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  1. Nintendo World Lineup
  2. New Zelda images & impressions
  3. Inside the Wii box
  4. A Kiosk Appears!
  5. Hands-On: Dragon Quest Swords
  6. Impressions of first 10 hours of zelda TP
  7. First Wii Game Review
  8. A few Wii bit and bobs
  9. Virtual Console: Secrets exposed
  10. Two new Japanese Wii commercials featuring Zelda
  11. Wii has a boot up disc??
  12. New Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Justice for All thread
  13. Wiili.org a live Linux CD for the Wii
  14. Red Steel opinions?
  15. Preordering Zelda Twilight Princess
  16. Supported Wii controller matrix guide
  17. New Zelda trailer!!!! (11/7)
  18. 8 more VC games revealed
  19. DS lite screen protector
  20. Nintendo Wii rumor check
  21. Disney opens Nintendo-focused video game studio
  22. GameStop offering $699 Wii bundle Thursday
  23. Virtual Console Gets Updated Again
  24. Wii Launch Estimates in Japan
  25. New Red Steel TV ad & Far Cry footage
  26. castlevania:por famitsu review
  27. Japan lines up for Wii
  28. Wii Component Cables Update
  29. Wii on the Assembly Line
  30. Nintendo's quality control blocks Elebits from launch
  31. where are all the wii TV ads?
  32. EGM Reviews 2 Wii Games
  33. wii marathon in GS
  34. Pelican Wii console stand(Yay or Nay)
  35. win a prize with speedruns
  36. Brian Crecente's kid masters the Wiimote
  37. Wii Play: Bundled With Additional Wii-Mote
  38. Metal Slug 6!!
  39. Putting Nintendo back in the game - Reggie Profiled
  40. Nintendo answers your VC questions
  41. Nintendo Wii marketing to exceed $200 million
  42. Excite Truck Custom Soundtrack Confirmed
  43. Sonic CinePlayer + NIntendo = Wii DVD player
  44. Excite Truck Custom Soundtrack Confirmed
  45. Reggie Markets the Wii
  46. All the packaged Wii cables and controllers
  47. Successor to N64 Kid: Excited Pokman Kid
  48. some wii reviews(one of the games begins with a T)
  49. So I played the Wii today... (long read, lol)
  50. A lot of Wii from Namco
  51. IGN Wii Sports review - 7.5 overall
  52. Marvel Ultimate Alliance -Wii Advert
  53. Cheap Wii points in the UK
  54. new wii details
  55. A great Wii review by a non gamer.
  56. And God said "Let there be Monkey Ball", And there was.
  57. IGN's crap review of FFIII
  58. GS excite truck review
  59. How Available will the Wii be?
  60. Yoshi's Island 2 Reviews.
  61. IGN Gives Call of Duty 3 on Wii a 7.7
  62. LoZ: Twilight Princess Thread
  63. Where is this Mario64 screenshot from?
  64. Order your Wii component cables NOW and get them for launch
  65. Anyone know where i can get Nintendo stock ... lol ..
  66. A few Wii games are out NOW
  67. video of Al Roker playing wii tennis!!
  68. IGN Excite Truck review - 8.0 overall
  69. IGN Tony Hawks Gownhill Jam review - 7.0 overall
  70. Nintendogs killer
  71. Nintendo shares hit record high
  72. Wii Channels Not All Available at Launch
  73. Should be getting my Wii TOMORROW! (Friday)
  74. Gamecube = GCN, Gameboy Advance SP = AGS, Wii = ?
  75. Nintendo wanted Wii to cost under $100
  76. IGN Rayman Rabid Rabbit Review - 8.3
  77. Nintendo first quarter releases
  78. Wii publishers to make more money.
  79. gs zelda review(zelda fans am crying?)
  80. Funny Nerd Kids Get Wii
  81. Gamespot says 5.5 to Red Steel
  82. Should Gamespot be taken seriously anymore on Wii reviews?
  83. How will you buy your wii?
  84. Buying Zelda (NES) on the Wii
  85. What Wii Games have/will you buy for launch?
  86. question re Wii and HD
  87. I want a site that sells Wii
  88. Video of broken Wii! (NA Launch)
  89. whats the wii like?
  90. Family enjoys the Wii Sports.
  91. Back from my camping.
  92. Smasmywii video
  93. Opera on Wii?
  94. My Wii broke already lol Startup disc
  95. Awesome Madden Wii review
  96. Anyone know figures for shipped units in North America?
  97. A wiik of wii!!!!
  98. The Rise of the NES...
  99. Wii conditioning: How you guys holding up?
  100. Retro Game controller advice.
  101. Wii Code Exchange Thread
  102. A few snipets from a Japaneses mag
  103. Profit from day 1...nintendo greed!!
  104. pre ordering Wii from Amazon in the UK
  105. So..do you got your Wii already? (Poll + Impressions)
  106. gamecube (progessive scan)
  107. The Wii is Fun
  108. Wii's dying
  109. going online with gc
  110. the most accurate ZELDA time line I have ever seen, MUST WATCH
  111. Would you die for Nintendo?
  112. What's the Wii Zelda gift in Animal Crossing?
  113. dont wii connect..It bricks
  114. Wii is fastest-selling pre-order item ever, reveals Amazon UK
  115. How long till a Wiimote story pops up on House or ER .. LOL
  116. Mans plays Emulators on Wii.
  117. No need for a Wii Senor Bar?
  118. Wii Component cables go for $160 on ebay
  119. wiicade
  120. its for the wii lads
  121. Black Friday for Wii
  122. component-versus-composite cable-comparison shots
  123. How far are you in Zelda? + impressions
  124. VC + MyNintendo Account
  125. 3rd Part HD Cables coming.
  126. Wii remote plus SWEATY HANDS equals SMASH
  127. VC has update button?
  128. When's the Next Wii shipment?
  129. New Smash Brothers: Brawl, pics and vid!
  130. A great time to be a nintendo fan!
  131. The Wiimote's Battery Life Sucks
  132. Neweeg free Wii's competition
  133. Wii 1st week sales
  134. Wii durability test: 1Up tries to break Wii
  135. Wii Online shop Hacked!?
  136. Is nintendo trying to rob me?
  137. LOL @ Wii
  138. Wii Sims
  139. No More Heroes for Wii
  140. site to buy Legend of Zelda:The Twilight Princess?
  141. Wii Classic Controller pics.
  142. What "wiiMakes" would you like to see?
  143. No More Heroes //<-- Preview on Playble footage
  144. The Mossberg factor
  145. Virtual Boy
  146. Zelda TP soundtrack and more
  147. FF III DS Friend Code
  148. Nintendo is after Goldeneye.
  149. Mario: G given 9-month release window..
  150. End of year = 4 Million Wii.
  151. Internet Channel soon?
  152. Nintendo Repeating History
  153. A Wii above 1 Million
  154. Wii sells out across Japan
  155. The legendry club!
  156. rumor-UK wii launch gets launch exclusive titles
  157. Famitsu scans of No More Heroes
  158. Reggie: Wii online games in Q2 2007.
  159. No component cables in the UK this years
  160. Wii Region Locking...a question.
  161. What the Japanese are playing.
  162. Wii impressions
  163. First Review of Swing Golf Pangya. Wii
  164. How many hours a day have you been playing with your Wii?
  165. First two day Sales: Wii Japan
  166. Do not put a 4 leaf clover in your Wii
  167. Bling-Bling Bitches!
  168. Video of playing Half Life 2 (badly) on PC using wiimote
  169. Will Wii be hacked?
  170. Nintendo email the masses to warn the stupid
  171. Wii played on 1.5 inch TV ...
  172. Castlevania ~ Portrait of Ruin is excellent!
  173. FF:CC RoF Scans
  174. SSX Blur, exclusive to Wii
  175. Newer-ish DS games
  176. 1up Previews Finished Zelda:TP on Cube.
  177. Video of "Nintendo Superfan"
  178. European gamers screwed: Wii launch
  179. Final Fantasy XII Revenant Wings.
  180. Wii launch line in london
  181. Convert Star points to Wii points
  182. Wii fight!!! (interink vs nintendo)l
  183. Nintendo Poo! tee hee
  184. use wiimotes with macs
  185. Nintendo wii
  186. Wouldn't it have been nice?
  187. Is it worth it to upgrade from DS to DS Lite?
  188. Ridiculous Wii VC Reviews
  189. 1mill US Wii a no go.
  190. Zelda Twilight Princess
  191. Nintendo's playable advent calendar
  192. Up coming UK VC titles
  193. New Wii Zelda in development, DS Zelda delayed
  194. the wii is a knock out..lol
  195. Dragon Quest IX OMFG
  196. a real boxing game for the wii
  197. Dragon Ball Bonus for UK Wii owners
  198. Dragon Quest : Sword (Wii) images
  199. Wii becomes UK's fastest-selling home console ever
  200. lol silly kids trying to be cool.
  201. Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 2 on DS
  202. Nintendo 64
  203. I got mine.
  204. Anyone know a good converter for mjpeg for wii movie playback?
  205. Wii Sets Record Launch in Aussie Town!
  206. Thank you Nintendo.
  207. gamespot gives TP for GC 8.9
  208. Nintendo's Comeback
  209. Nintendo to replace all broken Wii straps (UK)
  210. Wii = The biggest video game scam in history? (props to Nintendo)
  211. Spring price cut/ manufacturing cost?
  212. Wii Fatality!!! Someone actually died.
  213. Datel is making a Freeloader for the Wii
  214. Godly DQIX videos
  215. A Mii Tii.
  216. Nintendo: Offering Wii Strap Replacement!
  217. Lets settle this once and for all
  218. If this was real...
  219. DS It's A Wonderful World Site opened + Trailer
  220. Good DS games to buy?
  221. Rumour: New DS next year?
  222. Nintendo strap quite strong lol
  223. Pokemon D/P get US release date
  224. This week's VC games plus Wii Weather (20th)
  225. 2 friend codes?
  226. POP Rival Swords a Wii-make of Two Thrones
  227. It begins..Wii Play delayed.
  228. Virtual Console: Failed Opportunity or Unrealized Potential?
  229. Nintendo fans as crazy as Sony
  230. Forecast Channel Live!
  231. Zelda PH Story and Release News
  232. Free internet on Wii from Friday 22nd Dec
  233. RUMOR: no mario and samus untill christmas 2007?
  234. Viagra for your Wii
  235. Wii Prototypes
  236. JoyTech Wii PowerStation
  237. DK and Zelda Update
  238. Nintendo slapped with suit over Wii strap
  239. Backups possible now?
  240. X-mas/New Years Virtual Console titles announced
  241. Opera Wii
  242. Where are the fighters for DS?
  243. Kororinpa Wii coming to US?
  244. Wiimote controlled home?!!
  245. Merry Christmas - posting from my Wii
  246. Christmas sees first VC price increase
  247. Zelda selling figures
  248. 2D Zeldas > 3D Zeldas
  249. Super Robot Wars W for the DS Voltron!
  250. Do not buy a DS X-Treme