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  1. Uwe Boll wanted to make World of Warcraft movie
  2. Bear From Semi-Pro Kills Man
  3. Guess who's directing "The Hobbit"?
  4. Third Reich Dolls
  5. shit just got real, wesley snipes sentenced to 3 years in prison
  6. Iron Man Movie
  7. Uwe Boll Challenges Michael Bay to Boxing Match
  8. Everything I do, I do it for you
  9. Magnus
  10. Can somebody sort out the forum...
  11. People Under the Stairs, Man keeps daughter in basement
  12. If someone died on The-Magicbox.com
  13. Dolphins save surfer from great white; ward off shark
  14. lolol my disorder is so rare, not even the NORD has heard of it.
  15. The world loses Katie Holmes to crazy people
  16. 'Sex pest' seal attacks penguin
  17. Your Favorite Mixed Martial Artists
  18. Blu-ray sales go super downward
  19. eastx... its your birthday
  20. free nine inchs nails album if anyone want
  21. People magazine hates black people
  22. M. Night Shyamalan is at it again :P
  23. Burmese cyclone info
  24. Lohan steals coat
  25. Magic trick costs teacher job.
  26. modded super mario level to "play music"
  27. West side yeh yeh
  28. Who is more mentally unstable?
  29. Naoko Suki
  30. In all seriousness, should I go to the hospital?
  31. Bioshock movie...might not suck
  32. Star wars The clone wars theatrical trailer
  33. China earthquake
  34. Forum downtime -- Sorry!!
  35. Happy Birthday, Murray!
  36. Blu-ray's Dark Knight: 600K Sold On 1st Day! 3 Million Discs Total!
  37. Secret Santa 2008...again!
  38. Resident Evil Degeneration
  39. Blu-ray surpasses DVD player sales for the first time.
  40. The best thing about the forum crash..
  41. News Of The World
  42. What's going on with Alexander's posts?
  43. The Best and Worst of 2008
  44. You are a retard Ver 2.0
  45. Wish me luck!
  46. Dollar falls to 13-year low against yen
  47. BBC: Drillers break into magma chamber
  48. Does Nindalf work for Latino Review?
  49. Anyone have a Revol phone?
  50. Guess awhat
  51. The Comic Book Thread ver. Dark Reign
  52. Cowboy Bebop.
  54. The year 2008 in photos
  55. Impotant Christmas Charity.
  56. Merry Christmas everyone
  57. guys i need some help
  58. whats in store for 2009 people
  59. Fun Cities in the US?
  60. The Movie Music Thread
  61. Romance is alive and well
  62. What'd you do for new years eve?
  63. renting an apartment with 2 people
  64. UK to ban XTREEEEEEEEEEME porn
  65. I caught a theif today
  66. New Doctor Who announced.
  67. Gamer Kid Gets Hedgehog Legalized in Kansas
  68. Australia 'destroying life on Earth'
  69. Australian man smashes into Cairns adult shop for sex with dolls
  70. 6-year-old misses bus, drives self to school; learned from GTA
  71. 9-year old boy chokes a dog, saves a girl
  72. Porn industry seeks federal bailout
  73. You and google
  74. Brisbane sex toy stroker was on booze bender
  75. Criminal law final
  76. SuperAngelo64's Birthday!
  77. New label for video games
  78. CES booth babes
  79. Breakfast
  80. What are you reading?
  81. Boy who killed mother over Halo 3 found guilty, judge blames Bungie more than boy
  82. New product for girls!
  83. Female teacher facing jail for luring 14 year old boy over World of Warcraft
  84. CNET posted 9 reasons why Blu-ray will succeed
  85. 3 New Gorillaz demos 'from' 3rd Album
  86. Ricardo "Khan" Montalban dies 88
  87. Circuit City officially closing its doors
  88. My birthday!???????
  89. Happy Birthday Sinful Sammy!
  90. Mortal Kombat killer sentenced to 36 years
  91. Obama Inauguration
  92. Freaky Dr who event
  93. LTTP: The Wire
  94. Movie News Thread
  95. Baddest Man on the Planet
  96. Punishment Cabin
  97. Ahhhhhh!
  98. The last post i'll post- for your saftey
  99. Guess who got engaged?
  100. Walmart pwned someone..? (better than solace's thread)
  101. Chinese new year
  102. Red Dwarf voyages back to Earth
  103. Cox Suckers BitTorrent Users with More Slowdowns
  104. Women. Fucks sake
  105. Google Maps Car Hits a Deer
  106. One-hour standoff at GameStop ends peacefully, two suspects arrested
  107. Super Bowl Porn
  108. We are here to change the world...
  109. Wiitard chokes a b****, eats her f***in cookies. S***.
  110. Cellphones
  111. A Magicbox Marriage
  112. Obama: You know that guy ainít sh*t. Sorry-ass motherf***er ainít got nothing on me.
  113. The Piracy Thread
  114. Bill Gates scares the shit out of a bunch of rich people with mosquitoes
  115. Girls names
  116. Playing violent video games 'has risks'
  117. Domain X Range
  118. RAISE 2 POWER - The Next Great Videogame
  119. Copyright law says: You may read out loud but not your computer.
  120. Australian bush fire death toll expected to exceed 300
  121. Boy catches ghost on cam.......who you gonna call??
  122. I've been fucking robbed!
  123. Epic video
  124. Are you going to see The Watchmen?
  125. Happy Valentines Day, I just got out of the hospital.
  126. The one thing you wish you were better at.
  127. Your personal Hell?
  128. Joe Rogan writes to Kellogs about firing Phelps
  129. Random Internet Games Thread?
  130. Good movies you just recently watched
  131. Steele: GOP needs 'hip-hop' makeover
  132. Boy Killed Anally When Office Chair Explodes
  133. Iphone question
  134. Doctors find skin disorder caused by too much gaming
  135. 11 year old boy kills dad's gf with a shotgun
  136. Australia's Web censorship plan heads towards a dead end!
  137. HELP looking for an new Cell Phone!
  138. Death of the family pet, and a new family pet!
  139. Keeping in touch with old friends
  140. TAXES 2008
  141. Will California actually legalize marijuana?
  142. There Was a Tornado in my Front Yard............LITERALLY!
  143. 'Fight club' set up at school for mentally disabled, police say
  144. War message found inside Lincoln's watch
  145. TED: Cellphones are for suckers....
  146. Foods of the world
  147. Stripper Tax is hard....to 'bare'
  148. Happy St Patricks Day!
  149. iPhone/iPod Touch OS 3.0 (Copy and Paste...finally)
  150. 1 Trillion USD created today...
  151. Movie/TV advice...
  152. New Red Dwarf movie shots
  153. AtariX, you better see this thread!
  154. Monster Scam.
  155. Curb Your Enthusiasm + Planet Earth
  156. Idiot steals Retard's iPhone, sends self portrait to Retard.
  157. Filefront is closing down
  158. Buy these
  159. Let's talk about Overdraft charges...
  160. I can't sleep...
  161. X-Men pic "Wolverine" leaks online
  162. Last night's South Park
  163. Behind the scenes at Netflix
  164. Turbo, the video game movie not based on a real video game
  165. For Alucard
  166. Funny Imageshack April Fools
  167. Next-gen iPod touch, iPhone to support low-power 802.11n
  168. MLB at Bat (iPhone application)
  169. Some interesting eBay Auctions
  170. Which title format is more humanized?
  171. Female Pirate statue stirs controversey...
  172. Women being awesome
  173. Shadow of the Colossus to become a movie!
  174. Mother shoots son then self
  175. Italy Earthquake over 260 dead
  176. Blockbuster teetering on the edge of bankruptcy
  177. Random Flash Video Thread
  178. Monster sues another company... *sigh*
  179. Vindicated: Wells Fargo shocks market with record profit
  180. Destroy the Internet with a hacksaw?
  181. D&D Co-Founder, RPG Godfather Arneson Passes On
  182. Burpingcat is a Quarter Century
  183. Doctor Who Easter Special
  184. 9 Trailer
  185. The Sarah Connor Chronicles
  186. I have a titanium spork
  187. Are you or know someone who is a milionare?
  188. Let's get serious: Best Pixar Movie
  189. Happy Birthday someTHING!
  190. A State of Trance 400
  191. The Pirate Bay Co-Founders Found Guilty
  192. The Best [Buy] prank ever! (Improv Everywhere)
  193. OMG! Happy 24th Escaflowne
  194. Dominos Pizza employees put cheese in nose before serving
  195. Happy Birthday Kiryu1985
  196. CSIRO pwns 13 companies
  197. Obama open to torture memos probe, prosecution
  198. Aliens are here!
  199. Things that piss you off
  200. Man i hate being sick.
  201. So yeah it sucks to be in Mexico....
  202. Bruno movie Trailer
  203. G.E. discovers how to put 500GB on a disc.
  204. There Will Be Blood -v- No Country For Old Men
  205. Car smashes through people during Netherlands Queen showing
  206. Astronomy Question: Life Evolution of a Quasar and how quasars differ from...
  207. Chicken in a Can
  208. Boxing: Pacquiao vs. Hatton
  209. Twitter?
  210. So, I got man handled today.
  211. For Canada. DVD trade-in for select Bluray movies
  212. Swine Flu--->A-H1N1 Flu--->ZOMBIE FLU!
  213. Swine flu no worse than regular flu, Napolitano says
  214. Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down?
  215. Panasonic GH1 -- With D-SLR Photo Quality and Full-HD Movies
  216. R.I.P. Dom DeLuise
  217. Do you get burnt out?
  218. Eminem teams up with Marvel/Punisher
  219. new Terminator 4 trailer
  220. I got a new bed!
  221. Star Trek
  222. Crisis of credit...
  223. Eurovision Song Contest 2009
  224. The "2009 MagicBox Member-Off"
  225. Need help from the Marvel Comics experts
  226. San Diego Comic Con
  227. My 3rd and last kid is finally here !!!!
  228. The vacation of a lifetime
  229. What to do when you're friend is a liar
  230. Time: The 10 Biggest Tech Failures of the Last Decade
  231. Walmart enters the Used Games Market
  232. Epic Win. Flawless Victory.
  233. New 1.6TB dvd
  234. Photography is no longer a crime in New York City!
  235. Mybrute.com
  236. Darwin women leaving in droves
  237. I'm such a better person than everyone else
  238. Gran Torino
  239. Ned Calls....
  240. My life in China
  241. Drag Me to Hell
  242. Toy Story 3
  243. Super PSTW
  244. Using Liquid Nitrogen in beer brewing?
  245. Batman: The Brave and the Bold show isn't bad...
  246. Vintage sexist ads
  247. The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien
  248. happy birthday zachalmighty
  249. David Carradine found dead at 72
  250. Weddings