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  1. Fav Nintendo character
  2. Game you'd like to see online?
  3. Best Nintendo sytem?
  4. *raspberry*... so much for a Zelda remake on GC.
  5. Most disappointing GC title this year.
  6. Out of these whats the most anticipated game To you
  7. Zelda: Takt of the Wind--First Impressions!!!!!
  8. Zelda: Takt of the Wind rating
  9. More Konami rumors (lies).
  10. NiGHTS in PSO
  11. New details on GC successor
  12. November US sales.. MP kicks SC!
  13. Zelda: The Wind Waker Japan Sales
  14. Namco's new role
  15. Animal Crossing 2
  16. what do you thik the megaton will be?
  17. Best GCN game as of now?
  18. Capcom Analyzes GameCube
  19. Random, but wondering
  20. FF:CC 'stuff' and JSR2 rumours
  21. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles updates - Plenty of new pics, info + in game screens
  22. New wrestling game from creators of WWf No Mercy!
  23. Game Cube 2?
  24. Your GameCube's Color
  25. Natsume stuff
  26. Don't have time to read this so...
  27. Maya Software Used in the New Zelda
  28. New Gamecube developer- Raylight Studios
  29. zelda release date; official confirmations
  30. Nintendo Partner Falls on GameCube
  31. In oder to get the bonus Zelda disc...
  32. New Miyamoto Interview
  33. Nintendo and Tomy together
  34. Which GC game will Square-Enix release next?
  35. GameCube Takes the Lead Over XBox!!
  36. Spinter Cell is on it's way!
  37. V-Jump FF:CC updates
  38. Naruto screens
  39. F-Zero playable demo coming next month
  40. The Legend of Zelda and Super Mario Bros. in Animal Crossing?
  41. GameSpot rates Metroid Prime GoTY!
  42. How hilarious.
  43. This years E3 could be a long time away, but what is there to anticipate?
  44. Winning Eleven Final Evolution 6
  45. Zelda Bonus Disc
  46. New GCN Game "Drive Dragon", Info and some pics.
  47. One Peace Treasure Battle
  48. Broken Gamecubes
  49. GameCube Takes the Lead Over XBox!!
  50. Biohazard/Resident Evil4
  51. Megaman EXE Transmission screens
  52. New GameCube games for 2003
  53. Giftpia Screens inside
  54. AC question. What do you do with Jingle?
  55. Another hilarious thing: Zelda on Xbox
  56. Game Boy Player games screens
  57. Post your GC/GBA List
  58. Updates on Winning Eleven 6: Final Evolution
  59. Camelot confirmed new GC RPG title
  60. pokemon online? Clues inside.
  61. Puzzle Collection japanese box pic
  62. Mr. Driller: Drill Land
  63. Rune II/Lost Kingdoms II updates
  64. Bandai of America have announced four more games will be coming to the GameCube
  65. Marvel VS Capcom 2 for Gamecube? Please say yes!
  66. Ikaruga screens
  67. Skies of Arcadia Legend
  68. Doshin: A lover or a hater?
  69. Why the hell is Capcom going to port RE 2 & 3?
  70. Interview: NoE
  71. Pokemon details
  72. If you think you know your Animal Crossing, prove it!
  73. Blueskied...get Primed!!
  74. Dozen of new Harvest Moon screens
  75. ANOTHER conference
  76. GameCube (Graphical) Limitations
  77. MARIO KART Breaking News!
  78. Sega's new GC game
  79. Final Fantasy Crystal Chornicles
  80. The new Nintendo hardware announced!
  81. Nintendo To Announce Release List For Europe
  82. The Sims for XBox and GCN
  83. Heard anything about Giftpia?
  84. New GamePro Skies of Arcadia Reviewed
  85. Virtual Fighter Quest??
  86. Link to appear on GC Soul Calibur 2?
  87. what 5 games do you want the most in 03?
  88. 2 old/new games for the GC
  89. Gameboy player Good or bad
  90. if you care i just read...
  91. since capcom is working with Nintendo...
  92. Capcom = Triforce
  93. is any1 tired of...
  94. Mario Party 4 outsells Zelda Wind Waker. WTF!
  95. what if this was to happen...
  96. It has been a while.(spoiler)
  97. was the Gameboy player the MegaTon?
  98. Eternal Arcadia Legend isn't worth it
  99. New F-Zero screens
  100. So much for Megaton...
  101. No Sonic Adventure 3 for GC?
  102. Not bad scores for a shm'up
  103. Has Anyone Else Noticed?
  104. Square Enix.... just a dream?
  105. Gameboy player movies
  106. Gamecube must be beating Xbox (WORLDWIDE)
  107. has any game on XBox beaten REmake & RE0 Graphics?
  108. Might be old news to you all i Dunno but here...
  109. Gamecube Ikaruga cancelled
  110. what if sega did this?
  111. Nintendo and the GameBoy.
  112. a TMNT game on GC
  113. old news to some maybe but what the hey
  114. Developers too willing to use a franchise?
  115. Aching for Too Human
  116. Konami in 10 GC game shocker!
  117. New Viewtiful Joe Trailer
  118. Ati @ Ces 2003
  119. Rayman 3 -- you like it?
  120. Legend of Zelda half priced in Japan?!
  121. do you think that...
  122. some what new PN03 & re4 pics
  123. is sonic CD on mega collection
  124. new Dead Phoenix trailer
  125. PN03 New Screens!
  126. Snes-GC pads??
  127. New Killer 7 video (dont get excited)
  128. Memory Card Compatability
  129. Where are you harddrive?
  130. How much left
  131. GC GS! aka GameCube GameShark!
  132. Link in SC2
  133. F-zero update (just tidbits)
  134. Nintendo gives vauge release list
  135. D & D Heroes...if you care
  136. SC2 trailer YES!!!!! Shows Link in GAME!
  137. sorry...but i was wondering...
  138. Generation of Chaos Exceed
  139. First ever Sonic Adventure DX screens
  140. what old NES..SNES or N64 games would you like to see remade on GC?
  141. Ikaruga impressions
  142. Free game with GCN purchase
  143. 2002 Top 10 GameCube / GBA Games in Japan
  144. !!!!WARNING SPOILER: The (True) Endding of Metroid Prime WARNING SPOILER!!!!
  145. updated USA gamecube release dates
  146. Konami say: 'wait till E3'
  147. They are not exclusive, are they?
  148. Metroid Prime Japanese ad display
  149. Colin McRae 3 and Other Rally Games
  150. New F-zero movies (realtime play footage from the World Hobby Fair in Osaka)
  151. Capcom wants Nintendo to buy their shares?
  152. earthbound mother 3
  153. My predictions still remain true
  154. Gamecube shell modification site needed!
  155. Miyamoto was not entirely convinced about using cel-shading for Zelda
  156. Whatever happened to Boss Studio(s)
  157. Metroid movie
  158. Retro Studio begins work on Metroid Prime sequel
  159. Factor 5 working on two projects?
  160. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicels: GBA Required??
  161. Ikaruga US box art
  162. Smilebit plans for GC in 2003
  163. Niny Working On A New System...
  164. Nintendo Puzzle game clip...
  165. Player Choice Awards for $30?!
  166. F-Zero images
  167. Please buy SOAL!
  168. Sega's 03 GC line-up
  169. Yes another one but it's good news.....4 great NES games playable in AC
  170. Animal Crossing/Trading Post
  171. Fire Emblem & Kirby news
  172. New Rez-like Title from Jeff "Tempest 2000" Minter
  173. New 3D shooter from Jeff Minter and Lionhead Studios for GC
  174. So who is pre-ordering The Wind Waker?
  175. XBOX Live Beat Wind Waker In japan?!
  176. a pretty ok SC2 Clip...if you care...
  177. which one supports GC the best?
  179. DBZ Budokai Port On GC...i'm some what happy...But it's a PORT!
  180. Nintendo Puzzle Movies
  181. How is Soal?
  182. Zoonami announced GC game
  183. The good deals right now
  184. Overworks is already working on Skies 2 & 3!!!
  185. Datel officially give Action Replay date.
  186. EA announcement hurts Nintendo
  187. Rumor has it when Zelda comes out GC will go to $250 Packed with SMS,Z:WW, and MPrime
  188. Wind Waker is semi two player -- find out inside
  189. GameCube US Release Dates
  190. Japanese Metroid Prime box art
  191. Resident Evil
  192. I'm a cel shading whore
  193. Hi-res F-Zero screens
  194. Skies Of Arcadia is out now! (scores), Please read!
  195. FFXII on GC ?
  196. Zelda: wind waker
  197. Presenting NdCube's Tube Slider
  198. supposedly leaked information:
  199. Any experiences with the "homemade" rgb cables?
  200. Weening the people onto cel shading
  201. Need some quick advice..
  202. Donkey Kong Racing...
  203. Ok how do you get the zelda bonus disk?
  204. Metroid Prime commercials (Japan)
  205. Official Japanese Gamecube GBA player box art
  206. FreeLoader
  207. Have ya'll seen this?
  208. Gameboy Player only in Jet Black?
  209. Is confirmed! Metroid Prime 2 is coming.
  210. Leon Kennedy character art
  211. Splinter Cell not coming to GC (yet)
  212. AIAS Finalists Announced. Metroid Prime breaks records.
  213. Some great Ikaruga art work
  214. Worms 3
  215. OMG!! A GC port.....better than XB and PS2 versions?!
  216. My GameCube broke.
  217. Should games be cheaper?
  218. Anyone else excited
  219. Official OoT US box art
  220. free game with purchase
  221. Why aren't there ever people who complain about the music in Zelda games???
  222. Atomic Planet announce 4 new games
  223. Think Wind Waker will move consoles?
  224. Special Metroid Prime bundle for Europe
  225. Bye Bye Sega Sports on Gamecube.
  226. Zelda Demo
  227. Partial list of NOA 2003 line up
  228. info...
  229. when does Falsebound Kingdom come out?
  230. Skies of Arcadia Legends reviews madness (must read)
  231. For you US Gamers: Release date for Zelda OOT Disc Gamecube revealed....
  232. Magaman EXE pics......yeah....
  233. new gamecube bundle?
  234. Quite simply, your best game?
  235. what # of games do you have for GC?
  236. New Bomberman Japanese game....
  237. awesome news!
  238. Splinter Cell for GC
  239. Super Smash Bros. Melee
  240. PSO players....ONline that is
  241. New Harvest Moon images
  242. Mario 128: 2D or 3D?
  243. Skies of Acardia Legend
  244. SSMB3 New Characters?
  245. Wind Waker's GBA connectivity feature
  246. New Wario World pics
  247. windwaker
  248. 300,000 Nintendo games seized in Jan. China raids
  249. Biohazard 4:The Black Swarm
  250. Could Nintendo Surivive if......?