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  1. New pics of the Revolution
  2. 3 new Rev games.
  3. Point Blank coming to the DS!
  4. The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass announced for Nintendo DS
  5. Exclusive Spider-man 3 game for Revolution!!! w00t
  6. Nintendo Go?
  7. Good News?
  8. Call of Duty Revolution
  9. Rev. Game Prices
  10. Revolution Specs. Offical.
  11. New Twilight Princess and general Zelda info
  12. Revolution teh winnar- Bob ross video game (not april fools)
  13. SWORD GAME!!!!!
  14. Tomb Raider: Legend announced for Gamecube
  15. DS RPG's
  16. MY Gamcube sux
  17. Harvest Moon: Another WL and HM:MM
  18. Children of Mana???
  19. Deep Labrinth DS
  20. Lost magic
  21. DS games within the next three months
  22. the shooter genre and revolution
  23. Water Dungeon appreciation thread.
  24. My Concern
  25. My Worries.
  26. weee Level 999 over 30 million points in Tetris DS
  27. Katana = Red Steel
  28. N64
  29. Around 20 titles planned for Rev at launch
  30. Revolution's Sadness
  31. New FF III scan
  32. When the bell tolls!--------Odama
  33. Resident Evil 0 on N64.
  34. For Nintendogs lovers - Ochaken no Heya Tea Dog for NDS
  35. Order your DS Lite!
  36. Dragon Ball Z revolution Scans!
  37. Nights Set For Revolution?
  38. metroid prime hunters friend code
  39. Drawn to Life DS
  40. Nintendo survey targets Xbox Live.
  41. Super Monkey Ball 3: Banana Blitz (Revo)
  42. Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin
  43. Interesting clip!
  44. Shingo Mukaitouge (Konami Rev game)
  45. Huge game for Revolution
  46. Revolution gets an official name.
  47. Gay golf gets even Gayer
  48. Lost Magic - Good Idea - Riddle with problems!
  49. Will the Wii be the end of Nintendo?
  50. Prime Hunters bundled with Rumble Pak
  51. Metal Slug Anthology Announced for Wii
  52. First Rayman pic for the Wii,
  53. Starfox type game to be shown at E3 for DS
  54. One Piece : Unlimited Adventure Scans Exclusive Wii title
  55. Wii already to be in stores? also Call of Duty 3 confirmed for Wii
  56. WII haters...
  57. New Super Mario Bros. IGN Review
  58. Twilight Princess gets Wii'd
  59. Marvel: Ultimate Alliance/Tony Hawk Screenshots: WOW
  60. Time Article Scan(Zelda, Tennis, Red Steel, Rayman)
  61. Official Wii E3 screens Thread.
  62. Nintendo E3 thread *post here about E3 info*
  63. EGM Scans of Zelda and More :D
  65. RED steel ingame gameplay movie
  66. Smash Bros.?
  67. Wii Price/Release date
  68. Super Paper Mario for Gamecube (not an rpg!)
  69. Question about Donkey Kong Jr. and Diddy Kong
  70. (Wii) Trauma Center: Second Opinion screenshots
  71. Exclusive Resident Evil on the way to the Wii!
  72. Super Mario Galaxy (New gameplay footage)
  73. Havok Announces Support for Wii.
  74. 190 min. wait to play Wii at E3
  75. Metroid Prime 3 AT LAUNCH!
  76. Pokemon Diamond/Pearl scans
  77. Are you getting a Wii at launch? What games?
  78. Mario to Miss Launch
  79. Features you want in Wii or wii games not showed yet
  80. My concerns for Wii!!!
  81. Super Smash Bros. Wii
  83. Nintendo Wii Online Press Kit for E3
  84. WHOMG new Jump Superstars
  85. Hudson Declares 100 Old Games for Wii
  86. More Suprises to come...
  87. Anime Crossing (plus JP Wild World shipment numbers)
  88. Wii surfs net and the DS beta internet this summer (in japan)
  89. Super Mario Bros DS $27.99 @ Circuit City
  90. rec steel wiimote probs??
  91. GC Freeloader Problems
  92. Sonic on the Wii...whoa.
  93. Another SSBB Character Announced
  94. I was just watching ESPNEWS
  95. Virtual console video
  96. Igarashi "Castlevania not a fit on Wii"
  97. I didn't know whether to put this in Sony or Nintendo...
  98. Maple Story DS - First MMORPG?
  99. Wii hardware not actually present at E3?
  100. Wii at E3 is a GameCube
  101. Sony may cry.
  102. FFIII DS Trailer
  103. Miyamoto at Microsoft's booth
  104. Thinking of getting a DS
  105. Nintendo finanly said it....
  106. New Super Mario Bros isn't that good
  107. Tao's Adventure?
  108. Digimon Story
  109. The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass
  110. The DS Sucks
  111. Wii don't need no education
  112. Miyamoto calls Sony's DualShake "flattering"
  113. Only 21 days left. My wish came true Capcom is going to release it in US!!1!
  114. My collection Nintendo (1950-2006)
  115. Miyamoto CNN Interview
  116. wii priced...kinda!
  117. Nintendo VoiP?
  118. Star Fox FTW..ii
  119. Halogen lights confuse wiimote, says nintendo rep.
  120. Moore praises Wii again
  121. 17mins of Metroid Prime 3. Secret Boss Fight.
  122. Reggie is the New NOA President
  123. SNK pick wii over PS3&360.
  124. Can the mouse emulate the wii controller?
  125. Star Fox Command on DS Aug. 28th with Online Play!
  126. Can Wii still play on a computer moniter?
  127. Wii Priced $222
  128. Nintendo Release Schedule
  129. What are you paying for with Wii?
  130. Chibi Robo any good?
  131. New Twilight Princess screenshots
  132. Super Pangya Golf for Wii Trailer
  133. DS Lite out early.
  134. Iwata Talks Virtual Console Possibilities
  135. Your face in Wii Sports.
  136. Iwata: "Nintendo isn't working on next-gen console"
  137. Shell Attachments Confirmed for the Wii Remote
  138. Wii Opera browser: Built-in.
  139. Nintendo DS: 2.5 million units in Japan
  140. Who gets Nintendo Power?
  141. Pokemon Battle Revolution! Pic for Wii
  142. Rumor : MSG system for the Wii?
  143. Price and date not announced until September
  144. Virtual Prices Revealed
  145. Connectivity Returns
  146. Smash Bros Brawl INSANE Trailer
  147. Dragon Quest Monsters Jokers for NDS
  148. Game Informer leaks Wii Details
  149. BestBuy has Wii games for Pre-order.
  150. Wii get bleach.
  151. FOR SALE IPOD 60GB FOR $190, IPOD 30GB FOR $130, XBOX 360 FOR $200
  152. So I got a DS Lite.
  153. Buy a DS Lite and Get Brain Age FREE
  154. [help] DS Lite dead pixel
  155. Project Exile-- Amazing looking RPG for DS
  156. Good gameboy games to own for a new DS Lite owner
  157. New Mario: 1 sold every 4 seconds
  158. Ubisoft and Wii: 5 more titles..
  159. DS Lite flies off North American shelves
  160. Is this good news?
  161. EGM goes behind the scenes with the Wii
  162. Strange Mario Commercial
  163. Toysrus buy 2 get one free DS Games -
  164. NEW Final Fantasy III and full Dragon Quest Joker scans
  165. Red Steel controls fixed! YES! ACTUAL SWORD FIGHTING
  166. Corp. management briefing
  167. Wii question - MoSys's 1T-SRAM embedded memory technology
  168. Six Wii Launch Titles Confirmed
  169. Magical Vacation coming to US
  170. Any one exited that Super Robot Wars is finally being released outside of japan?
  171. Sonic 1 for GBA
  172. ds battery
  173. New Wii Pics
  174. mp3 player / movie player for DS?
  175. brain age
  176. Sekaiju No Meikyu (new RPG for DS)
  177. Newzealand Story DS
  178. Super Smash Bros. Brawl push back to a 2007 release!
  179. Nintendo sells a GC with a new controller
  180. Tingle RPG Official Site Opens
  181. Anyone have any tips on beating Spartan Total Warrior level?
  182. Miyamoto Mystery game? RUMOR!
  183. New Red Steel pics. Lookin a lot better.
  184. First screens of call of duty3 for wii.
  185. Cube Online?
  186. NEW Final Fantasy III DS video!
  187. EA Announces 6 new games for Wii - INCLUDING GODFATHER
  188. Rumors: Dragon Quest 9 for Wii? and DS EarthBound compilation?
  189. Final Fantasy and Mario Combine!
  190. Magical Vacation DS Translation + Review
  191. NEW Wii Rumors
  192. DS Lite's cracking up.
  193. How to play European games on an American GC
  194. Bleach DS, to import or not to import.
  195. New Wii info- supposedly leaked
  196. Animal Crossing Movie Promo
  197. Wii Sadness Promo with gameplay
  198. Project Hacker Translation
  199. European N64 on a North American TV?
  200. DS Browser
  201. Next Gen Wars
  202. Official *Model* Comparison Request Thread
  203. Debate like Phoenix Wright
  204. Tales of Symphonia Question 2
  205. Heroes : Wii title by Killer 7 creator TRAILER
  206. Miyamoto Shares Wii Secrets - nothing major
  207. Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin: Direct Vid + Co-op Info
  208. Sales update- 20million DS's sold worldwide
  209. LucasArts On Board with Wii
  210. Did Nintendo have a secret Code in their last press release? IGN thinks so
  211. Wii Lunch Rumor
  212. Great FF3 trailer including DS full motion video!!
  213. Two major Nintendo titles delayed until 07?
  214. Sega bash 3rd praties.
  215. Awesomeness that is Majora's Mask
  216. Summon Night Swordcraft Story
  217. DS Headset
  218. Nintendo....unreliable??
  219. Trauma Center Second Opinion info
  220. Wii multi region
  221. Wii specs revealed!
  222. Camelot stops supporting Nintendo
  223. Developers: Not enough power in the Wii.
  224. First-party titles set to cost $10 less than Xbox 360 games
  225. Super Monkey Ball Adventure
  226. Ubisoft: 7 Wii Titles for Launch Window
  227. New Tony Hawk:DHJ videos, looks good.
  228. New rumor on the price...
  229. Jump! Ultimate Stars for DS
  230. New pokemon scans....
  231. Castlevania Portrait of Ruin delayed until Fall 2007?
  232. Games Convention in Leipzig.
  233. NEW POLL results
  234. New Rayman Wii Scans
  235. Prince of Persia Wii
  236. Replaying The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
  237. Harvest Moon Heroes
  238. Super Robot Taisen : Original Generation
  239. Trauma Center Confirmed Launch Title
  240. Wii Launch Titles
  241. Chocobo and the Magic Picture Book scans
  242. Final Fantasy 5 Advance update
  243. PS3 VS Wii..LMAO.
  244. 27 Launch Titles Confrimed for Nintendo Wii
  245. Is the DS region free?
  246. Wii Development costs a quarter to half compared to PS3/360
  247. Wave race on Wii??????????????????????
  248. For Sale Brand New Nokia "N" Series, N93, N92 & N91 at cheaper Price
  249. Classic Wii pad question
  250. nintendo story thread