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  1. Starfox Wii-U to be at E3?
  2. Castlevania: Mirror Of Faith
  3. Gear Box says Wii U is Next gen and Powerful, with online you come to expect.
  4. Nintendo E3 2012 discussion
  5. Shin Megami Tensei 4
  6. No Crytek games on Wii U (or Vita)
  7. ZombiU
  8. Nyko Power Grip Pro for 3DS
  9. Final Fight 2- A sequel to the classic
  10. New 3DS! (3DS XL Basically)
  11. Professor Layton 3DS announced for November
  12. The Wii U’s Price Won’t Be Expensive Like the 3DS’s Was
  13. Uprising studio Project Sora closed
  14. 3D a 'minor element' for future Nintendo
  15. Pachter: Wii U is not going to work
  16. Nintendo Attempting to Buy RARE
  17. Luigi's Mansion 2: Dark Moon
  18. Nintendo: WiiU is Important For the World
  19. Nintendo Power is dead
  20. Nicalis porting doujin fighter Yatagarasu (ex-SNK) to 3DS
  21. New Super Mario Bros. 2 sucks
  22. Official Wii U Thread!
  23. Ace Attorney 5 announced for 3DS, stars Phoenix Wright, Layton VS Ace Attorney in Nov
  24. Bayonetta 2.......
  25. Project X Zone
  26. 3DS eShop Thread
  27. 3DS weaker then expected
  28. Fire emblem awakening
  29. Dragon Quest VII
  30. First Wii U game reviews are in
  31. Get free copies of New Super Mario Bros U at Old Navy
  32. Wii U Needs Update to Play Wii Games
  33. The Wii U’s Game Discs Have a Soft, Rounded Edge
  34. Paper Mario: Sticker Star
  35. Happy B-day Miyamoto!
  36. Will Wii U be as successful as Wii?
  37. Fire Emblem: Heroes Of Light And Shadow (DS)
  38. Nintendo Network ID Listing
  39. Wii Mini
  40. Wii U CPU clocked at 1.25Ghz
  41. WiiU game pad disconnects way too often
  42. Wii U Gamepad knockoff from China
  43. Free games from used Wii U consoles
  44. Year-end Wii U sales steady, says Nintendo chief
  45. Pokemon X & Y for 3DS
  46. Wii U December sale number
  47. Ace3DS Pro managed to bypass system protections
  48. Nintendo’s Wii U problems turn into a crisis
  49. Xenoblade 2? (WiiU)
  50. Fire Emblem/Shin Megami Tensei Crossover game
  51. Legend Of Zelda: Wind Waker HD (WiiU)
  52. Yoshi's Epic Yarn
  53. Nintendo to post unexpected loss as Wii successor falters
  54. Official Bravely Default (3DS) Thread
  55. Castlevania 3DS aka Everything that's wrong with modern platform action titles..
  56. SMT Devil Survivor 2: Break Code (3DS)
  57. Nano Assault Ex (3DS)
  58. Nintendo found guilty of patent infringement over glasses-free 3D
  59. Monster Hunter 3/Tri/whatever it's called
  60. Don't Expect The Next Dragon Age Or Mass Effect On Wii U
  61. Bravely Default confirmed for Western release
  62. Nintendo Presentation 17th April
  63. Ikaruga Creator’s 3DS Shooter Is Coming Overseas...
  64. Wii U has been hacked to run games off USB keys
  65. Eternal Darkness Spiritual Successor Shadow of the Eternals Headed to Wii U, PC
  66. Monster Hunter 4 vs Monster Hunter Online
  67. Tomodachi Collection: New Life allows gay marriage, a first from Nintendo
  68. Phoenix Wright: Dual destinies announced for EU/Europe - digital only
  69. No new EA games in development for Wii U
  70. Sonic: Lost world announced as Wii U/3DS exclusives
  71. Yakuza I & II HD announced ....for Wii U?
  72. Is Nintendo capable of making something new?
  73. Nintendo CEO blames poor Wii U sales on company’s own subpar games
  74. Super Smash Bros. for 3DS/Wii U
  75. Nintendo of America's response to campaign calling for an end to region-locking
  76. One Piece: Romance Dawn JRPG
  77. [Engadget] Nintendo confirms Wii Vitality Sensor's death
  78. [Siliconera] Nintendo Not Interested In Lay-Offs To Improve Profits
  79. New black 3DSXL apparently launching on Friday
  80. Wii U no longer being stocked by UK retailer Asda
  81. Layton vs. Ace Attorney confirmed for 2014
  82. Senran Kagura Burst (3DS)
  83. Wonderful 101 demo is up for EU and NA
  84. Nintendo is still losing money on every Wii U it sells
  85. Nintendo announces 2DS handheld gaming system
  86. Nintendo dropping Wii U price
  87. NoA still has no plans on releasing Mother 3
  88. Hideki Kamiya wants Bayonetta and Okami sequels on 3DS
  89. Anyone know why Wii remotes won't work between systems?
  90. This hit me right in the Nostalgia Balls.
  91. Hiroshi Yamauchi Has Passed Away
  92. Japanese mom killed son for playing DS
  93. The Wii Production Ends
  94. Miyamoto won't work on next Mario
  95. Persona Q: Secret Of The Labyrinth (3DS)
  96. Nintendo's 2014 Predictions?
  97. Hyrule Warriors (WiiU)
  98. The Wii U is not a peripheral, Nintendo reminds shoppers
  99. Princess Zelda confirmed in Super Smash Bros.
  100. Inside story of the WiiU
  101. RUMOR: Nintendo started working on next-gen console
  102. Nintendo cuts sales forecast.
  103. EA: "Wii U was Dead to Us Very Quickly"
  104. Watch Dogs cancelled/delayed?
  105. Nintendo smartphone 'mini- games'
  106. Nintendo leadership to cut salaries over Nintendo's recent poor performance
  107. Nintendo would consider mergers, buyout, ect.
  108. Nintendo Direct
  109. Ga. officer mistakes Wii controller for gun, shoots teen
  110. Nintendo pulling the WiFi plug for Wii and DS in May
  111. Pokemon X/Y – Diancie “Mystery Gift” event uncovered through hacking
  112. Pikachu is Japan’s mascot for 2014 World Cup
  113. Hyrule Warriors dev interested in working with Disney, Star Wars, Mario
  114. Square Enix reconsidering JRPG approach following Bravely Default’s success
  115. [Best Buy] Nintendo Wii Controller (Luigi Green) $26
  116. Pokemon will get more attention in the new Super Smash Bros.
  117. Thinking of selling my Wii U
  118. Gameboy turns 25!
  119. Fatal Frame (WiiU)