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  1. well, there goes any interest in lunar...
  2. New Super Mario Bros. DS Trailer
  3. Bioware on the REV?
  4. New Lunar Scans from Famitsu
  5. Rev and HDTV a no go.
  6. Question for the tech-heads, play-yan
  7. Zelda Special Edition this Xmas
  8. DS's ownage in Japan- will WiFi play become rampant with the release of killa AAA's
  9. Burnout for the DS!
  10. US Nintendogs to feature three new breeds
  11. Nintendo Baseball struck out, may not happen
  12. Pokemon Pearl/Diamond to be revealed next month
  13. Jump Super Star boxart
  14. Wow. Didn't see this coming. Two hardcore PC franchises headed to the DS.
  15. Miyamoto lets slip Revolution Controller design!
  16. Mario 128 now slated for the Revolution.
  17. IGN hires the biggest hater this side of the Mississippi
  18. A better look at MP3:Revolution footage.
  19. The controller- Confirmation needed, make of it what you will
  20. Naka: Old SEGA on Rev (Maybe)
  21. Classic games on Revolution may get visual upgrade
  22. Pokemon MMORPG!?!
  23. Super Mario World Soundtrack Covers
  24. Rev 2006?
  25. Tales like game on DS(Beet the Vandel Buster)
  26. Wireless NES Controller
  27. Pokemon Vending Machine
  28. New Reggie interview(third parties excited)
  29. 30 Min. Twilight Princess Footage
  30. Rumor: Factor 5 comments on Revolution
  31. Revolution...Is a revolution
  32. List of Online games for DS
  33. Who want to play this new NDS online Shooter with me?
  34. Are you happy with your DS?
  35. Konami Supports Revolution!
  36. The Nintendo Influence
  37. Import price search
  38. Rev coming last?
  39. Free XBOX 360 Console!
  40. Demo's in DS Interactives changing Monday
  41. Another day, another dodgy Revolution rumor: Multiple TV output
  42. DS hacking
  43. Lunar Dragon Song...
  44. Resident Evil DS
  45. 1,000,000 European Ds Sold.
  46. Nintendo : Thinking Different
  47. Dont we think its time we pulled the plug on pokemon?
  48. Rare working on DS games
  49. WWE Day Of Reckoning 2
  50. RiverCity Ransom DS
  51. Named - Viewtiful Joe: Battle Carnival
  52. Pok?mon Ranger(DS)
  53. A little bit of new info..
  54. 200,000 Jump SuperStar pre-orders
  55. Revolution. Factor in the Possibilities.
  56. Revolution Concept
  57. No EA support for Revolution?
  58. Oh noos! I should have waited
  59. Concept Artist Job Opening - interesting
  60. How is DS online working?
  61. Zelda Twilight Princess | Reset Magazine Interview
  62. Jump: Superstars Videos
  63. Can anyone tell me news on Revolution games?
  64. Viewtiful Hoe DS: The fanboys are waiting
  65. Hey guys, RE5 is not going to be on Revolution!
  66. Resident Evil 5 coming to Revolution!
  67. Nintendo Power Interviews Simon Jeffrey, President of Sega
  68. New Gamecube/ds Demo - Monday
  69. V-pocket for Nintendo DS
  70. POP ds ... Crazy 8s style
  71. EGM interview with Iwata and Miyamoto
  72. London Gothics new RPG for DS
  73. Would you Buy a N64 for $200,000?
  74. Iwata will be at TGS 2005
  75. Where do Babies Come From?
  76. Miyamoto interview on Rev controller
  77. 78.5% decline in operating profit.
  78. Nintendo DS Wi-Fi Hits Theaters.
  79. Trade-In Value of Gamecube
  80. Mystery Revolution Pic
  81. Games you would like to see on DS.
  82. Revolution Controller, very interesting...
  83. Revolution Tech Demo Image Leakage?
  84. What YOU think the Revolution will be.
  85. Jump Superstars Shipping Early
  86. Revolution In Someone's House!?
  87. Enough Revolution Threads !!
  88. Nintendo Revolution Rumors - Post all Revolution stuff here or be BANNED!
  89. Kid Icarus Poster?
  90. Soul Caliber DS Screen!
  91. Games you'd like to see on REVOLUTION
  92. Jump Superstars Mission
  93. I think I have a theory on the Revolution controller! Now stay with me on this one.
  94. Tecmo gets dirty with the DS!
  95. Did anyone ever play Demon's Crest? (SNES)
  96. Does anyone have a link to the best selling GC games?
  97. Was the GC a failure?
  98. Nintendogs USA release.
  99. Cel shaded OoT
  100. 3 new Pokemon titles for DS
  101. Metroid Cubed
  102. Must see!! rev revealed??
  103. Worst Ever Nintendo Game
  104. Famitsu- Lunar Genesis 27/40 Review score
  105. You can play Advance Wars Monday
  106. Jump Super Stars sells 320,000 on First Day. Phew!
  107. There's a $10 bill with your name on it
  108. DS to get $20 dollar price drop?
  109. Zelda Triforce Found In Ancient Shrine
  110. Smash Brothers Gamecube bundle
  111. An actual potential good game still coming that's not Zelda
  112. Are you going to call Link "Link" on Twilight Princess or not?
  113. Anyone gonna pick up Geist?
  114. NOOOOOOOOO! Twilight Princess delayed to 2006. New pics inside...
  115. Game Boy Micro coming September 19
  116. Euro Releases For Gc Gba And Ds- Because I Care About Europeans
  117. sigma star saga...BEWARE!!!
  118. Super Smash Bros. Revolution topic - Characters and stuff
  119. GB Micro is one for the ladies (apparently)
  120. Kaplan comments on Zelda delay;
  121. 50 Cent... Voice acts in Zelda TP!?!
  122. Two New Sp Colors
  123. Jim Merrick Interview about Nintendo WiFi
  124. Advanced Wars DS gets 9.2 from Gamespot
  125. Isn't Nintendo Japanese?
  126. Zelda game = GC title and rev launch title?
  127. Is the DS worth getting?
  128. Release dates and NDS Rumble Pak announced
  129. Nintendo Annual Report
  130. SSX4 with Mario
  131. Lunar Genesis (Europe)
  132. Worms DS screens
  133. The reason Nintendo is in trouble
  134. metroid slips
  135. Whats in your DS right now
  136. Resident Evil DS
  137. State of piracy on the Cube
  138. Metroid Prime Hunters confirmed online
  139. Sony takes cheap shot at Ninty
  140. RH thinks Otogi games would've gone well on GC.
  141. Hot Biscuit Mod for Nintendogs!
  142. DS Download Play.
  143. Joined SEGACity and found this:Sonic Rush
  144. PSP RIP, something unexpected happens in america.. woof
  145. Advance Wars DS worth getting?
  146. Disciples II: Dark Prophecy NDS screens
  147. Mario Kart Arcade.
  148. Why no one in the Magicbox told me about this or at lest talked about it?
  149. Miyamoto interview
  150. Mainstream Media hates the Gameboy Micro
  151. The Japenese charts are falling behind a bit.
  152. Mario Party 7?!?!?! SEVEN?!?!
  153. Brain Training will release in Europe!?
  154. New Famitsu scans (Super Monkey Ball DS)
  155. Tony Hawk's AmericanSk8land - new screens and info
  156. Nintendo DS MP3/4 player
  157. Super Robot Wars J has these series!!
  158. Spiffy Pink DS
  159. Nintnedo's viral Campaign: Weird search results!
  160. I swear i didnt know!
  161. Some Good Things To Look Forward To
  162. (NDS) Burnout Legends first screens
  163. Xenosaga DS
  164. Baten Kaitos 2 announced for GC (first scans inside)
  165. Final Fantasy IV Coming to GBA
  166. Nintendog
  167. Nintendo Revolution Controller Unveiled
  168. Iwata Reveals Revolution Controller At TGS!!!!11!
  169. Revolution Second Thoughts plus the Name...
  170. IGN's Revolution Shell Mock-up.
  171. SNK vs Capcom Card Fighters coming to DS
  172. THIS SUCKS- revolutions name to be changed
  173. Mario At Revolution's Launch
  174. List of confirmed Revolution games.
  175. The reign of mouse and keyboard is over.... QUE- the wand Hoopajoop.
  176. Nintendo Confidence
  177. New Pokemon XD pics
  178. Will rev sell better than GC???
  179. Other companys speak on the Rev Controller
  180. Earthbound 2/Mother 3 for GBA
  181. Nintendo's new controller and business strategy - very good read
  182. revolution's Leaked specs?
  183. Micro is large
  184. DS price drop for Europe
  185. Micro is old news now. Be prepared to buy GBA model 4!!!11!
  186. So, your ideas on rev games...
  187. Battalion Wars..............not bad.
  188. Will the Rev's Controller be used to its full potential?
  189. Latest Japanese DS sales numbers
  190. Lunar Dragon Song 6.5/10 1up.com
  191. Secret in the wars. (Spoilers)
  192. Children of Mana
  193. Mario: The Potential
  194. confusing news blurb
  195. Ys Strategy
  196. The world's dullest island??
  197. Bad cube or bad game?
  198. When are we going to see REV games and the OFFICIAL name?
  199. WiFi info for Animal Crossing DS
  200. Castlevania average score- 94%
  201. New Resi DS scans
  202. Rumor & Speculation REV
  203. My DS Thoughts
  204. Arwing in Ocarina of Time
  205. Tons of new DS titles announced
  206. Final Fantasy V and VI coming to GBA
  207. wireless dongle and nintendo wifi 1,2,3 step new online network
  208. Ds Demo Update - Nintendog Relay And Metroid Pinball
  209. Mistwalker's ASH
  210. Pokemon XD Review.
  211. Seiken Densetsu DS: Children of Mana scan!
  212. Multi-games-in-one NES cartrdige?
  213. Castlevania 2 in 1?
  214. Lunar Genesis/Dragon Song
  215. DS Trojan
  216. Mario Kart DS Video (Might be old news)
  217. Why don't Nintendo do this?
  218. If there was a nintendog revolution
  219. Question in Super Mario Bros. 3
  220. 16 classic tracks in Mario Kart DS
  221. Mario Party 7 bundle
  222. Just played Mario Kart Arcade
  223. How to put a GBA cart in side a NDS box on the GBA slut????
  224. Mistwalker DS game Reavaled! Best ds graphics so far!
  225. Gamespot Reviews Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
  226. Xenosaga I+II
  227. Mario Kart DS Bundle coming to US
  228. Gunstar Super Heroes
  229. Super Princess Peach
  230. Fire Emblem GCN review up at IGN.
  231. Naruto: Gekitou Ninja Confirmed for US Release
  232. Delicious Mario Goodness!
  233. What would you import?
  234. Do You Want a Free Nintendo Ds?
  235. Pokemon Ranger screenshots
  236. Would you like Wi-Fi with that?
  237. My brief recent DS games opinions!
  238. DragonWarrior Monsters 3: Caravan Heart
  239. Famicom / NES port of Final Fantasy X!
  240. Jump Super Stars Rage
  241. New Children of Mana scans
  242. New FFIII scans
  243. USB wifi component for DS
  244. Mario Paint!!!!!
  245. Will Nintendo celebrate Zelda, Metroid and Pokemon?
  246. Final Fantasy IV-VI Advance!!!
  247. Yggdra Union: We'll Never Fight Alone
  248. The problem with The-Magicbox
  249. games 2 get
  250. How will FPS work on REV?