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  1. Hey kids, don't take any fake Nintendo-branded ecstasy you're offered
  2. Nintendo delists homebrew-enabling 3DS game in Japan
  3. Etrian Odyssey V announced for 3DS
  4. Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire Sell 3 Million
  5. Nintendo patent hints at official Game Boy emulator for mobile phones
  6. 3DS XL on the way out in Japan
  7. Philips has settled its patent dispute with Nintendo
  8. Some Wii Us Bricked After Smash Bros Data Problem
  9. New Zelda Wii U Gameplay Shows Off Its Huge World
  10. Star Fox Wii U Launching in 2015
  11. Mario Maker shows its masochistic side
  12. Theatrhythm Dragon Quest announced for 3DS
  13. One Piece: Super Grand Battle! X getting amiibo support for costume unlocks
  14. Level-5 trademarks Jibanyan, Whisper in the U.S.
  15. Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy+ trailer shows Amiibo functionality
  16. Nintendo's next device will reportedly, bizarrely, be donut-shaped
  17. Miyamoto Discusses Scope of Zelda Wii U's Map, Mario Maker Online Sharing, Starfox
  18. First Look At Theatrhythm Dragon Quest With A Jump Festa Trailer
  19. Final Fantasy Explorers Famitsu review translated
  20. Nintendo has seemingly discontinued the original 3DS
  21. The Legend of Zelda For Wii U Is Picking Ideas Up From Hyrule Warriors
  22. New Nintendo 3DS comes to Europe as Ambassador Edition
  23. Wiiu common key leaked
  24. New Nintendo 3DS likely coming February 13
  25. New Fire Emblem game announced for 3DS
  26. Nintendo Explains Why Smaller New 3DS Isn't Coming to US
  27. Microphone sensitivity on the Wii U Tablet (question for Wii U owners)
  28. Hyrule Warriors ‘Majora’s Mask Pack’ DLC fully detailed
  29. Club Nintendo is shutting down
  30. New exploit allows for non-New 3DS systems to bypass region lock
  31. One Reason Nintendo Has Such A Hard Time With New Ideas
  32. 10 Cool Things About Pokken The Pokémon Fighting Game
  33. Legend of Kay Anniversary listed for Wii U, PC
  34. Xenoblade Chronicles X Direct announced for February 6
  35. Analyst: “Wii U is the weakest console in the history of Nintendo”
  36. Masaya Games revives Langrisser for 3DS
  37. GameStop joins the growing list of retailers screwed by Nintendo's US amiibo rollout
  38. Report: Netflix Making Legend of Zelda TV Series
  39. Nintendo's new focus on health care business
  40. Kotaku: We've Had The New 3DS XL For Weeks, And This Is What We Think
  41. Nintendo TVii Canceled in Europe
  42. Amiibos Will Unlock NES and Super NES Games
  43. Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden heading to 3DS (English translated)
  44. Pokémon Shuffle's microtransactions are even worse than I thought
  45. 16 Amazing Facts About The Legend of Zelda That You Probably Did Not Know
  46. Fire Emblem style SRPG "Mercenaries Saga 2" coming to 3DS eShop
  47. Keiji Inafune's KAIO: King of Pirates cancelled
  48. SpotPass Exploit Gives 3DS Owners Unlimited Special Guest Miis
  49. Langrisser 3DS titled, slated for July in Japan
  50. Nintendo and DeNA form alliance, new console announcement due next year
  51. Famitsu teases big new title next month for 3DS+WiiU
  52. Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden debut TV spot + screens
  53. Rumor: GTA V was once prototyped for Wii U
  54. SEGA shutting down service for Initial D Perfect Shift Online at the end of June
  55. Zelda Wii U no longer planned for 2015
  56. Nintendo Forces Takedown of Super Mario 64 HD Browser Project
  57. Nintendo Direct... FATAL FRAME V THIS YEAR WOOOOOO!
  58. Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem unveiled
  59. You can pick your side in "Fire Emblem If"
  60. Prominent Streamer Calls Nintendo "Anti-YouTuber" and "F***ing Greedy"
  61. Level-5 and Koei Tecmo collaborate for Yo-Kai Sangokushi
  62. Yo-Kai Watch 3, Yo-Kai Watch Busters, Yo-Kai Watch coming to US
  63. Project X Zone 2: Brave New World leaked for 3DS
  64. Monster Hunter Stories coming to 3DS in 2016
  65. Analyst says Nintendo is winding down Wii U development
  66. Here’s How Much ZombiU, Bayonetta 2, W101, and Captain Toad Have Sold Since Launch
  67. Nintendo Emulator Developer Rachel Bryk Passes Away
  68. Fire Emblem If's third campaign is harder than White, easier than Black
  69. Download your Club Nintendo elite rewards before Friday
  70. Nikkei suggests Nintendo will post 25 billion yen operating profit for latest fiscal
  71. Japanese Players are enjoying Bravely Second, But Point Out Some Of Its Flaws
  72. Atlus PR manager says Legend of Legacy is heading overseas
  73. An Unexpected Place Where the Wii U Struggles: Japan
  74. Nintendo rides are coming to Universal's theme parks
  75. Pokemon Still Tops Best-Selling 3DS Games List
  76. Splatoon
  77. Dragon Quest VIII is coming to Nintendo 3DS
  78. Iwata’s full comments on NX, what Nintendo isn’t showing at E3 2015
  79. Project X Zone 2 screenshots & updates
  80. Smash Bros. Gets Modded with Dragon Ball Z
  81. Fire Emblem If changes up the Weapon Triangle
  82. Super Robot Wars BX announced for 3DS
  83. Nintendo announces Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon, launching this year
  84. Man Says Wii Burned His House Down
  85. Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster coming in 2016
  86. Dragon Quest VIII for 3DS debut screenshots
  87. Nikkei: Nintendo NX to run on Android OS
  88. Monster Hunter X and Airou Village DX announced for 3DS
  89. New Chibi-Robo announced for 3DS
  90. XSEED teases PoPoLoCrois Farm Story
  91. Hyrule Warriors coming to 3DS
  92. Nintendo trademarks Diddy Kong in Europe, new game incoming?
  93. Smash Bros. Wii U, 3DS Leak Shows Street Fighter's Ryu in Action
  94. BlastBall or "I bet this is a minigame in Metroid Prime Hunters 2"
  95. Star Fox Zero might have the best use for Wii U's GamePad yet
  96. Nintendo of America Mentions “Two Versions” Of Fire Emblem Fates
  97. Entitled babies start a petition to cancel Metroid Prime: Federation Force
  98. Nintendo lost E3 because it failed to exceed my unreasonably high expectations
  99. Fire Emblem Fates Will Have Marriage And Children
  100. Miyamoto on where the Wii U went wrong
  101. Same-sex marriage confirmed for Fire Emblem Fates!
  102. Mario Creator Miyamoto Not Working on Nintendo's NX Console
  103. Nintendo Prioritising Satisfying Wii U Owners, CEO Says
  104. First look at Sega's 7th Dragon III Code: VFD
  105. Nintendo NX Manufacturing to Begin in October, Report Claims
  106. Nintendo opens up about pricing mobile games
  107. Dragon Quest VII and VIII for 3DS coming west, according to series creator
  108. The PlayStation that almost was.
  109. Genei Ibun Roku #FireEmblem will take 30 hours to clear
  110. Reggei cancled Devil Third.
  111. Satoru Iwata has died at the age of 55.
  112. Datel Action replay for amiibos lets you change your amiibo to another character!
  113. Satoru Iwata Memorial At The Nintendo World Store In NYC
  114. Monster Hunter X Players Will Get A Little “Something” From Previous Save Data
  115. Region-free and homebrew mod updated for 3DS on current firmware
  116. Nintendo confirms it is publishing Devil's Third Wii U, Vahalla to publish PC version
  117. Project CARS Cancelled on Wii U
  118. Pokémon In Unreal 4 Looks Fantastic
  119. Nintendo's Shutting Down Wii U TVii Next Month
  120. Nintendo's Best-Selling Wii U, 3DS Games Revealed
  121. Final Fantasy Explorers coming west in January
  122. Yo-kai Watch Dance: Just Dance Special Version announced for Wii U
  123. Chris Pranger elaborates more on localization woes and got fired
  124. 3DS homebrew hacker to release YouTube exploit
  125. Nintendo 2DS Price Drop Coming Soon
  126. Nintendo Backing Away From Quality of Life Plans, Analysts Claims
  127. Nintendo Bringing Pokemon-Esque Hit Yo-Kai Watch to the US in November
  128. Pokken Tournament coming to Wii U in spring 2016
  129. Nintendo files patent application for stationary game console without optical disk
  130. Shigeru Miyamoto talks Nintendo's return to the movie world
  131. Star Fox Zero, Fatal Frame Wii U, Devil’s Third, and more release dates announced
  132. Pokémon Shuffle Is Now Available For Smartphone In Japan
  133. Minecraft: Story Mode Confirmed for Wii U
  134. Devil's Third Review - Awful
  135. Nintendo: Not a lot of exclusive indie games on Wii U because “we don’t throw around
  136. Ace Attorney 6 Takes Place In A Mysterious Country With Dead Spirits
  137. Nintendo online store selling refurbished 2DS units for $60
  138. Monster Hunter Stories first details, screenshots
  139. Pikmin 4 is happening, 'very close to completion'
  140. Fire Emblem X Shin Megami Tensei -- Genei Ibun Roku #FE launches December 26 in Japan
  141. Tatsumi Kimishima named new Nintendo president
  142. Super Mario Bros. turns 30 years old today
  143. Nintendo's New President Warned Wii U Was Too Similar to Wii
  144. Star Fox Zero delayed to Q1 2016
  145. Project X Zone 2 adds Fire Emblem, Xenosaga, and Xenoblade characters
  146. Super Mario Maker: share levels thread
  147. A Very Special Nintendo Bento
  148. Mario Tennis fills the void left by Star Fox Zero
  149. Genei Ibun Roku #FE introduces new characters Mamori and Barry
  150. 3DS homebrew hack adds ThemeHax, Home Menu Hax and Super Smash Bros Hax
  151. Wii U Backup Loader arrive - Loadiine 1.0:a backup loader
  152. First look at Shin Megami Tensei IV: Final
  153. Nintendo comes out on top in market share rankings for FY 2015 (Japan)
  154. Nintendo has moved on from Game Boy games on the 3DS Virtual Console
  155. Nintendo, Pokemon Company, Google invest $30M in Pokemon Go dev Niantic
  156. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD might be coming to Wii U
  157. Nintendo Begins Distributing Software Kit for New NX Platform
  158. Can you save VC games onto a SD card on the Wii U?
  159. Nintendo NX Reportedly Has 'Industry-Leading' Tech and 2016 Release Date
  160. Happy 30th Birthday, Nintendo Entertainment System
  161. Final Fantasy 15 Director Would Like to Make a Zelda Game
  162. Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water
  163. Resident Evil 4 is coming to Wii U next week
  164. Nintendo will reveal their first mobile game on Thursday
  165. EA to “evaluate” opportunities supporting future Nintendo platforms
  166. Man, Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem looks so weird
  167. Nintendo Direct returns on November 12
  168. Capcom will 'consider' Nintendo's NX, VR, seemingly not committed yet
  169. The first wave of Nintendo mobile games will all be free-to-play
  170. Super Smash Bros. adds Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII
  171. Dragon Quest VII and Dragon Quest VIII for 3DS coming west in 2016
  172. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD announced for Wii U
  173. Fire Emblem Fates launches February 19 in North America
  174. Final Fantasy Explorers’ Collector’s Edition Includes A Soundtrack And Artbook
  175. Pokkén Tournament Western Release Confirmed For Spring 2016
  176. Fast Racing Neo looks like a new F-Zero game for Wii U
  177. Puzzle & Dragons X announced for 3DS
  178. Happy 9th birthday to the Wii
  179. Nintendo Now Selling Wii U GamePad on Its Own in Japan
  180. Level-5 opens to NX and Wii U, says Yo-kai Watch and Pokemon can coexist
  181. 8 Bit Music Power will be the first new Famicom game in over two decades
  182. Another reason to upgrade to New 3DS - Monster Hunter X
  183. Monster Hunter X sales top 1.5 million in two days
  184. Foxconn to begin mass production of Nintendo NX in Q1 2016
  185. Nintendo Won't "Abandon" Wii U, but hey move on!
  186. Linkle is Officially Part of the Zelda Universe
  187. Minecraft: Wii U Edition – split-screen, 4 players locally, 8 players online
  188. Sayonara UmiharaKawase developer Agatsuma Entertainment shuts down
  189. Nintendo Files Patent for Handheld With Free-Form Display
  190. Pokémon's Mythical Fire And Water Abomination Officially Announced
  191. Super Smash Bros. adds Fire Emblem Fates avatar and Bayonetta; Cloud available today
  192. 2DS finally coming to Japan with 4 transparent colours
  193. Pokken Tournament will feature local multiplayer on Wii U
  194. Nintendo Shares Take Sharpest Fall in 2 Months
  195. Genei Ibun Roku #FE gets first review in Famitsu
  196. Classic Pokemon 3DS and 2DS bundles announced for North America and Europe
  197. Pokken Tournament adds Braixen, Mewtwo, and Garchomp
  198. Wii U master keys been leaked online by hackers
  199. Dragon Ball: Project Fusion RPG announced for 3DS
  200. Bravely Second: End Layer launches April 15 in North America
  201. Fire Emblem Fates is having controversial scenes removed from the Western release
  202. Pokémon's Super Bowl ad is the very best
  203. Sherlock Pikachu is the best Pikachu in Famous Detective Pikachu
  204. Fire Emblem Fates removes petting mini-game in the west
  205. Great Detective Pikachu first details, screenshots
  206. Rumor: Bandai Namco developing “several” NX titles, including launch Super Smash Bros
  207. Nintendo's profit slump shows the NX can't come soon enough
  208. 7th Dragon III Code: VFD coming to the Americas this summer
  209. Nintendo sales update: Splatoon at four million, Super Mario Maker at 3.34 million
  210. Nintendo is exploring VR again, 20 years after the Virtual Boy flop
  211. Ace Attorney 6 adds new rival Nayuta Sadmadhi
  212. Wii U: Smealum showcases homebrew running on hacked console
  213. New mythical Pokemon Magearna revealed
  214. North America is finally getting Nintendo Selects on Wii U and 3DS
  215. Pokemon Direct set for February 26
  216. Fire Emblem Fates Sells 300,000 Copies at Launch, Breaking Records
  217. Pokemon Moon and Sun trademarked in Europe
  218. Nintendo leak may have confirmed NX launching this year with Zelda NX
  219. Nintendo halves profit forecast, cuts 1m from expected 3DS sales
  220. Capcom trademarks Monster Hunter Generations in Europe
  221. Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth is great, also on sale for $20
  222. Fire Emblem/SMT Crossover Game Gets Official US Title
  223. Monster Hunter Generations coming west this summer with Fire Emblem collaboration
  224. Japan Got Plenty More SNES Virtual Console Titles Confirmed For New 3DS
  225. Nintendo Explains Why SNES Games Will Only Run On New 3DS
  226. Nintendo's new rewards program begins this Thursday in Japan
  227. Pokemon creative design director killed in windstorm
  228. Pokemon main series sales top 200 million
  229. Are these leaked images of the Nintendo NX controller?
  230. Pokemon Go! gameplay first look from SXSW
  231. Report Says Nintendo Is Ceasing Wii U Production This Year
  232. This supposed NX controller leak looks more believable
  233. Star Fox Zero And Star Fox Guard Get Brand New Japanese Trailers
  234. Yo-kai Watch 3 To Release In Japan On July 16 In Sushi And Tempura Versions
  235. New 3DS hack enables wireless video streaming
  236. Star Fox Zero Review Roundup
  237. Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing games coming to mobile platforms
  238. Nintendo NX to launch in March 2017, with Zelda Wii U coming to NX later that year
  239. Koei Tecmo confirms they are starting NX development
  240. Nintendo will greatly reduce the amount of Wii U systems produced and shipped
  241. Nintendo NX won't be sold at a loss says president Tatsumi Kimishima
  242. Nintendo and Vans Collab on Sneakers That Gamers Will Love
  243. Star Fox Zero sales off to a series-worst in Japan
  244. Rumor: Nintendo NX to Drop Discs for Cartridges
  245. Pokemon Sun/Moon Release Date Confirmed, Starter Pokemon Revealed
  246. 2DS price dropped to $79, Disney Magical World 2 and Style Savvy 3 coming to west
  247. Nintendo's Next Two Mobile Games Are Free-to-Play
  248. Emily Rogers: NX not gonna use X86 architecture, raw power close to XBO
  249. Yo-kai Watch 2 launches September 30 in North America
  250. Kimishima: NX not a successor of Wii U or 3DS