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  1. Nintendo Developing New Handheld Codenamed 'MH': Could be a component of NX?
  2. Pokemon GO details battles, avatar, more
  3. A look at the E3 2016 Nintendo floor plans
  4. Vans x Nintendo collection launches this Friday in the US
  5. First NX racing game RISE: Race The Future
  6. Rumor: Nintendo NX mass production postponed to early 2017 to add VR functionality
  7. Nintendo 3DS Sales Pass 60 Million Units Worldwide
  8. 2DS production ending in Japan
  9. Zelda Producer Explains Why, Despite Speculation, The New Link Is A Guy
  10. Nintendo shares more information on Pokemon Go at E3, including accessory price
  11. Nintendo Reveals New 3DS RPG, Ever Oasis
  12. With NX Coming, Nintendo Cares About Games, Not Specs
  13. Xenoblade team is working on Zelda: Breath of the Wild
  14. GameStop CEO says the Nintendo NX will have physical media
  15. Here's Why Zelda: Breath of The Wild Has Voice Acting, But Link Still Doesn't Speak
  16. Miyamoto says Nintendo is keeping quiet on NX due to a certain “idea”
  17. Nintendo Reconfirms NX’s March 2017 Launch And More At 76th Shareholders Meeting
  18. Splatoon gets an unofficial mobile port in China
  19. Uniqlo Partners With Nintendo for T-Shirt Design Competition
  20. Miyamoto: Star Fox Zero is the most underrated Wii U game
  21. Pokemon unofficial smartphone port already available
  22. Nintendo Files New Patent for Handheld Device
  23. Pokemon GO players keep finding Pokemons in weird places
  24. Nintendo betting big on mobile, potentially building hardware controllers for iOS
  25. Pokemon Go About to Overtake Twitter App's Daily Active Users
  26. Nintendo Sees Biggest Stock Jump Since 1983 Thanks To Pokémon GO
  27. Pokemon Sun and Moon ‘Everyday is an Adventure’ Japanese trailer
  28. Pokemon Go Has Reportedly Made More Than $14 Million
  29. Mini NES with 30 games built in! official from nintendo! ME WANTIE!
  30. Pokemon Go Becomes Most Popular Mobile Game in US History - Report
  31. Pokemon Go is a Jihadist Middle east invasion of America!
  32. Square Enix: No Nintendo NX Version Of Final Fantasy XV Currently Planned
  33. Nintendo was most traded company by value of shares this century in Japan on Friday
  34. Pokemon Sun and Moon details six new Pokemon
  35. Pokemon Go- New global security risk
  36. Pokemon Go Just Broke This Major App Store Record, as Nintendo Releases Statement
  37. Comic-Con 2016: Pokemon Go Dev Confirms Trading, More Pokemon Are Coming
  38. New Level-5 trademarks include 'Lady Layton,' two more Yo-kai Watch games
  39. Nintendo's NX allegedly has detachable controllers, is a portable console
  40. Pokemon Go Updates Will Be More Respectful to Real-World Places
  41. Pokemon Go Is Broken Without Tracking
  42. Report: Nintendo will have a new NX Mario and Pokemon within 'six months' of launch
  43. Pokemon Go had a record $200 million first month
  44. Dragon Quest X reconfirmed for Nintendo NX
  45. Nintendo drops the hammer on Pokemon Uranium
  46. Dragon Quest XI confirmed for NX, simultaneous launch with PS4 and 3DS versions
  47. Pokemon Go Loses More Than 15 Million Daily Users in a Month
  48. Target Jumps on the Pokemon Go Train, Puts Giant Poke Balls Outside
  49. 3DS-Focused Nintendo Direct Coming This Week
  50. Nintendo NX Size, Controller Details and Ports Reportedly Revealed
  51. Super Mario Maker is coming to 3DS this year with a big restriction
  52. A new Pikmin title is coming to the 3DS
  53. Pokémon Go's Buddy System Will Let You Have Special Time With Your Favorite Monster
  54. Nintendo announced Super Mario Run for smartphone
  55. Miyamoto Says VR 'Doesn't Really Fit' Mario
  56. Ash From Pokémon Is Finally Going To School In New Anime
  57. One Piece: Great Pirate Colosseum and DBZ: Extreme Butoden to have cross game battles
  58. Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 3 Professional announced for 3DS
  59. Ubisoft: “Nintendo has learned from the Wii U” with NX
  60. Retailers in the UK are being asked to put their final orders in for the Wii U
  61. Miyamoto on making Super Mario Run simple, and future on mobile,
  62. Japan is getting its own retro Nintendo system with the Mini Famicom
  63. Super Mario Maker for 3DS screenshots
  64. Monster Hunter Stories gets first review in Famitsu
  65. Series news teased on Bravely Default's fourth anniversary
  66. 20 million iOS users have signed up to be notified when Super Mario Run launches
  67. First glimpse of Nintendo NX coming October 20
  68. Nintendo Switch, coming March 2017
  69. Developers Respond to Nintendo Switch
  70. Fans Translate Rare Japanese Zelda Game, Now Everyone Can Play It
  71. Nintendo Reports Sales Decline as Amiibo, Wii U Software Interest Drops Off
  72. Nintendo Switch release date, price, and games lineup to be announced on January 12
  73. Monster Hunter XX Announced for Japan
  74. Nobunaga’s Ambition series coming to Nintendo Switch
  75. Final Fantasy XV director “very interested” in Switch
  76. Level-5 trying to figure out how to take advantage of Switch, won’t have launch games
  77. Nintendo Won't Discontinue 3DS, Talks Switch VR Possibilities
  78. Nintendo discontinues 3DS eShop online services in China end of December
  79. Wii U to end production on November 4
  80. In Japan, Nintendo Announces Wii U Production Is Ending
  81. Nintendo Switch retail price "leaked" by Toys R Us
  82. Former Sony exec on the cancelled SNES PlayStation CD-ROM, including its last-minute
  83. Super Mario Run arrives on iPhone and iPad December 15th
  84. Report: Mario & Skyrim Switch at Launch, Splatoon Pack In, No March Wii U Zelda
  85. Rumor: Nintendo Switch version of Pokemon Sun and Moon in development
  86. Pokemon Sun and Moon first three-day sales top 1.9 million in Japan
  87. Nintendo Switch Private Hands-On Event to Take Place on January 13
  88. Pokemon Sun and Moon is breaking all kinds of Nintendo records
  89. Zelda: Wind Waker 2 Was Cancelled By Nintendo
  90. Report: Nintendo Switch Will Get GameCube Games
  91. NES Classic edition restocking soon
  92. First-ever Nintendo Switch live demonstration debuts on The Tonight Show
  93. Nintendo Classic Feedback
  94. Nintendo Switch-Exclusive Seasons of Heaven Looks Pretty In New Teaser Trailer
  95. Nintendo officially confirms Dragon Quest XI for Switch
  96. Nintendo Switch Specs: CPU and GPU Clock Speeds Reportedly Revealed
  97. Super Mario Run tops 40 million downloads in four days
  98. You won't be able to upgrade the Nintendo Switch's battery
  99. Nintendo Switch Ads spotted at Gamestop and in Australia
  100. 3DS becomes 3rd all time best selling system in Japan
  101. Mass Effect: Andromeda Not Planned for Nintendo Switch
  102. Atlus: Persona 5 and Yakuza 0 not planned for Switch or PC
  103. The Game Boy's Being Brought Back From the Dead With Some Awesome Upgrades
  104. Nintendo Re-Registers Eternal Darkness Trademark Ahead of Switch Reveal
  105. Nintendo mini NES modders figure out how to add new games
  106. Nintendo Switch May Not Get Current Gen Ports
  107. A Hidden Message Is Contained In The Nintendo Classic Mini: Famicom
  108. Nikkei expects Nintendo Switch will sell for less than $250 in Japan
  109. Nintendo Switch to launch on March 3 for $299
  110. Nintendo Switch game lineup videos
  111. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Switch vs. Wii U comparison video
  112. Switch uses up to 2TB microsd cards and USB external drives.
  113. Switch Online Service's Free Classic Games Are Only Available for Limited Time
  114. Dragon Quest Heroes II PS4 vs Switch comparison
  115. Nintendo Exec on the Two Reasons Why Switch Won't Struggle Like Wii U Did
  116. New Fire Emblems games for 3DS, Switch and Smartphones
  117. Reggie confirms Zelda is Nintendo’s last Wii U title
  118. Kotaku: Nintendo Answers (And Avoids) Our Switch Questions
  119. Capcom Not Bringing Resident Evil To Nintendo Switch
  120. Nintendo Switch Predicted To Sell 40 Million Systems By End Of 2020
  121. The Great Ace Attorney 2 confirmed for 3DS, ’15th Anniversary SP Courtroom’ trailer
  122. 'Pokémon Duel' brings Pikachu and friends to iOS, Android today
  123. For The First Time In Almost 20 Years, Team Rocket Beat Ash In The Pokémon Anime
  124. First Look At Nintendo Switch Game Cases In The Wild
  125. Switch's online service might be cheaper than the rest
  126. Kimishima apparently considering a 3DS successor
  127. Nintendo confirms that Project Giant Robot has been scrapped
  128. Fire Emblem Heroes now available on iOS/Android
  129. Nintendo Switch Super Bowl LI Commercial - Extended Cut
  130. Hideo Kojima Calls The Nintendo Switch An 'Extension' Of 'Transfarring'
  131. Nintendo's engineers have embraced Unreal Engine
  132. Miyamoto, Takahashi and Takeda on Switch’s third-party support, ease of porting, more
  133. Nintendo's '1-2 Switch' has 28 ridiculous minigames
  134. Here's What FIFA 18 Looks Like On Nintendo Switch
  135. Nintendo announces season pass for Zelda BOTW
  136. Pokemon Go updated with 80 new Pokemon from Gen 2, also known as 'the best gen'
  137. $10,000 worth of SNES history is missing
  138. Nintendo Switch World First Unboxing Video Revealed
  139. Nintendo Switch to be available for launch-day walk-ins at GameStop
  140. GameStop seeing tremendous demand for Switch, higher pre-order attach rate than Wii U
  141. Physical Nintendo Switch carts don't require a mandatory install
  142. Nintendo announces 64 indie games coming to Switch in 2017
  143. Nintendo Switch review: revolutionary, but it still needs work
  144. Nintendo Switch locks eShop games to your 'active' console
  145. Nintendo Switch doesn't play well with skins or stickers
  146. Does using the Switch dock scratch the screen?
  147. Kotaku: Zelda with Switch docked, runs noticeably worse
  148. The First Nintendo Switch Sales Numbers For Japan
  149. Nintendo Switch painful launch explained in video
  150. Report: Nintendo Switch passes 1.5M consoles sold
  151. Nintendo Switch Wi-Fi Issue Could Be Why Your Games Keep Dropping Frames
  152. Old Apple Security Flaws Mean the Nintendo Switch Is One Step Closer to a Jailbreak
  153. Wall Street Journal: Nintendo to double Switch production
  154. Seiken Densetsu Collection announced for Switch
  155. New Radiant Historia title to be announced this week
  156. Shin Megami Tensei: Deep Strange Journey & Etrian Mystery Dungeon 2 for 3DS
  157. I still don't regret buying a Wii U
  158. Nintendo Switch owners report yet another issue: warping
  159. BOTW's 1.11 patch improves performance
  160. The Legend of Zelda Producer Suggests the Series Will Be Open World 'From Now On'
  161. Chrono Trigger director Takashi Tokita teases Switch-related top secret mission
  162. Switch sells 906,000 units in March in the U.S., BOTW 1.3 million WW
  163. Namco Museum announced for Switch -- Includes Pac-Man, Galaga, Rolling Thunder + more
  164. Shinobi Refle: Senran Kagura announced for Switch
  165. NES Classic Edition discontinued in North America, last shipments in April
  166. SNES Classic Edition Reportedly Coming This Year
  167. Bravely Second worldwide sales top 700,000
  168. Will you get a Nintendo 2DS XL?
  169. Super Bomberman R worldwide shipments top 500,000, 1-2-Switch on track to ship 1M
  170. Fire Emblem Echoes is getting a $45 season pass in addition to the amiibo dungeons
  171. Koei Tecmo seems to be going all in on the Switch
  172. Three Nintendo Switch Bundles available on eBay at uninflated prices
  173. Rumor: Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle crossover RPG for Switch due out in August
  174. Japanese post offices will be selling Super Mario stamps at the end of June
  175. Nintendo and Epic Japan on bringing Unreal Engine 4 to Switch
  176. Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, Tales and Taiko Drum Master due Switch next year
  177. Report: Nintendo developing ‘The Legend of Zelda’ game for iPhone
  178. 'No Plans' for Destiny 2 on Nintendo Switch
  179. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess for nVidia Shield is coming to China
  180. Keiji Inafune's 3DS Exclusive Kaio: King Of Pirates Cancellation Cost $3.8 Million
  181. New Details About Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle Confirmed for Switch
  182. Level-5 is working on Switch games
  183. Monster Hunter XX Nintendo Switch Ver. announced
  184. Nintendo Bans A Bunch Of Hacked 3DSes
  185. The Switch could outsell the Wii U by next year
  186. Why Nintendo Hasn't Made a New Advance Wars
  187. Fire Emblem Warriors Famitsu info: Characters, gameplay info
  188. Switch's online service details.
  189. Switch's Netflix-Like Classic Game Service Is A Rare Example Of Nintendo Listening
  190. Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon announced for 3DS, where is Switch version?
  191. Pokken Tournament DX announced for Switch
  192. Etrian Odyssey 5 coming this fall, SMT: Strange Journey and Radiant Historia in 2018
  193. Konami notes 'desire' for new Castlevania on Switch
  194. Nintendo seems to be publishing Monster Hunter Stories in the west
  195. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is a tactical adventure game for Switch
  196. Metroid Prime 4
  197. Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions coming to 3DS
  198. Core RPG Pokemon title confirmed for Nintendo Switch
  199. Kirby, Super Mario Odyssey, Xenoblade 2, Rocket League, Fire Emblem Warriors and more
  200. Nintendo E3 2017: Minecraft On Switch Requires An Xbox Live Log-In
  201. E3 2017: Capcom Not Bringing Monster Hunter XX Switch Version To US "At This Time"
  202. Mod Brings Super Mario Odyssey's Hat Powers To Super Mario 64
  203. Nyko’s portable $45 Switch dock is the missing link for Nintendo’s new console
  204. Tetsuya Nomura handling character designs for Xenoblade Chronicles 2’s Torna org
  205. WTF Nintendo.... Metroid Samus Returns Limited edition for Europe only....
  206. Switch sales hit one million in Japan
  207. SNES Classic 9/29 (includes Starfox 2. You heard me)
  208. The European & Japanese SNES Classic is even more adorable than the US version
  209. Namco Mesuem for the Switch with Pacman Vs!
  210. Switch controller converter for PS4 and XB1
  211. Bayonetta 1 and 2 seemingly teased for Switch
  212. Super Mario Odyssey Doesn't Have "Game Over" Screens, Apparently You just lose coins
  213. How Nintendo Is Learning From Super Mario Run, no PC games in pipeline
  214. Pokemon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon Getting Steelbook Dual Pack
  215. New 3DS production ended in Japan (smallest model only)
  216. Refurbished Wii U Effectively $175 As Nintendo Move Units
  217. Kingdom Hearts 3 Director Not Considering Switch Version Until After XB1/PS4 Version
  218. Fan Creates Super Mario 64 Maker for N64
  219. 'Nintendo Switch Online' iOS App Now Available
  220. One Piece: Unlimited World Red Deluxe Edition for Switch launches September 29 in US
  221. New Nintendo Trademark Filing Gives Hope For N64 Classic
  222. Hands on with the SNES Classic at SDCC 2017
  223. Splatoon 2 sold 670,955 units within first three days in Japan
  224. Penguin Wars remake announced for Switch
  225. Switch worldwide sales top 4.7 million - Splatoon 2 boom not yet accounted for.
  226. Walmart just canceled all the SNES Classic pre-orders
  227. Persona Q 2 rumored, domain name now exists on Atlus’ nameservers
  228. Capcom planning ‘several Switch version titles'
  229. The SNES Classic will be available for pre-order in late August
  230. Resident Evil: Revelations 1 and 2 upgraded for Switch this year
  231. Monster Hunter XX sales will dictate Capcom's Switch support going forward
  232. Metroid: Samus Returns Gets A Cool-Looking New Nintendo 3DS XL, but without the game
  233. Switch's only screen supplier facing some financial issues
  234. Nintendo faces lawsuit over Switch Joy-Con design
  235. Disgaea 5 Complete worldwide sales top 100,000
  236. Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon ‘Dusk Form Lycanroc’ trailer, details
  237. Something Final Fantasy XV-related possibly teased for Switch
  238. Super Mario Odyssey's newest Luncheon kingdom is for the foodies
  239. Gamescom 2017: Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Is Beautiful, Confusing, and Captivating
  240. Koei Tecmo to bring 3 more Warrior games to Switch
  241. Fire Emblem Warriors launches October 20 in North America
  242. Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes announced for Switch
  243. Loads of new games announced for Switch
  244. Nintendo ordered to pay $10 million in Wii patent lawsuit
  245. Two Resident Evil Games Arrive On Nintendo Switch This November
  246. Switch and 3DS-focused Nintendo Direct set for September 13
  247. Reggie on SNES Classic: Don't pay scalpers, stock 'dramatically increased'
  248. Nintendo boss says Switch supply issues are complicated, deal with multiple component
  249. Nintendo Bringing Back The NES Classic Mini In 2018
  250. Phantasy Star Online 2: Cloud, Dragon Quest Builders announced for Switch