christmas?
  144. Installing Xbox One Games Takes Way Too Long.
  145. Current generation console sales chart (WiiU, PS4, Xbone) by VGChartz
  146. Dynasty Tactics is ported over to iOS
  147. Final Fantasy X scenario writer wants to see Final Fantasy X-3
  148. Breath of Fire 6 new info
  149. The losers of 2013 - Ouya, Wii U, etc by Gamesindustry
  150. Games you have beaten in the year 2014
  151. Marvel games and Fallout 1 2 and tactics are goneeeeeeee!
  152. Digital vs. having an optical drive.
  153. XBONE: 3mill sold, PS4: 4.2mill sold WW.
  154. Gymkata - The inspiration for Resident Evil 4?
  155. Microsoft: The days of single-purpose consoles are over
  156. Namco Bandai the most power Japanese game firm in 2013
  157. Microsoft paying YouTubers for Xbox One mentions
  158. Watch Dogs PS4 > Xbox One, Expects Performance To Widen In Future
  159. Final Fantasy XIII and XIII-2 re-imagined in 16-bit format
  160. PS4 v XBox One Controller
  161. Sega: No next-gen Sonic for you
  162. Blackburn boy, 13, rapes sister, 8, after watching porn on Xbox
  163. NPD: PS4 sold almost twice as much as XBONE
  164. Square Enix’s SaGa Franchise Gets A 25th Anniversary Website
  165. South Park Stick of Truth (March 4)
  166. Motomu Toriyama: Lightning maybe guest of future titles
  167. Metal Gear Solid V: PS4 1080p vs XBO 720p
  168. Tales of Asteria - new All-Star Tales games for Smartphone
  169. Atlus reborn again under Sega Sammy Holdings
  170. BioShock Studio Irrational Games Is Shutting Down
  171. Sony developing Nintendo vs Sega Console Wars movie
  172. Secret of Mana: Rise of Mana announced ...
  173. Media Create Sales for PS4 launch week
  174. Dino Crisis reboot to be announced this year
  175. To the tin hat people who said kinect could be some kind of spy box.
  176. Gaming artifacts
  177. Next Rocksteady Batman game to be announced soon?
  178. Silent Hill: Otherworld.
  179. Batman: Arkham Knight, Rocksteady's Arkham Finale (PS4/ Xbox One/ PC)
  180. Dishonored II
  181. Knowing what you know now, which last-gen console would you choose?
  182. Hideo Kojima explained the origin of “Solid Snake”
  183. Burnout creators set out to find paradise in new studio
  184. [Rumor] Red Dead Redemption sequel “is in the works potentially for a 2014 launch”
  185. One Piece: Unlimited World Red (PS3, WiiU, Vita, 3DS)
  186. Games you like that are 'unpopular'
  187. Hideo Kojima would like to work on Silent Hill reboot
  188. Koji Igarashi leaves Konami
  189. Assassin's Creed: Unity (XB1/PS4)
  190. Lords of the Fallen
  191. What Does Square Enix’s Final Fantasy Committee Do?
  192. Facebook, Oculus Rift, and the Kickstarter Backlash
  193. What's one publisher you couldn't live without?
  194. April's Fool news
  195. The Forest
  196. Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
  197. E.T. landfill to be excavated
  198. Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes fails to portray sexual violence meaningfully
  199. The Truth of the Rumors 2014
  200. Most mobile game players quit after only one day, study finds
  201. Square Enix re-shifts to its roots in JRPGs and shutdown Indian studio
  202. Vita is the new PS3 in Japan according to Media Create
  203. Sony unloading its shares of Square Enix
  204. Magicbox News Section / front page is dead :(
  205. How often do you buy a game within the first month of release?
  206. Just Cause 3 in development
  207. Media Create sw/hw sales (4/14 – 4/20)
  208. From Software brought by
  209. Dragon Quest 11 is in development
  210. Major Persona 5 announcement incoming May 2nd
  211. Final Fantasy XV - new stuffs in Xbone site
  212. Media Create sw/hw sales (4/21 – 4/27)
  213. "Several" American Companies Interested In Yo-kai Watch Anime
  214. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare leaked
  215. RBI Baseball '14: Interesting Article about Gaming, Fun Classic Gameplay and Life
  216. Tetris 30th Anniversary Retrospective
  217. Harmonix teasing Monday announcement
  218. Square Enix's 25th SaGa anniversary surprise is ....
  219. Tales of the Borderlands
  220. Need for Speed skips 2014; first year without one in over a decade
  221. Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G launched for iOS
  222. Kushina Uzumaki joins Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution
  223. Star Wars: Battlefront confirmed for E3 appearance
  224. The Elder Scrolls Online delayed six months on consoles
  225. Media Create sw/hw sales (4/28 – 5/04)
  226. Konami game sales sliding year-over-year
  227. Famitsu's Most Wanted: Issue 1326 - Persona 5 crowned
  228. Capcom plans to sell 3.9 million more copies of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate
  229. Sega's numbers are down, but still profitable
  230. Capcom lists its six "powerful" franchises -- Can you guess what they are?
  231. Square Enix revises financial forecast upward following strong sales
  232. Namco Bandai revenue increases, thanks to Dark Souls 2
  233. Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition for consoles coming this August
  234. Former Thief, Deus Ex boss on why he quit the AAA console business
  235. Japanese Golden Week sales experience 30% decrease year-over-year
  236. One Piece Unlimited World: Red Has A Release Date
  237. Rockstar has a 'next-gen' project in the works for this fiscal year
  238. Watch Dogs is 900p on PS4, 792p on Xbone
  239. Naruto Online Coming Out On PC This Year
  240. Take-Two makes it rain $1 billion more in fiscal 2014
  241. E3 Rumors/Leaks.
  242. Media Create sw/hw sales (5/05 – 5/11)
  243. Far Cry 4 (XB360, XB1, PS4, PS3, PC)
  244. Ubisoft not ready to abandon Xbox 360, PS3 just yet
  245. PS4 outsells Xbox One in US during April; Titanfall remains top seller
  246. Ubisoft's racer The Crew is the "World of Warcraft of driving games"
  247. Ubisoft's The Division delayed to 2015
  248. Ubisoft posts posted a $17 million loss on the year
  249. New Dragon Ball Game In Development For PlayStation 4
  250. YouTube to Acquire Videogame-Streaming Service Twitch for $1 Billion